We’re doing another set of Nightfall Solos in Destiny 1, with one of the most infamous strikes as the weekly Nightfall

16.02.2023 0 By admin

Whether we wanted it or not, we’re doing another set of Nightfall Solos in Destiny 1, with one of the most infamous strikes as the weekly Nightfall.

The modifiers are Epic, Berserk, Fresh Troops, Airborne, and Catapult. So not as many beneficial modifiers as the Previous Nightfalls we soloed on the channel, but Catapult will be our crutch.

For the Hunter Nightfall, I went with a Gunslinger build paired with Incendiary grenades, using Hung Jury, Thousand Yard Stare, and Gjallarhorn, one of the holy trinities of Destiny 1 loadouts.

I love this Strike, it’s a classic, so let’s get into it.

Getting through the first area wasn’t much of an issue, but I forgot just how many enemies are inside this room.

The 3 cabal Guards encounter is where things became a bit more challenging. So I just took things a little slower and came out on top first try.

And as some of you know this next boss has a chance to either be a Taken Minotaur fight, or a Cabal Land tank and at least for the Hunter run, we’re fighting the Minotaur.

By the time I reached the room before Valus, I was pretty much empty on ammo, which was a bit annoying, because clearing this room with just the Hung Jury would be rough. And it was.

I finally made it to Valus, and my first Instincts were to run to one of the classic spots to fight him.
Definitely got a bit careless and got shredded in record time.

So for the second attempt, I decided to mix up the strategy a bit and use the Hiding spot a bit less.
Zero Day Dilemma with Glass Half full…not the best Nightfall Drop to be honest, but we got 2 more tries to get something solid.
For the Titan run I went with a Cauterize Sunbreaker Build with fusion grenades, with a PvP rolled Clever Dragon because I just wanted to use this thing and test it in PvE because I don’t think I’ve ever used it outside PvP before. The But Not Forgotten sniper rifle, and Gjallarhorn again because, why not.

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After breezing past the first room, it was on to the Guards.

Now this time, we got the Land Tank encounter and it went about as it expected. Starving for ammo didn’t help make anything easier.

Once again, being exhausted of my ammo, this room sucked.

Now for Main Attraction.
Decided to pull the Strike Loot chest and got a Tread Upon Stars with one of the worst rolls. And then Bungie trolled me with a Super Good Advice for the Nightfall Drop. So one more chance to get something great.

For the Warlock, Self Rez Sunsinger, Genesis Chain Auto from Wrath, Swordbreaker from Crota, and Gjallarhorn because I guess we’re doing all Gjallarhorns this week.

First room, business as usual. Tons of ads.
Second Encounter is Taken Guards instead of Cabal and they were a bit harder than the Cabal Guards.

Third Encounter was the Land Tank again, but this time I’m blessed by the RNG gods with Special Ammo drops so it wasn’t too bad.

Pulled the chest again for another chance at a decent Tread upon Stars and was disappointed.

And for the Nightfall Drop? A legendary helm with above average stats.

But that is this week of Soloing Destiny 1 Nightfalls. Hope you guys enjoyed, and if you did, be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more D1 Nightfalls in the future.