10 punishment measures frequently encountered by cheating players in video games

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game ranks presents 10 nasty waves

videogame cheaters were punished we all

hate cheaters we deal with them every

day so here are 10 of the best examples

of cheaters getting a taste of our own

medicine at number 10 we have a

notorious case in Guild Wars 2 a player

character was teleporting and running

around and killing random players and an

obnoxious reign slaughtering people by

the hundreds even if you killed him he’d

reappear ten seconds later this is a

cheater to the maximum degree so one of

the heads of security in Guild Wars 2

managed to take control of this player

stripped him of all of his items and

clothing and walk him to the highest

point in one of the game’s hubs and then

proceeded to jump off and plummet to his

death and he recorded the whole thing

while everybody watched after that of

course he was permanently banned forever

and all his characters were deleted that

is just some sweet sweet justice at

number nine we have rock star dealing

with Grand Theft Auto cheaters in the

only way they know how

by being obnoxious and blowing [ __ ] up

Grand Theft Auto online players found an

exploit where they were able to bring in

really awesome single-player cars into

multiplayer giving them a really unfair

advantage so Rockstar found out and made

it so that anytime anyone went into one

of these cars it automatically exploded

and killed them and destroyed their car

permanently there was no way to escape

this explosion you were dead let’s just

say there were a lot of random exploding

cars in GTA online for a while at number

eight we have a really cool community

security system and Counter Strike

global Offensive or CS co foul came up

with a program called overwatch that

gives certain players special ability to

oversee matches that were flagged as

seemingly unfair they then have the

power to watch replays of the matches

and make their own decision on whether

or not to ban certain players it’s a lot

of power but so far the system seemed to

have been working it’s very cool and

definitely trial by fire at its most

effective at number 7 we have gamers

actually getting slammed with criminal

charges just for cheating in an online


the Japanese company Nexon famous for

its games Sunnat attack have been

slamming gamers using in-game cheats and

hacks with actual legal action the first

people to get charged by this company

were seventeen-year-old college students

do you guys think this is too harsh or

just appropriate at number 6 we have

back when Gears of War 2 launched

players were actually hacking the game

to automatically unlock all the game’s

achievements Microsoft was able to find

and hunt down these people and reset

their gamer score completely that is

just slash and burn and really harsh but

kind of appropriate you know if you’re

gonna cheat to boost your score your

score doesn’t

too much do you so maybe you should

start from zero you’re punks and number

five titanfall definitely made some

waves going to first released thanks to

its cheater policy their cheater policy

was absolutely awesome if you cheat or

hack in the game you could still play

but you’re placed in special matches

where you can only play with other

cheaters it’s almost like a little bit

of a no-man’s land or getting outcast

from the city so if you cheat in

titanfall you’re destined to be stuck

with your own kind whether you like it

or not at number four we have some words

to the wise if you’re a professional

gamer don’t get caught cheating because

you will get screwed riot actually fan

League of Legends cheaters $30,000.00

Riot Games really takes cheating

seriously especially when it’s on a

national scale and especially in the

case of the Korean team Abzu forest this

$30,000 they were fined was actually

twenty percent of the team’s current

tournament winnings the bright side is

harsh as that is is that Riot Games has

a Korea charity and they donated all of

it to that so be a good team player in a

good sportsman and this stuff won’t

happen to you I would cry if I lost that

much money at number three players that

play Red Dead Redemption online that

were bullies are actually marked as

player killers in the game players that

were bullied were actually given the

opportunity and a chance to make a

comeback by being able to teleport

anywhere in the world instantly and the

actual bullies themselves had a really

hard time because not only were they

marked a player killer but they were

also wanted by the in-game law

enforcement constantly so if you mess

with people in Red Dead Redemption

you’re gonna have a bad time at number

two do not cheat in Monster Hunter 3 or

you’ll get banned for 7000 years

Capcom’s message to cheater that

displays during the game says because

you use modified data to connect online

you’re now banned the ban will be lifted

December 12th 9999 in the future if you

violate the Terms of Service it’ll be

possible that you’re banned for good yes

so 7,000 years is apparently only the

first strike if you screw up again then

you’ll be banned forever don’t screw up

Monster Hunter players at number one we

have cheaters in the newest open world

survival game h1z1

cheaters in this game are of course

permanently banned but could actually

gain access back into the game by making

a public apology yes by completely

embarrassing themselves by making a full

youtube video with a sincere apology and

sending it to one of the heads of Sony

online that’s the only way you can get

back in this game so you make an ass of

yourself by cheating and then you make

even more of an ass of yourself by

publicly apologizing like a goofball if

you really want to play the game that

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bad and that’s what you want to do to

get unbanned maybe you shouldn’t achieve

it in the first place so those were 10

harsh punishments for video game

cheaters have you ever been a victim to

one of these let us know let us know

which treatments you think should be

adopted by a bunch of games are some of

these too harsh and crazy or are they

just right and of course if you had a

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The most dishonorable thing
you can do in video games.

