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Welcome to Good Mythical More.


– Okay.

What? Yeah, buddy.

– Okay, we’ll do it.

What we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna bring you some crew members who have some gadgets that they are in love with, and they’re gonna make an argument to us as to why it’s better than the other crew members’ picks.

And we’re gonna discover some fun stuff! But first we’re gonna Boogie Down Now! Ah, thank you very much.


– Yes.

We’ll be at The Playhouse all week.

That was some dramatic Boogying Down.

Come on in, guys.

Bring in your chairs.


Take your time.

Welcome to the show.


For the first time ever, Lisa! Lisa, come up.

Pull on up all the way.

Angelina, pull all the way, Carney and Angelina.

You’re in a good spot.


I want Lisa, I want you to come on up, you’ve never been in here before.

Now, this little thing.

Angelina, you’ve been here before, but you still need to get your knees up here.

When we.

I’m being bossy today, I’m sorry.

Yeah well, you know, it’s fitting that you say that because when we make jokes about how we will have to then take things to HR, what we really mean by that is we will be taking them to Lisa.

Okay? So that’s, whatever we make that joke, just know that this is the person Yeah.

that link goes and speaks with.

You’re the butt of a lot of jokes from Good Mythical More, or I guess I am.


I’m not, yeah.

I’m not the butt of the jokes, I’m involved in the joking.

Yeah I’m the, guess I’m the butt of the jokes? Yeah you, well, that’s the way we like it to be that way that you be the butt of the jokes.

As long as you feel comfortable with that and it still feels psychologically safe to be here.

See? There you go.

– Oh, it does.


I’m comfortable with butts.

Thanks Lisa, we really appreciate you.

Really appreciate you.


Now you guys are going to tell us about a gadget that you use that may be a little bit unusual, but you really stand by using it on a regular basis.



– Did you say “Yum”? Not, not, no.

Not not, no.

– Yum! I think she just said, “Yeah”.


Stevie, who is going to stay where she normally stays.

You also have something, and I think it takes a little bit of time to walk through.

– Yeah.

So can you walk us through it, so we can get it started? But it’s this one.

Yeah, and it’s not unusual.

It’s just like a gadget that I use very often that makes life easier.

I’ve talked before on this show about eggs.

I don’t know when, but I have, ’cause I’ve gotten tweets about eggs after forgetting that I’ve talked about eggs.

Egg tweets.

– How do I do it? How much do I pour? So there’s, is there a little? Okay, that little plastic cup.

Hard, medium, soft omelet, poached.


So you fill it up with water to your egg preference.

I do like between hard and then whatever the next line says.


I don’t know if I have this model, but a little bit up towards hard, a little bit more.

And then put that water.

Why is it different on either side? Yes, it’s different on both sides.

That’s weird.

What is that? One side, I don’t have this model, but one side might be boiled and the other side might be poached.

Oh, it’s the amount of eggs.

Oh, four eggs.

There you go.

One to three eggs.

And then you just pour that down here.


– Or, what’s this? Yeah, no, no, no pour.

That’s for poached eggs.

You’re just doing boiled.

So pour that at the bottom of there.


And then there should be the bottom of the cup that you just used.

The bottom part should pop off of it and, or it should have a pokey thing.

Maybe not this model.

No, it looks like it might.

Lisa, I’m feeling unsafe.

Angelina! You see? Get outta here! – You see? Wow.

Why, how did I get, why am I? So you’re.

Maybe it doesn’t, but.

– No, it does.

Oh, okay.

It does.

Does it have a tape around it? Has it never been opened? Here, I got it started for you.

Looks like the thing they put on top of deodorant.

Yeah, it’s coming.

Yeah exactly, and it’s, it is coming off.

Okay, cool.

So put your four eggs in four spots and then use the little pokey thing on the bottom to poke like the tiniest hole in each one of the eggs, like.

Really? Yeah, like super tiny.

Don’t put a lot of pressure on.

The top or the bottom? That’s perfect.

