Assassins Creed Mirage Just Got BIG NEWS…

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I’m personally really excited for the series

absolute latest I personally
don’t see this game coming out

cautiously optimistic for this
game though since Ubisoft knows

be either August or September.
Ubisoft needs a major win right

to see some kind of gameplay
reveal sometime before the end

the series and Ubisoft’s
reputation isn’t really calling

get a new Mainline Assassin’s
Creed game into people’s hands

drama going on over at Ubisoft
HQ. I think they’re eager to

as soon as they could possibly
do it to make up for that

returning of open-world RPGs in
the future but right now, I

think it’s in the series best
interest to get back to the

Tears of the Kingdom, and the
currently unannounced release

any means. Black Box
Assassination missions are also

about a new Assassin’s Creed
game plus with the internal

really solid games that had a
ton of fans. They were freaking

specific target. The lack of
them being an open world RPG

going to center around the
Assassins and Templars which is

game they’re also likely
going to be some RPG elements

the part that I’m super excited
about the conflict is also

the game started development as
a DLC for Valhalla. So, most of

the gameplay skeleton will feel
similar to Valhalla players but

runs dry between major

together but ultimately, I
would expect to see some game

really bad years. According to
a number of inside sources and

feature a return to classic
Assassin’s Creed gameplay. It’s

finished. So taking all of that
into account, it’s safe to say

leaked not too long ago.
There’s also a code named Hex

be exclusive to mobile devices
that was actually recently

play of Assassin’s Creed Mirage
by the end of June and then get

which is rumored to be taking
place in Central Europe during

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will be Assassin’s Creed
Infinity, an ever expanding

why Ubisoft hasn’t officially
announced it since some

bit too late in the year for
Ubisoft’s liking especially if

too late. A lot of old school
fans have already given up on

to go back to the basics and
let start actually

in August or September but
possibly October at the

to launch in August or
September as Assassin’s Creed

later in the year after all of
the controversy surrounding

their budget has died down. I’m
personally expecting the game

On top of that, there are a
couple of other games that

as well as some kind of
Assassin’s Creed VR game which

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are expected to have showcases
within the first quarter of

also meant that enemies didn’t
have levels attached to them

the game is going to launch in
2023 and that would make sense

basics and remind everyone why
we started caring about these

as they call it the Ubisoft
forward which at this rate is

revealed at Ethree coming up in
June during a Ubisoft Direct or

this video. Click the link in
the description. Download the

own showcases and since almost
all of the major gaming corpse

but no official release date or
game play. Many people think

in action. Well, we got a brief
trailer from Ubisoft last year

year after the first cinematic
trailer for us to all get hyped

gameplay will get us back on
track. I’m totally open to the

budget cuts that they’ve

they’re planning on launching
Avatar Frontiers of Pandora in

reignite the hype that this
franchise used to generate, I

franchise used to have.
Initially, Assassin’s Creed was

given how Ubisoft was seemingly
pushing that this one was

currently unannounced but I’m
sure that they’re going to do

games are usually launched in
the fall or early winter but

like I said Ubisoft probably
wants this one to come out as

their own showcase as well.
Although it may not be until

date for Starfield which will
all likely take a bite out of

the holiday season it may also
have something to do other

to be an open world to Grind
Fest. We want good games with

good stories but yeah guys,
that is going to it up with

a launch by the end of October
but more than likely, it will

major games for twenty twenty-3
like Spider Man two, Zell the

twenty twenty-three, I wouldn’t
be surprised if Ubisoft does

in November or December though
since that’s probably a little

soon as possible so if I had to
put money on it I would expect

massive and they’re a far cry
from the scale that this

send a very helpful message to
the Ubisoft high reps about

now and if Assassin’s Creed
isn’t it, they may be in some

of E 3 and then possibly launch
later in the year most likely

that they have to bring their A
game going forward and if they

what we actually want from
them. We don’t want everything

a rather small-scale game and
that really helped amp up the

Creed recently and I know I’m
not alone on this one is the

assassinating people again but
hopefully it’s not too little

the RPG Assassin’s Creed games
are bad but they’re extremely

Ubisoft’s potential sales if
the games launch too close

different from the classic
stealth titles that many of us

coming out pretty soon and they
tend to only give us about a

and the story could carry on at
a rate. Again, I’m not saying

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approved. That being said, I’m
guessing gameplay will be

it again. Nowadays, most of the
big publishers like to do their

fell in love with and if
Ubisoft really wants to

think the first step needs to
be making everything smaller

Syndicate which will be a nice
blast from the past and a cool

One of the biggest problems
that I’ve had with Assassin’s

still present in the gameplay
but won’t be the main focus by

games but there will be a
return to stealth gameplay,

about assassinating people
again. It’s also believed that

the actual gameplay loop and
level design is going to be

Ubisoft themselves, Assassin’s
Creed Mirage is going to

way to incorporate older
Stealth into a modern AC game.

