What are the interesting zombie theme electronics?

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Hey, do you like zombies in your video games?

Well, thankfully there are plenty of games with zombies to play or look forward to throughout 2022.

We’ve got 10 great ones,so let’s get started off with number 10.

“Project Z” is a pretty cool idea.

So this is a first person, zombie shooter.

It’s cooperative, it’s free to play.

But it’s set in World War II

and you’re stranded on an
island filled with zombies

that the Nazis have been experimenting on.

That’s definitely not the first time

we’ve done that in video games,

but what makes this one unique

is a little bit more of a
gritty and realistic atmosphere.

And an emphasis on finding
things and building,

similar somewhat to “Fallout
4″s settlement building system.

So basically there’s like a whole hub

and as you go out and conquer
areas, it actually will help

and affect different
areas that you jump into.

And in terms of playing
that cooperatively,

it could probably make
things pretty interesting.

It’s also gonna have, of course,

a more traditional
wave-based survival mode

and you know what it
looks cool and simple.

Good, clean, free to play fun.

We don’t know too much
about the monetization yet

or how a lot of this is gonna work out.

But if you’re into Nazi zombie style stuff

but also maybe something a little bit more

like “Left 4 Dead” with a
dash of “Fallout” building,

“Project Z” seems promising!

It doesn’t ever a release date yet,

but we’re hoping to
really see it this year.

Next up at number nine,
we have “Requisition VR”.

Because, hey, we gotta give
some love to VR sometimes.

Now it has some great
zombie shooters overall

and this “Requisition”
game looks to be no slouch.

Think of something like
“Left 4 Dead” VR, you know?

You and three other players cooperatively,

or single player just blasting zombies.

But with a bigger emphasis on
surviving in one environment

and scavenging and crafting
improvised items to survive.

Like, yes, there are guns,

but there’s a big advantage
to creative crafting.

Like tape two axis together,

or slap some kitchen knives
on the end of a chair

and just bash (laughs) some zombies.

It seems pretty cool, and since it’s in VR

you’re doing all of this
with your hands, you know?

Physically climbing
things, grabbing stuff,

and putting stuff together.

I hope it feels as good as it looks.

Now, it seems like a really
fun and creative idea

with an additional PVP and sandbox mode

if you want to just do
something more traditional.

But the basic setup sounds good to us.

We’ll definitely be checking this one out

when it drops in early
access this September.

Next over at number eight, we
have “Showa American Story”.

This is a weird seemingly
sort of indie project

that we’ve been talking about
for (laughs) a while now.

And as you can see on screen
here, it’s pretty wild.

It’s like this weird mashup

of like a post-apocalyptic,
“Devil May Cry”,

lollipop, chainsaw, zombie-killing,

adventure game with a really unique hook.

You play as this girl who’s
reanimated from the dead

and she’s a badass fighter,
but she exists in an America

that is taken over by the
Japanese after World War II.

But the American heartland
is riddled with zombies.

So it’s up to you to do cool combos

and use machine guns to kill ’em all.

This game seems super over-the-top
in all the right ways.

It could also (laughs)
look a little busted.

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But we’re hoping we get
our hands on it this year

because it just looks a little different

and we’re itching for something different.

And it’s got zombies, so, points for that.

Next over at number seven, we
have “No More Room in Hell 2”.

This is the follow up to
a game from like 2011?

The original “No More Room
in Hell” was a source mod.

That was just an incredibly fun

and playable co-op zombie shooter

with a pretty dark atmosphere.

But also very much heavily inspired

by specifically George
Romero’s zombie stuff.

You know, for the legend that he is now.

With “No More Room in Hell 2”

it seems like they’re really
just ramping everything up.

It’s all about surviving,
up to eight player co-op,

with just endless zombies coming at you.

But it’s gonna require teamwork

and coordination across pretty big maps

that are featuring some
randomly generated elements

and procedural elements to
kind of keep you on your toes.

If that does sound familiar
to similar games, yeah,

I get you, but there’s
good emphasis on scavenging

and making your own items.

And so far visually it
also looks pretty good too.

The coolest part about this
game, and I hope this sticks,

the release date is October 31st, 2022.

Hell yeah, let’s go!

Next over at number six, we
have a game called “Ill”.

Which was one (laughs) that
a lot of us were wondering

if it was actually real, but as more

and more gameplay snippets come out

it definitely seems like it’s a real game.

It seems like a very
small, independent project

but visually it’s very impressive.

This is Unreal Engine 5,

and there’s a lot of emphasis on the gore,

blowing apart zombies in first person,

the weight and physics of the zombies,

and of course, tons and tons of details

on these gross, icky creatures.

The more they tease this game,

the better and better it looks.

‘Cause, like we said, at
first it kind of looked

like a weird prototype,
but it’s latest showings

have looked a little bit more impressive.

We still need to see like a
long lengthy gameplay trailer

to really understand what’s going on,

but just a good, gritty, chunky,

nasty, first person zombie shooter

is something that we would
definitely like to see.

Because we talk a lot in this video

about cooperative shooters
and zombie hoards,

but just good old fashioned
survival horror elements?

We need those.

And we’re really hoping
that “Ill” delivers

and we hope we see a lot
more of it this year.

Next over at number five we
have “Daymare: 1994 Sandcastle”.

This is the follow up to “Daymare: 1998”,

which was a really
awesome indie experience,

heavily inspired by the
classic “Resident Evil 2”

Raccoon City outbreak.

And it was just a good
solid third person shooter

with survival horror elements

and good spooky scares and atmosphere.

And so what they’re doing here,

with “Daymare: 1994 Sandcastles”,

going for a bit of a prequel vibe.