What does that do? Keep it from breaking? Yeah, oh, that’s too much.

Why is that too much? It’s just a hole.

– You’ll see.

You’ll see.

It’s like the one you did first that it was, oh, go ahead.

Stop, stop.


There’s this, I thought this is gonna be super easy, but now it’s, the precision is bothering me.

And then you put that.

Okay, then you put the lid on.

Usually like, lock it by.

Yeah, and then you press the button down.

So this is how you boil your eggs? Yeah.

And does this keep the stink in? No.


That’s the worst part.

If they don’t fix that, I don’t care.

People like the stink.

Well what fixes that, is you put a little bowl of vinegar out on your counter in your kitchen and it takes away food smells.

Drink that.

– Oh.

It feels equally stinked.

So you do this because it’s just more consistent? Boiling eggs is hard because if you do it in water, like you’re, it has to be a certain temperature.

You’re watching them for a certain amount of time.

There’s like, you have to heat it up from cold.

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It’s a whole thing.

This you just, like, you pick your line and then you do it the same every time you want it.


Just leave it.

Is it just steaming them basically, Stevie? I think so, yeah.

Is that how it happens? This isn’t the color you have, is it? I have just a white one.


So we’re gonna rank these.

Alright, Stevie’s given us her best shot.

Who wants to go next? Okay, what’s this, and who’s is it? That might, that probably goes with mine.


Goes with yours? – Oh, goes with.

Yeah, yeah.

This is a dust pan and a broom.

That’s not, A, it’s not weird.

Explain this to us.

I like that though.

This is nice.

It is, that is nice.

I’d like to keep this on a key chain.

You can have that, I didn’t.

You know? – Where’s Lisa’s thing? It’s next to me.

Oh, okay.

Oh, you brought it? Yeah, I brought it.



It’s a whole thing.

It has to get.

– Oh, can we put it up here? Yeah, plugged in.

Oh, I’ve got some power over.

What is? – Great.

Is it a? This is also a egg cooker.

Airplane? Right, right, right.

So this’ll do up to seven dozen eggs all at once.

And it makes rice at the same time, no.

We’re plugged in! Great.

Whoa, what? Okay.

What’s happening? It smells good, it really does.

Oh, that’s nice.

It has like a deodorizer.

It’s an alien caller? This is an EyeVac.

It goes on the floor usually, right.

‘Cause that’s where most of.

Wait, you bring the dirt to it? You bring the dirt to it.


This is an EyeVac, you bring the dirt to it.

Can I put this on the desk? Yeah.

You can? I’m so confused.

Okay, so say this was, oh geez.

Say this was your floor.

It looks just like my floor.


May I? Then you can take it back and put it on your keychain.

And so, you know, maybe you would do this, right? This feels, and if you were on the ground, you’d have to, right? This is like a lot of strain and you know.

Oh yeah.

This is just, oop.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You just kind of introduce it to the vacuum.

You introduce it to the vacuum.

You do bring the dirt to it.

Yeah! Okay.

No, no, we’re still going.


– Okay! And then what? So Lisa, this is kind of just like having a hole in the floor.

It really is, it’s like.

It is like having a hole in the floor! I can put a hole in your floor for you.

I rent my home, so that’s not an option for me.

But if that’s an option for you, that’s great.

For me it’s not.

And so I use a vacuum.

No you don’t.

No, I specifically do! It’s either that or like a dust, but like how.

I need you to make the case for this.

Like why not just vacuum the whole floor? Because you have to sweep the whole floor.

Sure you have to sweep the whole floor.


How do you clean your kitchen floor? How do you clean your kitchen floor?.

With a Swiffer.

With a Swiffer.

– Yeah.

And there are no like, big pieces like this that ever, like if you like, were cracking that egg and there were eggshells, like what would you, that doesn’t stick in the Swiffer.


I would put it into a dust pan, but like.

That seems like, that’s just like a lot of like, oh, you have to bend over.

Who has the time? No, my dust pan has a handle and so I don’t have to bend over.

