Are video games still fun?gta 5 a fun game

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Are video games still fun

i don’t mean that in the sense of like

is gta 5

a fun game it objectively is going in as

trevor and going on a rampage still

gives me a small rush of serotonin

but now the game’s been out for seven

years and the rampage just

isn’t as fun as it used to be and i

ultef4 and

go back to do something else that’s

where i think the main problem is

not as fun as it used to be one of my

best friends told me on discord the

other day

he was taking a break from discord and

his pc as he found it boring and

wouldn’t be online as much at first i

was wondering what he meant

then i started to think about what he

said and i ended up agreeing

let me give you an idea of what he meant

how often have you

finished school or work and you go and

sit by your pc or console and we’re so

ready to have some fun

and then you just sit there for hours

waiting for

something to happen you have games to


and they’re good games they’re just not

fun anymore

i sit here most days looking at my

desktop with hundreds of games on it

and i spend most of my time just on

chrome watching netflix or youtube

and i don’t know why i want to play

these games

and sometimes i even open them but i

never make it further than an hour

before i get bored and go back to

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endlessly scrolling on tick tock

so i’ve been rambling about things not

being fun

so what is fun

fun is a very subjective term ask 50

people what they find fun

and you’ll get 50 different answers one

may say roller coasters

another may say getting pegged in the

ass it’s very subjective but

i’ll throw my two cents in because this

is my youtube channel

and my opinion is the only opinion that

truly matters around here

something is fun when you want to relive

the moment again

this can be in the form of nostalgia or

just going to bed with a grin on your


i remember a few years ago when me and

my friends would spend

hours playing team fortress 2 but not

the actual game

we played the man vs machine mode i used

to play it on a macbook and we could

only play one map because that was the

only one that would load on apple


it got so bad one night that we played

it all night

until the sun came up the next day my

dad was furious

but i didn’t care i had fun

pure childlike unadulterated

fun that was a good night

i wish i could live that night again

because life was easier then

i didn’t really care about anything at

that point

nostalgia is such a double-edged sword

when you get older

on the one hand it reminds you of good

times in the past that you look back on


but on the other hand it reminds you of

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good times in the past

and it makes you sad because you can’t

have those times again

not saying that there can’t be any good

times in games nowadays

me and my friends discovered a game

called the forest a while back

and the whimsy came back we had the

biggest smiles on our faces

for days building huge bases

fighting off gruesome cannibals and just

generally being idiots

if you want a game to play with your

friends i highly suggest playing the


it’s the most fun i’ve had with my

friends in a long time


but it still got stale and now we almost

never touch the game

except from when we all say we should

play it again we play it for a day

straight and then never again

because it doesn’t bring back the

memories we used to have about the

game and that’s what the problem is with

modern day video games

they don’t leave a good enough memory

this is the problem i have with pokemon

every time a new pokemon game would come

out i would buy it

i would never know why because some of

the recent ones aren’t even that good

i’ve recently realized it’s because i’m

trying to bring back those memories of

diamond and pearl that i had on my ds as

a kid not knowing anything about type

weaknesses or strategy

and just solely training my starter to a

monstrously high level

beating all enemy pokemon in one hit

but none of them can do that there’s

also the fact that we changes people

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over time

games will always be just lines of code

made by companies who just want to make

a profit

but it’s the players that change too i

know that’s a cringe thing to say but

it is true i’m not who i was when i was

12 playing tf2 till sunrise

i’m a much older wiser person

we can’t bring back those fun memories

because we aren’t the same people

it would be lying to say that i’m

happier now than i was when i was a kid

playing overwatch in 2016 with louis

raging when we lost

and screaming when we won video games

have provided people with some of the

happiest memories

anyone could ever ask for but

they’ve not been able to fill the same

place that they used to

that’s why i think video games just

aren’t that fun anymore you