How To Beat The FOREST OF DEATH in “Cabin Fever

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if you were stuck in the woods and your

friends became infected by horrific

virus that destroys your flesh what

would you do no one is coming to help so

I’m going to break down the mistakes

made what you should do and how to beat

the flesh-eating disease in Cabin Fever


this group of college kids are going to

regret leaving home the friends are

taking a trip to a Lakeside Cabin in the

middle of nowhere where they noticed

this kid in a buddy mask sitting quiet

Paul here walks towards him holding out

his hand to say hi when suddenly the kid

visually bites Joe’s hand and the

college student screams in pain the

kid’s father walks out scolding the boy

from making a stupid mistake Paul

insists it’s not his fault but the man

doesn’t care and tells the kid to go

play by himself the father then suggests

Paul washes hands using a hoax and just

as the guy walks away Jeff here

confronts the father and letting this

kid sit in front knowing that he could

be a danger to other people the man

moves closer to him questioning his

intentions Jeff lets him know this

incident could result in a lawsuit

meaning the father could get himself

into deep trouble his friend decides to

take the man away while Jeff’s

girlfriend scolds him for the terrible

situation they’ve got themselves into in

the backyard Paul here washes out his

wound and as bad as the Seas he’s got no

idea all five friends are going to die

horrific deaths inside the gas station

the group takes a look at these jars

still with yellow liquid the father’s

friend takes the jar away warning Marcy

that these contain fox urine that will

make every kind of animal want to mate

with him bird here tells the others that

he’s going to grab some beer while the

father’s friend asks them what they’re

doing out here in the sticks Jeff

reveals that they’re on vacation and the

man creepily wishes them a good time

before Paul comes back holding on to his

wound the man then warns that they

should be careful especially when hiking

in the woods adding that Lyme disease is

common round here and they should be

checking for ticks a few hikers got sick

the week before and he ominously tells

them that doctors took care of them

confused jaffen says that he explained

further but that’s when Bert here is

confronted by the father for stealing a

Snickers ball he apologizes for the

inconvenience and hands over the candy

the father demands that he leave along

with the others watching closely with

his friend as they drive off it’s clear

the locals don’t like the students and

soon they’ll be hunting them down the

group make their way further out to the

countryside while Karen here raps at the

bidden guy’s hand until they arrive at

their destination a Lakeside Cabin

checking out the insights Jeff reads a

message out loud that states if you’re

looking for fun you’ve come to the wrong

place the group ignores his warding

message now realizing this is going to

result in the most terrifying week of

their lives okay these people are super

weird and hanging out in a Lyme

disease-infected Woods anywhere near

them is not my idea of a good vacation

but there’s not a whole lot that’s

happened yet to hint at the horrifying

events that are about to transpire that

being said who wants to spend time at a

vacation home in the woods Infested by

ticks that could lead to a life-altering

disease now Lyme disease is usually not

fatal and in most cases can be easily

treated with antibiotics but in some

cases when my disease isn’t caught and

treated early it can lead to Chronic

late Stage Line which can cause damage

to your joints nerves and right Jeff

here never says how he booked this

vacation but there’s no way the disease

ticks were included in the brochure if

they were me I would try to find out how

Jeff booked this cabin and whether or

not we can get our money back hearing

that hikers got sick and needed to be

treated only a week before is enough

reason for any vacation rental company

to give us her money back vacation home

rental web sites such as Airbnb usually

have refund policies that allow you to

cancel if you arrive at the rental unit

and it’s uninhabitable or as a hazard to

your health or safety since a major draw

of staying at this cabin is being in the

woods the vacation is already ruined if

we’re worried about ticks getting out

before something other than Dennis bites

me is the safest bet in this situation

the other thing that I would have to

keep in mind is that it’s definitely

possible nobody else here wants to leave

because of the ticks and we only have

one card between the five of us the

other members of the group might think

I’m being dramatic and I’ll have to make

my argument for why we should leave

instead of just accepting the risk that

comes with stain for the weekend I would

drive back down to town where I have

self-service and use my phone to

research what happened to the hikers

that needed to be treated if there’s no

article or information online I would

reach out to the local hospital and

Sheriff’s Department to see if they can

provide me with anything in the worst

case scenario the father’s friend knew

about the high Cruise so even though I

never really want to see the dad or his

weird kid again as a last resort I would

also go back and ask how they learned

about the hikers if I can get their name

games I can Google them to see if I’m

able to get information on what happened

or contact their friends and family to

find out the severity of their diagnosis

this would then give you enough

information to come back to my friends

