Additional rewards for Sony games in 2023 revealed

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2023 will be a very important year for

PlayStation 5 says Sony they just

confirmed at CES that the council now

sold a 30 million units and that it

should be way easier to get from this

point forward and it also means that

Sony now has an extra good incentive to

push the platform and reveal new games

as people can finally go out and buy the

machine with even a new variant of the

hardware in coming this year so I want

to look at everything we can expect from

PlayStation in 2023 from the big

exclusives and third-party titles that

will release to Big new projects that

will finally be revealed I’m going over

their strategy for the new year and way

way more so of course if you are curious

and excited for the future of

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Sony has many new tactics rolling out

this year which I will touch on but one

of the focus points will of course still

be big new games and they already

secured many exclusives for 2023 with

many from Square Enix starting with the

new IP for spoken on January 24th about

a lady from New York getting sucked into

a fancy land but lucky for her she does

get magical powers to destroy the many

creatures it’s an open world game with a

big focus on movement and I still have

my fingers crossed that this turns out

well we got new game plus for God of War

Ragnarok coming in Spring 2023 likely

around the end of March followed by the

burning Shores expansion for Horizon 2

on April 19th I like the fact that it

takes place after the ending of

forbidden West instead of before like we

saw with frozen Wilds from zero Dawn and

I’m curious if they can maybe apply some

of the feedback on forbidden West maybe

make it less of a typical open World

experience and hopefully give some cool

twists to the genre Final Fantasy 16

will be the big summer exclusive and it

won’t be open rule by the way because

they did not want to limit themselves to

just just one big open space but go for

a lot of different regions instead so

these different areas should still be

open but not directly connected as we

see in other open world games to give

more of a global feeling that we’re in

like a lot of different parts of a huge

world if you watch the trailer so you

know that they are pure hype they show a

massive scale and it should also really

showcase the power of the PS5 so I’m

looking forward to June 22nd and if

we’re lucky we might also get a Final

Fantasy VII rebirth for part two of the

full remake at the end of 2023 although

that can slip to early 2024 as well but

I just finished Crisis Core really can’t

wait to continue the story Stellar

blades a Korean action RPG is also one

to keep an eye on it gives some DMC

Vibes looks pretty solid she dropped in

2023 but I’m of course mostly looking

forward to Spider-Man 2 and I’m sure we

will see way more than this diesel

trailer we’ve watched many times in the

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coming months before for the fall 2023

release like this will be another big

year for PlayStation 5 exclusives next

to the massive third-party lineup That

is dropping every month with highlights

including the Dead Space remake Hogwarts

Legacy Atomic Hearts really hope that

this turns out well Jetta Survivor the

sequel of course the followed order and

Fallen ordered at first game is now

downloadable if you have the basic

PlayStation Plus so totally get it and

play it if you haven’t already the rest

of the Evil 4 remake is coming in March

I’m really looking forward to the

Suicide Squad game the First new title

from Rocksteady after Batman Arkham

Knight in 2015 Diablo 4 will of course

be huge and I think it’s worth noting

that Avatar Frontier Pandora is all

slated for 2023 and has a PlayStation

partnership so might get some exclusive

content like we’re also seeing in

Hogwarts Legacy but as you might know

there are way more big releases planned

for 2023 and I went in depth on those in

a video that I will link to in the video

description and the best part is so that

more time titles will be announced and

come out in 2023 like again it’s going

to be a huge year for the PS5 Sony wants

to sell another 30 million units in the

time between April 2023 and March 2024

and a brand new PS5 with a detachable

disk drive should help with that so

according to rumors this will overtake

both models that we have right now so

that there will only be one version

without a disk drive but you can then

choose to buy a separate extension which

will then allow you to put Blu-rays in

the device so this should mean that

there will just be one PS5 moving

forward that might be 400 bucks like the

digital version is right now but they

can choose to pay extra for the disk

drive it should be announced soon and

could be really really huge and then

it’s good to have a promising looking

lineup but right now Beyond Spiderman we

only know about Wolverine so that’s why

I think we will see many new games being

revealed in 2023 free for the years

ahead so let’s go over these reveals so

starting with the last verse because

naughty duck just put up a blog post in

which they are reflecting on a big year

to come for the series we know the TV

show is dropping January 15th and it

should make more people interested in

the first game so maybe we see a huge

sales bump part one is also coming to PC

on March 3rd but the more interesting

bits from the article are regarding the

Last of Us multiplayer game we get new

details later this year and it’s shaping

up to be a fresh new experience from our

studio but one rooted in naughty dog’s

passion for delivering incredible

stories characters and gameplay we got

new concept art as well with a huge

cruise ship we of course saw a ship in

part two that we could explore as well

so maybe it will be similar but way

bigger of course and we previously knew

that this multiplayer game is set in San

Francisco would be awesome if we got

like a beta at the end of the year but a

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trailer and Gameplay at least seems to