Involving government spies

and you working for a secret organization

where you’re dropped into
locations to extract and search.

Very much giving off
Umbrella soldier vibes,

but it totally works
for this type of thing.

As of right now, it is
given a 2022 launch window.

So we don’t know for sure when exactly

we’re gonna see it in 2022,

but we’re really looking forward to it.

If you haven’t played “Daymare: 1998”

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consider checking it out.

Next over at number four, we
have a game called “Aftermath”.

This was revealed at a
gaming livestream event

and the original trailer
really blew us away.

We’ve been thinking about it ever since.

In it, you play as
Charlie Gray, an astronaut

who gets caught up in
the events of this world

that is just absolutely messed up

and filled with zombies and
you’re searching for your sister

and everything just looks
really chaotic and scary.

As you can see, it’s very much
a third person zombie shooter

where you’re mowing down hordes.

But it does look like
it’s got a little bit more

of an artsy storytelling vibe to it,

a lot more atmosphere and
music and scary visuals.

That is something we are absolutely into

and we can use that in our
zombie games more and more.

Especially with this sci-fi spin.

There’s just a lot going on, you know.

The initial trailer you might not realize

that there are zombies
but there’s definitely

some zombie killing going on here.

And we’re really excited
to see how it plays out.

“Aftermath” is slated as coming soon

for PlayStation consoles and PC.

Now next over at number three,

we have surrounded, uh,
“SurrounDead”, get it?

(laughs) God, I love zombie game puns.

Anyway, this is an open
world survival game

with a really cool art
style, I mean look at it.

It kind of reminds me of a cross

between “Valheim” and “Minecraft”.

Now this was actually
made from a solo developer

and it’s in early access.

And so far people have
been really digging it.

Now instead of another competitive world,

what’s refreshing about this one

is that it’s more of a
classic chill survival game

where you just fight off zombies, use guns

and melee weapons, you
find stuff, you trade,

and you up little areas to survive.

And really build things up, you know?

There’s a lot of loot
and there’s limited ammo

which kind of makes you pay attention more

and gives it a little bit of
a survival horror element,

which we definitely like!

There’s a solid inventory
system, some good crafting.

And zombies are, you
know, okay on their own

but if you’re surrounded
or facing off against a few

that’s where fight or flight
is gonna have to kick in.

That’s where things can really get sweaty.

Now again, it’s in early access,

so there’s not a ton of content,

but what is there shows tons of promise.

I mean, look at social
media or Steam reviews.

People seem to be really excited to see

where this goes next
and there is a roadmap.

Now we’d like more to do, more to see,

maybe even a bit of co-op?

But if you like survival
and you like building,

but you want something that just has

a little bit of a different vibe,

“SurrounDead” could be something great.

So we’re mentioning it here
and keeping our eye on it.

Now down to number two,
we have “Dying Light 2”.

We’ve talked about this one, a ton.

It released earlier in 2022.

And if you love zombies
and open world adventuring,

whoo boy, man, does this
game have a lot for you.

Now, I’m still processing,

I’m not sure if I like it
more than the first game

but it has a ton of cool zombies to kill.

It has a ton of cool moves
and weapons to upgrade

and learn to just improve
your zombie killing efficiency

in a pretty brutal and interesting world.

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That is just really,
really well developed.

Not to mention the fact
that you can play it

cooperatively with friends
so you can run around,

parkouring around the
city, killing zombies,

grappling, hooking, doing your thing.

And not only that, we
expect the developers

to add a lot more content
for years to come.

If they support it anywhere near as much

as they did with the first game,

there’s gonna be a lot of
cool stuff coming to this

if you haven’t played it yet.

It’s on all the major platforms.

And if you haven’t checked
it out, you should.

And finally down at number one,
the “The Callisto Protocol”.

This “Dead Space” inspired,
third person, action-adventure,

survival horror type game
just seems absolutely awesome.

And totally what the doctor ordered!

You were fighting against gruesome,

horrific undead-looking creature dudes

that were seemingly once human.

And it’s all very unfortunate,
but also nice and nasty.

If you’ve played a “Dead
Space” game, which this game

is not ashamed to admit
they are inspired by,

expect lots of gore and cool
ways to take these things out.

But also, a good amount of stress.

With a survival horror game,
things are not always easy

and you’re not always this powerful badass

just crushing your way
through hoards of enemies.

Sometimes one of these
nasties can just take you out

and that’s what makes these
games stressful and enjoyable.

The horror tension, the
survival aspect elements

seem to be there.

We’re really looking forward

to getting our hands on
this one in December.

We’re hoping that release date sticks

because we just love games
like this, to be honest.

Those are all the zombie
games worth mentioning

but we got a bonus one
we had to drop of course,

“Evil Dead: The Game” released this year.

It’s a fun asymmetrical multiplayer game.

That is really fun with friends

and you’re fighting off
against all matter of zombies,

skeletons, ghouls and of
course a Kandarian Demon,

which one person is playing as.

It’s very cool and if
you love “Evil Dead”,

personally I feel like they
actually really nailed it.

Another bonus, the “Resident
Evil Re:Verse” multiplayer

is still slated for this year,
towards the end of the year

with the “Resident Evil 8:
Village” expansion stuff.

We’re finally supposed
to be getting “Re:Verse”

where you can play competitively
against other players.

Playing as iconic
“Resident Evil” characters

and monsters and zombies are there too.

And also “Outbreak Island: Pendulum”.

This is where you crash
land on Outbreak Island

and fight to survive.

It’s an open world
survival game with zombies

and it looks cool.

But like I said, those
are all the zombie games

worth checking out this year.

So if you’ve been playing any of these,

or looking forward to any
of these in the near future,

let us know what you’re
thinking in the comments.

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