Games to be released in 2023

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every year I like to predict the big

games that will be announced in the next

12 months with larger’s video from

December 2021 including Jedi Fallen

order 2 which of course we now know is

called Jedi Survivor I talked about the

big Assassin’s Creed reveals we of

course saw The Last of Us remake that

has already been released and also

discussed the multiplayer that we should

see more of in 2023 a new Tomb Raider

game that we haven’t really seen yet but

has been confirmed with Amazon as the

publisher and I also talked about psvr

too that we did not know about at the

end of 2021 but it was of course

revealed and will be coming out February

22nd so a solid score meaning that it’s

time to make another round of

predictions based on research and

evidence and oh boy I think we’re gonna

see some really big games in 2023. of

course if you are curious what titles

will be revealed in 2023 and leaving a

like would really help me out and

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and let’s go that’s good to know that

maybe already saw it but I already did a

big video with all the games that are

coming out in 2023 which are of course a

lot so I will leave a link to that video

in the video description this video is

all about the games that will be

revealed in 2023 but might launch later

like ghost of tsushima too it’s for one

obvious that sucker punch is working on

the sequel with job listings saying that

new recruits must have played the

original and understands the core

gameplay systems they also confirmed in

2022 that they are not working on

inFamous or Sly Cooper and no other

studio is either yes RIP I still hope at

least one Studio goes back to Infamous

someday but yet is also once again makes

Ghost 2 very likely and it makes sense

because the first game sold 10 million

copies which is almost as much as The

Last of Us Part 2 in the same time

window there’s also a ghost movie coming

out by the John Wick director who said

that they already have a script for the

highly anticipated film but they are

still working out some of the details

because it’s a whole new kind of a ball

game so the movie is still far away but

I also think the game is 2024 at the

earliest which would be four years after

the original the same amount of time as

God of War 2018 to Ragnarok now I could

only see 2025 as well as they of course

released the Iggy Island DLC in 2021 so

did not immediately start working on the

sequel either way I still think it’s

time to tease already in 2023 show that

jyn goes to Mainland Japan and hopefully

gets some other melee weapons that’s one

of my hopes for the game it seems that

the multiplayer will make a return as

well as Sucker Punch right now is

looking for two senior designers for

multiplayer encounters and missions so

likely a bigger iteration maybe even

Standalone of the legend multiplayer we

of course already saw ghost of Shima is

also long overdue for a PC release I can

see that happen in the first half of

2023 so then also announcing the sequel

means that we can look forward to a

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pretty big year for the series but yeah

I think Sony will announce way more

games but more on that in a moment first

another big one that has been kind of a

running joke that people expect to show

up at every single event GTA 6. although

I think that in 2023 there’s actually a

higher chance of that happening although

Rockstar will likely just post a cryptic

tweet follow it up the next day with

another one and then the day after that

announced that the game is real and that

the first trailer is coming soon like no

need to be part of a big event they can

own every day of the week so we actually

had some League details thanks to

Bloomberg and of course that big

internal League we know the game is set

in five cities so the fictional Miami of

course with more interior locations than

previous Grand Theft Auto games they

will also continually update the game

over time adding New Missions and cities

on a regular basis so this for the

single player part not just online we

which I think is awesome news through

playable characters a male and female

influenced by bank robbers Bonnie and

Clyde GTA 5 now sold 170 million copies

worldwide like this next game will of

course be massive and Microsoft thinks

that it’s releasing in 2024 which also

lines up with the developers who Jays

and schreier spoke to in June 2022. they

didn’t know any firm release date but

expected the game to be at least two

years away so that would be 2024. a

rockstar usually announced their games

one year before the planned release so

now it will then of course slip the 2025

because every Rockstar game is delayed

but an announcement in 2023 at least it

seems very likely we know Ubisoft has

some big games coming in 2023 with the

sunscreen Mirage Avatar Frontiers

Pandora and they will also be launching

Squam boats wins overdose titles and way

more we can expect from them in the new

year and Beyond in a previous video a

link to that in the video description

like I mentioned there that I think we

will see a new ghost recon game but that

is not all there are also many rumors

and leaks indicating that a new crew

game is coming with the name motor Fest

according to Insider gaming said on the

Hawaii islands of Oahu so expect sunny

beaches blue seas and mountainous roads

with the potential highlight being an up

to 100 player race there was also a beta

for codename Orlando found in the steam

files and we know it is the code name

for the crew 3 so it might even launch

in 2023 as well which would be six years

after the last game and speaking of

Hawaii the next Immortals game all seems

to be inspired by the Polynesian culture

as we saw in a leaked image Jeff group

shared on his Morning Show and while

reports note that it’s still early I

always thought that it’s the game Scott

Phillips the game director on Odyssey

and the first game has been working on

for the last two years and 6 months and

that’s already more time than they spent

on the origin original would of course

be a perfect launch game for the next

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switch that is expected somewhere in

