On Gameranx,the 10 hardest bosses in Elden Ring

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Elden ring is of course a game filled with very, very difficult moments,but some of its bosses are just over the top.

It’s Falcon,and today on Gameranx,the 10 hardest bosses in Elden Ring.

Number 10 is Margit, the Fell Omen.

We’re gonna start this off with what might be the toughest first boss in any Souls game I’ve played.

Guarding the entrance to Stormveil Castle,

this guy’s the first true test of skill

this game throws at you,
and he’s not messing around.

If there’s one line of dialogue

that’s just burned in your memory,

it’s from this boss, it’s–

– Put these foolish ambitions to rest.

– Which is what he says when he kills you.

And you’re probably gonna
hear it more than once.

At his core, he’s
basically the standard guy

with a weapon souls
boss, at least at first.

During the first phase of the fight,

he’s aggressive enough
to keep you on your toes,

but there’s nothing that is too difficult

outside of the very diabolical
way he staggers his attacks

to mess up your dodge timing.

It might even just be a
problem for Souls veterans,

but at a certain point,

you start to get used to how
bosses and enemies attack

so you start dodging
on muscle memory alone.

But this guy switches up his timing

so that you think he should dodge,

but he takes a second longer to attack

and you end up eating the hit instead.

It’s kind of hard to explain,

but if you fought this guy,

you probably know what I’m talking about.

At this point, he’s still
going easy on you too.

‘Cause once you get him
down to about 60% health,

he gets serious.

He starts pulling out
these spectral weapons

and everything just gets out of control.

At this point, he starts
stringing together his attacks,

which sometimes just feel
like they never stop.

Basically, they’re just
a constant barrage.

And trying to get a hit in is
kind of a risky proposition.

There’s just no real comparison

to any other first major souls boss.

This guy makes the guy from
Dark Souls 3 look like a chump.

Hell, he’s harder than some
Souls games’ final bosses.

I mean, based on your various statistics

at this point in the game,
anyhow, relative to him.

Margit’s an absolute
beast of a first boss.

He’s a huge pain,

but it does feel really good
to finally take him out.

At number nine, the Fire Giant.

In comparison to a lot of Souls games,

which get easier as they go,

I feel like Elden Ring mainly gets harder

the further you get.

And the final stretch is
probably the most challenging

section of the game,
starting with the Fire Giant.

This guy’s pretty much the
guardian of the end game,

and he’s not gonna make it easy on you.

Found on the Mountain Top of the Giants,

the Fire Giant is the protector
of the Forge of Giants,

the thing you need to
burn down the Erdtree

to gain access to the Elden throne.

Sure can’t tell that a
renowned fantasy writer

was involved with coming
up with this stuff.

Anyway, the Fire Giant’s a unique boss

right from the start.

For one thing, you can fight him

while riding your spectral steed,

which actually makes certain
attacks easier to avoid.

Part of what makes the guy so
difficult is his massive size.

Just getting to him can be tricky

because he’s surprisingly
fast for such a big dude too.

His first form’s relatively easy,

as all you have to do to take
him down is attack his ankles,

which will eventually stunt him

and leave him vulnerable
to a bigger attack,

and that’s when you pounce.

In this form, it’s fairly simple

to do a lot of damage pretty quickly.

So you might be tricked into thinking

this guy’s kind of a pushover, but no,

of course he’s got a second form.

As you take off about
50% of his health bar,

his legs snap sideways and he does

what any sensible monster
we do in this situation,

rip it off and sacrifice
it to the fire, of course.

The eyeball on his freakish
chest face thing opens,

and that’s when this guy
really becomes a problem.

Now his only weak points
are his eye and his hands,

and both can be frustratingly
difficult to reach.

And on top of that,

he’s constantly belching out
these chaotic bursts of fire

that make even getting
close to him dangerous.

It doesn’t help that trying
to target his weak points

makes it almost impossible
to tell what’s going on

’cause in his second form,

it’s really better just
not to target him at all.

Blocking isn’t gonna save you

from most of these attacks anyhow,

so at the end of the day,

it’s much safer to just smack his legs

and whittle his health down that way.