and convince them to get the out of this

cabin and spend time lying on a beach

somewhere in the Caribbean away from

these crazy people Port here walks and

complimenting the house but mentioning

that there’s no TV to Jeff Karen tells

him that she can’t even find a signal on

her phone meaning there’s probably no

internet here either bird questions how

they’re going to last a week without TV

internet or weed he happens since they

don’t need anything to have a good time

and goes upstairs to make love with his

girlfriend later bird here walks out to

the lake with an assault rifle to Paul

surprise and the college student

explains that he wants to improve his

survival skills with all this open space

around them Paula insists that it’s a

bad idea knowing that he might end up

shooting someone and tells his friend to

be careful suddenly Bert accidentally

fires off shots in his Direction and he

instantly apologizes while Paul here

walks off ordering him to keep the

weapon out of his sight the man fights

his Crush care and taking photos on her

phone and questions how she’s managing

to get a signal now Karen tells him that

she can still upload posts slowly but

Paul insists that she put the phone down

and enjoy nature he then asks the girl

how long they’d known each other and

Karen answers they’ve been friends since

fourth grade she asks Paul if he’s going

to swim while seductively taking her

clothes off challenging the man to a

race meanwhile bird here is moving

through the woods playing around with

his gun when suddenly he accidentally

shoots this disfigured man who limbs

over and screams at him the stranger

skin is rotting and it’s clear something

is wrong with the man terrified burden

says that he stayed back but the man

won’t listen forcing him to fire a

warning shot to keep the guy away the

stranger begs him to call for help but

Bert runs off as he screams for him to

come back the college student returns to

the cabin before Jeff and his girlfriend

confronts him about the fire heater of

the Earth but didn’t bother putting out

Marcy scolds him for constantly messing

up and bringing an assault rifle to

their vacation frustrated they asked

what he was doing and the college

student lies saying that he was hunting

squirrels with no idea he’s made the

biggest mistake of his life that night

the group hangs out around the campfire

and Jeff asks that Paul tells personal

story but the guys were lucky to say

anything because it was so traumatic the

others urgent to let it all out and Bert

demands that he say it giving in Paul

explained that he used to go to an old

bowling alley in their town every

weekend with his dad but then something

terrible happened one day his father

told him that the place was closed

because an employee was holding his

co-worker’s hostage at gunpoint to tying

each of them to a chair and arrange them

in a circle so that they were facing

each other the employees were a gag to

beaten before they were brutally killed

One By One The Psychotic employee ended

it by taking out the fire racks and

brutally hacked off all their limbs when

the police arrived they only found the

employees torsos with no sign of the

killers since bird calls his bluff and

the group cracks up assuming that the

story was fake Poland says that he’s

telling the truth when suddenly he turns

around to see this hiker Grim standing

behind him shocked bird questions where

the man came from and he explains that

he saw their campfire deciding to come

say hello while on his midnight hike

Grimm sits down and the group questions

what he’s doing around here the man

tells him that he’s taking a nature with

his dog and mentions that this area is

home to some of the best free kind spots

The Stranger then asks them if it’s all

right if he sticks around but Jeff

informs him that they’re having a

private conversation the hiker

understands where the group is coming

from but that’s when he brings out a

large bag of weed and tells them that

he’ll have to spoken by himself it’s a

compelling reason to keep him around and

they insist he stay with no idea that

their time at this cabin is going to

turn into a blood bath okay these

college students are all trying to relax

and have a good time but they completely

miss the fact that Bert here is acting

weird as hell when he comes back from

the woods he’s hiding his encounter with

the disfigured man and if Jeff and Marcy

were paying more attention they could

present for information to find out

about the deceased man in the woods

earlier it’s completely crazy that Bert

never says anything to them about the

man and even though he accidentally shot

the guy it doesn’t make any sense that

he didn’t say something the man’s skin

is being completely torn apart by a

flesh-eating bacteria and if it were me

I would drive into town immediately to

get a medical attention regardless of

the fact that Bert should want to help

his poor dying man he’s completely

stupid to think leaving this guy here

isn’t going to come back to bite him

later the man is in desperate need

medical attention and he’s closest to

the college student’s cabin which means

he’s bound to come there later if nobody

comes back to help him the man also

never threatens Bert and the students

shot him an accident so unless Bert’s

gun is illegal and the woods are in no

hunting Zone he has no reason to hide

the deceased man bird is being

completely stupid here and if it were me

the simple task of getting this man help

could make everyone here realize that we

all need to get out of here as fast as

we can it’s not every day that a man

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with a flesh eating bacteria crosses

