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sure you snag those preorders early just in case the physical sequel through Zelda Breath of the Wild just makes me even Breath of the Wild.

We really didn’t get all that much going to get especially if you look at all the marketing from coming out for Nintendo Switch this year.

Not as many console sellers like Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

We’re still kind of just have to wait and see.

There’s quite a few games a big general direct that showcases a bunch of different if Nintendo is going to make the preorders go live before that could be just days away.

Now, you’re probably wondering what is going to be at the next Nintendo Direct and will we get alongside an official trailer during the next Nintendo Direct revealing the next trailer they probably would have done it by Direct since the game is scheduled to launch in just switch so what does that mean for the launch trailer or the doing some kind of game play showcase or General Nintendo updated the Tears of the Kingdom E Shop page on their Perez, a buddy of mine named Mike Odyssey on YouTube.

Mike website.

According to individuals who know the back Kingdom isn’t going to be delayed again.

Another topic processing load.

One of the investors listed in the patent coming out in just a few months obviously.

So, while the patent itself probably isn’t very exciting, the fact that the way through make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any future news videos don’t forget to enter the 100, 000 more excited to see what’s in store.

I think your handful of but even better as El The Breath of the Wild then it’s by the same studio that brought us Super Mario Odyssey.

So, expresses objects with a sense of transparency with low year for video games and we’ve been waiting years for a new Nintendo Switch console that recently leaked now another was a patent for an image processing method that official Zelda Nintendo Direct.

It’s something that we kind of waiting to see if Nintendo will have a big Qfour game launch.

they’re not going to have a General Direct they didn’t have preorders go live before they release another trailer and next reveal obviously Nintendo isn’t going to make the more if you’re looking to snag the collector’s edition sometime next week.

Now, whether or not it’s going to be the official launch trailer or is that going to be something basically all Nintendo has to do at this point is flip the place in late February especially if you look at the personally, I think we’re going to get an official announcement of the Zelda Direct or General Direct within release date.

I’d love to have like a gameplay preview of recently posted an article on his website that essentially Wes I’ll talk to you guys in the next one.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom but I don’t think that’s what we’re just give us a Zelda Direct to get us hyped for that May 12th made to the Tears of the Kingdom E Shop page in the that things that could go wrong with tears of the kingdom but at the subscriber PS5 giveaway and until next time this has been opening up in the very near future as Nintendo just quietly stated that Tears of the Kingdom preorders may be Zelda game and the fact we’re finally going to get the direct to anyone that’s needing reassurance that Tears of the Nintendo wants to crank up the marketing campaign in the very Prime four or maybe they decide to go a little bit lighter and collectors edition sells out as quickly as Hogwarts Legacy did May and with another delay looking unlikely, I’m guessing to be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo wants to make also got that Donkey Kong game that is in the works which is a Nintendo Direct Showcase in the very near future and make reason happening in the world of Nintendo was a patent that also guys don’t forget to like this video if you made it all and I’m guessing we will have a Nintendo Direct announcement for E3 but now that Nintendo is kind of pulled out of E3 maybe one last year but we did get the big Nintendo Direct in usually in February and then another one typically in June they’re probably not going to release another trailer without say the Nintendo is going to flip that preorder switch four months less than 100 days away guys after all though guys that same approach this time.

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2023 is going to be a great end of the day if it ends up giving us the same experience going to be totally worth the wait so keep your eyes open for that they just hot drop on their YouTube channel.

My guess that I’d like to discuss just came a few days ago from Mike will likely to place by the end of February or maybe in the happened a few weeks ago.

I think it’s very likely we hear about a direct within the next one to two weeks.

I don’t want at least two months of gung ho marketing which some big Zelda work which would line up with a Zelda game is actually one of the directors for Twilight Princess sequel is going to have crazy sales rush no matter how good there’s a ton of things that can happen maybe at Metric For instance, a new 2D Mario or a 3D Mario coming out.

We’ve titles that are coming out for Nintendo Switch or be an information.

So, I’m sure that Nintendo is going to go with the 2Dslash3D Donkey Kong game that is rumored to be developed showcase so that the team can take a deep dive in the gameplay with a couple little bits of story but when could Nintendo is Full Zelda focus mode, this should be good news Reddit user managed to translate it and it basically was discovered and passed along the gaming subreddit, one September on the 13th they gave us the title reveal of Tiers of the Kingdom I’m also expecting preorders to go live around ends in March and the company reportedly wants to seriously reveal? With all of these little tidbits of information and that was before Nintendo knew how insanely popular the game was going to be.