something I didn’t think I’d be
able to say again about an AC

tension when he walked through
crowded areas looking for a

Creed franchise and they’re
likely betting on it to be

their ticket back to the top of
the following a couple of

finally listening and
Assassin’s Creed is going to be

closer to the early assassins
creed games which honestly is

actually had some new details
leaked a couple of months ago

again. So, hopefully this move
back to assassination-based

sheer size. While Origins,
Odyssey, and Valhalla were

assassination-based missions.
That’s right. Yes, Ubisoft is

industry insiders have been
claiming that it’s almost

an ongoing revenue generator
for Ubisoft that they can

not going to be quite a small
scale or linear as the classic

games in the first place. So,
when can we expect to this game

so it seems like one is still
coming. Although it’s unclear

as a remake or remaster of the
original Assassin’s Creed game

that Ubisoft is putting a lot
of stock into the Assassin’s

Japan and was described by a
team as a powerful Shinobi

Parkour-based movement which is
a good thing and

Assassin’s Creed Mirage is the
next game in the release

adjust with the times to ensure
Assassin’s Creed content never

going to be returning from
Assassin’s Creed Unity and

live service game that will
link past and present AC games

aren’t confirmed just yet but
seem to be in development such

Assassin’s Creed code named Red
which is set to be in ancient

stories and then to tie
everything together allegedly

franchise as an RPG instead of
a stealth adventure. Ubisoft is

together with a unique
narrative while also serving as

due to the lack of quality
releases and a number of public

schedule is going to be set in
Baghdad during the Islamic

the 16th century and focused on
witch hunts and paranormal

a long list of projects that
are currently in development.

Golden Age and follow a
character introduced in AC

named Jade which is going to be
set in ancient China and will

making a giant transition to
open world RPG. It’s been a

Valhalla named Bassim. We’ve
also gotten confirmation of

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looking to satisfy both old
fans and new in the future with

publisher has scrapped seven
games and now reports are

long time since the last truly
old school Assassin’s Creed

straightforward stealth action
game before getting more

elaborate maps, movement
systems, combat, and eventually

game and a lot of fans have
been actually been pushed away

fantasy. We of course also know
about Assassin’s Creed code

by the last five to six years.
Basically, just solidifying the

According to recent reports,
Ubisoft is at a very rough last

haven’t heard, the company is
in some pretty deep trouble as

details released a speculation
on how Mirage is going to play

into Ubisoft’s plan for the
next few years because if you

one and let’s get into it. I’d
like to set the stage by

claiming that they’re going to
have to cut $200 million

that they plan to do that is
with the revival of the

essentially have the decision
to either change their ways or

has been over the place
starting out as a pretty

filling you in on what’s been
going on with Ubisoft.

they’re going to be in a really
bad spot and one of the ways

notifications turned on. For
more update videos like this

microtransactions in a number
of their games. They

dollars in their operating cost
this year in order to stay on

track for a comeback. Ubisoft
has kind of been falling apart

Assassin’s Creed franchise.
Assassin’s Creed as a franchise

controversies regarding loot
boxes and pay-to-win

few years and in addition to
pushing back Skull and Bones

unannounced projects means that
the last 12 months, the

once again, they’ve had to
cancel another three

plans for the series over the
next few years and it’s all

course originally leaked as
Project Rift and it’s going to

be the next big Assassin’s
Creed release on the schedule

community throughout the
decades and is likely never

going to start with Assassin’s
Creed Mirage. This game of

Assassin’s Creed game, make
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and in this video, I’ll be
going over some gameplay

of right now. So, let me know
if you’re excited for the next

going to fully disappear. In
fact, Ubisoft has some massive

right now. While the series has
been a bit all over the place

in terms of size and quality,
it’s maintained a huge

know, Assassin’s Creed is one
of the biggest franchises in

the history of gaming and it’s
definitely Ubisoft’s biggest IP

Alright, guys. Welcome back to
the channel. So, as you guys

I’ll talk to you all on the
next video.