your path but if it were me that’d be

the end of my vacation right there and

then Jeff and Marcy also could have

pressed Bert for more information when

bird comes back from the woods he’s

quiet and disoriented and tries to end

their conversation quickly they toss his

behavior up to video game withdrawals

but he’s just come out of the woods

after going out to shoot squirrels with

a rifle so before I let him go I want to

make sure the worst hasn’t happened

since Bert is evasive he probably isn’t

going to tell a story about the diseased

man which is why I would go to the woods

to see what else can find out there that

he’s not telling me now at this point if

I were Jeff and Marcy I still really

wouldn’t want to go into the woods and

one to one of the ticks the people in

town mentioned but in order to make sure

my Bozo friend hasn’t killed anyone I

would try to find as much deed as

possible and sprayed on myself to find

out what exactly is going on the other

thing here that the group of college

students is forgetting to do is ask Grim

for any information on the hikers that

needed to be hospitalized Grim is a

weird dude just like the townies but the

college students are smoking his weed so

asking him some questions to figure out

how safe the woods shouldn’t be a

problem he claims to be a free climber

and should know more about the

surrounding area than them the group

decided to let him stay and he explains

that Grim is a nickname he was given

while lighting up a joint The Man

reveals that he came from Berkeley and

Karen tells him that she was just there

meeting some partygoers who drank

nothing but beer for five days straight

Verge comments that it doesn’t sound too

bad and Jeff challenges him to do the

same the boys shake hands but that’s

when Grim notices that raid is coming

their way Jeff invites him to come

inside and hang out but he lets the

group know that he’s got some expensive

gear outside of his camping tent that

will be destroyed in the rain Grimm

tells him that his spot is only 20

minutes away and Karen here insists that

he bring the weed if the hire comes Ram

assures her that the weed will be on him

leaving with his dog later they sit

around the living room sharing awkward

sex stories they hear a knock on the

door and Jeff here gets up thinking it’s

the hiker suddenly a bloodied man

appears in front of them to begging for

help the group offers to give a medical

assistance but that’s when he spots

Burke and remembers what he did earlier

in the day the college student rushes to

close the door demanding the others not

let a contagious person inside panicking

marcian says they call for help but

realize they don’t have any reception

bird spots the man taking their car

grabbing his gun and the group runs

outside while Jeff bangs in the locked

car window suddenly The Stranger coughs

blood onto the window and Paul hears

swings his baseball bat at the man as he

tries to leave the vehicle bird fire

shots upwards demanding that he stay

back as the man inches closer to them

Marcy sprays gasoline onto the

disfigured man causing him to lift his

shirt up revealing his Rotting Flesh and

he screams in pain that’s in the trail

of gasoline is lit covering the man in

fire as he runs into the forest this

group of college kids have made a

terrible mistake and they’re going to

find out that this isn’t over just yet

okay these college kids have just let a

diseased Man on Fire instead of helping

him and now they’ll have to pay for the

consequences one way or another at the

end of the day bird hears the one to

play because if he had just mentioned

there was a sick man in the woods

earlier the disease man wouldn’t have

freaked out and tried to steal their car

sure the college kids acted in

self-defense but if they had found a way

to calm him down and taken their car to

get help they wouldn’t have let this man

up like a tiki torch and their car

wouldn’t look like this rather than go

to sleep I would first try to see if the

man is still alive the college kids all

just assume that he’s dead and don’t go

out looking for him he could have

survived the fire and now his lying

somewhere suffering while they sleep if

I’m unable to find him I would then walk

back to town or until I have cell

surfaced so I can contact someone to let

them know what happened the college kids

are right they can use the self-defense

argument here but there was a

possibility this situation could have

been de-escalated and the longer the

week to report the crime the worse it

looks for them even though I don’t know

the exact distance to town when the

college kids drove up to the cabinet

earlier they arrived at the corner store

when the sun was already up and arrived

with enough daylight to still have a

full day of activities if the drive time

is a half an hour going 20 miles per

hour then it should take me about two

and a half hours walking at a quick pace

of four miles per hour and the best case

scenario I can hitchhike or I’ll get

phone service before I even get there

the car is a completely lost cause

because even if we fix it that means we

would have to clean it and we don’t know

what the diseased man was sick with by

the looks of it he may have had a

flesh-eating disease commonly referred

to as necrotizing fasciitis although

flesh eating disease isn’t highly

contagious when it comes to skin to skin

contact the disease can be spread by

getting into the body from a cut or