It’s a frustrating fight,

and you can barely tell what’s
going on in the later stages.

Like, look at this mess.

What is this?

At number eight is Starscourge Radahn.

Of course we gotta give special
mentions to this big boy.

Redon is encountered in Caelid,

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and in comparison to how
miserable this whole area is,

getting to him is actually
surprisingly easy.

Hell, there’s an entire welcoming party

waiting to greet you where they announce

the Radahn Festival.

– The festival is nigh!

General Radahn, mightiest demigod

of the shattering awaits you.

Champions, prepare for battle!

– Basically this means
when you take the guy on,

you can summon pretty much
as much help as you want.

There’s multiple summoning signs

littered around the
battlefield for you to use

every single one that you can bring in

to fight to death against this boss.

You think that make him pretty easy,

but no, he’ll mess you up.

He’s a gigantic warrior
riding a tiny little horse,

which means a few things.

For one, he’s faster than he looks.

And the range of his
weapons is pretty big.

He fights you look he’s one
third the size that he is,

so just avoiding certain attacks

from his massive blades
is challenging enough.

The warriors you call in to help

also don’t last that long against him,

but they’re essential to distract him

so you can actually get some hits in.

At the very least, his
health bar isn’t too big,

so you can do some pretty good damage

to him relatively quickly.

The problem is he can
kill you a lot faster

than you can kill him,

and for weaker players,
that just means he’s death.

For everybody else,
whatever follow up he has

will be more than enough
to finish you off.

He hits hard and he is relentless,

so the only way to survive

is to know where it’s
safe to stand to hit him.

And like pretty much
every boss in the game,

he becomes much worse in his second form

where he jumps into the air

and comes crashing down like a meteor.

Pretty much the one way
to avoid this attack

is to get on your sprint
steed and start running,

otherwise it’s instant death.

And from here, he starts
modifying all of his attacks

with additional gravity effects.

There’s so much this guy can do

that’ll just kill you instantly,

and it’s ridiculous the only reason

he’s not higher on this list

is that you can summon so
many guys to help you out.

That makes Radahn just very difficult

rather than nearly impossible,

which is truly what he would
be without all that help.

At number seven is the full
grown Fallingstar Beast,

which is found on top of Mt. Gelmir,

guarding the way of the Volcano Manor,

and no surprise here, he’s
a pain in the ass to fight.

What’s unique about this thing is that,

in comparison to pretty much
every other boss on the list,

it doesn’t have a lot of
weird attacks or gimmicks.

It’s just really aggressive,
does a lot of damage,

and takes a lot of hits to take down,

which makes the whole fight into basically

a grueling test of endurance.

That’s basically all there is to it.

Most of its attacks are
pretty easily telegraphed

and it doesn’t do anything too far out

of the standard boss formula

that you’re pretty much
used to at this point.

It’s just that the hard
shell surrounding it

makes it a lot harder to do
any real damage to this guy,

which makes the fight take longer,

which makes it more likely that
you’ll make a fatal mistake.

Trying to hit its weak spots

is basically a waste of time too.

The guy’s too fast and reactive

to make it something
you can consistently do.

It’s at least weak to magic damage,

so that’s one way to speed things up,

but it still takes way too long.

There’s long bouts of the fight

where you’re pretty much stuck

waiting for an opportunity to attack

because there’s just no
openings to do anything.

It’s not a complicated boss,
just an unusually tough one.

It sucks, but thankfully
you don’t have to fight it

if you don’t want to.

You just run right past it,

and there’s nothing it can really do.

For folks with no patience,

it’s a boss where the best option to win

is to breeze past it and
give it no attention,

which also describes most social media.

At number six, Mohg, the Lord of Blood.

Almost every Omen boss
in this game is tough,

but Mohg, found deep
in the Mohgwyn Palace,

is a special kind of bastard.

What makes him so difficult

isn’t so much his regular attacks,

but the annoying effects he causes.

Like many of his attacks cause bleed,

which does a ton of damage.

And he leaves these flaming pools of blood

all over the place that
severely limit where you can go.

