The 10 most unique AAA games

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The AAA gaming industry is huge does a

lot of good stuff but sometimes it’s a

little samey that said every once in a

while there is just something incredibly

different coming out of the AAA space hi

folks it’s Falcon and today on game

ranks the 10 most unique AAA games of

The Last Five Years starting off with

number 10 the Final Fantasy VII remake

which came out in 2020. now what makes

this game so unusual compared to other

RPGs of its time is how it manages to

combine the old and the new the creators

of the Remake were faced with a really

unique challenge how do you update an

old school turn-based RPG for the

current AAA market and still feel true

to the original their solution was

actually pretty ingenious they combined

the active Time battle combat system

from the original game with the gameplay

of a third person action game so they

could have easily just re-skinned the

Kingdom Hearts battle system and called

it a day and a lot of the stuff leading

up to it I sometimes assume that that’s

what was what it was gonna be feel like

ultimately but instead they managed to

create something that felt both new and

old at the same time it’s simple and

it’s easy to understand but it still has

a lot of tactical depth other than the

battle system the other standout feature

that uh Final Fantasy 7 remake has is

that it’s a remake in the literal sense

of the word it’s kind of controversial

with fans but a major part of the plot

is that the story is getting a literal

do-over and things are happening

slightly differently there’s these

ghosts that are trying to stop things

from changing it’s all kind of weird in

meta but in the end it means the sky’s

the limit for the next Final Fantasy VII

remake game anything literally can

happen the other thing that’s weird is

it covers only about 20 percent of the

original game like they’re splitting it

into three parts so I’m sure they’re

adjusting as they’re going along and I

think that they have a pretty wild

overarching plan for it

time enough for you perhaps


but what will you do with it

let’s see

at number nine is God of War for 2018

another major seller from Big franchise

the God of War reboot managed to take

the series in an entirely New Direction

and it just worked perfectly it’s rare

to see a series change this dramatically

and for it to just be so widely embraced

the original God of War games are over

the top spectacles about a screaming

madman who Wants Revenge and they’re

awesome but they’re definitely not high

art in contrast the new God of War is a

character-focused drama it has more in

common with the last of us than the

original games but it works that alone

makes this one of the more unique

sequels of all time a true crossover

success but the Gameplay at the time was

also pretty novel instead of using the

combat system from the original games it

switched to a more over-the-shoulder

intimate combat system that played a

little like the old games but also

pretty different

it’s really rare to see a series take

such a left turn and go off in a

completely different direction from the

previous games in a series of work as

well as God of War does it’s just an

all-around great action adventure game

that in many ways redefined what third

person action games could be I mean it’s

coming up on five years and look how

many games conjure God of War 2018 when

you play them now at number eight is

Doom Eternal and it’s it’s interesting

that the first three games on this most

unique AAA games in the last five years

are remakes reboots or sequels but do

maternal well at first glance doesn’t

seem that unusual yeah it’s another

fast-paced first-person shooter what’s

the big deal it’s one of those games you

get into the nitty-gritty of the combat

you really notice how Divergent it is

from pretty much every other FPS out

there in a lot of ways do maternal has

more in common with Devil May Cry than

other FPS games which Probably sounds

ridiculous but believe me there is a lot

going on here most of the time these Old

School shooters let you pick up your

guns and go nuts but Doom Eternal is

much more complex ammo is severely

limited for everything so you gotta make

use of the game as many systems to keep

yourself stock up and healthy there’s a

glory kill system that ties everything

together and makes enemies drop health

or ammo when they die there’s the flame

belch that makes it so enemies drop

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armor when they take damage a blood