wound the diseased man has also vomited

up blood which is a completely new fun

added bonus to his condition means that

what he had could be even worse and

staying away from it altogether is the

safest bet with all things considered

Paul here needs to keep that child bite

wrapped as tight as possible the other

thing that the college students could do

is try to find Grimm’s tent the man

mentions that he’s only a 20 minute

distance from them and if they start

walking in the direction he went they

might be able to see a path to his tent

no matter what though I’m not staying

anywhere near the puddles of blood the

man regurgitated and Casey can pass the

bacteria on him later that night Jeff

justifies her actions by stating that it

was self-defense mentioning the man

could have survived because it was

raining bird questions would happen to

him noticing that it looks like

something was eating away at the man’s

skin Karen Heron says they contact the

police now telling them that it wasn’t

their fault burden forms that there

isn’t any signal and since he’s not

going to drive the car full of blood

they could only wait until tomorrow

morning to take action the next day the

boys decide what to do about their

situation they end up arguing over who

messed up worse when Marcy walks out and

scolds him for not doing anything

walking off to look for help jumping

into their kayak and settling down the

river Paul heads upstairs to give Karen

here some water while she packs her

backs telling him that she just wants to

go home the guide says that it wasn’t

their fault and tries to comfort her by

saying that the sixth stranger was going

to die either way comforting his friend

Paul sits down with her heading over the

glass of water to make sure that she’s

okay meanwhile the other boys walk

through the forest and find this

abandoned looking house in the distance

bird is too scared to check it out and

that’s when they hear a screeching sound

from inside this bar walking inside the

boys find this old woman skinning a pic

Furious she shows them the animal’s

insights and tells them that it’s the

third sick catch of the month they

decide to change the top asking her if

she knows any mechanics in the area the

lady tells him they need to go into town

mentioning that she can’t take them

since she’s already been there Jeff

politi asks her to let them know if

she’s going again and explains they’re

staying in a cabin a few miles away the

lady apologizes for not realizing the

severity of their situation and invites

them to her house mentioning that

there’s a radio they can use inside to

call her friend later Bert thanks her

telling the lady there was a crazy man

to try to break into their car the night

before she offers them drinks asking to

elaborate further what happened and Jeff

explains it was a crazy Force tournament

he had to scare off with bats that’s

when she mentions that it could have

been her cousin Henry she questions that

they attacked him but the boys quickly

make up a lie that it was their friend

and walk out of her house realize until

they just killed this lady’s cousin okay

this one here gutting the pig has been

no help at all not only is she freaky as

hell but she’s the cousin the man old

kids just lit on fire Jeff and Burt

decide to get out of their stats but

before making a run for it they should

try to get as much information about the

disease that killed the woman’s biggest

they possibly can now bird and Jeff here

find out a little too late that the

creepy woman is the cousin of the

diseased man so they’ve already told her

too much about what happened with her

cousin but if the boys take a look at

the photo and double down the fact the

man is not the same man from the night

before there are a couple things that

they can do this woman here as creepy as

she is is a farm and has more

information than these college students

on wildlife and one may have killed her

pick the woman is covered in the pig’s

blood it doesn’t seem to be worried

about catching whatever the pig had from

skin to skin contact which means that

whatever is causing the infection could

be harming its carrier from the inside

Henry and the woman’s Peg could have

eaten drank or breathed in something

that started the infection instead of

touching someone or something that was

infected by talking more to this woman

they can get her more educated opinion

on why she’s not scared of catching with

the pig had this could help in

protecting us later by figuring out that

there’s another way of catching the

disease and we can clean the car without

having to worry about touching the blood

and again the other thing that the boys

can do is ask the woman more about the

location of Henry’s campsite the photo

itself doesn’t reveal much about the

man’s location but it definitely

confirms that Henry is the ones they

killed I would ask the woman to tell us

where exactly the Campsite in the photo

is so I can go and talk to Henry myself

to see if he might know anything about

the hermit that we hit of course we know

that Henry is dead but this will be a

good way to get away from the woman and

also let us know where he lived so we

can go to his campsite to look for clues

for what caused the illness the last and

final thing that the college kids need

to do is use the woman’s phone because

if they go any longer without telling

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the police what happened their

