Get Ready for Nightingale: The Ultimate Survival Experience

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Nightingale is number one on my list of

upcoming games and I don’t think I’ve

ever been this excited for a new release

so today I’d like to share with you some

research that I did trying to uncover

all the expected features and mechanics

in this unique fantasy title first I’ll

give you a brief overview and then we’ll

do a deep dive into everything we’ve

learned about the game so far so

Nightingale will be this sort of open

world single player or Co-op PVE fantasy

Gaslamp Survival game and it’s being

developed by inflection games a studio

made up of BioWare veterans with

previous experience making games like

Mass Effect and Dragon Age Origins and

so you’re this realm Walker who can

Traverse the interplanetary network of

magical portals you’ll have to navigate

your way through forests and swamps and

deserts to unlock the portals that will

take you even deeper into the lands of

the bay in this alternate history

timeline taking place in the Victorian

era around the year 1889. I can’t really

think of a single other game that’s

taking place in this time frame except

for Victoria 3 so this should be a

really refreshing setting for a first

person game to survive you’ll need to

prepare meals construct shelter and

craft tools to enable the Gathering of

plants ores and trees as well as other

more Uncommon resources that can be

found deep within the Realms and by

finding new Blueprints and new materials

you can then construct pieces of

increasingly higher Tech and higher

quality gear and weapons to increase

your abilities it’s even possible to

enchant your equipment by employing the

Arcane techniques of the FAE you’ll be

able to build an impressive estate to

call home and choose from a wide range

of architectural motifs to decorate it

to your liking you’re even encouraged to

organize into communities to increase

your chances of surviving either with

other players or by recruiting gunplayer

characters or NPCs who can assist you in

expanding your homestead automating

production and Gathering resources

you’re free to roam the vast Realms Each

of which features eye-popping visuals

that will put you in the middle of what

the developers are calling a quote

Gaslamp fantasy Adventure you’ll

discover the Forgotten relics of

previous realm Locker Expeditions

investigate the mysterious architecture

of the FAE and explore their derelict

ruins each portal promises Splendor and

Peril waiting for you on the other side

you can explore the realmscape on your

own or even your friends can work

together to complete objectives by

pooling your respective strengths

abilities and resources you’ll be able

to craft a wide variety of Close

Quarters and long-range weapons even

Firearms to confront the monsters within

the Realms which include the bound

hostile human factions Apex creatures

and even the Fey themselves finally

you’ll discover and craft a multitude of

Realm cards and use them to influence

the generation process of the realm you

wish to discover each containing new

challenges new discoveries and new

Secrets as well as new threats all of

these are subject to your control I

don’t know about you but I’m sold and if

you want to know more about this game

then stick around because I’m about to

explain every feature I’ve uncovered for

the game so far after scouring Twitter

Discord YouTube and the game’s website

so let’s begin the story for nightingale

was inspired by a book titled Jonathan

strange and Mr Norrell despite the super

boring title the synopsis of the book

sounds pretty good Susanna Clark’s

fantasy novel published in 2004 is set

in early 19th century England and

follows the relationship of two

magicians of course Mr Norrell and

Jonathan strange shocker right and their

attempts to revive English magic the

novel weaves historical events with

fantasy elements and delves into the

themes of nationhood love and power this

sparked the idea for an alternate

history set in the Victorian era a

creative period in terms of human

invention and knowledge acquisition and

the devs then imagined their own world

in which players could enter these

portals and travel to Fantastic Realms

to meet the FAE the magical Fae and

humans have had a long-standing mutually

beneficial connection for centuries if

not Millennia at first humans worshiped

the FAE and learned Magic from them but

later however humans did what humans do

and began to view themselves as equal to

the FAE the Fey then withdrew from our

world taking most of their magic with

them but magic seed had already been

sown in the world and so the study of

magic emerged alongside Renaissance

science and art as an exciting New Field

for human study but the story takes

place not in a new universe but in an

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alternative timeline to our own so you

