FNAF, The Rise Of Afton

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Hello Internet! Welcome to Game Theory and officially page seven of the FNAF timeline script.

Last time we covered the origins of Freddy’s, we talked about William Afton’s childhood dream project of making a singing bear come to life and the infuriating moment that his dream is copied by a rival restaurant franchise looking to steal away his success.

The merger of the two franchises results in William meeting Henry, a brilliant designer with a knack for robotics.

Working together, they make Fredbear’s flourish, spawning popular Saturday morning cartoon shows, toy lines and spin off restaurants under the Fazbear name.

When last we left him, Afton was thriving, the world of robotics, opening his eyes to new and exciting ways of bringing characters to life.

Bringing things to life.


That was his core driving force, his passion.

And it was this very passion that would mutate, twist and morph from here on out in the story.

Because with life, there is inevitably death, something that Afton would become intimately familiar with.

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And now with our logo complete, it’s time to complete our other massive ongoing project.

This timeline.

Onward to part two where things are about to get dark in a hurry.

1983 business was booming with two whole restaurant franchises running: Fredbear’s Family Diner and the newly opened Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.

Together, William and Henry had been able to take the hybrid suit idea and make it into a reality.

They called their new invention the springlock suit.

And fittingly enough, it was symbolic of the partnership between these two men, a human suit as designed by William that could become a freestanding Henry style robot.

But because it was still new tech with kinks to work out, the rollout was limited, restricted only to the Fredbear’s Family Diner location.

All of this meant that William was busier than ever.

He didn’t have time to be a full time parent.

So he designed a nanny cam system where cameras and speakers were hidden throughout the neighborhood as well as in his youngest son’s favorite toy, psychic friend, Fredbear.

I mean, Plushie Fredbear.

But since cameras just weren’t enough to raise a kid, he also left childcare duties to his eldest son, Michael.

There was just one problem with that.

Michael was far from the best babysitter.

He tormented his younger brother by jump-scaring him with a foxy mask and constantly left him behind.

William watched all of it from his cameras.

Kids would be kids.

Tomorrow was another day, after all.

Except Michael’s torment didn’t stop.

Bitter, angry thoughts would run through Michael’s mind.

Why did he have to be the one to take care of this whining crybaby all the time? It just wasn’t fair.

It was time that he got even with his brother by playing the ultimate prank.

A prank that just so happened to be on this crying child’s birthday.

He and his friends would take his scared little brother and make him do the one thing that he was terrified of doing, getting close to the animatronics.

That would be embarrassing for the kid that was such an embarrassment to him.

His brother squirmed, screamed, kicked and fought.

But just as they were putting that small squirming boy up to Fredbear’s lips, the mouth snapped shut.

The sensitive spring locks inside the body had been triggered by the boy’s movements, and they’d immediately clamped down.

The wriggling stopped.

The boy went limp.

But it was just a prank.

It was meant to be funny.

The boy was taken to the hospital and was immediately given an I.


Flowers and pills filled the nightstand next to his hospital bed, but the damage was too severe.

He couldn’t recover.

As the younger brother’s consciousness began to fade, he could hear Michael’s last words, a small and flimsy apology.

But his father Williams’, through the voice of the Fredbear Plush, were a firm and committed promise to a dying son.

“You’re broken.

I will put you back together.

” This would not be the end.

No matter what.

William’s son would live again.

It would just take time.

Time that right now he just didn’t have.

His young son’s heart flatlined as the boy faded into the inky unknown of the afterlife.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, changes started happening around the restaurant.

Kids were now required to wear security wristbands to prevent anyone from getting outside without parental permission.

Any kid who approached the exit without permission would have to answer to the security puppet, a marionette on strings that could fly around on rails across the restaurant to stop kids in their tracks.

It was William’s idea, inspired by Michael constantly leaving the restaurant without his brother.

In the wake of Fredbear’s springlock failure, all the hybrid suits were getting retired, locked away at the nearby Freddy Fazbear location.

It was yet another tough pill to swallow after all the hard work that he and Henry had put into them, William would eventually bury the boy’s small body in a remote location out in the woods right alongside his drive into and out of work every day.

The death of this little boy sent the family spiraling.

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His wife, crippled with grief, was so distraught that all she could do was sit and watch TV.

But his son Michael was far worse, complaining of seeing hallucinations of a golden bear standing outside of his window.

