Stop Defending Bungie

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Look I already know I’m going to have about a hundred comments already typing in the comments section based off the Title of the video alone, because when you say something like “Stop Defending Bungie” there is always a particular group of people in this community that immediately turn into NPCs.

If you love this game, that doesn’t mean I think

you’re one of these blind followers, so don’t
get it twisted. I love the Destiny Franchise

like many of you, but we gotta start calling
a spade a spade when it comes to Bungie and

Destiny. Destiny 2’s most recent hot fix bug, is
the latest example that this game is likely just a

couple bugs away from completely collapsing. You
know that might sound a bit hyperbolic to say,

but I really don’t think its far off at this
point. And I wouldn’t say something like that

if Bungie’s actions proved otherwise, but over
the last few years, since Beyond Light really,

this game has consistently been breaking more and
more with each update, and the bugs have become

more serious over time. Which is a bit ironic
considering Bungie’s stated goal with Beyond

Light’s Engine Rework and Removing Content was
supposed to clean up the spaghetti code and allow

for a more stable game, but the exact opposite
has been true. The recent hysteria of the Hot

Fix bug that’s deleting progress of challenges
and titles, or the character deletion bug that

has supposedly only happened once according to
Bungie, these are just 2 of the more extreme

examples that have players worried. Ya know, API
goes down, its an inconvenience, its worrying for

the future of in game loadouts, but even though
it sucks, its not the end of the world. But when

it comes to players progress in Destiny, things
they’ve earned or worked for. Titles, Challenges,

or even their entire characters, things are
much more serious. If problems with characters

progression is glitching out, that is genuinely
a massive problem. Now it was fixed yesterday

morning. They figured it out, provided a statement
about what caused the bugs and honestly it tells

us nothing. They just said it’s due to new changes
they implemented early. Okay. they figured it out

temporarily. But what if it keeps happening, and
what if the next time it happens, its even worse

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and harder to fix. Or becomes unfixable. Like I
said, the bugs have been more and more extreme as

time has gone on since Beyond Light, so something
like this isn’t out the realm of reality. But bugs

like this, problems like this, are the cost of
Bungie’s new philosophy. That being that they

prioritize being FAST over prioritizing QUALITY.
If Bungie gets even a little bit faster or even

just a tiny bit more ambitious, it seems that
their whole infrastructure will collapse because

quality assurance is not a priority for them. And
it’s gonna keep biting them in the as, just like

it does every time one of these major bugs crop
up. And with this most recent one. Every second

that the game was down during this hot fix bug,
they’re losing money. People aren’t spending in

eververse, some players get upset and give up on
the game, maybe this was the last straw for them,

and quit for good, Streamers aren’t promoting
the game when its down, YouTube and Twitter is

just out covering how bad this is, its nothing but
bad news for Bungie. And its not about being able

to live without the game for 24 hours. That’s
more than doable its easy to avoid playing this

game. But the continuous game breaking bugs are
getting to a concerning level. Its not about the

game being offline for a day, its about will this
game even function, will these bugs get worse and

continue, I mean we’re a month out from Lightfall
and the stability of the game is in objectively

its worst state. They gotta start rethinking their
philosophy ‘cause this isn’t working. I mean they

gotta be so fast that their Dungeon they charged
separately for 8 months ago still has mechanics

that don’t work half the time despite their claims
that its been fixed. Bungie claims that they have

a QA team but either that’s a flat out lie,
or this duckin guy is their entire QA team.
“You Should Critique the Media that you love.”
One of the most important things to keep in mind.

Don’t be a “consoomer.” A “consoomer”
is someone who doesn’t asks questions,

defends the corporation, consumes their
product no matter the quality, then gets

hyped up for the next product and bashes
anyone who sees through the marketing.
And if you’re still here at this point in the
video, I’m happy to report you’re probably not

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a “consoomer.” Your average “consoomer”
would’ve read the title and thumbnail,

clicked the video to leave a comment like “leave
bungie alone” and then went to go watch tiktok

since they have an 8 second attention span.
So I made the mistake of going on twitter during

the midst of the server downtime to
see what was really going on and…
So anyways I was on twitter trying to get
caught up on what happened and what’s going

on surrounding this issue, and the number
of people defending Bungie on this recent

issue is unsurprisingly high. Defending
Billion Dollar corporations is what Twitter

users do best. They’re saying the usual stuff
“game dev is hard, they’re trying their best,

stop crying the game is fine, I don’t need
your negativity, the game is free to play

bugs are expected, (this is how you know it’s
a duckin NPC cuz everyone knows this game is

absolutely NOT free to play, biggest con in
gaming is that Destiny 2 is free to play)
Now Bungie and the Destiny 2 playerbase
has been adamant about Bungie not making

a Destiny 3. Its funny because the people who
say they don’t a Destiny 3 say that Bungie

would just ruin it and make it worse and it’d
be awful yada yada and I’m always like okay,

so you’re saying bungie is incompetent? I don’t
get it because in the next sentence they’ll say

Bungie should be praised for what they’ve done
with Destiny 2. So are they incompetent or not?
I think it’d be more useful to create a sequel
with a functioning engine and a focus on quality

over being fast. But that’s expensive so Bungie
won’t do that. They make MUCH more money building

off an awful framework that they’ve admitted holds
them back in many ways. They would rather have a

game held together by duct tape and twine, where
they can keep squeezing just a bit more out of

it for easier profits, rather than make a sequel
on a new engine where the game could potentially

flourish much better. Its like Bungie themselves
say. Fast over Quality. GO GO GO GO GO get that

shii out keep on cranking out that content go go
go. That’s all they care about and that’s all the

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future of this game will likely be. And why change
right? If you’re Bungie, why CHANGE? They have no

reason to, because they’ve got the Twitter Task
Force always there to defend everything they do,

the majority of content creators are always
hyping up the new season, expansion, or a

new build or weapon or god roll on YouTube with
titles like YOU NEED TO GET THIS NOW, reinforcing

the FOMO idea even harder. And the playerbase
seemingly wants things to stay that way. They

want the constant NEW, the constant DOPAMINE,
the constant FOMO drops. The playerbase is hooked

on crack with this game man. Their dopamine
receptors are duckin fried. Its sad really. I

see comments on my videos all the time of people
saying they don’t even like the game anymore and

only play because they’ve invested so much time
and money into the game that they can’t just quit

now. This is whats known as sunk-cost fallacy.
“the phenomenon whereby a person is reluctant

to abandon a course of action because they have
invested heavily in it, even when it is clear that

abandonment would be more beneficial.” Sunk-cost
fallacy is what a lot of Gambling addicts feel.

And people consistently comment that they are
experiencing that same feeling with Destiny 2.
If you want Destiny 2 to change, if you notice
Bungie’s over-monetization, lack of quality,

lack of testing, lack of care, then vote with
your wallets. Its as simple as that. If you

want to enjoy gaming again and you’re not
right now. Then stop playing Destiny 2 aka

your second job. There are so many games more
worthy of your time. Go give Bloodborne a try,

its got better gameplay, bosses, buildcrafting,
weapons, and lore than Destiny by a mile.
That’s all I got for this video.
I’ll see you guys in the next one.