But, sometimes it sucks pretty bad

and sometimes the
consequences can be steep.

Hi folks, it’s Falcon and today

on Gameranx 10 Nasty
Ways video game cheaters

were punished Part two.

Now if you go back to part one

we talked about some
cheaters in various games.

Guild Wars 2, CS:GO, Nexon,
Gears of War, Titanfall

the various riot games,
Red Dead, Monster Hunter 3,

H1Z1 And GTA 5 specifically GTA online.

They’re all interesting.

Some of them are actually
pretty funny ways

of being punished for cheating.

But without any further ado

starting off at number 10,
COD Warzones, Mitigations.

So, Player Response, call of
Duty’s new anti cheat software,

Ricochet been kind of mixed,

but one of the positives of the system

is that it incorporated
a bunch of mitigations

as they’re calling it into the game,

that are basically ways in
which the system makes cheaters

have less of an impact.

It does keep them in the game in order

to fully analyze their tactics

and strengthen ricochet’s security.

I’m using their words of course.

I don’t know if that completely jives

but it’ll probably take some time

before you can answer that.

As Ricochet evolves,

I’m sure it’ll become apparent
if that makes any difference.

Anyway, how effective this
stuff is at curbing cheaters

eh, I don’t know yet

but it does make for some
pretty funny headlines.

The first major mitigation
outlined from this cell job

from callofduty.com
describes a damage shield

where they make it so
anyone detected is cheating

does less damage to other players.

The mitigations get harsher from there.

Next comes cloaking,
which when activated makes

all the legitimate players
invisible, including sounds.

So, if you’re cheating,
you cannot see anyone.

The most extreme is disarm

which is exactly what it sounds like.

They just straight up take
your guns, you’re cheating

you don’t get guns, you just
run around and get shot.

That’s it.

Again, on paper these
things sound pretty good

but I think it’s gonna be a while

before we can say if this is
really the way so to speak.

And number nine, CS:GO and
actually other games too

these fake hacks make cheaters jump

off the map is a pretty interesting story.

The caught some playback in 2020.

There’s a streamer and YouTube
producer named ScriptKid

who had this hilarious idea

of creating fake cheat
software that was the opposite

of helpful for any poor dope who ended

up downloading it instead
of the standard aim bot.

This software hit a collection

of punishments that would
do things like make it

so they can’t jump or force
them to throw grenades

at their own feet.

Or probably the most
impressive video posted

to his YouTube channel.

Force a cheater to commit
suicide in the game.

How it works is that
the program would take

over inputs after detecting
certain in-game triggers

like the suicide punishment.

It detect when

the player crosses certain
invisible thresholds

and would make them switch

to a flash bang or something similar

and they throw it at their feet

and then force them off a nearby ledge.

The best part about it is

that it actually records
the cheater’s death

and sends the resulting
footage back to ScriptKid

so he could show off the results
on their YouTube channel.

It’s all really funny and unlike
other entries on this list

there’s no danger of it
affecting other players

because the only ones
who are getting punished

are people who downloaded
the fake software

in the first place.

Basically, they’re asking for it.

Legitimately asking for it.

At number eight is Fall
Guys, cheater Island.

Cheating is pointless enough

as it is in games, but it’s
really unnecessary In a game

like Fall Guys, which is
designed to be really casual

like there’s no kill death
ratios, there’s no leaderboards

the best you can do is
get number one in a game

and it barely matters.

Of course that’s not gonna stop
people from cheating anyway.

And at least for a while

the developers of Fall
Guys, Media Tonic came

up with their own method to deal with it.

Instead of just
immediately banning players

for cheating the game would put them

in a separate queue just
for being caught cheating.

And they described this as Cheater Island.

It’s a funny idea forcing
cheaters only to play

with other cheaters.

But being a relatively small developer

they ran into problems.

The cheaters that did get moved

could still attempt matchmaking

but if there were no other cheaters nearby

the game would just be stuck
trying to connect forever.

The funny thing is Media
Tonic never even actually knew

if one of these cheater
only games actually ran.

They think someone posted a video about it

but they’re not actually sure.

Either way It was pretty clear

that the developers were
in over their heads on it

and these anti cheat measures were kind

of just making the game look
worse rather than better.

So, they moved to a less amusing
but more effective method

of just banning people if
they got caught cheating.

