Grand Theft Auto 5. the latest entry in Rockstar’s Grand

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the open world genre has been one of the

most prominent ones in gaming and for

good reason this medium relies on giving

players a sense of escapism and what

better way to provide that than letting

them loose in a virtual world that’s

filled with opportunities and

possibilities we have experienced a ton

of great open World Games in recent

years and here are 30 of the best of all


Grand Theft Auto 5.

the latest entry in Rockstar’s Grand

Theft Auto has become the most

profitable entertainment product of all

time and that achievement can be

credited to the sheer amount of fun that

anyone can have within the confines of

Los Santos take up high-stakes heists

blow stuff up meet strangers participate

in sports or racing or do all of that

and a whole lot more with other people

in the ever evolving GTA online it’s a

game that’s brimming with possibilities

and it’s no surprise that it has

remained one of the hottest games around

despite being almost a decade old

Watch Dogs too

building upon the foundations of the

underrated original Watchdogs 2 aims to

provide a better open World experience

with plenty of gameplay variety and

succeeds in that aspiration while the

open world activities might be a

standard open world affair they become a

lot more fun than usual since you have

so many options for getting to your

objective the critical path is also

pretty engaging with plenty of likable

characters and memorable missions that

you’ll encounter during your quest to

bring down ctOS

Far Cry 2.

set against the backdrop of war-ridden

African savannah Far Cry 2 is a constant

Battle of survival against your

opponents ranging from standard foot

soldiers to the ever looming threat of

malaria the game boasts excellent

physics and has some great systemic

gameplay which makes for a fun and

thrilling ride through and through while

the mission design may feel outdated

when compared to Modern games the whole

package is easily the best of the series

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Assassin’s

Creed 4 Black Flag puts you in the shoes

of Edward Kenway a pirate in the 18th

century and it’s filled with emotional

moments and memorable characters like

Blackbeard and James Kidd among others

the naval combat is also supremely fun

and the signature mix of Stealth In

Action gameplay remains as fun as ever

felden ring

in so many ways Alden ring feels like

everything that the soul Series has been

building towards for more than a decade

the Fantastical world of the lands

between is home to Fierce Warriors giant

beasts and secrets Galore and every

square inch of that virtual space is

utilized in meaningful ways the

flexibility in combat is also

unparalleled and you can mix and match

hundreds of weapons and spells to create

all sorts of builds

Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead

Redemption 2 might not be able to match

the sheer Carnage of Grand Theft Auto

but the story of the vanderland gang’s

gradual fall is easily the most

heartfelt story that Rockstar has told

to date but gameplay is also built

around learning to exist as a cowboy as

you meticulously craft your own tents on

fish and split bullets for extra damage

throughout your travels against the

rapidly changing Wild West

outer Wilds

Mobius digital’s outer Wilds is a game

that’s all about preventing the Sun from

exploding and resetting an infinite time

Loop you need to travel to different

planets and try to piece together clues

about an ancient civilization which will

slowly and steadily lead you towards the

root of the mystery of the time loop

everything from the writing to the game

design to the level variety is Top Notch

which makes outer Wilds an intriguing

experience through and through

ghost of tsushima director’s cut

developed by Sucker Punch Productions

ghost of tsushima is an emotional tale

about Jin Sakai a former Samurai who

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lets go of the honorary Bushido code and