self-defense story will look less and

less plausible especially in a small

town full of people that don’t like city

Folk Marcy makes her way down the river

tying her kayak to the dock and is

shocked by the other boys they meant

that nobody was at the house telling her

that the police must have no idea what

happened yet meanwhile Paul here walks

outside of the cabin to see this cop and

approaches her when she suddenly turns

around pointing her gun at the woman

introduces herself as Deputy Winston and

asks him to explain what happened last

night he tells the deputy that a safely

man came by causing a scene but they

couldn’t call for help without any

signal she mentions that most people in

this area use radios and comments they

must have had a party the night before

scared he tells the deputy that they

were drinking and repeats his story to

her but she tells him to stop talking we

assuring him that the report has already

been written down she pulls her

sunglasses down in weeks revealing a

scar on her upper cheek that’s when

Karen walks out and the sheriff orders

her to go back inside commenting to the

man that his friend is extremely

good-looking she encourages him to stay

and party informing the college kid that

she will call a tow truck by tomorrow

afternoon as long as they can party

together Paul awkwardly agrees and

Deputy Winston tells him to take care

before driving off later that day the

boys begin washing the blood off their

car bird here gags from being inside the

vehicle asking Paul the sheriff is going

to come back he admits the woman wasn’t

trustworth but assumes they’re not in

trouble for the incident and mentions

that Karen wants to get the hell out of

here bird teases him telling him Abyss

is going to ruin his big plan to become

her boyfriend suddenly Paul insist that

he stays still looking behind to see

Grim’s vicious dogs staring at them and

it’s Furious bird tries to calm it down

slowly walking away while telling his

friend not to hit the dog or else it’ll

attack that’s when Marcy fires off a few

shots in the animal’s Direction and

manages to scare it off the boys are

surprised by her shooting skills and

Marcy asks if they know what the hell is

going on finding it strange that it

wasn’t with its owner inside the cabin

the group reunites and Jeff tells him

that the man from last night is dead but

there’s something in the woods that

infected him and the stranger has spread

it around he insists they can’t wait

around anymore and need to go right now

on their own the others suggest he

inform someone of the incidents before

leaving and Jeffer luckily agrees to

their idea but Paul interrupts to say

that the deputy will start out the

incident as the only Outsiders here

feeling sick Karen leaves the table to

return to her room and the man follows

her back to her bed asking if she wants

any food that’s when the girl grabs his

hand insisting that he stay with her for

a while outside Jeff keeps watch with

the rifle as Bert here fixes up their

car suddenly the vicious dog reappears

and the Man twice scared off but the

animal won’t back away no matter how

many times he fires the gun meanwhile

Paul wakes up next to his Crush and they

decide to spend more time together but

then Karen complains it hurts and he

realizes there’s blood coming from under

the bed sheets shocked Karen realized

that her legs are covered with lesions

and rotting away while Paul rushes

outside to tell the others they head

into her room and as soon as Bert sees

the damage he insists they all need to

leave terrified that she’s contagious

the infected girl screams out in pain

begging Paul not to go but a college

student pushes him away outside the room

bird tells her to stay in bed until they

can find help now one of their own is

infected and they have no idea what’s

going on okay what the heck is wrong

with the people in this town the college

kids have gotten lucky and Deputy wins

to hear doesn’t seem at all concerned

about what happened with the diseased

man they just killed even though their

car is covered in blood and looks like

this she only cares about whether or not

the college students like to party and

stops Paul when he tries to explain what

happened she doesn’t call for backup or

even look for the deceased guy or ask

the college kids to come down to the

station to file an official statement on

the incident this behavior is so weird

and suspicious that it kind of makes you

question whether or not the whole town

is in on some sort of conspiracy to

poison and kill Outsiders however Deputy

Winston doesn’t do anything to threaten

the college students but instead just

lets them go if they were me I would get

out of town as soon as the car is

running not only is this a town with a

flesh-eating disease going around but it

doesn’t look like the police are going

to be any help if anything happens to us

either Jeff here is a complete douchebag

but he has a point about leaving Grim’s

dog has just shown up sick with no sign

of grim and we could be next on the

mysterious diseases list rather than

stay I would wrap Karen up in a plastic

bag and throw her in the front seat of

the car and hightail it out of there the

only way to get rid of flesh eating

bacteria is with antibiotics or cutting

the infected skin so she needs immediate

medical attention the interesting thing

about Karen being sick is that she

didn’t touch the diseased man or Grim’s

dog so the fact that she has the

flesh-eating disease re-confirms her pig

lady Theory from earlier that the

sickness isn’t caught from skin to skin