It’s not as funny as forcing
cheaters to play together

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but considering pretty
much every multiplayer game

that attempts this eventually seems

to give up on it after a while.

It’s probably better to just ban a cheater

than waste precious server space on ’em.

And number seven is
Botany Bay In RuneScape.

Back in 2012 RuneScape
had a real bot problem.

It’s a common issue in MMOs

but especially in free-to-play games.

You know, games like RuneScape.

If you’re unaware of
bot’s, basically a script

that automatically inputs button commands

to automate certain actions.

In MMOs, it’s usually done
to make farming resources

or crafting faster and
easier, or it’s used for spam.

Either way, they get pretty annoying

for regular players for obvious reasons.

So, Jagex, they came up with
a pretty fanciful solution.

Botany Bay, an island where
bots are sent to be judged

and I’m not being facetious here,

what would happen to
somebody accused to be a bot?

Would that be that they’d
appear in the center

of the island or the bot
finder General would proclaim

that they had been accused of botting

and give anyone in attendance
the opportunity to vote

on one of three possible
punishments, crushing, swallowing

where a giant worm eats
the bot or deity where

they’re incinerated by a holy light.

The entire time any
normal players watching

could pick up rotten tomatoes

and throw them at the accused.

No matter what the punishment,
the result was the same.

The bots killed and the account
will be permanently banned.

The island was closed in 2018

and the game moved onto a less
exciting punishment system

which is sadly the direction
most games seemed to be going.

The actual effectiveness
of stuff like Botany Bay,

I don’t really know, but it’s creative.

And number six is Bad
Eggs from Pokemon Gen III.

A nasty little thing that can appear

when you use certain game
shark codes in Pokemon,

Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald.

When trying to generate
certain rare monsters.

Instead of getting the
legendary creature you want

you end up with a bad egg, a
worthless Pokemon that takes

up space in your collection
and never hatches or evolves.

It seems intentional

like a thing meant to
counter people who try

to cheat their way to get
Pokemon, but ah, I’m not so sure

for one thing, these bad
eggs are potentially damaging

to the game rather than just wasted space.

Like they have a chance of
causing permanent damage

to your save file the longer you have ’em.

They can even corrupt
the firmware of the game

breaking it completely, which
seems to be a little extreme

if all they wanted to
do is just stop people

from generating rare monsters, it’s likely

that the bad egg was created
for testing purposes.

So, programmers could immediately know

if something went wrong with
the egg generation program

and unless game freak starts
talking, which is unlikely

all anyone can really do is
speculate and also be careful

about cheating in any game
where the bad egg shows up.

There are a few methods for deleting them

but the outcome can be a little chaotic.

So, it’s best just to leave
the whole thing alone.

And number five, Donkey Kong 64

and unplayable buggy
game followed by death.

Like who knew using a Game
Shark could be so dangerous.

Like these things are ubiquitous
in terms of the 1990s.

Everybody had one, but
little did they know

they were actually game
destroying time bombs

waiting to explode.

Okay, little dramatic, right?

Yeah, most games worked fine,
but the ones that didn’t work

Oh, boy did they not work.

For example, Donkey Kong 64.

So, games kind of already
a bit of a buggy mess.

So introducing Game Shark
codes into the equation.

It’s just asking for problems.

If you try to use the Infinite Health Code

for Donkey Kong 64 for instance,

everything seems fine at first,
but the next time you load

up the game it’s gonna
be a bugged out mess

with Donkey Kong staggering
all over the place

whereas single hit will kill you.

Keep in mind the big issue here

you don’t even need to
be using the Game Shark

for this to become a problem.

Every time you load the game,
it’s gonna be bugged out.

You’re basically screwed.

Pretty much every bit of
discussion about this circles back

to some gameplay posted
on YouTube by KlydeStorm

but hardly the only person who’s reported

this issue popping up.

I’ve seen lots of people
claim that Rare put this cheat

in intentionally is a way
to stop cheaters, but as far

as I can tell, there’s no
evidence that it’s actually true.

I don’t know, you guys are smart, right?

Has anyone actually asked Rare about this?

Let us know in the comments
if you if you know anything.

AT number four is Battlefield 1942.

The instant failure.

For some reason there
are cheats in the very

first battlefield game from
2002 that can only be accessed

in single player and for
some reason they come

with some pretty hefty punishments.

For one thing, if you
input them incorrectly

the game hits you with
a message that says,

“Trying to cheat?

Shame on you, feel my wrath,”

and you get your ticket
count dropped by one,

which minus will be an instant loss.

If you do manage to put
in these codes correctly

and good luck, they’re long
and they’re case sensitive

you still get punished.

Depending on the cheat

you get a huge portion of
your team’s tickets taken away

which in most instances
makes your team lose

at least in the next game.