be a lot I also found this

interesting so even as the series turns

10 years old it feels like the last of

us has only just begun and this busy

year will certainly show why like the

rumor now is that Neil dragman’s next

game is not a new IP but The Last of Us

Part 3 instead with him hinting at the

fact that there’s more story to tell

very recently and earlier he already

noted that the story outline was already

written I would have loved a new IP but

seems that we’re getting lost of his

three first and if that’s true I can

already see them tease this year as we

also had the teaser for part two three

years after the original came out so

we’re on the same timeline and it would

of course be a huge way to end this

massive year for the series and what

we’re seeing with the last verse is

cross media across genre tactic is

something we’ll see for many other Sony

properties even older ones are brought

back like Twisted Metal is getting a

peacock TV series that is wrapped up

filming in August 2022 so should be

coming out this year which also means

that it’s time to reveal and ideally

launch the new game based on Twisted

Metal codenamed red star this should be

in development at fire Sprite with

destruction All-Stars developers helping

on the game yes that title was totally a

flop but they also had a lot of

learnings to hopefully make this a

success we just got a first look at the

Gran Turismo movie that is dropping

August 11th and Sony of course hopes

that this will steer more people towards

gt7 that is still being supported and

during CES they also confirmed a free

PS3 R2 update at the launch of the

hardware on February 22nd like Sony will

of course kick off the year with the

release of the headset and Horizon golf

the mountain as the flagship title like

for me that’s already enough reason to

want to get the hardware I’ve also been

a fan of my Oculus Quest but I do think

it will be hard to make this a success

600 on top of the PS5 is also a Hard

Sell and right now next to Horizon and

there’s also this until dawn Rush of

Blood like game but then set in dark

pictures Universe apart from that their

titles are mostly ports so I hope Sony

puts enough resources behind it but I

don’t think it will happen now the focus

for 2023 is on those big single player

exclusives I already discussed rolling

out the TV and movie productions to get

more people interested in the Sony

franchises and also releasing more

multiplayer games so this can be

completely new we’ll touch on those in a

second or based on existing IPS like

we’re seeing with the last verse ghost

of Shima legends that will get a big

Sequel and now Gorilla Games also

confirmed that a new internal team is

developing a separate line project set

in Horizons Universe with the early zero

down concept art likely giving us an

idea of what it will look like also High

chance that they announce it in 2023 as

Simon larouche has been working on it

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for five years now which is almost as

much as the original Horizon which was

in the works for six years so this could

be huge with the launch planned for PS5

and PC at the same time another game

that I’m curious about is from Sony

London the team that most recently did

Blood and Truth in 2019 for psvr but now

they’re making a PS5 exclusive online

co-op combat game set in a modern

fantasy London as we see in the first

art they shared should have a big focus

on Magic combats and I think it looks

promising but this does show that a VR

studio is not working on psvr 2 but on

Sony’s live service initiative instead

we also know that helldivers 2 is coming

it won’t be topped down as a Sony

developer who also helped Studio

Arrowhead games leaked saying that it’s

a Next Generation third person

Cooperative shooter with Next Generation

Graphics Innovative Co-op and agency for

the community to alter the course of the

game has been in the works for many many

years to sell I think they will release

it in 2023 and by the way pretty well to

the same person also leaks the release

year for death stranding 2 which seems

to be 2024 so don’t expect it this year

although I’m sure we will get another

trailer and we see an upcoming first

person shooter which is likely the one

that Sony has in development with

deviation games from X Call of Duty

developers that also seems to be planned

for 2024 like we can expect a big Sony

Showcase in 2023 to reveal all those

2024 and Beyond games so blue points

will also probably be there because they

usually launch something new every two

to three years and their holiday card

was also teasing something new we see

the shield from the Demon Souls remake

their most recent project at the end of

2020 the X from God of War Ragnarok as

they helped Sony Santa Monica and the

sword from the shadow of the calls

remake they did two years before Demon

Souls but yeah we also see that

Cuts likely their next project which I

think we will see this year it’s also

time to see the new game from the days

gone developers they’ve now been working

on for almost four years and in the

summer of 2023 it would be three years

since ghost of tsushima so I also think

we will see Ghost of tsushima too when

more in depth on those titles and other

big games that will likely be revealed

in 2023 including GTA 6 in a previous

video that I will link to in a second of

course I’m curious to hear what you’re

looking forward to from Sony in 2023 let

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