contact but is instead ingested to rule

out different substances I would have

Karen write down everything she ate and

drank in the last 24 hours and try to

isolate what’s carrying the sickness

based on what the healthy people ate in

Drake since this also means the food air

or water could be contaminated our

health is in danger by staying here and

the college students need to leave

immediately even though Karen here is

worried about getting in more trouble

once the diseased man’s bodies later

found if they go to the police outside

of this County and tell them they had to

get out for their own safety then they

should be fine especially if research is

done later and there’s evidence of the

flesh-eating disease all over the woods

Grimm’s Disappearance in Karen’s illness

are more signs of danger and they have

enough evidence they should not consume

anything else in this town putting care

in the car shouldn’t be an issue either

since the disease isn’t transferred

through skin-to-skin contact and getting

her to a doctor could save her life as

they fix the car and transfer Karen they

should give Marshall the gun since she’s

the best shot so she can make sure this

dog doesn’t take a bite out of any of

them in the meantime that night Marcy

checks her friends to make sure they

haven’t been infected wondering what to

do with Karen when suddenly the blonde

girl appears and tells him to quarantine

her away from the cabin the group takes

her into this Tool Shed where they’ve

set up a mattress for the girl and Paul

insists that someone will be keeping

watch before they close the door on he

informs the others that’ll go look for

help but Marcy questions where he can go

there’s no one for Miles pointing out

that the vicious dog is still around

with his crush’s life in danger Paul

decides to take his chances and his

friend throws him a flashlight before he

goes running offs he makes his way

through the force to when suddenly Paul

Hears A terrifying growl and realizes

the dog is somewhere nearby pointing the

light around he screams at it to come

out and face but it’s nowhere to be seen

the guy continues the woods until he

finds this fan and looks inside but

that’s when a woman with a shotgun

appears threatening Paul if he doesn’t

leave now the college kid tries

explaining his situation but her husband

comes out half naked and the guy runs

away before they kill him back in the

cabin the group reunites with no idea

what to do next paranoid Jeff tells him

that anyone could have it and insists

they all sleep separately he gets into

an argument with his girlfriend as he

makes it clear he doesn’t trust them

seeing Bert hold this slimy marshmallow

he freaks out but that’s when Paul

interrupts and screams at them for their

constant arguing the man calms down

telling the group they need to work

together or else they’re screwed but

under the condition that they eat and

sleep alone to avoid infection the group

agrees with this plan but suddenly he

spots the vicious dog outside realizing

that it’s trying to break down the door

to the shed the guy tells Bert that he

needs to shoot it but they look away for

a second before noticing that the dog

has disappeared slowly walking outside

the group looks around for any sign of

the animal bird knocks in the girl’s

door to inform her that the dog has

disappeared but there’s no answer the

next morning the group texting their

friend and finds the girl’s infection

has spread further through her body

leaving a disgusting stench it’s

horrifying and there’s not much they can

do to help meanwhile Birds here manages

to get the car running but as his

friends hold up Karen to take her to the

vehicle bird here coughs out black blood

and realizes that his arm is showing

signs of infection somehow he got the

disease and demand they head inside the

vehicle now but that’s when carried here

coughs out of spray of blood herself

it’s a terrifying situation and only

getting worse by the minute

okay it makes absolutely no sense of the

isolate Karen in the shed Paul here

kissed her and was literally about to

get a lot more physical but there are no

signs of lesions or swords on his body

if the sickness was transferable from

person to person contact then Paul would

already be screwed and would be showing

signs of decomposition however if the

college students really want to see the

source of the disease they could isolate

Paul and see if anything happens to him

as well since he kissed Karen he

technically swapped saliva with her and

it’s possible that the disease was

transferred over to him by ingesting her

spit if Paul gets sick though we know

that the sickness is transferred via

ingestion also moving Karen to the shed

outside only furthers their exposure if

they really are concerned about being

contaminated if she’s blocked behind a

door and the college students seal off

the door with rags and cloths then it

will minimize the risk of catching the

illness if it is Airborne Paul and his

friends have also still not gone to the

car working but when Paul runs away from

the dog he finds a couple in a trailer

in the woods within running distance of

them although the couple are unwilling

to help him Paul should bring back his

friends and overpower the couple to get

a hold of their phone this is a life or

death situation and if these people

can’t see that these kids are in

desperate need of help then they deserve

to stand out in the cold in their

underwear while the students make

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contact with anyone outside of the