The cheats stay active and
your tickets get reset.

But why even make it
have so much punishment?

You can only use the codes

in single player against bots anyway.

You can’t use ’em in co-op.

So, what’s the point?

Why even put cheats in the game

if you don’t want people using them?

I don’t know, 2002 was
a very different time.


And number three is Valkyrie Profile 2

Infecting your save system.

The whole save system.

Unlike some of the previous entries

on the list where it’s not
a hundred percent clear

if the punishments for cheating
was intentionally put there

by developers or a bug, Oh, it’s obvious

that this was intentional.

Square Enix was just

I guess feeling extra malevolent here.

‘Cause Valkyrie profile
2’s anti cheat software

is nasty as hell.

How it works is if it detects
you cheating using something

like a game shark, it makes it

so the game will crash
after a few battles.

Noteworthy thing about this is

it’s one of those PlayStation two games

with a separate system file

and when the game decides
to punish you for cheating

it doesn’t just infect the
save you were using to cheat

it starts at the system
file and spreads from there.

So, if you got other saves
where you didn’t cheat

they’re probably gonna crash too.

The anti cheat’s gonna ruin all your saves

and the only way to fix this is just,

delete every save file you’ve
got and start from scratch.

It’s all completely unnecessary too

’cause it’s a single player only game

but that didn’t stop ’em did it.

I guess they just really
wanted to force people to grind

’cause that’s I guess why
everyone plays RPGs, right?

The grind.

And number two, World
of Warcraft’s banning of

an entire guild.

An old story, you don’t hear too much.

The Martin Fury scandal, someone

a random WOW player named Leroyspeltz.

Not sure why everybody in that game

who has some notable weirdness to them

is named Leroy something.

But you know, he managed to
get an item that was meant

to be something that was a GM,
only a GM or Game Master’s.

Basically a moderator with the power

to solve players’ issues
and deal with things

on the servers.

So, they have a lot of power to do things

that normal players don’t.

It’s not exactly clear
how this person managed

to get a GM item from an
old joystick interview.

It sounds like it was
given to him by mistake.

When GM’s attempted to restore his account

after it got hacked along
with all the standard stuff

was this shirt called Martin Fury.

Here’s the description,

Use, kills all enemies
in a 30 yard radius,

cheater obviously not meant to be held

by normal players.

Leroy was a member of
the Marvel Family Guild

which was led by a guy named Karatechop

Who decided they should use the shirt

for raid in an interview.

They claim they never expected
Blizzard to punish them

in any way for using the thing.

But that’s pretty naive, isn’t it?

Especially when you’re using
an obviously broken item

to kill a bunch of raid
botses In record time.

Unsurprisingly the ban hammer came down

and it came down very, very hard.

Every single member of the
Marvel Family Guild was banned

for 24 hours and Karatechop
himself was banned permanently.

Apparently, this is pretty common practice

in World of Warcraft.

You can find stories of
guilds getting banned

but usually they’re for like
much more egregious things

like gold duping.

The shirt was eventually removed

from the game entirely, but
not before Blizzard changes

the description to

the castor commits suicide
instantly killing themself.

And finally at number
one is Genshin Impact.

Now we hear about cheat makers
getting sued all the time

like Blizzard, Activision.

They’re actually pretty serious
about pursuing cheat makers

and either persuading
them to stop pursuing

them into oblivion

but at the end of the day,
it’s just money, right?

Well, if you want the worst
possible outcome for cheating,

look no further than this story published

on the Genshin Impact sub Reddit in 2022.

Which talks about how a team

of three cheat makers
slash sellers were caught

by the Chinese police in 2021

and were sentenced about a year later.

The verdict was severe too.

Four years in prison for the
leader, three years, 10 months

for one guy and one year,
six months for the last guy.

They’re getting banned as bad.

Getting sued is worse,
but getting sent to jail

is about as bad as it can
get for video game cheaters

especially for a game like Genshin Impact

which you don’t even hear
about cheating that much

’cause it’s primarily
a single player game.

There’s really only minor
multi-player elements

in it at all.

But that doesn’t seem to
matter to the developer

as Hoyoverse because they
just threw everything they had

at these guys and and now
they’re paying the price.

Now, to be fair, there’s
probably some element

of intellectual property law at play here

because you would have to modify

and or distribute some level
of intellectual property here.

I don’t know if that’s
the angle they took.

It seems relevant in this type of a thing

because seriously until we get to a story

about a cheater being
executed by a firing squad

I don’t think you’re gonna
hear anything worse than this.

Like seriously, four years
in jail for making cheats.

That’s kinda crazy.

And that’s all for today.

Leaves us comment, let
us know what you think.

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