in order to drive out Mongol presence

from his Island the game features a

combat system that’s both fun and

authentic and the open world is as

beautiful as it is dense with things to

do and once you’re done with the base

game you could also hop into the iki

Island expansion which comes included

with the director’s cut

the Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim

bethesda’s Premier RPG offerings have

always strived for the best in quality

and quantity and the latest entry Skyrim

is no different within that regard it’s

an experience that just keeps on giving

and it’s easy to just get lost with

countless side quests that are scattered

throughout the massive map add to that

engaging combat and progression Loop

interesting writing and the Thunders

music and the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

becomes a grand Adventure without an end

The Witcher 3 wild Hunt The Witcher 3

wild hunts is an experience that excels

both in quality and quantity geralt’s

quest to find Siri takes him to many

different places Each of which is home

to a buffet of side quests and monster

hunts all of which boasts the same level

of quality as the critical path

everything from the monster lore to

likable characters to The Addictive

nature of gwent binds you to this game

and it’s easy to spend dozens upon

dozens of hours just exploring these

Scenic Vistas along with your buddy


The Legend of Zelda breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild

is a master class in open world design

it’s a game that thrives on the joy of

exploration and Discovery the gameplay

also encourages players to bend the

game’s many systems to their own will

and creatively dispatch enemies this

Kingdom of Hyrule is home to interesting

encounters meaningful puzzles and

challenging dungeons completing which

will inch you closer and closer to your

goal of defeating Calamity Ganon

Grand Theft Auto 4.

even after so many years since its

release Grand Theft Auto 4 continues to

be an experience like no other it’s the

ultimate culmination of a genuinely

moving story a strong satire and

supremely fun and chaotic open world

Mayhem and while it may feel odd to go

back to clunky gameplay mechanics after

Grand Theft Auto 5 it’s an experience

that’s well worth experiencing through

to the very end

Mafia Definitive Edition

while Mafia might pale in comparison

against modern open World Games simply

because of the lack of meaningful side

activities it’s a game that relies on

the excellently written story and

realistic gameplay mechanics to keep you

indulged for hours on end Mafia

Definitive Edition puts a Fresh coat of

paint on this classic alongside gameplay

improvements which make returning to the

city of lost Heaven a lot more inviting

for gamers accustomed to Modern gameplay

Fallout 4.

another Masterpiece from Bethesda

Fallout 4 thrusts players into a

post-apocalyptic region of the

Commonwealth the map is huge and is

filled to the brim with interesting

characters to meet factions to befriend

or antagonize quests to tackle alongside

the main quest that sees you embark on a

quest to find your long-lost child

death stranding

kojima’s latest might not be everyone’s

cup of tea but death stranding is surely

one of the most unique open world

experiences of recent memory set against

the post-apocalyptic America where

communities have closed themselves off

and live in isolation all while BTS roam

around the crumbled landscape you take

on the role of Sam Porter as he tries to

bring everyone together with the promise

of the United cities of America and the

chiral Network while the gameplay may

not be as bombastic as others on this

list it enables you to connect with the

protagonist and the Twisted world on a

very personal level

Horizon forbidden West

a sequel to the 2017 Smash Hit Horizon

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zero Dawn forbidden West continues a

loy’s journey as she races against time

to stop the mysterious blight from

spreading corruption onto the sacred

lands the open world of forbidden West

is filled with Scenic Vistas

technological Marvels and tribal

settlements and exploring every inch of

this space is an absolute Joy all thanks

to a supremely fun gameplay Loop and

interesting progression

Forza Horizon 5.

playground games is Forza Horizon 5 is a

dream come true for any fan of car

culture set against a massive Recreation

of Mexico Forza Horizon 5 lets you race

or Cruise across dozens of racetracks

and race types in a wide variety of

vehicles ranging from ancient relics to

supercars to pickup trucks and whatnot

the map is filled to the brim with

events completing which will Dole out

generous amounts of rewards which will

help you unlock better cars and

customize them to your heart’s content

Batman Arkham City

Batman Arkham City puts everyone’s

favorite Dark Knight out of the Asylum

and into the City and is all the better

for it a captivating Story featuring

some of the most iconic villains in

Gotham’s Rogues Gallery takes you on an

unforgettable ride with bombastic boss

fights and cool stealth sections of

course you’re also free to just abandon

the main path completely and glide

through Gotham fighting crime on the

streets or collecting Riddler trophies

Dying Light

developer techland’s Dying Light took

everything that worked with Dead Island

and combined that excellent fighting

system with smoothly animated parkour

resulting in a zombie game like no other

add to that plenty of open world

activities like side quests and

substantial amounts of post-launch

content and Dying Light becomes a

package that’s hard to pass on for

anyone interested in open world games

Sleeping Dogs

while sleeping dogs might look like

another Grand Theft Auto rip-off at

first glance it’s anything but United

fronts games as open world offerings

feature an excellent hand-to-hand combat

system plenty of side activities like

karaoke or racing and levels that

excellently juggle all available

gameplay types for an experience that

never lets you down right up until the

very end Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar games’s Red Dead Redemption

remains one of the best open world

experiences of all time even after being

released for more than a decade John

Marston’s tale of redemption is really

well told and the gameplay strikes a

great balance between arcady fun and

methodical Gunplay with the Dead Eye

targeting system while accessing the

game on Modern platforms might be tough

it’s an essential experience for fans of

Red Dead Redemption 2.