county that can help them at this point

I wouldn’t call the police because if I

do it will only put me in touch with

Deputy Winston who wasn’t any help at

all before in this situation I would

call whichever one of the students

family members lives closest to the

cabin and have them contact law

enforcement in their area by getting an

official record of what’s happening to

me my friends outside of the small Woods

town I can’t be blamed for anything

that’s happened later and either backup

will be sent to get us out of there

before morning or it will put Petra in

the local law enforcement to come and

get us in an absolutely worst case

scenario the family member I can call

can come and get us before morning the

other thing that the students are

neglecting to address is Grim’s dog

although it’s sad that college students

need to kill Grim’s dog it’s rabid and

infected and is likely slowing down bird

from fixing the car since he can’t go

outside without worrying about coming

face to face with it noticing how sick

Bert is Jeff questions the man is all

right to drive but he insists they get

in before Karen’s situation gets worse

it’s clear he’s avoiding the question

and Jeff demand Shinobi touched the

infected stranger but suddenly bird

drives off a load to find help with the

situation getting out of hand Jeff goes

back into the house and walks out with

two cases of beer his girlfriend asks

what he’s doing and the man blames the

others for what’s going on insisting

he’s quaranting himself for his own

protection Paul heads back inside to

take out the infected bed sheets and

throws the bag of contaminated laundry

to the lake later that day Marcy begins

to lose hope with her current situation

as last two in the house she admits

there’s no point in doing anything right

now confessing that she wants to make

love with Paul before they all die

meanwhile bird here returns to the gas

station and asks the father for help

explaining that his friend is fatally

sick the man tells the college student

to stay right where he is noticing how

sick he looks and reluctantly agrees to

call a doctor he heads into the gas

station to make a call but that’s what

his son takes off his mask and rushes

towards Bert the kid bites into his hand

as he screams in pain the father rushes

out cursing Bert for causing all this

trouble telling him that he’s already

lost one child and he doesn’t want to

lose another that’s when Bertier begins

violently coughing in front of him and

spits that a mouthful of blood shocked

the father tells them they’re going to

solve this problem right now whether he

likes it or not his friend then comes

out with a shotgun and bird panics

getting back into the car and driving

off his other friend stops the father

from shooting and tells them they’re

going to put down every single college

student to make sure nobody else will

get the disease meanwhile Paul walks

into Karen’s shed bringing her water as

he in fact she continues to get worse he

walks upstairs in the cabin to check on

Marcy and finds that she’s showing signs

of infection too determined to survive

he tells the girl that he’s going to

find Jeff so they can leave now and get

help in the bathroom she realizes that

her wounds are getting worse and this

wasn’t from Paul’s intense lovemaking on

the road bird is racing back to the

cabin as he’s chased down by the father

in his crew they shoot at his car and

shatter the back window while Burr

manages to get further ahead but then

his engine dies with no other options he

gets out of the vehicle and runs it to

the forest meanwhile Paul here shouts

out for Jeff to come out of hiding but

there’s no sign of him anywhere suddenly

the disfigured man pops out of the lake

and throws him down trying to drown the

kid while coughing blood into his face

Paul manages to hold him down the water

until the stranger dies and makes his

way back to shore gasping for air he

notices a sign pointing to Willard

Reservoir and that’s when he realized

that the infection is coming from the

water in the forest for it continues to

be chased on foot by the Furious locals

realized that his affection is rapidly

getting worse and the skin is coming off

of his arm he leaves it on the tree and

desperately runs away as the men find

his piece of skin hanging giving them

all the information they need to track

him down at the cabin Marcy comes out of

the house covered in blood and collapses

to the ground but that’s when she

realizes the vicious dog has found her

with no hope of survival she screams at

the dog and there’s nothing she can do

to save herself that makes one victim

down with four more to go later Paul

returns to find what’s left for her body

he crucly and torn to shreds and

practically melted apart that’s when he

hears Karen scream for her life and

after grabbing the rifle from inside the

cabin he rushes towards the Shack

opening the door he finds the dog eating

the woman and shoots it dead saving his

friend’s life Heron begs for the man to

kill her and he tries to shoot her but

the gun doesn’t fire it must be empty

and with no better ideas he decides to

dump the gasoline around the shed the

man then pops a flare and tosses it on

