PlayStation is teasing something big happening and we’re going to go over what that could mean for the future of games like Godivor Ragnarok and Spider Man two

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Alright, guys. Welcome back to the channel Wes here.

Today,we’ve got some news to talk about regarding PlayStation and Godivor Ragnarok as well as Spiderman two.

PlayStation is teasing something big happening and we’re going to go over what that could mean for the future of games like Godivor Ragnarok and Spider Man two.

So as you know, Godivor Ragnarok was one of the biggest launches of the last decade and Sony is still riding high on the Kratos hype.
The PlayStation 5 in general

has been doing really well ever
since it released back in 2020

and with the console finally
becoming easier for the average

consumer to get their hands on.
So of course Sony is looking to

keep the ball rolling for as
long as possible. And of course

Microsoft and Nintendo have
promised some big thanks for 20

23 with Xbox already hosting
their first major conference.

The Xbox developer direct
people are already looking to

the other major consoles to see
what they may have in store.

Despite Sony’s first party
lineup being somewhat slow for

the year, there are ton of
possibilities for announcements

over the next month or two and
we just got some new

information that suggest they
have some big plans for this

year. So we’re going to be
talking about everything that

could be happening with Sony
and the PSfive especially

whenever it comes to the live
with PS5 hype and marketing

that they’ve been doing as at
the moment all signs are

leading to a big PlayStation
showcase for February of this

year we’re also going to talk
about PlayStation Microsoft and

Nintendo not being at E-3 they
will be skipping out on the

floor this year at the
convention center but that also

basically means that they will
likely be doing their own

showcases this year so get
ready for this video guys like

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be announced at 100000
subscribers. The PS5 launched

in late 2020 and while the
system was pretty impressive

and very highly desired, it was
nearly impossible to get your

hands on in many parts of the
world. This was the dead center

of the hardware shortages and
supply chain issues from the

global situation and those
issues are finally being

resolved. Despite all of the
issues with the state of the

global economy, Sony has
reportedly sold over 30 million

PSfive consoles and the
PlayStation boss Jim Ryan

recently said that December of
2022 it was their biggest month

yet over 10 million of those 30
million PS5s were reportedly

sold during the 2022 fiscal
year which is set to end on

March 31st and while Sony is
still a few million short of

their 18 million gold for the
fiscal year these numbers are

incredibly impressive with the
upcoming release of the rumored

PS5 variants the PS5 slim, and
the PS5 Pro it’s very likely

that those sales numbers are
just going to keep shooting

upwards especially if the first
party output is given proper

care and attention so far the
PlayStation five’s party out

but it’s been pretty solid.
Things started out strong with

games like Ratchet and Clank
with the Part. Spiderman Miles

Morales in the remake of Demon
Souls. Later first party games

like Horizon Forbidden West and
God of War Ragnrock helped push

things even further and with
Marvel Spiderman two scheduled

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to launch later this year in
the fall of twenty

twenty-three. Sony likely has
another hit on their hands

especially because it’s one of
the most anticipated sequels at

least coming out this year. On
top of that, the PS5 has been a

very popular place for
multi-platform games like Call

of Duty, Fortnite, Apex
Legends, and of course Grant of

Auto Series. So I think it’s
safe to say that Sony is in a

pretty good spot going into the
2023 fiscal year. Perhaps the

biggest piece of PlayStation
news to come out recently was

the appearance of a giant
replica of Kratos’ axe, the

Leviathan axe that popped up in
London just a few days ago.

Sony didn’t say a word about
the publicity stunt but the axe

is incredibly detailed and is
going to play some kind of role

in the live from PlayStation
events or rather the live from

PlayStation marketing effort
that they’re currently doing.

This all comes after weeks and
weeks of Studios reassuring us

that they’re not working on an
expansion back Forgotto

Ragnarok which is incredibly
suspect but I’ll talk about

that again soon. It also comes
just mere hours after parts of

the Spider Man two marketing
campaign started leaking

suggesting that Sony is setting
up for something huge. Not only

is the marketing campaign for
Spiderman two about to begin

but there’s also apparently
some kind of massive God of War

announcement in the works.
Putting two and two things

together here, it seems like
the rumors of a PlayStation

five showcase are indeed true.
For those of you that are out

of the loop, According to a
number of industry insiders,

Sony is gearing up for a
massive showcase of their first

party properties within the
next few weeks. Microsoft

already got their early 2023
conference out of the way and

there are tons of rumors of
Nintendo planning some kind of

showcase or General Direct or
at the very least a Zelda

Direct in the next few weeks
but that kind of just leaves

Sony out of the picture and as
the odd man out. Many people

are expecting some kind of
showcase for Spider Man two in

the very near future especially
since bits and pieces of the

marketing campaign have started
leaking but with the appearance

of the giant god of war acts
seems Spidey isn’t the only

character that Sony is going to
be given the star treatment to.

