What are the worst large-scale video games?

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[Falcon] A lot of people
love 100-percenting a game.

You’re stuck with it and
it’s incredibly satisfying.

However, there are some games

you are just not gonna do this with.

– [Falcon] Hi folks, it’s Falcon,

and today on Gameranx’s 10 big games

you are least likely to 100%.

Starting off with number 10,

“Halo: The Master Chief Collection.”

Now Halo games are already pretty tough

to get 100% complete,

but the Master Chief Collection
takes things too far.

We’re talking about 700 achievements,

total gamerscore of 7,000.

TrueAchievements.com estimates

it takes around 300 to 400 hours

to get all the achievements,

but those numbers vary greatly

depending on the quality of your team

and your overall skill level.

By far, the hardest part

in trying to get 100% completion
for the Halo collection

is the LASO Master achievement

where you have to beat Halo
1, 2, 3, and 4 on Legendary

with all the optional skulls activated.

The skulls do things like
take away your crosshairs,

turn off shield region,

double enemy’s health, stuff like that.

Legendary’s already no joke,

but with these skulls activated,
it’s nearly impossible.

And if you think that’s
bad, check this out.

There’s even one of those
infuriating achievements

where you have to kill
a developer to get it

called, Bite The Hand,

like at least they let you kill somebody

who already has the achievement too,

which is already incredibly
unlikely to happen

in a regular play.

So you’re pretty much
forced to find somebody

to help you get this one.

Like there’s still a lot of people

who have 100% of the game

just because of how popular Halo is.

But the level of dedication it takes

is well beyond the abilities
of the average gamer.

I certainly don’t have
the patience for it.

And video games take up,
as you might understand,

from, you know, me being
a game commentator,

a large part of my life,

my tolerance threshold’s probably higher

than a lot of people.

I do not have the patience for this.

And number nine is,
“Monster Hunter: World,”

already a pretty challenging game.

Most of the achievements
aren’t that difficult though,

if you’re willing to put
some time in the grind,

most of them you can do,

but a few are brutally tedious,

especially the gold crown achievements.

There’s two of them,

one for finding 10 monsters
with many as your crowns,

and one for finding 10
monsters with giant crowns.

These crowns appear next
to a monster’s name,

if you manage to hunt a monster

that’s either very big or very small,

and I mean it’s completely
random where they appear.

Certain hunts gonna
give you a better chance

of finding max size monsters,

but it’s never guaranteed.

The game doesn’t tell you if
you find a gold crown monster

until after the hunt’s over.

So basically you’re forced to
eyeball it to figure it out,

if they’re big or small enough
to count for the achievement.

It’s just a really annoying achievement,

especially compared to all the
other ones, which are fine.

But all you really do is
go into the known hunts

that certain size monsters
are more likely to appear,

and just start and stop ’em over and over,

until the size you actually
need appears, which is not fun.

(laser guns exploding)

(dramatic music)

(laser guns exploding)

The PSNProfiles guide estimates
it takes around 300 hours

to get a platinum for this game,

which isn’t as bad as Halo,

but it’s a lot and that’s
only the base game.

That’s not even factoring
the Iceborne expansion.

(energetic music)

And number eight is,

“Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

Even though there are no
trophies or achievements,

Breath of the Wild still
counts your completion,

and if you want to get 100%

it takes a lot of work.

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Finding all the locations,

completing all the shrines,

taking out the divine beasts

only gets you 28% complete with this game.

So like, you want to get the other 72%?

You gotta collect a lot of korok seeds,

and when I say a lot, I mean a lot.

There’s 900 of them in total,

and if you want to get
the possible upgrades

that come with getting them,

if you wanna get all of them

that’s only half of those,

the remaining 450

just, just, just for completion’s sake,

nothing more.

Like I get that if you have more of them,

you increase the frequency of the player

who’s gonna come across them.

But talking about completionism,

450 useless korok seeds, that’s a lot,

and the reward’s kind of just a joke.

You don’t get anything.

Like the only reason to do that,

to get 100% completion,

just for bragging rights.

And that’s why a lot
of people don’t bother,

’cause life is short.

(upbeat music)

And number seven is, “The Last of Us.”

