Introduction to some new playing methods of mounts and spells in Hogwarts

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we’ve got some new gameplay for Hogwarts

Legacy showcasing new uses for some of

our spells we also got a first look at a

new Mount extra details from December’s

gameplay showcase a potential taste for

post-launch content and way more to

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luck before we dive into some of the new

clips of gameplay we got to see recently

it’s good to know that we’re very likely

to get at least one final gameplay

showcase or big trailer before the

launch of the game Community manager

Chandler wood noted on Twitter that the

studio is working on some fun upcoming

stuff and I think I already have an idea

on some things we might see there but

we’ll get to that in a bit first let’s

go over some new gameplay featuring

multiple you uses for the Akio spell we

see the player use it in three different

ways to grab a piece of paper flying out

of their reach pull a platform and help

them in traversal and once in combat to

pull an enemy towards you so it’s a

really versatile spell that has uses

both in and out of combat and it’s

certainly not the only one because we

also got some new gameplay with the

fiery incendio spell in action and again

what’s interesting here is that we get

to see the spell used for multiple

purposes first the player uses it to

light a torch on the wall which I wonder

what the exact use for that is as we

should also have access to the lumos

belt a light up darker areas but maybe

these are part of some puzzles similar

to the Torches you need to light for

some of the nornier chests in God of War

after that we see the player igniting a

poacher Ranger and this time the spell

also triggers a ring of fire around the

player as it hits the enemy I’ve

mentioned this in a previous video

already where we go over more combat

details so I’ll leave a link to it in

the video description but I think that

ring of fire is part of the game’s

Talent system each of your spells can be

modeled fight with different talents and

while we’ve yet to see the system on

display I think this fire circle is one

of the talents you can apply to the

incendio spell also interesting is that

the enemy is part of the poacher faction

because as we can see in the optional

combat objectives there are also about

your dualists and executioners I’m

pretty sure you encounter these enemies

in Beast dance where we can rescue

animals to add them to your favarium and

then the final use we see for the


incendio spell is the player using it to

incinerate a giant spider web blocking

their path I’m assuming there are more

obstacles we can clear with this spell

or maybe other spells and in general I

think it’s really cool to see how some

spells have multiple uses we’ve seen the

different applications for Akio and

incendio but I imagine many of the

game’s other spells will be useful for

both fights and puzzle solving too and

by the way we want to do a rundown of

all the Spells we’ve seen in the game so

far in a future video so stay tuned for

that one we also got a short clip of new

footage from ccxp it’s a bit older but

it’s still worth going over as we see

the player mounting the massive grab

horn and taking them for a ride there’s

even some sort of mounted combat as we

can see the player charge and run over a

pair of goblin enemies on this bridge

now we’ve already seen the grabhorn as

one of the creatures in our vivarium and

while most of those creatures are

unlocked through completing the Beast

dance I mentioned earlier I think this

Beastie is actually one we unlock

through the main story the reason for

that is a trophy on The League trophy

list called grappling with a grab horn

with a description reading subdue the

lord of the shore and well our first

look at a grab horn was from the game’s

state of play where we can see the

player encountering it on what looks to

be a shoreline also note how the trophy

says subdue not defeat or kill so I feel

pretty sure this will be one of our main

quests and with a very nice reward I

have to say because if running over

enemies on a mount is half as fun as it

was in Ghost of tsushima then the grap

horn and I are going to become the best

of friends next to Mountain spells we

also got some more info on potion

brewing we get a preview of The Crafting

animation where we see the two

ingredients for a wig and wealth potion

being added to a cauldron these will be

your healing potions for the game and

they’re made from combining the magical

plant dittany with Clump juice

we’ve already seen clumps in the

game you can just come across them when

adventuring and pick them up and I

assume the same goes for the dittany we

also learned the ingredients for the

defense enhancing edgirus potion which

is made from ashwinder eggs and Mongrel

fur and unlike the two previous

ingredients I think both of these these

are drops from enemies in the recent

gameplay showcase we saw the player

flying over a pack of wolf-like

creatures where the optional combat

objective notes an enemy that’s also

named Mongrel which I assume is where we

get the skin from and while ashwinders

are a type of magical snake there’s also

affection of enemies known as ashwinders

as we saw in the dark arts battle arena

so maybe they keep these eggs on their

person so you’ll definitely want to do a

lot of exploring if you want to stay

stocked up on potions although you can

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of course buy some of these ingredients

