How to win a video game competition?

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It’s time on Game Grumps There’s only two meatballs on the left plate.

I Mean, that’s the way it always was but like it’s not fair It’s not fair that the other person would get more meatballs.

I want three All right, you fucking trash fire, let’s do this thank you for calling what I am Let’s go fucking wonderful.

Let’s fucking go Click I’m at the point now where let’s go is almost unironic for me Yeah, I know you’ve come you’ve really come full circle on it I mean everyone says it because it’s fun to say I guess I Say it because it’s fun to make fun of Originally, let’s go Alright, oh, let’s go here.

We go, but you know it’s made me really self-conscious about Oh, yeah, well yeah, but Like like like what am I thinking of I do sometimes say let’s go in the actual Like we’re going somewhere right and I’ll be like sure all right.

Let’s go, but then I’m like It’s in my head now Just say vamos vamos mios Hard I don’t know if you pronounce the S in vamos might just be vamo vamo vamo.

I can’t I don’t know That’s what I do after I eat a lot of pizza.

That’s what you almost did after the KitKat power hour Oh, yeah, there’s a lot of vamo.


He was not aired yet.

I don’t know if that’s excuse me, dude What the hey sorry just getting it’s a teaser then Next time on game grumps here we go Factory Dan will you say it? What’s that? Report all anomalies Okay, sorry luck okay check out blue TV lay top play at pay time, okay? Just keep going stairs.

You’ll understand when you’re a pair of stairs thing cookie monster.

They look like ghosts.

Yeah, okay sparks walls two barrels Play play with an L&L the five barrels Guy man one screen is wacky five in from the left CRT mirror whole thing sure chairs at every desk Except for this one.

I check in and everybody fuck something happened something changed already all right well.

Let’s start over goddamn We need three run-throughs of the of the room, okay, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo boxes Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo thing yup doo-doo-doo-doo-doo play ha doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo chairs Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo this room moving guy screaming wolf Barrels one two three four five six cakes and Next door that is adorable animal that is some oh Okay, that’s normal.

I guess that just happens.

Oh, that’s not normal Was this computer there always yes Okay, there’s still a thing It’s all right.

It’s already the things are rolling in we could go through one more time was this always open.

I don’t know Play barrels Couldn’t tell you boxes I know those It’s green it’s green chairs chair missing here always Case it was around case maybe Nope case was old dirt.

It’s it’s a dirt pile was that always like that.


This is yeah.

This is a normal It’s dirt This wasn’t always like this.

There’s trash everywhere.

Are you sure there might just be trash everywhere? I think this was there, and it was the dirt.


This is like an abandoned factory Okay, I Wonder what they did here um hello, that’s new Okay, let’s put that another yeah, he’s I’ll ease adorable Let’s just fix that I’m gonna kiss my dad time to kiss your dad was this facing this way it was yes That’s the pac-man noise Yeah, well done Thanks was there a beer bottle in the yeah This one’s a little difficult were there two boxes here This room sucks.

Yeah, there’s too much Maybe something missing who knows let’s find out Get ready to shit There’s no time Ready to shit.

I don’t have to Please stop.

I’m sure Oh, fuck it.

I’m just making stuff up this point Do do do Was there a fence was there always a fence? I think so.

I don’t know there was Was yeah, fuck wait, but go back on the way Is that on the right that big is that a door open plank? Yeah? I don’t know if that was there Let’s try extra object.

I thought about it, but then I didn’t think about it anymore Scratch my wound nice Hate that it’s like now.

I gotta start over.

It’s like my Lee put a band-aid on it I oh one of the monitors says out is blood and there’s blood the monitors always been out really yeah, yeah You said it in the first time we went through it Oh, no, I said the monitors going crazy the fifth one from the left.

Oh, I see yeah, I Believe you said monitors out though really I probably meant out of whack The monitors out of its mind God that puppy is cute It really is I wish I had that hanging in my house.

Yeah, you need to stop all right well You’re ahead.

I can’t stop.

I can’t stop.

This is I have to slow down first.

Oh, it moved here my bleeding a little bit Put a band-aid on it.

I don’t have a band-aid in here What do you fucking want me to do get up from the episode we have a whole first aid kit What how he’s grabbing it now where? Like inches away from you.

Oh, what did I do? Oh? It was the move? Any any bandage Was this rubble always there try it mister Okay, fine Try me you hot piece of Ass I’ve got a lot of ass to think about Is it a snoopy band-aid? Oh? It’s a Dan day.

Do you mean our late latex free bandages? That’s Game grumps calm slash bird.

I didn’t know we made those yeah, that’s great.

They’re cute Let us heal your wounds so we have a band bandage that says bro code violated.

That’s great.

Oh Oh a cabinet open oh good job.