An interesting thing I found
while exploring PSNProfiles,

in terms of completion
of its achievements,

one of the lowest games on the entire site

is the original Last of
Us for PlayStation three.

It’s completion rating,

of which is the amount of achievements

completed by the community,

sits at like 9%.

That’s not how many
people have the platinum,

that’s how many achievements

the entire community
has completed in total.

For such a popular game that’s dismal.

In comparison to a lot of
the other games on this list,

the actual achievements of themselves

are not even that hard to get.

It looks like most
people who play the game

just don’t care about achievements,

which I get it, it’s a game
about feel and narrative,

but it’s still kind of shocking.

That doesn’t mean

that there aren’t some
really tough ones though.

There are.

Getting the grounded achievement

takes some pretty wild perseverance,

’cause you hardly get any
supplies on this difficulty.

And the most time consuming
part of the whole thing

is the multiplayer achievements.

Yeah, a lot of people probably forgot

this game even had
multiplayer, but it exists,

and it can still actually be played,

at least at the time of this recording.

To get the achievements

you gotta play a whole hell of
a lot of multiplayer matches,

at least 168,

and that’s if you do everything right.

So the game’s not crazy
difficult to get the platinum on,

but it’s unlikely you’ll ever get it

just because it seems not worth it enough

to get people to bother.

And number six is, “Call
of Duty: Black Ops 4.”

Out of the entire Call of Duty series,

Black Ops 4 seems to have
the fewest number of people

that actually have completed it.

I could maybe chalk it up to
being a little less popular,

or being mostly multiplayer focused.

But out of the entire series

it’s the game people just
aren’t 100% finishing.

Mostly achievements aren’t
really anything too frustrating,

but there are a few that
are absolutely ridiculous.

These two in particular, Zombie Fanatic,

and Blackout Historian.

These unlocks are
ludicrous like full stop.

To get Blackout Historian,

you gotta unlock Woods

by finding his bandana at
the top of a random box.

Hit to fly a helicopter for a minute.

Win the match with the
bandana in your inventory.

Another unlocks Reznov

where you have to find
a randomly spawning hat,

kill an enemy from 200 meters or more,

and then finish the match in the top five

with the hat in your inventory.

This is all during a battle royale game.

I sound out with some emphasis,

because you either need to
be a master at the game,

or stupid lucky.

Black Ops 4

is kind of the forgotten Call of Duty,

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but with achievements like this

maybe it kind of deserves to be forgotten.

I don’t really understand why they decided

that this stuff was necessary to include.

And number five is, “Grand Theft Auto IV,”

probably one of the most
divisive games in the series.

Some people love it, some don’t.

If you’re going by achievement completion,

you probably think people hate this game,

because the completion rate

sits at an abysmal 13% on PSNProfiles,

for how incredibly popular this series is,

no one is taking the
time to 100% this game.

There is of course a reason for that.

The single player achievements
are mostly pretty tolerable

outside of the annoying pigeon hunt,

but the multiplayer
achievements are another story.

There’s one achievement
that’s so annoying to complete

that this guide on PSNProfiles

dedicates an entire section

just to talking about that, at that alone,

it’s the AUF Wiedersehen
Petrovic achievement,

and the description sounds simple enough,

you won in all variations
of multiplayer games.

But actually, unlocking
it is pretty painful

for whatever reason.

What counts for this
achievement’s pretty vague.

There’s 108 different races alone,

and on top of everything else,

you can’t just play these things,

you gotta beat all of them.

The game does nothing
to track your progress.

So all you can do is keep like a checklist

and a futile attempt to try to remember

what you have and haven’t done already.

And even if you do manage
to win every possible event,

sometimes the achievement

doesn’t trigger for a variety of reasons.

GTA 5’s online component’s
a hundred times more complex

and time consuming.

But so many people have
managed to platinum that game

It goes to show you how annoying

some of these achievements
in GTA 4 actually are.

(upbeat music)

And number four is,
“Star Wars: Battlefront.”

The first rebooted
Battlefront game from 2015

was pretty popular in terms of adoption,

and the achievements to most degree

probably aren’t that hard to finish

in comparison to a lot of
the other games on this list.

