Ubisoft released a good game in 2023

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2023 will be make or break for Ubisoft

they just had to painfully slow years

their stock price is now almost 60

percent lower than five years ago like

it’s time to prove that they’re still

one of the biggest gaming Publishers out

there by finally releasing a good game

in their now almost dead franchise by

taking advantage of the success of a

huge movie IP by showing that they still

know what made their series great in the

first place and to finally launch a good

free title after many failed attempts in

this video I want to look at everything

Ubisoft has confirmed for 2023 what I

think they will announce and what the

focus of the company will be plus there

will be quick updates on other major

projects that they got in the works but

that still need more time so there’s a

ton to discuss of course a like on the

video would really show you support and

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games and let’s go 2023 will actually

start out with Valiant Hearts coming

home home yes the sequel to the 2014

puzzle game and it’s coming to the

Netflix app on mobile and tablets also

said during World War One it follows the

first African-American inventory units

to fight during that war expect puzzles

and exploration it’s made by the

original team and one of three mobile

games coming to Netflix and another one

of them should be a necessary title

which of course could be interesting now

but the real big thing Ubisoft will

launch is of course skull and bones with

first an open Beta likely at the end of

January or in February just before the

March 9th release and that will be a

very important moment for the game

because all the gameplay and trailers

they release that just don’t make the

game look appealing at all you can only

walk around in special hop areas called

pirate dance but the rest of the time

you’re stuck on your ship like usually

there’s just one part of a larger game

but now only seeing Naval come at

footage it just doesn’t look exciting at

all but again and maybe the game plays

better than the trailer suggests and if

that’s the case then I think Ubisoft can

win over quite a lot of people with a

special beta weekend that everyone can

try for free now I still think it will

be a hard sell also because it’s the

first 80 Euro and 70 dollar game from

Ubisoft because it’s next gen only like

I still think they will strike a Game

Pass deal with Microsoft similar to

Rainbow Six extraction to just get more

people to try it out in the hope that

they stick around and buy battle passes

for the game too as there should be a

ton of post launch content plans I think

the best case scenario is for it to

become another for Honor that still

after six years has a small but big

enough player base to support it or it

could be dead in the water we will see

now I will only be streaming score on

Bones I think it will be fun to explore

the game together but I don’t know if it

will play a lot apart from that now

luckily the other 2023 games Ubisoft has

planned are way more appealing with up

next is that screen mirror right now

rumored for August 2023 although I can

see it being pushed even further which I

think is fine like take all the time you

need because Mirage also feels like a

make or break situation for the old

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school as a screed fans who have been

waiting for a more traditional title

since syndicates in 2015. in Mirage we

of course starred as a Young Street

thief and then very early on get

recruited to join the hidden ones by

performing a ritual and doing what is

necessary after which we return to

baghdads to assassinate important order

Targets in the dense streets that should

be full of people similar to Unity the

gameplay is more stealth focused with

many familiar tools returning but bassim

also has new abilities like assassin’s

Focus where we can perform multiple

stealth kills in quick succession as I

said in my previous video I think

Ubisoft will wait with gameplay till

either May or June around E3 so they

will likely go dark for a while and then

do a proper blowout with the release

date which I think will be then only be

a few months away like the only check

out that previous video also going over

the crossover mission in Valhalla and

way way more I will leave a link to it

in the video description like again I

think Ubisoft might lose a lot of the

old school AC audience if Mirage is a

disappointment now to be fair and this

might sound crazy but I’m more curious

about the avatar game like I think I

know what I can expect from Mirage it

will probably be a great linear eight

hour game to complete the story and then

maybe 12 to 20 hours to do everything

else well frontier’s Pandora should be

more like a traditional Ubisoft open

world title but of course with a fancy

setting and also with years of

post-launch content probably based on

locations and characters that we will

see in the new movies that are planned

until at least 2028 depending on how

they perform and if the wave the water

is any indication then they will likely

see it through which a huge opportunity

for Ubisoft like they just have to make

a good game and this will probably be

huge now as you might know they wanted

to launch this next gen only title

around the second film but it got

delayed they really have to get this

ride of course so while we still only

have one trailer we did see an update to

the PlayStation store Page and this gave

away that the game seems to have up to

two player co-op I would not be

surprised if it’s similar to the recent

Far Cry titles which should be

interesting while it is coming to Xbox

and PC PlayStation has the deal for the

game so it could totally show up at a

state of play or maybe even get its own

stream similar to Hogwarts Legacy in

early 2022 after the wave water movie

I’m at least more excited to experience

more adventures in Pandora 2023 will

also be the year that many long in

development console and PC free to play

titles will release I really thought

that both the division hard lands and X

Defiance would already have some form of

public beta at least in 2022 but no

Ubisoft has been doing a lot of close

tests together as much player feedback

as possible so that when they show you

these games again that they will

probably be in a better State and with

more content than initially planned like

the extra Vine footage that you see

right here is more than a year old so

the game probably looks quite different

now real quick this of course the fast

paced Call of Duty style shooter with

characters from different Tom Clancy

games so while the echelon based on

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Splinter Cell and the outcasts and the