It did not even occur to me that there was a cabinet there Go horizontal nope it’s good perfect.

I’ve got a little band on me now.

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You can always have that if you want Just say the word Door closed oh Wow, that’s very slight Wow Shiz shiz farse Was there always boxes on the table I only remember monitor try movement.

I don’t know or extra object Oh, there’s more garbage trash How did they get me in this game Was there always a keyboard here, that’s huge the keyboard The keyboard is huge.

Oh my god.

There’s so many things happening.

Yeah, there’s but that’s good.

Don’t turn around Are you gonna see my heartbreaking? Turn around so you’re gonna see me cry.

Just walk away.

Tell me about that you’re leaving That’s what she says right.

I don’t know tell me about that.

You’re leaving this there’s definitely some like English as a second language stuff happening.

That’s not like which is fine I never want to come across like I’m belittling belittling anyone when I say that because God knows I can’t speak a second language except for Hebrew, which I speak fluently Except for all the second languages, I know yeah Well, there’s only one second language take it right other ones are third and fourth Hey, that’s the only time I can say that and not get in trouble.

What’s that big big rack? Nice rack Aaron.

Have you seen that video? What’s that? It’s it’s like it’s like this guy and he walks by a girl and he’s like nice rack and she’s like, um Excuse me, and then like behind her is like his friend.

He just bought a rack.

Oh, that’s a cool monster, man that’s a classic from Naked gun.

Oh, okay.

Nice beaver.


I just had it stuffed and she hands him a giant taxidermy fever Extra objects here didn’t work.

There’s nothing here.

That is it.

Is there more stuff there? I feel like there’s more stuff.

I’m putting extra object.

Okay I’m with you.

I just want you to know that I’m Enthusiastically on your side on this one.


No, I feel very accepted verily Was there is a huge keyboard here the keyboards Oh There always a keyboard here that’s huge the keyboard That was wonderful I Keep waiting for that monster to what? Oh, this is like, oh, yeah sure is Keep waiting for the monster to like turn that frown upside down and be smiling and one of them.

Oh Oh, it’s Poppy’s playtime.

That’s what this is a parody of.

I’ve never heard of it.

Oh What just changed I Am NOT leaving until we figure this out.

Okay, cuz something changed.

Oh That little cabinets open behind the wires the door open this one.

Yeah, try opening closing It’s either the one on the end of the ones closer No, son of a bee sting What’s going on in the back there like here? Yeah, that maybe it’s like a light anomaly Oh, I think it’s like a swinging wire or something Was it light I think it was lighter back there.

Yeah, I know something.


All right.

No, that’s new It’s Deed oh man, that was almost scary Does that count as that one Scottish pronunciation He’s deed.

He’s up.

There’s blood to be teed What blood? Oh, it’s like a this the New Zealand He’s deed Oh This room seems cleaner somehow Do you think something changed the cat the black cabinets not there anymore in the back this yeah Oh, that’s cuz it was open.

I closed it Yeah, I guess you were just somewhere else when that happened I was in a land where friendship still exists Wait, something’s changed the fence is gone.

This is gone.

This is gone.

Or is it did it move fence gone? Maybe it’s over here.

Oh, I think it moved you’re right So sneaky that’s that’s super fucking sneaky, I don’t appreciate it honestly boxes always there.

Yeah feels like it It’s back I Nothing’s really happened in this room that I noticed yeah My sweet dog are still there.

It’s really starting to piss me off.

Maybe I’ll just go light it on my fucking right.

Yeah Is the paint different here Am I crazy I don’t know Oh What was Poppy’s playtime It’s another one of those like fucking Freddy fazbear type thing.

Oh was it.

Oh, I think I’ve seen that Yeah, it’s it’s like a really smiley blue monster.

Yeah, that’s on now.

Yeah, yeah a Lot of youtubers that like to do the scary stuff.

Yes, is it freaky.

It’s very popular.

Oh, that’s a new son son Yes, very popular it was it was huge for a while yeah Pluto is eclipsing Boy we are killing the game right now.

Let me tell you something is that movement.

Yeah, I guess it is what what it? What was moving it was the this? Oh, oh god we’re filled on this well that wasn’t it all right um other Maybe drawing that’s what I picked.

Oh odd.

I know What the fuck resize extra Objects this is really starting to team you know fucking serious.

It’s got to be drawing.

That’s what it is Maybe there was another monitor drawing that was in this room, and it took it instead what the what the fork dog We tried other This wasn’t like this try extra object.

I did already.

Oh, did you try other yes? Resize I’ll try other.

I thought maybe I didn’t try other okay.

I can’t say for certain was there something here.

I was thinking that earlier Bro the Sun has a fucking face on it.

I can’t do anything.