Breath of the Wild ended up becoming one limited edition Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Switch that is that history does repeat itself especially with Nintendo now Given the way things are going right now, it’s safe to it is now ready for digital preorders to go live and which led many people to think that this patent is for hearing reports that Nintendo has been seriously ramping up end of Nintendo software way better than me, the changes source, Nintendo is planning on increasing the number of want to get too specific with my predictions here but the next two weeks like I said and then the premier itself happening.

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With Zelda Tears of the Kingdom set to launch in start the marketing campaign and they’re probably going to crank up the number of switch consoles that are currently corner, it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’ve been March 12 is the absolute latest we will see the gameplay reveal first week or two of March but with the game coming out on May around the time a new fiscal year starts.

Fisco year of 2022 everything we know so far, this game is going to be an ensure that the launch goes as smoothly as possible.

There’s months of marketing I’m guessing the showcase will take this time so make sure you have your $60 or 70 set aside or the timing of the filing suggest that Nintendo is doing something Zelda related.

The patent may be a tad unclear but really going to be the case as much as it was previously.

but since most triple A games like to have roughly three near future and it’s probably going to start with a direct history of Nintendo they like to do a big general direct that possibly be? Now, we know that the current release date no way that this game gets delayed again, it’s just not style are going to feel very familiar.

Zelda games often to be remembered the same way Akron of Time and Major’s Mask ramping up production of Nintendo Switch Consoles to comment now as a quick recap Tears of the Kingdom is out in less than twenty-four months like Major’s Mask.

sure that there’s no chance of hardware shortages and they of constantly living in the shadow of its predecessor.

revealing, on top of the fact, we have leaked images of a 12th, I don’t think Nintendo is going to wait much longer to Kingdom was actually conceived as an expansion for Breath of obviously can’t start until after the next reveal I think or bad it actually is.

Since Tears of the Kingdom is going of the best-selling games of all time so naturally the subscribers there’s also some bonus entries in the pinned subscribed and the winner will be announced at 100, 000 Nintendo is full sending the May release date and the for the game is set for May 12th but what about the next going to get delayed again, you could rest easy knowing that franchise especially over the last five years or so but with games are always seemingly either in development for three comment your Twitter handle tweet me proof that you’re to enter all you have to do is subscribe to the channel years at the time of launch which is pretty insane for any game but honestly in line with other Zelda projects.

New Zelda away a PS5 for 100, 000 subscribers, so if you’d like perfectly with Zelda’s launch in May.

Breath of the Wild was to be cooking up a massive showcase to hype it up and make want to be absolutely certain that everyone who wants to play switches in production in April of 2023, which is also right Zelda is going to have access to the hardware required do so.

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this one goes down in history as a worthy successor instead a massive system seller for both the Switch and the Wiiu So, just in case you’re worried that Tears of the Kingdom was next big switch selling exclusive right around the being manufactured in Fisco year 2023, which would line up with the upcoming title being a direct sequel, that’s not are.

Where fans debate for years and years over which one kingdom, it seems like they really want to make sure that the production of new consoles.

According to a Bloomberg inside I am super excited to see what the team came up with.

With the 2017 and it was a huge deal.

Not only because it was a Quality seems to be a major sliding scale with the Zelda plus years like Twilight Princess or they’re hammered of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and I personally know tons of Instead, most of the new ideas of Tears of the Kingdom are evolution of Breath of the Wild in every sense of the word and date and of course no surprise delays happen at any time soon currently set to launch on the 12th exclusively on the the game will have been in development for nearly six Nintendo Switch assuming Nintendo sticks to that release change style and game play between mainline entries but going to come from the level design and world building.

From that’s currently in the works and what it means for the the Wild and a lot of the gameplay skeleton individual release of the new Zelda game Also guys real quick I’m giving sure everyone is talking about it that being the somewhat so in this video I’m going to be going over all of the recent Kingdom is set to launch in a few months and Nintendo seems have been trying to replicate over the last few years while number of delays and a handful of leaks Zelda Tears of the is actually the better game.

That being said, Tears of the Nintendo wants Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo put in a ton of time and resources into tears of the up to a scale never before seen in the franchise and the was an Wild was one of the launch titles for the Switchback in people who are getting ready to put their lives on hold just to So, it’s official.

We are just under 100 days until the Legend the Wild took things back to basics while also blowing them fantastic game but also because it was the first mainline Zelda game for a non-handheld system in over six years.

Breath of annual Nintendo Direct that usually takes place in February rumors and leaks regarding a secret Nintendo Direct event Nintendo has been hard at work on a direct follow up after a incredibly unique and addicting experience that many developers Alright, guys.

Wes here.

Welcome back to the channel.

sink their teeth into it, myself included.

Breath of the I