The boy was so wracked with guilt that he was convinced that he was being haunted by the ghost of his brother, stuck inside the suit that took his life.

The suit’s three toed feet digging into the wet earth.

The words IT’S ME ringing through Michael’s ears.

Some nights Michael would even go so far as to break out of his room to check the gravesite and ensure that his brother was still there.

As for William himself? He disappeared into his work and his drinks.

Jr’s, the local bar, wasn’t far from his son’s gravesite.

He found himself going there more and more frequently, spending longer and longer amounts of time there.

The bar gave him a place to think, to remember, to reflect and stew on how Henry had stolen his idea for an animal themed restaurant, how they’d cut his character out of the cartoon when everyone else was there, how Henry had humiliated him by buying him out of bankruptcy.

And now? Now there was a son.

Henry had taken his son from him, the robotic part was the part that failed after all.

William ordered one more drink, but it was one too many.

The bar turned him out and told him to go home.

But William didn’t go home.

Drunk and angry, William raced back to the restaurant to give Henry a piece of his mind, only to find someone else waiting.

Henry’s daughter, Charlie, locked outside of the building, bullies laughing at her through the window.

Fine, some other problem to fix.

But then Afton got an idea.

A beautifully awful idea.

This, this was his chance to get back at the man that had humiliated him all those years ago.

Henry had killed his business, and now Henry’s robotic suit had killed his son.

It was time for William to do some killing of his own.

Let Henry feel what it’s like to have something you love get ripped away.

While parties continued inside the walls of the pizzeria, William attacked Charlie in the back alley, and it felt good.

He felt free.

The years of resentment and bitterness trapped in his heart finally released in a moment of pure, unapologetic evil.

He would make Henry hurt like he hurt!

And in that moment, William became a killer.

He dropped Charlie’s lifeless body and drove home, forced to confront his family problems later that night, appalled, but also a little excited by what he had just done.

Charlie’s death would remain on the books as a random act of violence.

And though Henry had suspicions about William, there was no physical evidence, nothing that could link him back to the crime.

In the weeks that followed Fredbear’s Family Dinner would close for good.

Two high profile deaths around the restaurant with two grieving owners in such a short period of time, was just too much bad press to handle.

Besides, Freddy Fazbear’s was still open and it was the newer restaurant anyway.

All the equipment from the diner, including the old yellow suits and security puppet, would get retired to that location, and there they would sit for two uneventful years.

The rest of 1983 and 1984 were spent quietly grieving.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and the new cast of characters were a hit, the tragic memories of their yellow predecessors quickly faded.

Afton kept a low profile and buried himself in work and research, quickly reaching Henry’s level of engineering and even surpassing him.

And while Henry slowed down to grieve, Afton kept going.

Even starting his own company: Afton Robotics, for all those pet projects that were a little bit too experimental for the regular operations of the pizzeria.

The first of these experimental projects was a secret workshop under his house, a veritable bunker, which allowed him to work while still monitoring his kids via hidden security cameras.

One, nine, eight, three.

a passcode that served as a constant reminder of why the cameras were so important, why he was down there in the first place.

This was all to fulfill the promise that he had made to his son right? “I will put you back together.

” This was for him.

All for him, right? But cameras weren’t enough.

He needed to solve the runaway Michael problem.

He had to keep him in the house.

He couldn’t have another one of his kids wind up dead inside of an animatronic suit, so why not run a little experiment on Michael? You see, all this work with Henry had gotten Afton to start learning more about life, robots, the human mind, and what a fallible machine we as humans were.

Our reality, so easy to manipulate with a few sensory deceptions.

Deceptions like sound.

With just a few sounds he had discovered that he could alter a person’s vision.

He could transform blank, smooth plastic robots into lumbering, twisted nightmares.

Nightmares far scarier than he could create with actual materials, they would appear organic, rotting, putrid, terrifying.

These would be his means of keeping his son Michael in the house where he belonged.

Was it extreme? Maybe.

But then again, this was the boy who had killed his son.

He would make him sorry.

And so Michael would grow up not only dealing with the memories of his own guilt, the hospital room, the pills, the flowers, the death of his brother, but also facing literal nightmares, illusions created by sound.

Michael would never forget these either.

Years later, as a security guard, he would still draw pictures of them inside of his logbook.