may witness some historical events

through the lens of magic and the phase

interaction with humans and so humans

all over the world have flocked to this

Enchanted city called Nightingale to

learn about magic develop an

understanding of its workings and

construct portals to the fave worlds

Beyond I think of Nightingale like

Jerusalem meets New York City the

setting for the beginning of the story

is the end of the world the planet Earth

is currently undergoing a catastrophic

event the world is slowly being

enveloped in a mysterious Force known as

the pale but nobody knows where it came

from and at the beginning of the story

is the end of the world does the end of

the story mean we’ll take it full circle

to the beginning of the world unclear

realm Walkers every everywhere are

making a last-ditch effort to travel to

Nightingale under the assumption that

Nightingale is the final stronghold of

humanity and that it possesses the

magical power to keep the pale at Bay

but unknowingly those attempting to use

the portals are ultimately cast asunder

and lost within the Labyrinth of the

Realms hopefully you’ll have more than a

volleyball to keep you company the story

will see you along your journey to

return to Nightingale enduring various

obstacles in the Realms as well as

obstacles from the FAE Humanity knows

very little about the FAE but we do know

that they are not Divine the elders

whoever they are created these mystical

beings the FAE are divided into courts

such as the Winter Court and the summer

Court each of these courts has its own

motivations for how they interact with

humans the winter quartz for example

employs the bound Bay created creatures

who serve them mindlessly they are

described as human-like mimics some of

these monsters are more Fantastical than

others while some are simply horrifying

but they are all distinct to the style

pile of Gaslamp fantasy that the

developers are attempting to create and

these courts are commanded by a princes

princesses Lords and Ladies and everyone

who is not a member of a court is

referred to as Ronan and when players

awaken after passing through the

shattered portal Network they will

encounter Puck a character Based On A

Midsummer’s Night Dream and who serves

as your friendly Faye guide throughout

the story’s First Act furthermore the

majority of Fey and humans arrange

themselves in two factions with more

emerging along the trip all factions Fey

or human can provide lore and

storytelling opportunities uncovering

who his friend and who is foe in the

realm is kind of part of the journey

this means that players will meet the

FAE in combat even though Fey are not

inherently bad creatures they can be

incredibly cryptic Elusive and difficult

to read at times but the same capacity

for good and evil as any human however

players will encounter a variety of bay

archetypes including Fey assassins and

commanders all of whom stand roughly

eight to nine feet tall if the bay had

blue skin the story might have an

entirely different feel as an alternate

history you get to reimagine both real

life and fictional stories in new ways

it’s entirely possible to discover the

ruins of civilizations that once existed

in the Realms but have since vanished

because after all humans have been

exploring them for Untold ages you might

observe how individuals like English

mathematician Ada Lovelace who is most

known for developing the analytical

engine and early computer design would

have interacted with magic and I’m

hereby referring to my computer as an

analytical engine because that’s a

hundred times more badass sounding than

PC you’ll also get to know fictional

characters like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

and learn how they would behave in such

a setting as well the goal of the

developers is to create a survival

crafting game with Rich NPCs and lore

that players can explore everything is

supposed to fit together nicely and give

you the impression that you’re visiting

real places the developers reportedly

spent a lot of time and effort early in

the project thinking about how to pay

off this idea of many different Realms

and places to explore the realm system

through realm cards allows users to

control what they see inside portals the

realm card mechanic is the interface

through which players can participate in

the procedural Realm Construction it’s

not just about having one procedural

world it’s about the generation being

meaningful and the player having some

control over what they’re seeing so it

doesn’t feel arbitrary their own card

system combines player agency with the

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randomness and surprise of the

