What are the most strange video games in 2022?

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– [Falcon] Every month weird stuff happens

in the world of gaming

and Gameranx collects the weirdest.

Hi folks, it’s Falcon,
and today on Gameranx,

the weird gaming stories
of December, 2022.

Starting off at number 10,

somebody made a showdown
between Mbappe and Messi,

both major players in the World Cup final.

Somebody put ’em into “God
of War,” and made ’em fight.

Now obviously, Messi can feel pain,

and Mbappe ultimately didn’t end up

actually killing him in the end.

In fact, it was Argentina that won

as I’m sure many people
who are watching this know.

But I mean, it’s really
funny to watch soccer players

beat the hell out of each
other with mystical powers.

It really is.

Sorry, rest of the
world, football players.

At number nine, oh my lordy,

some STALKER cosplayers were
killed in Southwest Russia,

because the Russian State
mistook them for Ukrainian spies.

So the FSB, the Federal
Security Service in Russia

thought they had uniforms marked

with the Green Wolf head Insignia

which is a symbol that’s associated

with this Ukrainian
nationalist party called Volya.

They were wrong though.

The costumes were based on one
of the factions from STALKER.

I am gonna go ahead, and say,

and this is not to say
there’s anything wrong

with cosplaying or anything like that.

If I live in or near a war zone

I’m not gonna dress up in
anything military related, period.

That’s just gonna be a
thing that I don’t do.

And yeah, I know that a
lot of the STALKER uniforms

are maybe a little extra.

I am not gonna dress up in anything

even vaguely resembling a thing
that might act as a target

for anybody if I live
in or in the war zone.

At number eight, a 10-year-old boy

who shot his mom in the face

for not buying him a VR headset,

which by the way is not a
thing I like saying, wow.

I mean apparently this child

has major psychological problems,

and I don’t want to try to even, like,

make any points about that, it just sucks.

But this kid’s defense attorney

actually had the balls to ask court

to lower his bail to the amount
that was in his piggy bank,

which was around a $100.

I’m gonna say, that’s a bad idea.

Keep the bail at 50,000.

Don’t let the face shooting
child out for a $100.

Does that seems self-explanatory?

I don’t feel like I have to
elaborate on that too much.

Don’t let him, you know,

stay with an adult in
a non-prison setting.

At number seven, thousands of viewers

thought they were watching illegal streams

of the World Cup (laughs).

I’m sorry, this one’s really funny to me.

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They’re just watching
streams of “FIFA 23,”

like people are broadcasting “FIFA 23,”

claiming that it was
various World Cup matches.

I really enjoyed this because
when I see “FIFA 23,” it,

don’t get me wrong, it’s a very
nice game, looks incredible.

Doesn’t look like watching
real soccer a lot of the time.

Like in terms of, you know, video games.

It sure looks real,

but it’s still pretty
obviously a video game,

and when people are talking about this,

they’re talking about
how they’re pixelated,

and you can’t tell,

and I don’t know, you see screenshots

of one of these streams,

and it looks like somebody’s
broadcasting a video game.

So like, I don’t know

if this is a fool me once, shame on you,

fool me twice, shame on me type situation,

but I gotta laugh.

At number six, there is a reference

to Henry Cavill and his
dog, like his real dog,

his dog in real life, named Kal,

in the next generation
update for “Witcher 3.”

There is some new content in the game,

and if you get one of the good endings

in one of the new quests,
Kal, the actual dog,

settles down in the Devil’s Pit.

Now, some people were just speculating

that this was a reference,
because Henry Cavill is Geralt

in the Netflix “Witcher” show,

and the Narrative
Director/Lead Quest Designer,

Philipp Weber at CD
Projekt RED confirmed it.

If you look up Henry Cavill,

you’ll find that he brings his
dog pretty much everywhere.

He’s a big dog, and he is a cute dog,

and he was apparently
always at the “Witcher” set,

and he looks just like the
dog that’s in the game.

At number five is Dyson,

the company that is well
known around the world

for making the, I guess expensive,

but really fricking good vacuums,

has announced the release date

for its air purifying headphones,

which sounds like the most necessary thing

I have ever heard of in my entire life.

Oh, a pair of Dyson Air
Purifying Headphones.

Oh my gosh, that’s what I’m gonna buy.

Oh, they’re priced at a $1,000.

Well, it’s such a necessary technology,

I think I’m gonna buy one.

