10 Awesome Discounted Games on Steam Sale

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Hi, my name is ColdBeer and let’s start with Subnautica and Subnautica Below Zero Although I’m a fan of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Subnautica always looked more like a Little Mermaid to me.

You know, a very colorful world, filled with shiny bright corals and  fishes seemed like a game for kids and not for an old grumpy dude like me.
But, you know, as a youtuber I have to try a lot of games, at least a little,  so I could have a perspective, so I installed the game and I love it now. It’s addictive and  it’s really hard to stop playing. You know, they should put a label on it or something warning  people that before and after the playtime – in that time years could pass without a trace.
When you finally finish playing, you go to your
bathroom to take a biggie for the first time in

like 20 years and you are suddenly this guy
“The place where you are supposed to have

toilet paper, you’ve got this little
shelf with 3 seashells on it.
He doesn’t know how to use 3 seashells.”
So yeah, that’s what Subnautica can do to you. And
Below Zero is Subnautica 2, but you don’t have to

play the first part to understand everything.
For example, I would start from the first part,

but just because I could have more of it to
play. But hey, it doesn’t really matter.
This game is basically a 3D Factorio, but Facorio

is being cocky about it and is never discounted,
so let’s talk about Satisfactory instead.
Here you will defeat nature by building
massive factories everywhere. Expand

wherever and however you want. Without any
annoying regulations we have here on earth.

Because you are not on Earth anymore.
All those animals and plants that live

here are scientifically unimportant. They
live to serve you and your factory.
Here you will find about 30 square kilometers,
which is about 11 square miles of terrain filled

with unique flora and fauna. You can recycle
everything and make factories out of them.
Build beautiful metal constructions instead
of ugly nature, cover the whole surface of

the planet with your elegant conveyor belts
and train tracks! Make that pathetic natural

habitat disappear and make beauty instead.
Be a true hero of the industrial era.
This is an RTS game based on Norse mythology in

which you play as a clan of Vikings vying for the
control of a mysterious newfound continent.
In this simple strategy game you
will find lots of victory conditions,

atmospheric music, changing seasons and,
as you can see, pretty nice art design.
Also the game has a decent campaign with a pretty
good story. Sadly, as I’ve mentioned many times

before, Northgard’s AI is cheating with infinite
resources and manpower, meaning that developers

couldn’t create really good Intelligence
that could win against humans on its own.
I know that many strategy games do not have
strong AI’s, but they at least try.
But you never know, maybe
developers were AI geniuses but

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were afraid of accidentally making Skynet.
You know, being accused of making a bad AI

is one thing, but being responsible for a robot
uprising that destroyed human civilization – yeah,

you know, better safe than sorry.
Nevertheless, Northgard is a good RTS game

for a few days. Or maybe more, maybe you’ll fall
in love with it. You know, like a tapeworm falls

in love with your guts…
Days Gone
I know that this is a Base Builder Fest,
and you may argue that Days Gone has nothing

to do with it. Well, as always, you are
wrong. In game you will be building a lot

of relationships with brainthirsty zombies,
so check and mate to all your arguments.
This is an open-world action-adventure game
set in a harsh wilderness two years after a

devastating global pandemic which made a
lot of zombies out of unlucky humans.
Here you will take control of a bounty
hunter trying to find a reason to live

in a land surrounded by death. You will
scavenge through abandoned settlements for

equipment to craft valuable items and weapons,
or take your chances with other survivors.
Days Gone has very positive reviews on Steam,
so if you like zombies, give it a try.
Although have you ever imagined that
somewhere in the universe there is

probably a planet of zombies and they are
creating horror games about becoming human.
And honestly we actually
are pretty terrifying.
Cities Skylines
This is an amazing city-building

experience. True successor of SimCity, but with
all the benefits oldschool games never had.
And it’s entirely up to you if
your city has a school or maybe

you decide to grow a city of dimwits.
Or, you know, a factory in the middle

of central park? Why not, if you’re
not afraid of people’s disapproval.
But hey, since when mighty rulers are afraid
of something? Build a city of prisons,

show them who’s the boss. You know a city
made only of prisons and their staff.
Will anyone dare to misbehave in there?
That even rhymes!
I know, right? And then you may want to stretch
your waste disposal pipes directly to the ocean,

make a beach nearby and watch what happens.
Or build a utopia where everyone is happy and

nice to each other. It’s entirely up to
you how you decide to deal with this.
For example, maybe summon a tornado or
an asteroid. That’s If you own DLCs for

that – this game is littered with them, so be
careful. It’s a black hole for your wallet.
Also I must warn you this game is highly addictive
and will consume tons of your free time. Make

sure you have it.
They Are Billions
It’s impossible not to love the visuals of the
game. Such nice details are usually not present in

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the games where you look at things from afar.
So it is a strategy game set in a distant future

about building and managing human
colonies after a zombie apocalypse

destroyed almost all of humankind.
Now there are only a few humans left

alive that must struggle to survive under the
threat of the infection. Billions of zombies

roam around the world in massive swarms
seeking the last living human colonies.