That’s all bad enough,

but it’s nothing compared
to his worst attack.

Like randomly during the fight,

he’ll cast his spell that causes a ring

to appear around you.

It’s totally unblockable and unavoidable.

And while it doesn’t do anything at first,

after you get his health bar down to 50%,

he’ll whip out this actually brutal attack

that saps about half your
health or more per hit,

which can’t be blocked

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and restores a big chunk of health per hit

just to add insult to injury.

And he does it three times in a row.

Seriously, it does so much damage that,

for me, at least, if I
didn’t heal mid attack,

it would kill me instantly.

Like every single time.

You’re pretty much forced
to take damage here,

and it sucks.

The only way to avoid this
move is to plan ahead.

There’s a physic you can use

that nullifies the spells effects,

but if you don’t know about that,

you’re pretty much screwed.

His second form where he sprouts wings is,

of course, very tough on its own.

He starts really going nuts
with the flaming blood attacks

and it feels like half the
arena is just gonna kill you.

And he likes to do this attack

where he’ll summon a shower of blood,

which makes standing
near him very dangerous.

Seriously, the flaming blood stuff

will drop your health to zero in seconds.

(dramatic music)

– It’s mine and mine only.

– At number five is Astel,
Naturalborn of the Void.

Found in the deepest and
darkest depths of the land

between this elder God looking monstrosity

is an unorthodox boss,

and it is as difficult as it is abnormal.

There are two things that
make this guy a pain to fight.

It’s as aggressive as you’d
expect from a boss in this game.

It’s constantly moving and
just hitting it’s pain.

And it’s got a lot of highly
damaging long range of attacks.

Also, if you manage to get in close,

its bizarre shape makes
the camera go crazy.

So it’s hard to tell what’s even going on

when you do manage to
get close to attack it.

And it’s also got a lot
of annoying attacks,

but one of the worst is
this infuriating ability

where it slams it hand in the ground

and causes a series of gravity shock waves

that’s pretty much guaranteed
to hit you multiple times.

Its second stage isn’t quite as bad

as certain other bars on this list,

but all that really
means is that this thing

is tough the whole way through.

There’s no one standout attack

that really makes it tough in particular,

just does a ton of damage

and has a lot of area of effect attacks,

and those are difficult to avoid,

so it’s generally hard to hit

and sustain a decent amount of health.

Also its grabs are just brutal.

At number four is Godfrey,

the First Elden Lord and Hoarah Loux.

The end game of Elden Ring

is just this brutal parade of bosses,

and Godfrey isn’t the first or the last,

he is a standout in terms of difficulty.

His first form’s basically
what you’d expect.

A much more difficult version
of the golden ghostly form

you fought him in previously,

but this time, he’s the real deal

and the damage he conflict
on you is no joke.

Now it seems pretty no frills at first.

He’s just guy with a big ax.

But when you knock out half of his health,

a cut scene triggers and
that sets off the real fight

where he reveals his true nature

and starts fighting you
like a total wild man.

He gets much more aggressive,

whipping up brutal combos that
he’ll chain into devastating

and actually kind of
hilarious grab attack moves

where he power bombs you into the ground

like an insane Zangief
from Street Fighter.

It’s another boss where
the damage out output

combined with the
aggression makes it a fight

where death can come at any second.

By far his most devastating attack

is when he is almost dead.

He charges up and surrounds himself

with some kind of smoke or something,

which turns every single
one of his attacks

into a powerful AOE.

The only way to avoid
it is to jump over it,

and that is not an easy thing to do.

At number three is Godskin Duo.

If there’s one boss in this game

I would describe as being
unfair, it’s this one.

These guys are the mid bosses
of the Crumbling Farum Azula,

and they’re something, all right.

The whole thing is about as
straightforward as it gets.

You have to fight a Godskin Apostle

and a Godskin Noble at the same time.

They’re both tough enough on their own,

but both at once is total BS.

It’s the kind of thing you
see in a DLC optional area

or something in like Dark Souls 2.