But all of these extra projects meant that his home life suffered even more.

He was an absent father and a nonexistent husband, leaving his wife cold and alone.

And despite her repeated demands that he leave his office and engage with the family, he refused time and time again, leaving her no choice but to leave.

And through it all, there was one lingering feeling.

William wasn’t done.

He had gotten a taste of what it felt like to be unleashed, what it felt like to be free.

Charlie’s murder had unlocked something in him, and he wanted more.

June 26th, 1985.

Putting on the golden Bonnie suit, he lured children one by one to the back room of the pizzeria when no one was looking.

At first, he was cautious.

He would lure them with promises of cake and cookies.

He told them that their dog had died.

He would ask for help with homework.

Susie was the first.

You never truly forget your first.

But where to hide the bodies? He couldn’t sneak out, someone would see him.

He had to hide them in a place where they’d never be found and where they’d never leave the building.

They had to be stuffed.

Stuffed inside of the suits.

No one maintained those things anyway, except for him.

And so Susie would go into Chica, Fritz, Jeremy and Gabriel would come next.

But it was easy.

It was too easy.

And with each little life he snuffed out, his lies got bigger: Their house was burning, they’re just being kidnaped.

Until the last one, where all pretense was off.

He let himself get violent.

Too violent.

The body of Cassidy was far more bloody and broken than any of the others.

He’d let himself go too far.

That one, that one he shouldn’t have killed.

With no more active animatronics left, he shoved the body into the one suit that remained backstage.

The long forgotten yellow Fredbear, now broken and discolored with age.

Broken, like Cassidy was broken, like his son was broken.

Newspapers reported on this disappearance, naming the whole thing the missing children’s incident.

Police would even charge William with the crimes after finding security footage of the Golden Mascot suit luring kids to the back.

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But they couldn’t convict him.

They had no bodies and his face had been hidden behind the mascot suit the entire time.

What they had was circumstantial at best, and so he walked away a free man.

But Henry knew the truth.

In these murders he saw his daughter Charlie all over again.

So he threw Afton out of the company and shuttered the doors to the old pizzeria.

Henry would keep the franchise quiet for two years.

This would not happen again.

This could not happen again! How could he protect the kids? Finally, he developed a solution.

He would implement an even more extreme security system in the form of new animatronics, toy animatronics, inspired by the toys that they had been selling years ago.

But these guys, these were special.

They were a new breed of robot with facial recognition abilities.

All the original animatronics, now withered with age, were moved to the new location.

With a plan in place it was time to try once more.

The year was 1987 and the new and improved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza was making headlines in local newspapers, headlines that just so happened to catch the attention of William Afton.

Freddy’s was back? and without him? That was his idea! His character! Henry was, yet again, trying to cut him out of the picture.

No, as long as these restaurants stayed open, William would always come back.

Then he noticed the phone number to apply at the bottom of the article.

$100 a week.

To apply call.

Afton would go back, not as an owner or co-founder.

He would go back in the one place that they would least suspect him, a lowly day shift security guard.

And there it was, buried in the back of parts and services mixed in with the old withered animatronics was the golden rabbit with the yellow security badge still on his chest.

He used his crank to pull open the spring locks.

It was time for Bonnie to give an encore performance.

1987: Five more kids.

He didn’t know what felt better, getting back into the suit after two long years of waiting or knowing how devastating this would be to Henry the next morning.

He didn’t even try to hide his crime this time, just meant more blood on Henry’s hands.

He’d failed to protect the kids again.

The restaurant had only been open for a few weeks, but William was sure that this would get it to close.


If he couldn’t have Freddy’s, no one would.

Whenever a new pizzeria opened, he would be there.

But as he sat in his bunker, something else started to linger in William’s mind, he had seen something… strange.

The old withered animatronics, they had been wandering around the building, spurred on by the puppet.

It was almost like those old robots were trying to save the kids.

Save them? They couldn’t, obviously.

But still, how were they moving? It was almost like they had been given life somehow.

Did he have something to do with that? The following day, the news would report a security guard getting bitten by one of the animatronics during the day shift.

Was that bite meant for… for him? William’s curiosity was stronger now than his bloodlust.

He had to learn more.

But how? There was no way he’d ever be able to get inside another Freddy’s pizzeria.