It’s pretty common for major
game companies to host a big

year starting showcase so
investors and fans can kind of

see what their plans are for
the rest of the year. And since

twenty twenty-3 seems like a
pretty empty year for

PlayStation right now. They
could definitely benefit from

something like that. Like I
said though a number of

industry insiders have claimed
that PlayStation is planning on

doing a big first party
showcase in the first few

months of this year. Likely
before the end of March or

perhaps in early April if they
really want to wait. However

with Crato is Leviathan X
appearing in late January and

the Spider Man two trailer
leaking it was live action I

think we’re going to hear any
day now about a showcase and

the event will likely be held
before the end of February

especially if history does
indeed repeat itself

PlayStation likes to do their
showcases in February same with

the Nintendo Direct but granted
that’s just my opinion but if

the teasers have started
already I don’t think Sony is

going to make us wait much
longer not to mention the fact

that the PlayStation 5 is so
easily readily available

nowadays so why would they not
want to do a showcase and give

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potential consumers a
compelling reason to go out and

buy a PlayStation 5 especially,
if they’re still on the fence

so what could be shown off at a
PlayStation showcase well

Spiderman two is the only first
party title release on the

docket right now as well as
Final Fantasy what else could

we get well I think there’s a
ton of possibilities first of

all Sony has been very
aggressive with their expansion

in the PC marketplace and with
so many first party IPs at

their disposal there’s any
number of PC ports that could

be announced at a PlayStation
showcase I’ve heard rumors that

Sony is currently working their
own PC game launcher that would

bring support for the PSN
profiles, trophy tracking, and

everything else related to a
PlayStation account which would

be a pretty big deal as would
make them more of an equivalent

to the Microsoft, Xbox game
launcher on the PC. There’s

also tons of other rumors
regarding more PC ports for

games like Demon Souls,
possibly Bloodborne even though

we kind of want to remaster for
that first. Godivor Ragnarok,

The Last of Us Part two, Ghost
of Sushima, and so much more. A

number of those games have
already had PC leaks while

others are just kind of
speculation but since God of

War 2018 launched on PC last
year with incredible numbers, I

think it’s all but confirmed
that Ragnarok is going to get a

PC port. In fact, I would be
shocked if the PlayStation

conference goes by and we don’t
get confirmation of a PC port

for Ragnarok alongside some
kind of potential DLC

announcement. Bloodborne is
another stony game that the PC

community is very eager to get
their hands on which makes

sense because from software has
a pretty massive following on

the PC. Next up, it was
recently confirmed by IGN that

the big three at Ethree will
not be there. So, PlayStation

Xbox and Nintendo will not be
at the show floor for E3 this

year which at face value is
kind of bad news especially if

you are looking forward to
going to E3 and interacting

with some of the PlayStation
Xbox and Nintendo stuff those

different booths there and
playing different games but

they will not be at the show
floor but that’s not really a

bad thing over the years
PlayStation Xbox and Nintendo

have just done their own
showcases outside of Ethree at

the end of the day they’re way
bigger than E3 and they don’t

really need to spend the money
to be on the show floor so this

doesn’t rule out the
possibility of having game

showcase during the time of
Ethree. We’ve got the Summer

Games Fest from Jeff Keeley
that will be taking place as

well that will be a live show
and not to mention Xbox will

likely be doing a big Xbox game
showcase. PlayStation will

likely have a state of play or
a PlayStation five showcase and

then Nintendo will most likely
have a direct or at the very

least a Treehouse Live. Either
way though, if the big three

don’t give us game
announcements for around the

summertime, then we’ll have to
rely on Jeff Keeley and Summer

Game Fest to give us the
announcements that we were

looking forward to. Now, in
addition to Sony announcing P

ports, I think it’s very
possible that we will see a

PlayStation conference that
talks about the long rumored

PlayStation variants. For
instance, the PlayStation 5

Slim and the PlayStation five
Pro as well as the new dual

sense controller. I think it’s
also very possible we will get

some kind of update on the God
of War TV show especially since

the Leviathan Act showing up
out of nowhere but that’s kind

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of a stretch. There’s obviously
going to be some kind of new

God of War news dropping in the
near future. Whether it’s

related to the game or has to
do with the TV show we just

don’t really know as of yet.
But following success of the

last of us on HBO Max I’m sure
Sony wants to keep the hype

rolling for TV shows based on
their properties so even though

God of War Show is being
handled by Amazon instead of

HBO Sony likely wants to get
people hyped sooner rather than

later now on top of all of that
I’m guessing the PlayStation

conference will have a heavy
focus on Spider Man two since

that’s going to be Sony’s main
first party game for the year

I’m also anticipating some kind
of update on Final Fantasy 16

which is going to be a
PlayStation console exclusive

with an eventual PC port to
follow in the future there are

a lot of thing Sony could have
in the wings for 2023 despite

the lineup first party titles
and there’s certainly more than

enough to justify a full
PlayStation five showcase. Also

keep in mind that there are so
many properties that are due

for a game announcement like
Uncharted. It looked like there

was a teaser for an uncharted
game in the line from PS5

thing. So maybe that’s going to
be a brand new game that

they’re going to show off. Heck
there’s even the last of us

multiplayer game that’s been in
development for years as well

as the recently leaked Horizon
Zero Dawn multiplayer game as

well. So I think it’s probably
about time that we heard about

both of those. So just to
recap, all the signs seem to be

pointing towards some kind of
big PlayStation showcase within

the next few weeks. Likely
before the end of March, even

though Spiderman two is the
only confirmed first party

title PlayStation game outside
of Final Fantasy sixteen coming

out this year. There are tons
of other announcements that

could take place like PC ports,
new sequels, spinoffs, TV

shows, and so much more.
Microsoft had a really slow

2022 and their year starting
conference didn’t really get

people too hyped for the rest
of the year despite how

surprising Hi-Fi rush really
was. Nintendo on the other hand

is gearing up for a year of
Zelda. So Sony really needs to

bring the big guns when it
comes to first party output.

Spiderman two is long overdue
for a new trailer in some

gameplay and if the leaks are
to be believed which I think

it’s obvious that they are
especially since we got an HD

trailer we will likely get both
in the very near future. And

they will likely talk about
Godivor Ragnarok in some form

of fashion because you don’t
build a giant axe prop in the

middle of London for no reason
right? Sony has some massive

plans for 2023 and it’s
probably just a matter of weeks

until we know exactly what they
so let me know what you want to

see from PlayStation this year
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