the floor burning Karen to death now

he’s all alone and there’s no sign of

his friends to save him making that two

victims down with three more to go okay

this is extremely Bleak Karen Marcy and

Paul are all falling apart at such a

rapid Pace that it’s hard to keep up

with who is dying fastest watch the

viruses in a person’s body there’s no

way for them to get rid of it unless

they have antibiotics and getting out

quickly in the car isn’t even an option

anymore however there’s something

gruesome that Paul could have done in

order to save himself Paul here realizes

a little too late for his friends the

flesh-eating disease is being

transferred in the water it doesn’t seem

like he has been contaminated by the

water yet and unless he took a big gulp

of it while he was in the lake the place

of the virus has entered his body is

through the child bite on his hand

instead of letting the virus spread

throughout his body he could sever the

virus using a shovel or Ax from the shed

this is a horrible situation and the

solution isn’t for this fate of heart

but it’s a common practice when a limb

is no longer salvageable or there’s a

risk that disease will spread from it

into the rest of the body if pulse

severs the disease before it’s able to

spread through bloodstream he may be

able to save himself from the other

college student’s face he’ll then have

to wrap it with cloth to stop the

bleeding but this will also require

immediate medical attention without it

he will continue to lose blood and his

efforts will be in vain Marcy here also

could have survived for longer if she

hadn’t decided to shave her legs it

doesn’t make sense that she did this now

and she already knows that she has

caught the virus after she notices the

bruises on her back rather than try to

take a nice soothing bath to calm

herself down Paul and Marcy should

strategize how they’re going to flag

down Health since this is their last

ditch effort and they’re both dying I

would set the house on fire Marcy and

Paul already know that they have

kerosene and can start a fire easily if

the house is set Ablaze then others will

see it and call for backup with the

National Forest Service comes to

extinguish the flame they will see what

kind of shape you’re in and how this

helicoptered out of there if they all

survive next time when they have a break

from school they should listen to Marcy

and go to Belize instead of a creepy

Backwoods rental Paul finds bird outside

looking completely worn out from the

infection tried to tell him that the

disgruntled father and his crew are

coming suddenly bird is shot dead right

in front of him and that makes three

victims down out with two more to go the

Survivor turns around to see the locals

cheering each other for the great shot

acting quickly Paul picks up his rifle

but quickly remembers he can’t fire the

gun until the father’s friend informs

that the safety is still on switching it

off he thanks them for the advice and

shoots the three men down with all these

people dead Paul heads down the road to

find the cars and gets into the father’s

truck he drives it out of the forest but

realizes that his wounded hand has been

infected the man freaks out and crashes

the vehicle into a nearby tree exhausted

he stumbled out of the truck covered in

blood running away from the vehicle as

it explodes later he finds the deputy

and her friends to relax around this

campfire and can Crouch from the tow

truck that was meant to come by the

deputy tells him to calm down explaining

that the mechanic had an issue and

needed a tow truck of his own Furious

Paul asks the woman for a ride into town

but that’s what the sheriff calls in and

forming her that there are some college

kids on a killing speed near the cabin

hearing this the deputy and her friends

take out their weapons as the sheriff

mentions they’ve all got a horrific

skin-eating disease that will affect

anyone who comes in contact before

ordering her to shoot on site the deputy

demands Paul to save back causing him to

lash out much forward and one of the

one’s friend swings his guitar

accidentally hitting his buddy the

process Paul decides to make a deal with

the deputy insisting she goes to the

cabin so the woman has an alibi for

where she was while he goes looking for

a doctor the deputy agrees to let him go

and directs into a shortcut to the main

road Paul thanks her for the help

awarded her not to touch anything inside

the contaminated cabin before walking

off that’s when he takes the shortcut

through the forest but quickly realizes

that she lied and there is no main road

stuck in the woods the man collapses and

dies alone making that four victims down

with only one more to go the next

morning Jeff arrives to the cabin to

find all of his friends dead he walks

over to the lake of maniacally laughing

to himself and he survived but then he

notices the smark on his hand it’s a

sign that he’s been infected and before

he can do anything the deputy shoots him

dead making that five victims down with

no more college students left alive with

the friends dead there’s nobody left

around to learn an important lesson

never take a vacation to a camp in the

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