2024 so I personally think we will see

the game revealed in 2023 like you also

don’t want to wait more than three years

after the original with then a launch in

early 2024. it’s also time for the next

meta realm Studios game and the boss

over there at Boone has been teasing on

Twitter that we should know the name of

their next game by the end of 2023.

although the reveal will actually be in

the next six months or so he also teases

that it might launch in 2023 and it

would be similar to Mortal Kombat 11

which was revealed at the game awards in

December 2018 and launched four months

later in April 2019 but the question of

course is so will it be an injustice

game or another Mortal Kombat title like

we at least know that it will be one of

the two with Mortal Kombat 12 being more

likely according to Jeff grupp who again

has been right many times before also

reading through Ed Boon’s tweet

responses it seems clear that he wants

to make Injustice 3 but it’s not what

they’re doing right now so I also think

it’s a new Mortal Kombat it should then

also pick up where 11 left off it sounds

like a big E3 reveal to me with that a

release date for the end of the year now

before I look at more PlayStation

announcements I first want to go over to

Xbox as many of their Studios have been

silent for a long time now in 2018

Microsoft bought compulsion games known

for the very cool looking we happy few

title that sadly lacked a bit of

substance in the gameplay Department

well ever since that game in 2016

they’ve been working on a new title

codenamed midnight as reported by

Windows Central within the same article

the first info on pentament from

obsidian before it was revealed and we

of course know that the game is real

because it just came out so the

compulsion game info is likely real too

it should be a third person single

player game set in a dark Fantastical

world with a strong Southern Gothic vibe

that we also see in the concept art

again they’ve been working on it for a

long time so I think they will reveal it

in 2023 and I’m curious bring it on the

Coalition released Gears of War 5 in

2019 and before they make the next gears

in 2024 or 2025 they should first be

making a new IP according to a rumor

running on Unreal Engine 5 of course

they actually made a demo showcasing the

power of the engine and we’ve seen

companies like Quantic dream spin Tech

demos into real games so maybe this was

a tease for something new and that we

can play in the future after all should

be interesting but if Microsoft follows

the same Trend as last year and only

shows games for the next 12 months then

I think they will mostly focus on

re-revealing already announced titles

while Sony on the other hand doesn’t

have a lot of big games that we can look

forward to apart from Spider-Man 2 and

Wolverine so I think they will announce

way more games in 2023 with some of them

also launching in the same year and a

big candidate for that is helldivers too

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the trailer for this already leaked but

we’ve not seen your visual announcement

yet the trailer also included a

PlayStation Studios logo by the way so

maybe Sony is acquiring Arrowhead as

well now helldivers 2 should at least be

the first title from the developers in 8

years next gen third person Co-op

shooter is what the developers noted on

Twitter so it seems like they’re

ditching the top down few for a more

traditional over-the-shoulder look

another new PS5 game that should also

have co-op is the new IP from Sony band

so the studio behind days gone in a blog

post in 2022 they noted that they were

currently working on a new IP that

includes multiplayer and builds upon the

open World Systems of days gone but

brings you a whole new world that we’re

extremely excited to craft for you and I

also know that they will reveal it when

the time is right which again I think is

2023 four years after their previous

game we also know that days gone 2 would

have a shared online Universe with Co-op

so they’re likely using a lot of ideas

from that Sequel and put it in this new

IP like I always would have loved more

days gone but I’m also really curious to

see what else I can come up with and

yeah we will probably see a lot of days

gone sort of elements in this new game

as well so I will likely do a big

PlayStation 5 in 2023 video with even

more things that Sony should be ready to

announce including from Blue Points and

gorilla otherwise this video will be way

too big so look forward to that And

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want to quickly go over some honorable

mentions here payday 3 is in the works

it said in New York featuring the

original gang it was always planned for

2023 but so far we’ve only seen this art

without any gameplay so I think they

will like properly reveal it soon with

that maybe a 2024 date the game should

be set several years after Payday 2 and

the digital age with mass surveillance

crypto and the dark web will play a big

role and pose new challenges in this

Co-op game and then a title that I

mentioned in last year’s video as well

Bioshock like I feel that it can be

revealed at any moment as they’ve been

working on it since 2019 but we of

course did see that judah’s game from

the original Creator Ken Levine so maybe

take two wants to release that first

before they talk about Bioshock 4 which

is by the way seemingly set in

Antarctica now any big games that you

want to see revealed in 2023 I think if

half of these are true I think more of

them will be true but then it will

already be a nice year of course let me

know in the comments down below

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