Your dust pan has a handle, and you think that it’s getting all the stuff? It’s getting enough of it.

And you just leave this out.

Well, it’s like in the kitchen, it’s like next to like a little thing that holds like rice.

You have to pick, how heavy is it, Rhett?? So this is a dust pan.

I can’t even lift it.

It’s at least 700 pounds.

It’s an electronic vacuum.

Vacuum operated dust pan.

You can’t move it.

– It is a hole in the floor that like you could then, you know, throw out.

This is your.

I mean, I love cleaning.


– This is brilliant.


That is so dumb.

Like I can’t believe you.

No okay, the first time I saw this, it was at my hair stylist, right? Can you picture this, like how it is useful? Oh, okay.

– Yep.

That might make a little sense.

Okay, that does make sense because you’re in an enclosed space.

Did she cut your hair with this? And there’s a bunch of hair on the ground and you just want to it all go to one place.

Right, yep.

Instead of like going around everything, you do your like gentle sweeping into that.

Rudolph Blanchard had a hair hole though, remember that? If you pick it up, look at all the dirt that’s still there.

Well that’s because when, do you remember when I first turned it on? There was a moment and it didn’t really, we could, I mean.

I guess try again.

Okay, it’s on auto.

Good job.

Great job, little buddy.

It’s better.

Let’s, so this, do you have to pick it up and move it or do you, – I mean.

like you leave it at a certain place in your kitchen and you drag everything to it.

Yeah, pretty much drag everything to it.

It has a pretty long cord so it kind of moves.

And then, you know, I will also use it in other rooms that have like, you know, hardwood.

You know what you could do, Lisa? What? You could just get a vacuum that, with some broken wheels and just set it in the corner and bring everything into to it too.

It’s motion, it light up.

Like, it turns like it knows, it’s not on all the time.

Like that you would have to like turn.

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– There’s a difference.

It’s a little better than a vacuum that has the wheels don’t work.

That’s what it says on the box.

Wow, Lisa.

Why is it called the EyeVac? I don’t, I think it was.

Oh no, it’s because I have to sweep everything to it.

I dunno why it’s, EyeVac.

I think it was developed by Optometrists.

Yes, exactly.

‘Cause bending over is bad for your eyes.

I really thought that this was gonna go over so well.

Like when you guys were like wacky appliances, I was like this is a normal one.

– Oh it’s wacky.

Is this yours or did we buy another one? No, this is mine.


– Okay.

Take it back.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

No you don’t have to leave.

Lisa’s like, first time on a show.

We gotta see what everybody else has before we determine that yours is definitely the worst.


– Would you like to go next? Sure.

– Okay.

Great, mine’s tiny.

Mine’s not that big.

It’s a herb stripper.

So basically you thread the stem of like, Ow! God, ow.

There’s eggs boiling right in front of you.

Stevie, what the crap! Do you wanna file something?.

Yeah, Lisa’s here.

Do we still have that sling laying around? Worker’s comp.

Oh no.

– We have some burn spray.

Oh, well.

They knew.

So it’s an herb stripper.

They just got this right here.

I say herb stripper ’cause there’s an H on the front.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Not to be confused with Herb the stripper, who used to stand outside our high school.

We love Herb.

Hold on a second.


Yeah, Link has at least a second degree burn that he is – Oh no.

taking care of it this morning.

Good as new.

– Yeah.

Fast-acting burn relief spray.

He’ll be fine.

It probably took the attention away from your stomach ache, right? Yeah, exactly.

Yeah, he’ll be fine.

May I? Yeah.

So you just picked the hole that seems like it could receive the right size herb.

I would pick one smaller, so that it’s actually like pulling the pieces away.

So this? Yeah, or maybe even one more, but basically yeah, you just thread the stem through the smallest hole that you can get it through and then it pulls all the leaves off for you.

And this is to? So that you don’t have to cut it off.

This is for your thumbs? Just to hold on either side.

And then you have the edge, like the curved edge that you can like chop the stuff up with really quickly.