What is It didn’t have a face on it right no it did not try movement Maybe the clouds just Switched around oh That picture is different under a playtime or pay time.

Oh that picture of meat or whatever it is now.

Yeah No, no that’s driving me fatty.

It’s driving me nuts Maybe Yeah blood Like that’s all I can think of What the fuck you can’t be butt-fucking me, this is not the right thing no resize No, oh boy that wasn’t the deal Oh Oh barrels missing barrels.

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They moved they move over there.

No they moved.

Oh, I gotta wait so long for them to go All right something did disappear go back yeah, and move I don’t know.

That’s fine.

It’s gone now All right back box got little yeah that box did get a little or something changed for sure I I swear to god there was something here Nice all right yeah try object disappearance boxes big yeah Yo That thing is mocking us I’m so fucking mad I’m so mad maybe open oh picture oh Give me my doggo back Give me my sexy and or cute doggo back.

Let’s lean towards cuter I Was just saying what you were thinking that is very presumptuous of you Let’s see what we’ve got here was this always here that feels new what that is Extra Objecto extra objecto What oh that’s that’s malfunction know what’s going on there? Is this always like big I swear to god just keep doing the the sunroom with everything oh, that’s on it now Oh, yeah monitors on It’s been fixed fuck that break it again.

This is an extra What right oh, yeah, yeah, that’s a new shelf.

Oh extra.

Oh, it’s bigger There were four they’re huge I I mean technically it wasn’t bigger.

It was a different one, but whatever Maybe disappearance, maybe like the front of the Sun is gone.


Just trying everything.

Yeah, seriously Just trying all my shit.

No I guess that Sun’s face was just always like that no oh Doors doors many doors are open Oh, hi, okay get out of there What the fuck it didn’t fix there was a different monitor all right try it again Okay, I Swear to God yeah, this one’s really f’ing with our steez our respective steezus.



What do you mean? There’s no anomaly.

This is yeah, that wasn’t like this.

Maybe just clicked into working light anomaly I mean It’s probably a zenith to Thanks what the fuck oh Extra objects You can’t be fucking serious that was one of the most obvious things.

I don’t know we’re doing extremely well There’s just some confounding shit happening Other Something’s missing here this Sun makes me want to unalive myself.

I think this moved Staring at us like fucking Alex from a Clockwork Orange, and we can’t do anything to change it Big big big big shelf is big I’m gonna kiss kiss kiss your dad.

I’m gonna kiss your dad.

I’m gonna kiss your dad.

Give me your dad a kiss Give me your dad a kiss All right, so what’s next? We’re up here now.

Yeah, it’s a nice little vantage.

I like the train.

That’s cool.

I like how the train gives all like a little pause before they say mm-hmm Like that You know like what you see boy.

It was that barrel always that big on the right side Oh, yeah, really these are all yeah.

They were like this.

Goodness gracious.


It’s like stacked right yes Only five minutes.

Oh crap it just jumped I’m gonna barf I Don’t care who you are.

I think we’re gonna make it.

We’re gonna make it.

I can’t fucking believe this one.

Yeah If if anyone at home can understand what happened, okay hold on yes, we got to take a look at this Well of course it’s different Monitors out monitors out Sun has no face So what the fuck yeah? I don’t know baby something must have been wrong.

There was a TV there.

Oh So there was lee lee miss that shit.

I forgot all about it Out of sight out of mine Wow The TV disappeared from that room, and then gave life to the monitor in the other room Oh the thing fell all right cool.


That was great.

Yeah, it was really really good Do you want to do one on nightmare? Yeah, which one do you want to do? I don’t know Like which one do we know the best I feel like paranormal house.

We knew pretty well We we we did quite well in all of them.

I would say let’s do the factory just because it’s fresh on our minds, okay? Let’s effing go let’s effing go here.

We go.

We’re gonna go Daddy’s diarrhea all right, please Oh Dad is dairy What happened something happened somewhere oh crap Wasn’t there something here moved box Move across move box done easy fucking nightmare those were those red posts always there red posts these Those are always there Okay Scaring me fresh perspectives still something.

There’s still something something’s wrong I Don’t want to deal with it I was messing with my head.

This is gone.

It’s gone.

The TV’s gone again.

God that TV Hi Yeah, that might cause you to reboot hello He’s definitely my favorite of all the monsters Ha ha ha don’t mind me a mama mama mama I’m not mom Moli Kissing that kissing that kissing that kissing that can I get a dad to kiss A very like silent room like one distant Can I get a dad to kiss was that different was it always around a circle like that yeah Wow Messing with my head Whoa all the things you said all the things you said messing with my head Something in my head something in my head.

I can’t remember the lyrics.