So you must build a town and protect it from
zombies. This is a simple and genius idea.
Well it is surely not new, similar missions
of building and defending your base against

swarms of enemies were implemented even
in the first Starcraft in 1998.
I’m not saying that you will enjoy this game
for a long time, but in a short period it

is a great vaccine against boredom. Just
don’t let that single zombie slip in. One

zombie is all it takes for your city to burn.
Be careful, they are billions, but you… you

are the last of us.
Crossfire: Legion
Here you will lead your customized
army to failure… well, or to victory,

which is less likely, on the proving
grounds of a not too distant futuristic

world consumed by corporate conflict.
Here you will also find a nice campaign

where you will fight in various terrains, from
atop of skyscrapers to marshy wet regions,

that will remind you of your ex, or
infiltrate heavily defended military

bases as you get to know the main characters
and goals of all three rival nations.
Multiplayer is also implemented, so you can
climb leaderboards or most likely never ever

see your name even close to the top or probably
at all. You can also team-up with your friend

in co-op maps and defend together. Or show your
adversaries who’s the boss. Probably not you.
People on Steam are saying that
Crossfire Legion has Starcraft

style gameplay within Command & Conquer
Generals style setting, which is great.
The downside of it is that you will need an
internet connection even for a single player

campaign, also it lacks map variety and some
other features, but keep in mind that the game is

constantly updated and it is new and complaining
is not what we do. More RTS like Starcraft

is better than less. Let’s not discourage
creators with our overwhelming whining.
Honey, I joined a Cult
The title is a bit misleading,

because here you won’t be joining a
cult, you will be the boss of it.
So let’s go and create our own religion and
become respectful cult leaders. In the process

make some real’good money and exploit others
by imposing our own will on various dimwits.
Here as everywhere else, effective management is
at the heart of every money-making enterprise and

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your organization is no exception! Dressing
in snappy robes isn’t enough, your cult

must run like a well-oiled hypnotic wheel.
People on Steam are talking that this is a great

game to relax and play for an hour or so once in
a while. So if you like management games it may

be your spoon of potato salad, but don’t expect
miracles – it’s an entertaining game not an actual

cult simulator. You won’t be actually learning how
to scam people with imaginary friends. Anyway 8

out of 10 people are happy with the game, so there
is a chance that you will like it as well.
Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War
That’s a long ass name, I give them that. The game

has a very Positive review score and 90% discount
– that is great but of course there is a catch –

if you like the game, keep in mind that there are
about 13 DLCs available. So yeah, that’s a trap

for your wallet, but it may be a pleasant one.
Maybe you like to suffer. I don’t judge.
Anyway, Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of War
brings you to a world of terror and violence with

the turn-based 4X strategy game. Here you will
face a challenging AI and cooperate or compete

with friends and strangers across the globe.
Play as one of four iconic Warhammer factions,

each with their own unique playstyle and
technology tree. Explore a randomly generated

world filled with special features and threatening
wildlife that can crush your troop’s morale.
People on Steam are talking that this is a great
strategy game, but as I’ve mentioned before – many

say that without DLCs it feels incomplete. Well,
this price is a joke, so you can risk it anyway.

Still, more expensive than your sister.
And now, let’s quickly check out GOG’s

weekly sale as well. And oh la la, what is
that? An adult Content themed game sale? I

ain’t gonna click on that in general, I
don’t want to be demonetized, but hey,

Agony for this price? That is a great deal.
Also, the best versions of the games like

Steelrising, Frostpunk, System Shock, Pillars
of Eternity, Mortal Shell, Blasphemous and

many others have great discounts! Click on
my affiliate link in the description below

and explore the greatness on your own! Check
that Adult sale on my behalf as well – Thank

you for watching, have a nice day and I’ll
see you… you never guess, next time, bye!