If celebrity is a dog

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Welcome to “Good Mythical More.”

I’m gonna be doing some dog butt sniffing.

I never knew you after all these years.

I’m still processing the bombshell of Jade not being anything I thought she was,but I think the love is still intact.

Today, we’re gonna be looking at photoshopped images of celebrities made into dogs.

See if you can guess which one we do.

But first, let’s check our voicemail.

Hi, Rhett and Link, it’s Breonna.

I wanted to know do you believe in Bigfoot,

and if so, do your best Bigfoot call.



I don’t believe in Bigfoot,

but my friends who believe in Bigfoot,

the latest argument that was given was,

there’s a lot of untamed
wilderness out there.

Yeah, anything can be in there.

Any sort of anthropomorphic humanoid.

Yeah, anything could be in there

except for Bigfoot bones.


Which we haven’t found.

We haven’t found it.

What does a Bigfoot call sound like?

Like a crazy scream, yeah.

It is, right?

Yeah, but because I don’t believe in it,

I’m not gonna do it, ’cause
it was a conditional question.

Come over here and get my hand.

It was, do you believe in Bigfoot,

and if so, do your best.

If you hadn’t have said
if so, I would do it.

Man, it is flooring.
Let’s see this Photoshop.

Just to process a little.
I know.

We’ll see the first one and
then we’ll begin our process.

Oh gosh.
That’s Jack Black.

Jack Black as a what, a pit bull?

There’s no puns attached to this,

it’s not like Jack Bull.

Yeah, yeah, ’cause that
wouldn’t even be that great.

That is a bulldog, not a pit bull.

So not surprised at
all about the chihuahua

being in all of them.

A little bit surprised
that it is the top breed-

40% for Jade.

Of three out of four of the dogs.

34% for Jasper.

And if you do these percentages,

basically all of them

are approximately 60% chihuahua poodles.

So Ringo is also chihuahua poodle,

just to give the range.



And he looks like just terrier.

He’s got that wiry hair.
And he does have

some terrier in him, for
sure, more terrier than these.

I think the other 40% does so much

to influence what they
end up looking like.

And the fact that, interestingly,

both of yours have a high percentage

of Miniature Pinscher,
and I chose that for Jade,

because of the way she looks.

But then Barbara has 3.2%
Miniature Pinscher too.

Who are these Miniature
Pinschers, where are they?

Where are the purebreds?

Yeah, you don’t see those walking around.

I knew a guy growing up that had one.

So a little bit of
Pekingese in Jasper, 9%,

and 3.4% in Sean.

Hmm, interesting.

Yeah, and the fact that I
just felt so certain about it.

Now it’s like yeah, her
back’s not really that long,

her snout’s not really that long,

her legs really aren’t that short.

Yeah, can I just say that I
always thought those things,

but I didn’t want to offend you.

That’s not true.

Yeah, ’cause like-

You were like, I don’t think
she’s a Miniature Dachshund.

No, when-

It’s such a sexy thing to
say your dog is, you know?

No, so Jenna has a friend
whose dog she watches

from time to time, Ruby,

and Ruby is just a Dachshund,

and it’s nothing like your dogs.

It’s like a walking log.

It’s like a giant hot dog,

but there legs are
short, but they’re thick,

and this dog is no taller than Jade,

but probably weights three
times as much as Jade,

they’re just a thicker dog.

And their snouts are so long, it’s crazy.

I’ve been baby her like a Dachshund,

following Dachshund accounts,
making connections like,

well, Dachshunds are hard
to housebreak, you know,

that’s really the problem here.


You know, and it’s just kind
of like confirmation bias

all across the board.

Yeah, the fact is, is that all of our dogs

are pretty much the same
in that their behavior,

I mean, it’s gonna be influenced
by those lesser breeds,

but I think the reason
that Barbara is housebroken

and Sean is not,

and I would say the reason
that Jade is housebroken

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and we had a really hard time with Jasper,

is because we had Barbara
and Jade from very early

in their lives,

and we got Jasper and Sean late in life,

and they came from houses where
they weren’t doing anything

for the dogs.

Are you talking about
nature versus nurture?

Yeah, Sean was in a house

that we don’t know anything about,

other than it made him very timid

and it made him crap everywhere.

You know, so for two years,
his first two years of life,

his formative years.

That’s something.

Whereas Barbara, we brought her home

when she was a teeny little baby,

and so she only craps outside.

And she’s a poodle, man.

She’s a poodle.

A poohuahua.

But a maltipoo, it’s a sexy name

for a breed of dog, you know?

I like poohuahua and I
don’t hear that a lot,

and it’s probably the most
common dog is Los Angeles.

Next time you say, what kind of dog is it,

it’s a poohuahua, the
most in demand dog in LA.