It’s the same lyric Oh Barrels oh That’s fucking tattoo dog tattoo, that’s right Tato Hey, dude, that’s how it’s spelled.

I yeah, I guess so it’s also spelled like tattoo If you pronounce it Now sound it out.

I’m gonna body slam dude.

I don’t care.

I would love it If you did that to me because I love that I know it’s my favorite thing.

I know trash trash What are these shadows oh It’s like those it’s like those crew clear acrylic where those always there think so Oh Choo-choo going around the train and choo-choo up here Tombstone yeah, that’s just silly slender man.

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What are you doing? Oh? We have fun here hmm in the factory That’s was that always that picture.


It’s a it’s a view into the next room I Didn’t even notice the hair.

Oh, I don’t think it is a light.

There’s a light Then it would be here with it.

I guess but it is the same picture Yes, yes, those two are always open Nice fucking security guard Nothing could ever penetrate these walls I’ve got it under control me Um are we killing it right now? We’re missing something yeah, wait go to the room with the with a strobe you light wait The fadie light with the key oh god, that’s different yeah the fadie light room Okay, you get light room this one with the cute dog the one with the circles.

Oh Oh, you can’t live without that fade dog On God Yo, that’s dead ass I did I do that right oh they moved Daddy no likey, daddy eat cookie.

Daddy want cummies.


I’m sorry.

Oh Hello boy he is so wacky.

He’s all tongue dude and everywhere Yeah, man, this is like a rapid-fire.

We’re fucking killing the shit out of this dog.

Yeah, I know we’re doing pretty well I don’t want to get too full of myself.

I don’t want to get too cocky, but I want to say something We’re doing well And that is no shocky Hehehehe.

That’s good.

Thank you.

I’m glad you followed up.

You alright, Arin? Yeah man.

I’m just uhhh I know we’ve been working hard for a long time plus.

It’s like exhausting to concentrate like this for hours.

Oh, that’s different That’s a pictoire And what would you say is your favorite game grumps? Trait What what is it about game grumps that appeals to you Red thing I thought I’d think that’s that does feel new move Or it could be an extra object It might just blend in Never noticed it Big rack Rack is big.

Rack is big.

Rack is big.

He’s running in circles in the room You know man like This is tough and But it’s for nightmare, I think this game might need to like have Three or four more different things that can happen.

Yeah It’s just it’s just coming up Maybe they’ll add more as uh, let me ask you this has this always been the same font.

Yes Okay And I keep thinking it says playtime, but it just says pay time.

Yeah, it sure does which is a Very bottom line.

Oop blood Is that what that is? I don’t know could be a TV monitor Does it know? Was the light over him always out? Yes.


I was like does it feel dark in here? Yeah, the lights out.

Oh goodness me.

I almost just wrote it off.

I was saying it out loud and then I was like, no, that’s wrong, but I wasn’t wrong light Let there be too much light and the camera.

Oh my god, there’s so many things that are so recognizable happening right now Camera malfunction I Will say oh man things are happening Well, let’s keep moving the heartbeat went up.

No, not anymore Yeah, but said I’ll bless you because something did happen while we’re staring.

I Heard you say the words that you said but no something happened Yes, there is good job Come on baby lock up.

Oh It does say playtime, but the L is the shadow of the P.

Is that what it is? I think so Maybe I’m oh Maybe it’s Maybelline.

I will say I like that one of the camera malfunctions is not skipping a room entirely Is that that always messed us up in the other game? Because you have to be in the room to report it now, oh, yes, of course I’m gonna Let’s see what were you trying? I just feel like in that corner there was something nope Yeah, yeah keep going What am I missing I don’t know man My heart is racing dude, we’re missing stuff this room is the most confusing to me We Are missing stuff is that what it is could be Nice Good job, Al.

Yeah Wow that wasn’t even enough to set that heartbeat back brah That wasn’t even it’s okay as long as it doesn’t get one more level higher At this point Damn it doesn’t give you the fucking ultra heartbeat.

That’s part of the nightmare That’s fucked up.

That’s so fucked up.

What even was different though? I Want to see right after we said like hey, we’re doing pretty well we got this Fucked up Yeah, I can’t see anything If you know in the comments, please let us know what we were missing I think there might have been something here Like the room was a little too full yeah, I think there might be extra boxes extra blue boxes That’s one thing yeah, geez all right, you’ve kicked our ass nightmare phase yeah fucking damn still that was fun I enjoyed it.

It was and I love you.

I love you.

I hope you have a great day Don’t everybody have a great day, and I’m gonna kiss everybody on the mouth and the lips All right, well.

Thank you so much for joining us Going around the train and choo-choo up here Okay, sorry tombstone.

Yeah, that’s just silly slender, man.

What are you doing? Oh my god?