procedural system players will be asked

to create realm cards using recipes they

find or earn via gameplay once you’ve

crafted those realm cards you’ll go to a

portal play The Realm cards in certain

combinations and all of that adds up to

a recipe that tells the portal what it

needs to unlock the other side cards are

classified as biome cards major cards

and minor cards over time new biome

cards will be released currently the

swamp the desert and the forest are all

present and all have certain

environmental difficult abilities other

significant aspects of the realm are

represented by Major cards fighter cards

then make small tweaks and improvements

to what you’ll find on the other side so

let’s assume that you’ve decided that

you want to go to a desert you’ll choose

a biome card for that you also might

want to go hunting and look for natural

resources or just look for something new

in that case you might have a major card

called The Hunt and by playing it you’ll

get more of a focus on dangerous animals

that can that be hunted and harvested to

collect their hides for future crafting

Additionally you might want to avoid the

night because it’s too stressful to you

and so you can play A Minor card to

prevent the Sun from setting so after

crafting and then using your realm cards

you’ll have an open portal to a new

realm as long as the portal is open you

can enter that realm however if it shuts

that realm is lost forever the same sort

of Realm will be obtained when using the

same card combinations in the future but

you won’t connect to the same exact

realm as you visited before that realm

is God you can even take your friends

along and bring them to places they’ve

never been even using cards that those

players haven’t yet obtained and there

will even be caves in some Realms and

these underground areas contain a

variety of encounters ranging from

naturally occurring caves to underground

abandoned Bay ruins the majority of the

materials found within the Realms don’t

naturally respawn so exploring new

Realms is the main way to acquire more

resources as the developers continue to

work on new content and new locations

realm cards are anticipated to be added

over time

players can designate any realm as their

respite realm which is where they will

return to if they die and are unable to

be revived they can then fast travel to

this respite realm if they are in danger

this is where you will construct your

estate which will serve as both your

main base of operations and the location

of most of your crafting Endeavors for

artistic expression you can personalize

your estate in terms of both design and

decor and you decide where your respite

realm is located if you want to live in

a dangerous swamp with a variety of

lethal monsters because you find that

intriguing you can do that but it might

make more sense to put it somewhere

calmer and more Serene with plenty of

great resources it’s entirely up to you

as long as the topography and other

natural features allow for it players

can construct their buildings anywhere

there are certain limitations on where

you can build such as sharp inclinations

objects being in the way and the fact

that some components can only be joined

to certain others but otherwise you can

build just about anywhere currently you

can only have one respite Point active

at once but you can build as many

structures as you want any place in the

Realms however there might be some

restriction due to Performance issues

the developers are making a lot of

effort to guarantee good performance

even with extremely intricate buildings

created by players the building system

is said to be similar to the forest or

grounded in that you lay out the

blueprints for various building

components such as a wall or a staircase

before filling in the shape of the

design with the necessary materials to

finish the project and players can

currently build barriers or other

structures to resist the bound or other

creature attacks after that players can

used ranged weapons to assault the bound

while minimizing risk to themselves the

devs prefer to emphasize variability

within the Realms rather than varied

sizes hence the usual Map size is going

to be two by two kilometers

higher tier resources will become

available as you accumulate realm cards

and go through your adventures you can

craft items using basic materials but

you can later craft the same things out

of higher tier materials the gear you

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create will be stronger and more

powerful depending on the quality of the

components used to make it therefore

you’ll want to advance and discover

those harder Realms so that you can

acquire better resources to keep up with

the increasingly difficult challenges

you will encounter you may have a lot of

fun when cooking and there are many

different and interesting recipes

available fire roasted food is a simple

illustration of how recipes function

fire roasted berries and fire roasted

mushrooms are both available and both

will satisfy your appetite but because

you utilize different ingredients the

benefits will vary so the whole cooking

and food system is sounding a lot like

valheim to me realm Walkers will be

given some fundamental crafting and

building schematics when they first

begin and they’ll be able to find new

schematics by gathering resources

conversing with NPCs or performing

missions players can currently create up

to three characters but you could only

play with one of them at once choosing a

character role during the character

creation process gives you access to a

narrative backstory and distinctive

clothing the devs have created

prototypes of pets but they haven’t yet

put them into production and there

hasn’t been much development done on

Mount and the game is said to not have a

leveling system progression will be

based on the recipes materials and

encounters you discover items you craft

and upgrade will impact your stamina

health and abilities melee weapons like

the ax pick ranged weapons like the

sling bow and magical spells will all be

used in combat around 10 spells should

be available at launch and more will be

released throughout Early Access ranging

from utility to battle spells so far

we’ve seen the Shockwave spell which

will stop adversaries in their tracks

and the light wisp spell which

illuminates an object in the shadows as

you advance in the game you’ll be able

to acquire magical talents you see

humans are not really born with magical

talents and therefore spells must be

bound to some items such as a tool or a

weapon but beware because using spells

will reduce that item’s durability

ammunition for some Firearms can also be

customized for example a rifle could

discharge slugs birdshot or fire

ammunition and the materials you use to

make the weapons will affect a number of

characteristics including damage weight

and durability

Nightingale like post survival crafting

games gives players a lot of options in

terms of what they want to pursue as a

goal and how they might fulfill it

however there is a narrative Arc or

story mode that players can pursue via

NPCs and quests there is a very typical

death mechanism in place in which

players will lose their whole inventory

on death and revive back at their

previous spawn point and there are no

timers to return to your stuff and there

will be a sign to indicate where it all

is any benefits you possessed prior to

death such as like meal Buffs will be

gone and going hungry right now will

cause you some various debuffs but will

not kill you roam Walkers will be able

to earn extraordinary abilities via

their equipment and spells for example

you can outfit them with unique

equipment that allows them to scale

steep Rock faces or alternatively you

could enchant an umbrella and use it to

glide back down to safety finally the

day night cycle is reported to be 60

Minutes long so when will Nightingale be

available well according to the the

effects section of the official

Nightingale website inflection games has

set the Nightingale release date for the

first half of 2023 on PC closed Alpha

play testing has been ongoing since

summer of 2022 and they’re still

accepting signups for that and content

creators can fill out a separate

application for an upcoming Early Access

promotional release there is no

information on a console Port right now

Nightingale is a game that I will

continue to cover on my channel so make

sure you’re subscribed if you’re

interested in that I hope you found this

information helpful and or entertaining

and I’ll see you all in the Fey realms

hey everyone I just wanted to say thank

you for watching for leaving a like but

most of all thank you to the long list

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