Yeah, but then what’s the opposite

when it’s more chihuahua than poodle?

A choodle.

A choodle?

It just has to be a choodle.

A chihoodle.

A chihoodle.


All right, let’s see another celebrity.


That’s Steph Curry.

As a fox?

That was good, Rhett.

How did you do that?

Is that a fox or is that a-

I look at pictures of Steph’s face

all the time.
That’s not a fox though,

is it?

We have a poster in our bedroom.


You have a poster in your bedroom

of Steph Curry?

Yeah, just…


Is it at least behind the door?

I have all my favorite NBA stars.

In you and Jessie’s shared bedroom?

You know my wife.

Or are you talking about your
dedicated personal bedroom?

No, my wife is an interior designer

and she said NBA posters are in now.

So I mean, they’re all up there,

everybody, got one of
Klay too, pre knee, yeah.

Pre knee.

Okay, I’m inferring that
he had a knee problem.



Oh, look at this.

Who is that?

Is that Emma Stone?

That’s a really good guess.

It’s somebody with some pretty eyes.

This is a little bit of a deep cut.

I think I know whose eyes these are,

and the lips.

Are they big eyes or are
they just big on the dog?

I’m trying to just look at one eye.

They’re a little larger.

Is she in a sitcom?

She is.

Yeah, she’s a television
star, not a movie star.

Oh, Ashton Kutcher’s wife.

She’s been in a very

good movie.
Mila Kunis?


She’s in a very good movie?

She’s in Marvel stuff too I’m being told.

But she’s a TV star.

She’s primarily TV, but
she’s in Marvel movies.


That feels like it should
narrow it down, but I’m still-

Is she in her 20s or her 40s?

I wanna say her 30s.

That’s not an option.
No, that was not an option.

She’s 36.

She’s 36, TV, film, but Marvel.

No, I can’t figure this one out.

Her first name would be considered

the enemy of a dog.

Catherine Zeta-Jones.




Oh, Kat, she was in-

Oh, “Two Broke Girls.”

“Two Broke Girls,” Kat Dennings?

She’s in “Thor.”

Kat Denning.

Kat Denning.

Denning or Dennings?



Dennings, yep, that was
here, right there all along

hidden in that animal.

That’s crazy.

Now I need to sniff a butt.


I’ve chosen Jade’s butt to sniff, because-

Have you ever done this?

No, but Jasper certainly is into it.

Sometimes he will bury his
nose in her butt and sleep.

Like she’s laying down

and then he snuggles
his nose under her rear.

It makes him feel secure.

Now every once in a while

one of my dogs will be doing that thing

where they drag their booty on the ground,

where you know that
they might need to have

an anal gland expressed,

and I think I’ll sniff a little bit

to see if that is the case.

But I don’t get very close,

’cause if something’s going on down there,

you don’t have to get that close.

But hey, you lost fair and square,

so you gotta get real close.

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You gotta get Jasper close.

I lost fair and square.

Okay, let me know

when you want to start a timer.

Can you pet her front

and kind of hold her right there?

Hey, your daddy’s about
to sniff your butt.

‘Cause I have to hold this up.

It’s gonna be okay.

It’s okay, nothing weird is happening.


Start the timer.

Three, two, one, go.

How’s it smell?

Does she smell healthy?

It doesn’t stink.

Oh, I thought she farted!
Was that her?

That wasn’t a sound effect.

I mean, if she didn’t fart on me.

I hurt my shoulder a little bit

getting out of that position,
but that was a relief.

Good job, no farting, thank you.

Thank you, girl.

Thank you for no farting.

Sean did fart when he was over there,

right when you were talking
about nervous farts.

I was like, I think he
just let one of those.

I love chihuahuas.

All right, let’s see another.

Oh gosh!

I know who this is.

You literally do.

This looks like Emily.

Emily Fleming.
There we go.


Go back.

So it’s just her eyes?

And her tongue.

And her tongue?

Yeah, that would be like
if Emily voiced a character

for “The Secret Life of Pets,” you know?

And they had to make the eyes the same

as the human that was voicing it?

They kind of did that.

That is a rule.

They kind of did that.

That is a rule.

All right, Emily Fleming, we got it.

Oh gosh.

Good lord, who is this?

Is this somebody else

we know?
Jane Fonda.

The hair is a clue.

No, you do not know this
person in real life.

It’s an old woman.

Is it Kris Jenner?

I mean, let’s be nice

about what’s considered old.

What are those teeth?


I can almost see a person.

Is she a reality show star?

No, she’s an actress and
singer from Oklahoma,

which I actually just learned right now.

Oh, is that Reba?


Reba McEndog.


Go back to Reba as the dog.

Yeah, that does not look like Reba.

Something got lost in translation.

That’s her teeth?

Oh my lord.

Let’s see her again.