Heck! There was practically no way a Freddy’s would ever open again.

He needed to create something new, something brand new.

He needed to create his own pizzeria.

Circus Baby’s Pizza World.

This, this would be the place where he could continue his work.

No longer just murdering, experimenting.

He needed more kids and he needed them alive.

And knowing that he couldn’t show his face on the restaurant floor, he needed a way of remotely capturing his victims and preserving them for his work.

With that goal in mind, he designed a new breed of animatronic, their endo skeletons, fluid and flexible.

He equipped them with sound lures that could mimic voices.

They could isolate children, they could incapacitate and contain them with zero direct input from him.

It was brilliant.

He was brilliant! Far beyond the simple bars and wires of Henry’s designs.

And the characters he chose for this were uniquely his, his new roster wasn’t going to be tainted by Henry’s disgusting barnyard bird.

Instead, it was back to his characters, his creations, Freddy, Bonnie, Foxy.

As well as two special ones: The first, Ballora, was an homage to the woman who left him.

Now she would never leave him again.

The second, the titular Baby, was designed with his baby in mind, Elizabeth, his youngest child.

She would always be daddy’s little girl, the one that listened to him, the one that obeyed.

Until the day that she didn’t.

The day before a Circus Baby’s Pizza World opened, she disobeyed.

She didn’t listen.

Left alone with Baby she got too close.

The animatronic ripped in half and swallowed her whole.

A scared and confused child fading into eternal darkness.

By the time Afton found her, it was too late.

She was gone.

He immediately canceled the launch of Circus Baby’s under the guise of a gas leak.

But wait.

As he sat there at the foot of the stage, he noticed that something was different.

The eye color of the robot had changed.

Baby had been built with blue eyes, but now they were emerald green.

The same color as Elizabeth’s.

Was she in there? Could this all be connected to the three moving animatronics that he had seen at Freddy’s? He had to know more! His mourning turned to excitement.

He had to return to where it all started.



This place was pathetic.

Henry had clearly tried to reopen one final time with those old original animatronics from so long ago.

But William’s damage to the brand had been permanent.

These things stank of death, they hadn’t been washed in decades.

But even if they had, nothing could wash away the stink of murder that haunted these halls.

One night, then another, then another.

William repeatedly snuck into the old broken restaurant to lure the living animatronics to him, one by one dismantling them, robbing them of their endo skeletons.

The metal had to be the secret.

It had to contain the remnants of life itself.

But he had to know for sure.

Leaping out of a room that was invisible to the animatronics programing, he dragged the oversized robotic skeletons back to his underground workshop, back to where a Circus Baby watched on with glowing, curious eyes, eyes that somehow felt alive.

Not knowing what else to do, William melted the robotic parts down.

Five animatronic endo-skeletons reduced down to one silvery puddle of goo.

Could he transfer this living metal to his own creations? He had to try.

He picked up a syringe and filled it with the molten metal and injected the goo into Funtime Freddy’s twisted, wiry endo-skeleton.

And suddenly the coils came to life.

Like snakes writhing in a pile what had once been cold, lifeless metal moved and jolted on its own.

He’d done it! He had unlocked the secret to life itself.

Except something was clearly wrong.

The movements were erratic.

They were violent, angry.

Baby didn’t act this way.

She had been calm, collected.

This was clearly something else.

Something mindless and frantic.

Perhaps by mixing the souls and then portioning them out, he had created an incomplete beast.

He would need to keep testing to truly understand it.

He needed more of this remnant.

As he searched the old pizzeria one more time for any remaining scraps of metal, the ghosts attacked.

His past victims come to collect their due, all led by Cassidy.

The five lined up and blocked the door and Afton’s mind reeled.

The scientific implications of this were incredible! Ghosts! Real ghosts that he could see all standing against him.

But what could they do? What couldn’t they do? He panicked as Cassidy approached.

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How do you stop something that’s already dead? Maybe with the thing that resulted in their death in the first place.

He would get into a suit like old times, he would regain his power over them just like the day that they died.

He was the genius! He was the one in the suit! He was the one in char.



The springlock snapped into place.

Maybe it was his frantic movements.

Maybe it was the leaky, abandoned restaurant.

Maybe it was just fate coming to collect its due.

He didn’t know.

The only thing he did know was that his brain was suddenly filled with searing white hot pain as hundreds of metallic pins and gears stabbed into his body from all sides.

