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10 Immersive Games with Discounts!

Hi, my name is ColdBeer and let’s start with Assassin’s Creed Origins Ancient Egypt, a land of majesty  and intrigue, is disappearing in a ruthless fight for power. Here you will unveil dark  secrets and forgotten myths as you go back to the one founding moment:  The Origins of the AssAssins Brotherhood. People are talking…

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Wo Long: Is Fallen Dynasty fun?

Hey, and we’re back with another episode of “Before You Buy”, that show we give you some straight up gameplay, and our first impressions of the latest games releasing. It’s me, Jake Baldino, and here we’ve been playing a lot of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This is a Souls-like from KOEI TECMO, the folks behind…

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10 Worst-Selling Games in Major Franchises

Here at TripleJump, we love it when games sell well. It means that the industry is healthy, and that talented developers will have the funds and freedom to make even more games, and more games means more fun. It also means less money, sleep, socialising, and exercise, but who cares?! Over the course of the…

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