Oh you can chop.

Yeah, it’s like you basically are like muddling them.

Like if you were doing like stuff that needed to get like torn up.

Some rosemary.

Now, I overheard Christy in the other room She’s here? – talking to Lando about this.

She had got, a friend had given her one.

Hold it over the table.

Away from the egg maker.

It’s pretty good.

– At least, don’t get any ideas.

Don’t sweep anything in any one of those holes.

She is loving it.

Give it a shot.

Give it a shot, Rhett And you can do like bigger greens.

Like if you were doing kale, you can like run that through the biggest one on the end so you don’t have to eat like the starchy part.

What is this? Cilantro.

– Is this cilantro? Or parsley.

Really? Yeah.

I didn’t know the little leaves were that big.

Yeah, it’s literally $3.

It’s cheap.

It’s cheap, it’s easy to use.


So you strip.


Because the alternative is what? Just plucking it off, like?.


Like having to like thread all of the leaves off of it and then like rip them apart.

This is pretty dang cool.


Yes! Pretty dang cool.

I mean it’s no vacuum that you gotta sweep everything to.

Are there little? Don’t gimme that look, Lisa.

I feel.

I’m here as a resource.

I wanna make things easier and life better for you.

And if you don’t wanna accept that, that’s fine.

You know what, hey.

How you gonna clean that up, Rhett? Hey, EyeVac in everybody’s office.

Can we get a TUSHY? Can we get a TUSHY first? Oh yeah.

Let’s give the merch department a TUSHY.

Now I don’t wanna ruin, I don’t know how strong this thing is.

Oh, no go for it.

Will it take cilantro? Will it? I don’t know, let’s find out.

So it’s automatic, right? So if I get close.

Well no, cause I think we turned it.

You gotta keep it on? Yeah, okay.


Oh see now it’s like visible.

You can see it like sucking up.

That’s not bad.

Your house is gonna smell great.

Look at that, that was great.

Yeah, that was.

– Great pull.

Look at that.

They’re all working together.

Seemed to really go, yeah.


I mean we could keep it on the edge of the desk.

I would say, for like our cleanup.

Me just having one over here and just rake it all.

Not a bad idea.

I’m really starting to develop a vision for this thing.

Now this on the other hand.


This is mine.

This is like an EyeVac for your nose.

You think of it in those terms.

I have a one year old baby.


And we’ve seen like snot suckers on the show before.

You’ve seen the ones you suck with your mouth and everything.

– Yep, yep.


This is like next generation of that.

Forget about everything you’ve seen.

I use this every day, it’s great.

And it can work on humans too, ’cause these little tubes.

A human too? Oh yeah, I don’t think of babies as humans.

They’re very different.

I have a one year old puppy, I should’ve said.

No, I have a one year old, it’s a baby.

And so here.

You use it on your baby every day? Every single day.

And have you ever used it on yourself? No, well ask me in probably 30 seconds, but, so three different settings.

But what’s cool about this one is there’s lights to keep the baby distracted, right? It sets off egg cookers whenever you want it to.

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Is that done? Okay yeah, flip up the switch.

Oh, I thought that it was making music.

Do what? Flip up the switch, or flip down the switch on the only switch there is.

It was a button that you push on, push off.

Thank you.

Now, unscrew the top and it’s hot, ’cause it’s hot.

Oh yeah, it’s hot.

And then there should be a little bowl of ice water that you’re gonna put quickly all those eggs into.

I’m definitely going to just try and suck an egg out.

What are the spiderwebs? I don’t know.

It’s the one that busted a little too much.

Oh yeah, it might have been the one that the hole was too.

Can I grab this with my fingers? .

Yeah, just quickly.


Great, great.

Maybe not then.

No, no! Ew, what? Come on dude.

– What? Don’t lick your fingers.

– Oh, okay.

I won’t put that one in there.

We’re gonna share these eggs.

That one’s looking a little.

Get the snot off of that one.

Oh, yeah.