no man’s sky

no man’s sky is perhaps the most

interesting candidate in this list the

game started life as one of the most

disappointing games of the last

generation but with a constant stream of

meaningful updates the game was able to

turn its Fates around for the better as

it stands now no man’s sky is an

experience bursting with varied content

and one that constantly rewards and

plays with player curiosity if you

skipped past the game when it launched

now is the best time to give it another


Saints Row III

Saints Row III sees your player

character leading the Third Street

Saints gang on a crusade Against The

Syndicate much like its predecessors

Saints Row III features sharp writing

that’s filled with dark jokes and fourth

wall breaks and the gameplay is just as

zany and eccentric as you would expect

from the franchise the series has a

somewhat wobbly track record when it

comes to the quality of its releases and

Saints Row the Third is one of the best

of the bunch

Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2 is all about Siri’s

protagonist Rico trying to overthrow a

dictatorship from the island of Pano the

map is extremely large with varied

biomes and you’re free to wreak havoc

upon military bases and cause explosions

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Each of which will grant you chaos

points that gradually unlock further

story missions while newer entries in

the franchise spice things up with

better visuals and weather calamities

Just Cause 2 has a distinct charm that

makes it one of the best entries in the


subnautica developer unknown world

subnautica is one of the best survival

games of recent memory and it

excellently takes you through an

interesting narrative as you try to

adapt to the constantly changing

atmosphere the game has an excellent

sense of progression as you build better

tools that allow you to explore the

deeper parts of the ocean and that

Pursuit can become really addictive in a

good way of course Shadow of the

Colossus 2018 remake

much like Mafia we discussed before

Shadow of the Colossus doesn’t feature

Oodles of side content like other open

worlds but that absence is what makes

this game so special Shadow of the

Colossus really makes you feel like you

are a Lone Ranger who unfortunately has

to suck any and all remaining life out

of this already crumbled Kingdom to

achieve your goal each fight against the

colossi is different than the last and

simply put it’s an experience that will

remain with you long after the credits


Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales

Spider-Man is one of the most

recognizable superheroes and while there

is no shortage of the character’s

representation in video game form none

can claim to be as mechanically sound

and inherently fun as Marvel’s

Spider-Man Miles Morales this sequel

might be smaller in scope than 2018’s

Marvel Spider-Man but it makes up for it

with interesting side missions and

miles’s Venom powers that open up new

avenues for beating up baddies

Middle Earth shadow of War

despite the many controversies

surrounding the game’s usage of loot

boxes and microtransactions there’s

little controversy to be had when it

comes to the actual quality of Middle

Earth shadow of War Italians fight

against Sauron is ripe with danger and

you encounter plenty of procedurally

generated ort captains throughout your

journey thanks to the Nemesis system the

gameplay is really fun and exciting as

you bounce around the battlefield

thinning the enemy resistance all while

your army of faithful recruits help you

conquer insurmountable battles


radical entertainment delivered a

fantastic power fantasy with prototype

the game sees you controlling Alex

Mercer as he tries to stop the

blacklight plague from spreading across

Manhattan you can run on top of

buildings consume your enemies

shapeshift weapons and glide through

buildings all of which is supremely fun

and fluid thanks to well-designed

systems and mechanics

Metal Gear Solid 5 the phantom pain

kojima’s swan song Metal Gear Solid may

have been a product of a turbulent

development cycle but those problems

take very little from this amazing

experience the phantom pain lets players

lose in the open world where you must

carry out high risk operations as you

sneak into military bases and take down

metal gear the gameplay is highly

Dynamic that blends nicely with the

systemic elements and the story takes

you through a seemingly never-ending

Rabbit Hole of conspiracies and double

crossing characters it’s a unique

experience and one that shouldn’t be

missed out on by fans of open world


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