All he could do was collapse, blood slowly oozing out of the suit and pooling onto the floor around him.

It couldn’t end like this.

It wouldn’t end like this! His work was unfinished.

Unable to move, his only option was to survive, to live, to keep living.

It took days lying in his own blood but eventually someone found him.

A security guard, making a normal report.

When he saw the animatronics torn apart in the middle of the party room floor, it caused him to file an immediate report of a break in, an owner would have to come in and claim the damage.

And who else would it be other than Henry? Hope jumped in Afton’s heart.

Henry would see him, they were partners after all.

He would be the one to help save him, to get him out of this suit, to relieve him from this tremendous pain.

Henry entered the secret room.

His eyes fell on Afton, sitting there in the pool of red, and Henry saying nothing turned and walked away.

And so their Afton would sit, hanging on for 30 years, trapped behind the walls with an iron will that refused to die.

End of this part.

I say “this part” because it’s not officially the end of the Afton Era just yet, but this just felt like a really solid stopping point and the episode has gone on for… ever.

Okay, so most of this is things that we already knew, stuff that’s been established and reestablished time and time again by the games.

That said, there are two things that I absolutely have to address.

The first and biggest is the placement of Sister Location.

Or more specifically, Elizabeth’s death.

To me, evidence in games seems to suggest that it was meant to come before the crying child’s death in 1983.

The biggest clue to this is that the crying child saw something.

“Remember, what you saw” is the phrase that’s repeated over and over again by Psychic Friend Fredbear, a.



William Afton, speaking through a walkie talkie in the Fredbear plushie’s stomach.

But what did he see? Well, I think we can tell based on how the nightmare animatronics are visualized.

They have mouths in their stomachs, just like Baby ripping in half at the waist to swallow a kid.

There’s also the empty girl’s room, one presumably left behind by a dead sister.

And lastly, it explains why he’s scared and more specifically, why Afton wants him scared.

He needs his kids to stay away from the animatronics.

He doesn’t want them getting too close because the last time one of his kids got too close to a robot, his daughter died.

That’s then why he sets up the nightmares to scare both Mike and the crying child away from the animatronics from that point forward.

That’s why books like the Character Encyclopedia outright suggest that we play as the crying child in FNAF 4.

That’s why he has a nanny cam following the crying child everywhere.

So he can keep tabs on his kids when they’re out of his sight.

He can’t let another Elizabeth situation happen.

The death of Elizabeth also gives William Afton extra motivation for killing.

He’s a grieving father.

His daughter was taken away from him, so Charlie should die as well.

He’s lashing out at the world after losing his kids.

And again, we know that at least one of his children had to have died prior to Charlie’s death, based on the mound of dirt that we see in Midnight Motorist.

It also allows Circus Baby’s to open and close earlier in the timeline, which is how you wind up with Funtime Foxy appearing as Mangle in the FNAF 2 location.

Basically, Elizabeth dying first has everything it needs to fit except for the most important thing: the murder weapon.

Why would Afton be building an animatronic with a giant claw in its stomach so early in the timeline? At this point, he just has no motive.

It just doesn’t make sense prior to 1983.

At this point in the story, he hasn’t killed anyone.

And we know for a fact that the missing children’s incident is 1985.

So Elizabeth’s death coming before any of those events just doesn’t work.

Hence why I placed it where I did in the narrative timeline.

Afton’s “death” here is also a bit tricky.

We know that he returned to the FNAF 1 location to break down the original animatronics in order to harvest their remnant.

We know that he melts down five things to become one thing, Candy Cadet makes that very clear.

So the five things are the five endo-skeletons from the various animatronics.

That would be totally fine if it weren’t for one huge problem.

On his fifth visit to the pizzeria, Afton gets springlocked.

So either the five becoming one starts in 1993 but then finishes 30 years later when he reemerges from the wall to add the last endo-skeleton to his pile, or he’s had himself some reason to return to the original location after harvesting all the stuff that he can.

It’s not ideal, but it’s the one angle that makes the most sense.

And with that, this next chapter comes to a close, thereby leaving us with five more games to cover and another 40 plus years of Fazbear history to recap.

When you put it that way, something tells me that this might balloon into four parts.

*agg* we’ll see.

Anyway, until then, my Fazheads.


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