That’s her teeth.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You elongated her teeth though.

Yeah, they dogged them out a little bit.

Dogged the teeth out.

All right, let’s see another.

Oh, okay.

Did you add the earrings?

This is-

Is that Saweetie?

Is that Saweetie?

Who is that?

Jade’s paying attention
now, she’s like, ooh.

Oh, hold on.

This is “Secret Life of Pets” too.

This one really works.

Is that Ariana?

In the right realm.

It’s so tough when you
can only see the eyes.

She’s a former child star, Disney star.

Oh, is this Selena Gomez?


Oh, Selena Gomez.

Selena later.

That “Only Murders in the Building,”

I mean, it’s just so delightful,

she is so delightful in that role.

Just so compliments Steve and Martin.

She makes for a beautiful dog.

That is a beautiful dog.

I would love to own that dog.

Are you attracted to that dog?

I’m attracted to that dog.

Oh gosh.

In like a, that’s is a pretty dog.

All right.

You know this person.

That’s Chase.


Chase but Chase like this.

When you put somebody’s
eyes at a different distance

than they normally are, you know-

That’s some Annoying Orange situation.

In relation to their hair.

It’s also a dog we know, it’s Finn,

it’s Kaitlyn and Zach’s dog Finn.

That makes this really real.

So Chase, are you attracted
to their dog Finn?

Because this is what could happen.

Right, ’cause if we know
the person and the dog,

there’s just one thing left to happen.

Cross breeding.

Okay, that way.



This is…

This is nice.

Who is that?

Is that Kevin Durant?


Oh, that’s a good guess, dude.

I mean, it looks like him.

The goatee and-

Kevin Dogrant.

But you wouldn’t do two NBA players,

I mean, that’s my bedroom.

That’s my bedroom and not this show.

Who is this?

Is it a sports person?
It’s an actor.

An actor.

Snoop Dogg.

He’s not an actor.
An actor.

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Well, I mean, I guess, sure.
Snoop does it all.

He’s a multi hyphenate.

‘Cause if you were to-

He’s an Oscar-winning actor.


What are you covering up,

the nose?
And it’s not Will Smith.


I’m trying to just see the eye,

and then attach a person
that comes out of the eye.

His last name is an animal.

Michael Bear.

His last name is an animal?

Timothy Cat, Timothy Tiger,

Tony the Tiger.
It is Timothy Cat.

Who is it?

What letter does his last name start with?


What’s the…



Foxx, Jamie Foxx.


Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Foxx makes for a good looking…

What is that, a mastiff?


All right.

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That’s Davin.


That’s Davin?

You are good at this.


Have you seen-

You know Davin just by his eyes.

Have you seen a Tibetan Mastiff?

Have you seen that on TikTok?

What are they like?

Bring up a picture.

You’d have to be-

Are they beautiful?

You’d have to be cruel to
own one in Los Angeles,

but I’m sure somebody does.

It’s the largest and furriest
dog together in one thing,

and there was just this TikTok

where there was just this one-

Oh, wow.

That was just kind of on this table,

just sort of like shaking.

They’re so big, man.

One day I want to get a bigger dog,

and for me that’s an Australian Shepherd.

Like one day when I just
have sheep to be herded

and land to have them on.

But that Tibetan Mastiff is a big dog.

Oh, they’re massive.

Yeah, I would like to
have a big dog myself.

It looks like a bear, good gracious,

and a lion mixed up.
Let’s just face it,

I mean, I don’t know if this is anecdotal,

’cause we only have small dogs, but-

Well, if it’s a story then yeah,

but if there’s no data-

Big dogs are smarter,

I mean, there brains are bigger.

But any time you see a dog doing something

that feels almost human-like,

and they’re really figuring something out,

or they’re like on TikTok
hitting that keyboard

that’s saying very specific things,

like, “You look good in that pink dress,”

it’s always a big dog.

I just think they’re
just generally smarter.

But poodles are really smart though.

And Barbara is, I hate to say it,

I mean, I think I have
potential the smartest

and the dumbest dog out
of all four of our dogs.

Barbara is super intelligent,
hyper intelligent,

but she’s not Australian
Shepherd level intelligent.

Australian Shepherd could
make like a 700 on the SAT.

You know what I’m saying?


Like if you spend enough time with it.

Let’s see another one.

Oh, Steve Buscemi.


So Buscemi gets in there

and all of a sudden Link shows up.

I mean, it looks like him.

It’s pretty obvious, yeah.

That’s wild, that was a good one.


Nope, we always end on Steve Buscemi.

You gotta end on Buscemi.
Always end on Steve Buscemi.


The Buscemi ending, the Buscending.

Check out “Dispatches From Myrtle Beach,”

my dad’s podcast, where he
talks to me every Tuesday

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