plunge the charges as you get kills

every gun has multiple alt fires that

are more effective against certain

enemies there’s double jumping grappling

air dashing there’s a lot to think about

and all of this is just going on at a

blistering Pace it’s sometimes

overwhelming for even the best players

and this heightened gameplay has gone on

to inspire its own subset of shooting

games that have stylish FPS action in a

lot of ways do maternal isn’t really an

old school shooter at all it’s something

pretty new and different


at number seven is Monster Hunter World

from 2018 Capcom took a big gamble

trying to turn their Niche Monster

Hunter franchise into a big mainstream

AAA game man did it end up working out

for them though there’s really nothing

else like this game in the AAA space

even games that are pretty inspired by

it just aren’t the same it’s this is

highly technical action game that’s

about hunting giant monsters nothing

about it is standard everything’s just a

little bit removed from what you’d

expect like combat’s a little more

deliberate than in most action games no

Auto targeting and positioning and

timing your attacks it’s pretty

essential the creatures you’re facing

off against are really tough there’s a

complex series of towels and visual

clues that help you understand how to

react to them and you have to kind of

synthesize all that information in the

middle of a fight there’s a ton of

weapons you get right from the start

each one has its own complicated skill

tree there’s no leveling up the only way

you improve your character is through

crafting better weapons using better

Parts eating meal that give you

temporary stat boosts etc etc

come on

at the end of the day it’s a game all

about grinding to get better equipment

but how you actually do it is so

different from everything else out there

that isn’t trying to copy this formula

and let’s be honest it’s pretty

different from anything that’s trying to

copy it too there’s multiplayer where

you can team up with other Hunters you

get a cat companion called a palico

there’s like a ton of little systems and

nuances to everything and they somehow

made a way for it to be palatable to a

general audience like the monster hunter

series just does things its own way

which makes it totally unique in the AAA


at number six is Elden ring from last

year uh talking about AAA games can be a

tricky thing because the definition of

the word AAA or I guess three letters I

don’t know it’s vague that’s the point

it’s vague most people think games with

a big budget and the bigger marketing

push as being AAA but it’s actually kind

of hard to say where you draw the line

there with all that said I think Eldon

ring is probably from software’s first

real AAA game like sakuro came out in

the last five years it was published by

Activision but honestly it doesn’t feel

AAA to me it’s just one of those you

know it when you see it things as a

triple A game Elder ring is wildly

unique an open world action game that

twists just about every open world game

tradition to a Breaking Point uh like it

does everything conventional wisdoms has

a AAA game shouldn’t do it’s player

unfriendly it’s confusing it’s difficult

even the basic story is hard to decipher

it first it’s a game that throws players

to the Wolves both metaphorically and

literally to be Frank from software’s

been doing this for years with the Dark

Souls series of course but I think those

games are arguably not AAA and Elden

ring is even though Elden ring is mostly

just iterating on Concepts introduced in

previous games the developers made it’s

still you unique in how it incorporates

all that stuff into the open world game

format like if you just hear the game

described it sounds like a bigger

version of their previous games but the

experience of playing Elden ring is

unique and let’s just be clear even

though there are a lot of from software

copycats from software is a unique

developer for them to pretty much

actually break into the AAA space that

game is kind of automatically unique

it’s Unique by default and then of

course there’s all of the reasons I just

talked about in this point

at number five is Kingdom Hearts 3 from

2019. uh you can’t really say that

there’s a more Bonkers triple a

franchise out there than Kingdom Hearts

the plots are impenetrable the gameplay

changes are at times bizarre and oh yeah

they’re also crossover Disney games

starring the ultimate original

characters do not steal like these games

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are fan fiction with a hundred million