This is the one that I licked.

It’s okay, you’re gonna take the shell off.

You don’t eat the shell.

That’s what I thought.


Sorry that this interrupted the snot, yeah.

No, it’s alright.

Look at that.

Oh, the sucking power.

That’s like the inside of my baby’s nose.


And you can see it in there.

and look.

Oh, it does have music.

Yeah, it keeps ’em busy.

Now, do you think Lisa could go all around her house, getting every little piece of thing up with this? I think it’d be just as effective.

So you can hear it slurping? Yeah.

– Lisa! There’s like this satisfying sound of snot slurping.

And this is brand new.

We bought one for this if anybody wants to try it, if you wanna see how it works, there’s different sizes.

Lisa? – No.

You’ve had a bad time already, just go all in.

No no, I’m fine with the suction that I have.

Yeah, right.

Lisa should be fine.


I use it every morning.

– This is not yours? This is brand new.

It’s not his, it’s the baby’s.


Oh my god.

She loves it.

Whoa! Ew, ew, ew.

We got full contact there.

Too far, too far.

You gotta go deep.


At what point are you gonna stop using this on the baby? I’m thinking it’d be a good way to send her off to college.

Look this is.

Right as you turn around to drive off, you’re like one last.

Put all this stuff, like put some here, this will be right here.

And what I’ll do is, it’s gonna suck out my, in my nose and it’s going like.

my mouth is gonna become the vacuum.

Yeah, that’s how bodies work.

Look at that human EyeVac.

I guess I’m pretty clean, ’cause.


Wait, so does snot come out of the baby every day? Oh, yeah.

– Like from that? Babies are super snotty.

Always snotty.

But like when you use that thing? Yeah, little bit.

It like fills it, up every time you use it? It doesn’t fill it up.


– There you go.

Ew! But it gets ’em out Isn’t this psychological damage I’m about to experience, right now? Yeah, yeah right, alright yeah.

But you open the chamber up, you clean it out, you take the snot out.

Suck, suck, give.

Oh come on! Lisa.

No, you don’t have to do that.

You don’t have to do it.

You can say no.

– I’m offering.

You can say no and Link will turn around.

Pass it on down.

Link will turn away.

Feel like we should put like a chair Lisa back there, like a permanent chair.

Just say no, and Link will return to doing it to himself.

How’s it feeling? How long do you keep it in her nose? I will say it doesn’t hurt.

She loves it.

She laughs when we do it, she reaches for it.

I was gonna take a video and everything, but.

Like, 30 Seconds, 10 seconds? 30 seconds is about right.

Play the music for yourself, you’ll love it.

Let’s have some eggs.

Like the musical toothbrush, that’s the amount of time you should do that for? Yeah, yeah exactly.

You think the eggs are ready, Stevie? Are you still with us, Stevie? I think this is copyright free music.

So we’re good.

Any brains I had are now in here.

Alright, wanna remind you.

I can that off if you want.

For kids of all ages, including yours, Carney, you can get the Mythical coloring book.

This thing is, it’s great for stress relief and fan-centric exercises.

So color in all these pages.

If you’re a fan who wants to center the world around your experience of us, then you can do that with colorings.

Look at that perfect egg.

Also great for marker tests.

Well you have to like look at the yoke.

Great for market tests? Marker tests.

Like the girl did, she was sniffing the markers.

Oh, yeah.

Wow, that’s perfectly done.

And I would say it was somewhere between medium and hard.

Just like you promised.

Pretty good.

Now see if the thing will get it? Yeah, don’t.

It wouldn’t be the first time.

So my wife’s vote is the stripper, so I’m definitely with her on that one.


– Right, yeah.

Rhett, what’s your vote? I think, I don’t know, this egg thing, it might bring boiled eggs back into my life.

‘Cause they’ve left.

The stripper, the stripper can’t suck! You need this! That’s cool though.

I just don’t, you know that’s, this is not in my world anymore.

Color your little hearts out with the Mythical coloring book.