But it’s got one of the
lowest completion rates

on the entire PSN network.

Less than 1% of players have
managed to flatten this game,

and it’s for a simple reason.

The achievements are just grindy as hell.

The worst are the ones
involving player cooperation

which is a lot of them,

because while the game still
has a decent player base,

getting people to play
certain dead game modes

can be pretty tough.

One of the most annoying
achievements to get

is this one called, crush
them with one swift stroke.

We’re gonna have to trample
25 soldiers with an AT-ST.

Pure luck.

Pure luck, this one.

It takes forever to finally unlock.

Battlefront’s a really interesting game

’cause it was hugely popular,

but didn’t draw in like a hardcore crowd

who loved getting
achievements and trophies.

If you’re someone who’s into getting

100% completion in this game,

actually isn’t that hard to finish.

But most people who played Battlefront

just didn’t care, like, at all.

And number three is,
“Pokemon, Ruby and Sapphire.”

Getting 100% completion
in any Pokemon game

is of course going to
be a tedious experience,

but Ruby and Sapphire go
way beyond the normal tedium

of catching them all into some
kind of confusing nightmare.

To really complete the game,

you need to fill out the pokedex,

which doesn’t just mean
catching all the Pokemon,

it means bringing all the other Pokemon

from previous generations

to fill in the blanks.

So if you got a friend to help you out

who’s just as crazy about
catching Pokemon as you,

this process isn’t too bad.

But if you’re on your own,
things get complicated.

To get every single Pokemon in the decks,

you need at least a minimum
copy of Ruby and Sapphire.

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Like I said, you gotta have ’em both,

the remade originals,
FireRed and LeafGreen

and on top of that you need
the GameCube Pokemon games

just to get the rafts.

That means you don’t need to just 100%

one game to complete the pokedex.

At minimum you gotta get
the remaining Pokemon

in four other games.

And most of the rarest ones

really take some work to unlock.

Getting 100% in this game

is mostly just for bragging rights.

Did they really have to
make it this difficult?

Some people say Diamond
and Pearl are even worse,

but the remakes, Brilliant
Diamond and Shining Pearl,

mix things up.

It’s kind of hard to say how
bad those games really are.

We know exactly what we’re getting

with Ruby and Sapphire.

And number two is,

“Gears 5.”
(upbeat music)

The Gears series is
probably one of the best,

but it’s always been pretty
brutal with achievements.

First game had the seriously achievement

where you had to kill 10,000
people in versus matches,

and that looks quaint in comparison

with the hooked up for five.

To unlock the seriously 5.0 achievement,

you have to beat the campaign
on insane difficulty,

master all the horde and escape maps,

and characters re-up 20 times,

and get General in Tour.

If you don’t know re-upping,

is when you have the
max level multiplayer,

and then you start over.

You gotta do that 20 times.

Just for the single part aspect component

of one achievement,

and it’ll take hundreds
of hours just to do that,

not a fun use of your time.

And finally, number
one is, “Just Cause 2,”

probably the most popular
game in this series.

The world’s absolutely massive, so big,

that it’s actually kind of a problem

trying to get 100%.

It’s not possible.

Like if you’re just
playing the game normally

you genuinely can’t get to 100%.

(upbeat music)

The only way to do it is through
bugs, glitches, and mods.

Getting a platinum isn’t impossible,

’cause the game doesn’t
actually require you

to completely clear out the map.

But if you wanna actually show the map

as being 100% complete,

it’s incredibly difficult.

Even crazier is that it’s
possible for the game

to show 100% completion

before you’ve actually gotten everything.

Like, there’s so many little
things to destroy and collect,

that 99% of the game just rounds up.

So it says you’re done and everything,

but you haven’t really done everything.

So you’re seeing a rounding error.

That’s the main problem too.

There’s just so many random things

to blow up and chests to open.

There’s no way to track
them all in the game,

especially since it doesn’t, you know,

even notice that you haven’t gotten 100%.

Like it requires just an
insane amount of dedication

to even get close to 100%.

But to actually get it

requires a level of obsession

that’s bordering on self-destructive.

Like put the game down,

it’s gonna be okay.

And that’s all for today.

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