Anyway, I don’t know, I just,

I don’t know why this exists.

It’s a really heavy looking headset

that covers up your mouth, and like,

it purifies the air
for an hour and a half,

so it doesn’t even do the thing

as long as a lot of
people wear headphones.

I don’t know, I think that
this is a weird product

for a lot of reasons.

The cost is, it’s up there, but a $1,000,

I mean makes sense with a Dyson product,

they’re pretty pricey,
like I said at the start,

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but just everything else
about the headphones

is what doesn’t make sense to me.

At number four, Microsoft
has filed the patent

for personalized in-game advertising.

This is not something that
I am immediately regarding

as the worst thing that
could possibly happen per se,

but I also wanna say, Hey, you
know how it’s really annoying

when you see a game
collaborate with a brand

in a manner that’s not
really context appropriate.

I think personalized advertising

is gonna be a lot like that.

Like you know when you’re
scrolling down a social feed,

or you’re on a news website,

and you get ads that are allegedly for you

and whether or not they make
sense according to your taste

and needs is actually
not even really relevant,

it’s that that stuff is next
to whatever the hell else

is going on, like I said, on social media,

or the news websites,
or YouTube, or whatever.

Let’s say I clicked a news story about,

I don’t know, something really depressing,

like some kid shooting his mom in the face

for not buying him a VR headset,

and in that news article
I see a personalized ad,

or I don’t know, some like
allegedly cool soap brand

or something, it’s.

(tense dramatic music)

Wow, like think about it.

Think about how
inappropriate that could be

if you start seeing in-game advertising

in like “Grand Theft Auto,”

and it’s more than just like
Billboards on the highway,

or something, which I mean
if, and just to be clear,

that was why I said it’s not automatically

the worst thing of all time.

Like if they did start putting
personalized billboards

on the highway in Grand Theft Auto

I don’t think I hate that at all,

like if that is a thing that
they can use to make money

brings in more revenue,
and makes it more likely

that this game is well maintained,

or that the sequel’s even better, cool.

I don’t, you know, hate
billboards on the highway

in real life and I don’t
hate ’em in a video game,

if they’re more personalized
towards me, whatever.

But I just have that creeping feeling

that that’s not gonna
be how this plays out.

I feel like it’s just gonna be something

that goes much further than that.

I don’t want characters
to look like NASCAR racers

with logos all over their clothes.

I don’t want that on cars.

I don’t want personalized
sponsored weapons.

I don’t want there to be missions

that are somehow specific to
me, like as an advertisement,

’cause I don’t know if
that’s cost effective yet,

but I promise you if you were able

to take that “Final Fantasy
XV” Cup Noodle mission,

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and instead make it about something

that the computer thinks
you’re interested in,

because you searched something,

or said something near your
Amazon Alexa, or whatever,

yeah, I feel, like, this could
be a really intrusive form

of advertising.

At number three, the fish
that beat “Pokemon Sapphire”

are retiring from game streaming.

On the channel, these fish
were able to uncover glitches

that nobody had found
in “Pokemon Sapphire,”

and actually eventually beat the game.

Having done that, what
else is there left to do?

Trap the fish in another “Pokemon” game

for another few years, eh.

The fish’s owner is actually

going through a lifestyle change,

and isn’t able to dedicate a
full room to the fish anymore.

And he’s giving the fish to his parents.

I speculate, maybe he’s
getting married, or something,

and you know, it’s insane
to have an entire room

dedicated to fish playing “Pokemon.”

But honestly, who really knows?

I don’t.

At number two, apparently Glen Schofield

revealed that the” Lord of
the Rings game” he worked on

was actually based on a
Tiger Woods golf game,

because they needed large areas

with basically a goal at the end,

and they had pretty much done
all of the work to have that

when they made the Tiger Woods golf game.

They just modified the
engine, and obviously,

made completely different
looking environments

and mechanics, and there you have it.

I mean, that’s hilarious.

And finally at number one,

the Minecraft world record speed runner

that exposed Dream as a cheater,

was exposed as a cheater.

Minecravenger, the name of the guy,

has apparently been cheating for years,

and several of his cheat-gotten records

have existed for years.

Somebody figured out that he was getting

way too much obsidian outta chest

and did some investigation and
exposed that the guy cheats.

So like who’s watching the Watchmen

is really the question here, eh?

And that’s all for today,
leave us a comment,

let us know what you think.

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