Just a dumb combo boss

you’re pretty much expected
to someone help for,

but instead of being in
some unnecessary side area,

these guys block your main progress.

You have to kill them if you
want to move on in the game.

The worst thing by far in
this fight is the Noble.

It’s got this attack where it balloons out

and does this big rolling
attack that hones in on you.

The hit box is super wonky too.

It goes on way longer than
it seems like it would,

and the damage this one attack
does is just ridiculous.

On top of that, killing one
of these guys is not enough.

For some reason, their combined health bar

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is bigger than both of their
individual health bars.

And as long as there’s some
red in that health bar,

one or both of them will revive.

So even if you’re smart

and try to take these
guys out individually,

they’ll still force you to fight

both of them at the same time.

There’s really not much
else to say about this one.

It’s a painful fight that
feels really pointless

in the grand scheme of things,

and that makes how incredibly
hard it is feel much worse.

It’s basically a filler rematch

a against bosses you’ve already fought.

And for some reason,

it’s tougher than most of the real

like actual bosses in the game.

At number two is Radagon
of the Outer Order

and the Elden Beast.

For as much as everyone talks

about the difficulty of Souls games,

it’s strange how easy the
last bosses usually are.

Now, that’s not the case with
the bosses of Elden Ring.

The last guys will just chew
you up and spit you out.

And this time, you’re not taking on

two forms of the same boss,

it’s literally just two bosses
you have to fight in a row,

and they’re both really
challenging on their own.

In previous Souls games,

there have been nice enough to have a boss

stay dead after you
killed them, but not here.

If you wanna win, you
have to beat both Radagon

and the Elden Beast at the same time.

No checkpoints, no health
refills, no nothing.

It adds a whole new
layer to the whole thing

because the fight against
Radagon isn’t just about winning.

You also wanna avoid as
much damage as possible,

which is not easy because it
feels like half of his attacks

are some form of area of effect.

At least with him,

you have a basic understanding
of what to expect though.

He’s a guy with a weapon,
and even though he’s a God,

he basically fights
exactly how you’d expect.

Not so much with the second
fight against the Elden Beast,

a bizarre looking creature
that’s basically a dragon

with a sword that can also
swim through the floor.

It’s a crazy as hell fight
with some wild attacks,

like this one where it summons this ring

that slowly converges
before causing an explosion.

And the only way to avoid
it is to run like hell

and jump over the ring.

These two fights combined are up there

with the hardest bosses
in the entire series,

but it’s nothing compared
to the boss at number one.

At number one is Malenia,
Blade of Miquella.

This fight’s already infamous
among Elden Ring players,

and for good reason.

Malenia is seriously just a step above.

Found at the base of the Haligtree,

this boss has only one

forgiving thing about it, it’s optional.

From the outside, Malenia looks
like a pretty standard boss.

Watching the opening sequence,

I just figure it’d be
something like Artorias,

the Abysswalker from
Dark Souls one, you know,

really aggressive and challenging,

but basically a fun fight.

I was wrong.

Well, not completely.

How she fights actually
pretty similar to Artorias,

but with one added wrinkle.

Every time she hits you,

she restores a chunk of her own health.

It’s that one little thing
that turns this fight

from being one that’s tough, but fair

into an absolutely insane battle

where you’re always on the back foot

unless you play incredibly aggressively.

She has two major weaknesses,
status effects and poise.

And if you wanna win, you pretty
much have to exploit that.

Otherwise, she’ll simply
overwhelm you with damage.

Unless you wanna plan ahead
or just master the game,

she’ll just heal more health
than you can hurt her,

making the fight impossible.

But it gets better.

When you knock her health
all the way down, guess what?

She’s got a second form.

Now you have to deal with
her generating clouds

of scarlet rot on top of everything else,

which is just ludicrous.

For many people, just
beating the first form

is a Herculean effort.

And then they take the second
one on and that’s even worse?

It’s pure cruelty, but
if you manage to overcome

everything she throws at you,

then you are an Elden Ring master.

Malenia isn’t just the
toughest boss in Elden Ring,

she’s probably up there with
some of the hardest bosses

of all time period.

And that’s all for today.

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