What you’re looking at is pre alpha gameplay of Destiny 1

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What you’re looking at is pre alpha gameplay of Destiny 1. This footage is thanks to David Candland who was the UI Design Lead for Bungie until 2018 and it shows the progression of Destiny’s Development from very early stages of Pre-Alpha in 2011, up to the launch of the game in 2014.
Taking a look at the First Draft, we can see just how early this footage is. In the bottom left we see the jump which has a cooldown effect, the grenade as well, but also what appears to be an overall stamina bar which is affected by both the grenade throws and the jumps. Something like a Fromsoftware style stamina system for abilities at one time seemed to be an idea. As for the gameplay, it looks very much like Halo, understandably, its on the Halo Engine, Destiny and Halo even now have very similar elements, it would make sense for Bungie to build off of Halo gameplay to make Destiny.

In the next clip we get a look at a Fallen Vandal and the Guardian character taking damage. The Health and Overshield in the top left show two different bars to represent them individually, much different than the very similar to Halo UI design they ended up going with but still pretty interesting to see. Not sure what the dots are. Could be super energy or something.

The next clips are titled Simplification. In this first one we start to see icons change and the addition of on screen effects for using abilities and being hit by enemy bullets.

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The next one we get confirmation that the Fallen Captains have been able to use their teleport since the very beginning so that’s pretty cool. And the weapon ammo is in the top right of the screen oddly enough.

Then we get our first glimpse of the Tower at this stage of Development which I find to be really awesome. It looks like the tower is much closer to the city in this version of the Tower, and the mountains as well.

When we start seeing the player movement, it’s pretty wild to see just how much it still resembles the Tower in the Final game.
Upon inspecting another Guardian we can see that Trading was a potential feature for the game at one point.

The next section is titled Minimalist and we get a look at an early Venus which is really cool. And both sprinting and jumping are represented by cooldowns in the bottom left. I find this pretty interesting considering neither Sprinting or Jumping are represented visually on screen with cooldowns in the final game. Unlimited Sprinting is just a thing, and Jump Cooldowns are more audio based or represented in the actual gameplay, rather than a UI tool.

We see the weapons have seen the addition of that little bounce to them like they’re slightly moving instead of just static. Give them that realistic feel to them.
In the next clip we see most of the icons and cooldowns moved to fit loosely off the weapon itself. An interesting iteration that I’m glad didn’t stick around too long, but many different variations of this idea would be shown off in these next clips.

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Kitchen Sink Consolidation we get to see lots of different designs all combined together and we see a Warlock perform what I suspect is the Radiance super. At first I thought it was an early version of Well of Radiance but it makes much more sense that it’s radiance instead.

The next clips show some major progress on the UI and some more early areas of the game.

There seems to be a bit of a gap in time between this very early footage and what would become the E3 demo in 2013, either for purposes related to cut content being featured in the footage captured, or David simply didn’t capture any footage during this gap of time, or maybe just didn’t want to show it. Either way, it’s still interesting to see how far the game has come even up to the E3 demo.

And now we come to the final build of the game in all it’s beauty. Destiny really is a work of art and I gotta hand it to all the devs that put all their passion and effort into creating this game.
That’s gonna be it for this video guys, thank you for watching, leave a like if you enjoyed, and I’ll see you in the next one.