at the stores in hawksmeade too and

speaking of exploration it looks like

we’re not just limited to exploring the

ground and skies surrounding Hogwarts

but also the waters now none of this is

confirmed yet but redditer mild doormat

lover made an excellent post with some

of the evidence that hints towards is

potentially exploring underwater first

of all is the fact that some of the

Riverbanks have clear slopes leading

into the water which could be there for

no reason but you’d imagine something

like this is there to allow access to a

body of water right and then there’s

also the fact that when the player is

flying flying over a watery area enemy

markers can be seen in those places now

it could be that it’s a swamp and the

waters are shallow enough to walk but

then there’s also the fact that

mishkupchenko on Twitter know that there

are also objective markers in the middle

of bodies of water which adds even more

fuel to the fire and there are of course

multiple ways to allow the player to

Traverse underwater like Gilly weed or

certain spells and considering the

amount of water surrounding the castle I

think it makes a lot of sense the final

piece of evidence from that Reddit post

is also really interesting as it points

out a detail in some old gameplay that I

had completely missed in our very first

look at the room of requirement we can

actually see multiple vivariums for us

to keep magical creatures we learned

from the most recent gameplay showcase

that there will be multiple biomes for

us to unlock and the one on the right

here is very clearly water themed

there’s even water running down from the

ceiling which leads me to believe that

this is either the swamp themed vivarium

mentioned by the developers or even

better a magical aquarium so again and

none of this is confirmed yet but there

is a lot of evidence pointing towards

underwater exploration which is

definitely something I expect to see in

the next gameplay showcase if it’s real

another thing I think we’ll learn more

about before the game releases is

post-launch content we do already know

there will be no micro transactions in

the game apart from the possibility to

access the deluxe edition items like the

dark arts battle arena through a

separate purchase but that is of course

not exclude free post-launch content and

an interesting potential hint towards

this was actually spotted by redditor

fancy agent in the decorations menu for

the room of requirement if you look at

the icon on the bottom right it clearly

displays a Christmas tree and a

Jack-o-Lantern so that would mean there

are holiday themed decorations for you

to collect and one way these could be

distributed is through several seasonal

events similar to the festivals we saw

in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla for

instance now it could of course be that

we collect these decorations throughout

our school year as we know the seasons

will change throughout the story but

that would also mean you’d have to earn

them at a specific point in the story

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and considering the hype behind the game

currently with it being the most

wishlist of the game on Steam and the

fourth best-selling game on the platform

overall I’d imagine Warner and Avalanche

want players to keep coming back as much

as possible we already know you need

multiple playthroughs if you want to get

the platinum trophy again thanks to that

League trophy list as there are separate

trophies for reaching a location known

as the map chamber as a Gryffindor

Hufflepuff Ravenclaw and Slytherin

student a while we’re obviously not

going to cover any trophies that might

spoil major plot elements there is one

trophy for a side activity that I think

might be very important it’s called

Merlin’s beard and surprise surprise is

rewarded for completing all the Merlin

trials in the game the reason I’m

bringing this one up is because I think

Merlin will be a very important

character in the game story he’s

actually already been teased since the

game’s first reveal where there’s a

statue of him and Morgana another very

important old magic user in the

background of this show but the main

reason I’m bringing this up is the short

clip shown at the end of the last

gameplay showcase where the player is

being pulled into a mysterious book

which likely belongs to either Merlin or

Morgana YouTubers expect gold did a

great job collecting all the evidence

for it so I’ll leave a link to their

threat discussing that in the video

description but the main piece of

evidence here is that the book in the

Headmasters chamber as that’s where this

scene takes place is the same one you

get with the collector’s edition of the

game which means that it has the symbol

for ancient Magic on the spine and the

image of a roped witch or wizard on the

cover the page on display is one we’ve

also seen before as artwork in a behind

the scenes video showcasing both dragons

and a dark robe magic user with long

hair on the second page which I’m

assuming is Morgana and with her being a

dark witch and the only other example of

someone being pulled into a book to

relive memories was dumb Riddle’s Diary

we may well be looking at something

similar here which would then mean that

the book on display also belongs to

Morgana and not Merlin either way this

artifact seems to play a very important

role in the story again because it’s

tied to ancient magic something we

ourselves can also tap into so I’m very

curious to see what Secrets it holds

when we get more news on Hogwarts Legacy

we will of course let you know here so

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