dollar budget totally insane and

glorious at the same time there’s so

much weird about the third one like it’s

not really a sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2

the plot directly connects to the many

confusing continuations and side games

that have appeared on various handhelds

over the years it’s a sequel frankly to

a bunch of games that came out between

the game it’s technically a sequel to

that a lot of the people who played

Kingdom Hearts 2 possibly haven’t played

even with a fairly extensive recap it’s

possible to completely Miss what is

going on here and it’s not just the plot

and setting that make this game unique

it’s the weirdly old-fashioned but still

very effective gameplay Kingdom Hearts

is one of the first attempts at an

action RPG from Square Enix and it’s a

formula they’ve been expanding on for

many years Kingdom Hearts 3 is probably

the culmination of those ideas battles

play out in this ridiculous Kaleidoscope

of colors and sounds it’s really



you play as an anime boy voiced by Haley

Joel Osmond who hangs out with Donald

and Goofy and helps out I don’t know

characters have Frozen it shouldn’t work

but it does like it keeps me coming back

at number four is control a bizarre and

inspired action game that’s part third

prison shooter part metroidvania part

SCP Foundation Horror Story and a lot

more in between it’s got one of the most

inspired and intriguing settings of any

game in years and throws in remedies

trademark physics heavy action it’s one

of the most unique games out there again

it’s kind of iterating on stuff from

previous remedy games but the fact that

they’ve gotten it into the AAA space

just like steamroll is a series of other

games it’s just masterful the setting

alone is fascinating the game takes

place in the headquarters of the Federal

Bureau of control the seemingly Infinite

Space called the oldest house the

Federal Bureau of control is an

organization meant to contain

Supernatural threats but not like the

usual ghosts and Monsters the stuff you

face in this game is often a lot more

abstract like the main threat of the

game is a resonance which I think is

sound technically I mean it doesn’t

manifest as sound but it kind of does

also it’s weird and of course you’re

still killing stuff with a gun which

plays to the developer’s strength this

is kind of the kings of third person

environmental destruction



to mix things up you get access to a

bunch of powers and movement abilities

the most satisfying and unique being the

levitate ability that’s a literal Game

Changer when you unlock it it’s a game

that’s persistently disorienting and has

this odd tone through the whole thing

and you never really know exactly what’s

supposed to be happening still it’s

immersive and everything works really

well and although the combat while

extremely fun doesn’t exactly reinvent

the wheel at the end of the day like I

said it’s kind of iterative on remedies

trademark gameplay but bringing their

gameplay to the AAA space bringing the

strangeness of this story to the AAA

space it just it’s one of the most

unique games at that level

at number three is death loop from 2021

it’s a game so odd that the developers

at Arcane you know of prey and

Dishonored Fame struggled to explain it

it’s kind of an open world time-based

immersive Sim that’s also a roguelike

it’s set on this strangely out of time

island called black Reef your goal is to

kill the eight Visionaries and escape

the island the problem is the island is

trapped in a Time Loop so every time you

die or the day ends time resets so you

gotta kill all of them in one day so on

the gameplay kind of similar to

Dishonored in fact very similar in the

best possible way there’s also a lot of

little twists to change things up for

one thing there’s no quick saving which

by the way that’s a lot uh but a big

part of the game is just figuring out

how to kill all eight Targets in a

single day which is a challenging puzzle

on its own killing just one of these

guys can be tough so you gotta scout out

each Target figure out the best and

safest way to take them out and what

time of day you have to do it in like

you can go to the districts whenever you

want but depending on the time of day

The Vision engineeries might be

somewhere else might be under heavy

guard so the time when you go after each

Target is also super important sometimes

it’s possible to take out more than one

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target at once but it usually takes a

lot of investigating to figure out how

to make those interactions happen

basically it’s one big Dishonored level

that can take dozens of hours to

completely solve a lot of people have

cooled on this one recently but I really

think death Loop is an impressive and

unique game even if it’s not quite as

ambitious as it might sound at first I

still play it like I regularly play

Death Loop

at number two is sea of Thieves from

2018 back when sea of Thieves first came

out a lot of people are kind of

scratching their heads at exactly what

it’s supposed to be at its most basic

it’s a multiplayer Pirate game with some

persistent elements it’s not the first

multiplayer Pirate game and that makes

it sound pretty normal but there’s way

more to it right from the start the game

is very odd instead of creating a

character you get assigned a randomly

generated one you share the world with

other players you can either play solo

which isn’t a lot of fun or team up and

form a crew from there you can go on

missions hunt other pirates look for

Treasure just trade goods it could have

been left is a mostly empty sandbox

experience but rare has been super busy

since its release consistently adding

new stuff year in and year out the

easiest way to describe sea of Thieves

is it’s a AAA no man’s Sky game that

came out to middling reviews and managed

to revitalize itself with constant

updates from an active developer so the

game’s already unusual gameplay make it

Stand Out Among AAA games

and finally at number one it’s death

stranding from 2019 like really what can

you pick for number one if not death

stranding it’s unusual on every level

the gameplay the story The multiplayer

implementation nothing about it is not

weird it’s a triple a game where you’re

mainly delivering packages from one

place to another uh it’s set in an

insane almost abstract world where

ghosts are only visible by the black

handprints they leave there’s rain that

causes anything to age rapidly there’s a

baby in a tube strapped to your chest

it’s totally nuts and that’s just the

premise it gets more bizarre from there

as The Story Goes On all for a game

where you play as a Sci-Fi delivery man

who attacks enemies by using his pee as

a weapon seriously that’s a weapon it’s

just an unrelentingly bizarre game that

has no right to be as good as it ended

up being it’s one of the most daring and

audacious games ever made only somebody

like hideo Kojima could make something

like this like something this

astoundingly weird and have it work and

it does it works even for those people

out there that don’t like the game at

all you have to respect how unique it is

there’s just nothing else like it in the

AAA space it’s an indie game that

somehow has big name actors and a

massive budget couple of bonus games for

you near automata from 2017 that might

extend beyond our five-year limit and

arguably it might be a double a game but

it was a major release from Square Enix

so I mean yeah it’s also uniquely

strange weird dark sometimes ugly

sometimes frustrating but also

fascinating in a way a few games are

it’s also basically a lot like near

except the game plays way way better

Sonic Frontiers from 2022 uh it’s

borderline double A but it’s such an

unusual turn for Sonic it deserves a

shout out by combining the open world

formula with Sonic in a in my opinion

successful way it makes something that

feels very different and exciting it’s a

little rough around the edges but it’s a

great new direction for the franchise I

really look forward to the second Sonic

Frontier Style game because wow out this

one was great and that’s all for today

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