cleaners from the division are still in

the newer version of the game the wolves

from Ghost Recon seem to be changed for

the Phantoms from the same series and

they should have also added that SEC

from Watchdogs as a group of label

characters and with no new Call of Duty

game launching in 2023 it might actually

have a shot at the spotlight as a nice

free-to-play alternative also one of the

leads is Mark Rubin who worked on Call

of Duty before now more interested in

division Heartland myself which is set

outside of the city in a Silver Creek a

small town in Middle America you still

have your base of operations but from

there you have a choice out of game

modes that vary from PVE to PVP and

there should also be a combination of

both similar to the dark sound like the

first only had two modes planned but now

seem to be up to four and the game

should also have cross play at launch

which was one of the big learnings from

roller Champions which did not have that

like I would not be surprised if that

game sadly shuts down in 2023 as nobody

really seems to care about it but for

Ubisoft it still gave a lot of learnings

that hopefully make the next free to

play launch more successful that has

kind of been their strategy so once

again 2023 is going to be important they

got the proof that just like EA and

Activision they can launch a successful

free-to-play live service as well which

after many years still has not happened

not only on console and PC by the way

also on mobile which includes a big

assassery title that has leaked all over

the place recently more on that in a

moment first want to look at another big

full price to Ubisoft game that I think

they’re gonna launch in their upcoming

Financial year starting April 2023 and

I’m talking about the next Ghost Recon

game internally codenamed over like if

we look at LinkedIn and we see that the

game content director on breakpoints

Switched to game director on something

new in January 2020 immediately after

breakpoint released so it already has

been in development for three years

which would then be four years by the

time it actually comes out with rumors

indicating that Ubisoft plans to launch

a title in 2023 although I can see them

push it to early 2024 as well because

breakpoint was maybe the worst AAA

Ubisoft game ever in recent memory which

they made even worse with the nft

experiments and the reveal of the tone

Dev Frontline Battle Royale game that

nobody wanted they canceled it now but

still Ghost Recon is in a tough spot

although the recent inclusion of

wildlands 2 PlayStation Plus extra and

Game Pass did show that there’s still a

ton of love for the franchise like I

would not be surprised if they played

save this time and make a Wildland

successor no RPG elements or raids but

just a raw military shooter that

everyone wants in a sunny bolivia-like

world like I really think that this next

Ghost Recon game is make or break for

the series they have to show that they

finally learned and then just playing it

safe by making a sequel to wildlands

might be the best bet they are by the

way two other big Ubisoft games that I

think they will announce in 2023 but to

talk about those in my big games that

will be announced in the next year video

which I will link to in the video

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description if it’s already up it will

go live a little after this one but yeah

overall it’s pretty crazy that we only

had Mario and rabbits as a big Ubisoft

release with the year before that only

Far Cry 6. like the years have been

really slow for the company but they

should finally get back to a healthy

release Cadence in the coming years we

recently got some really awesome artwork

for the Splinter Cell remake that is in

the works and the Star Wars project was

recently looking for some playtesters

meaning that they are pretty far along

already the Prince of Persia sense of

time remake it really seems to be

undergoing a big reboot and now at

Ubisoft Montreal with a level design

director starting only four months ago

on the project so yeah these games are

all still a few years away don’t expect

them in 2023 including Beyond Good and

Evil 2 which is also still early

according to sources inside Ubisoft and

we of course know that there are many

big Assassin Creed projects coming after

Mirage which seems to be part of their

initiative to focus on their biggest

brands but their key Focus to grow these

franchises seems to be with four

promising mobile games we know of three

of them the division Resurgence Rainbow

Six Siege mobile nss3 Jade with the

other one likely based on Far Cry If I

had to bet as that next to Tom Clancy

NSS Crete is the franchise that they

want to focus on the most and I get that

mobile is a big turn off for many people

but I still think it’s worth noting that

these are AAA almost console type

experiences but on your phone or tablet

like these games look insane graphically

and also should have features that you

come to expect from their console and PC

counterparts like I said they only show

you the trailer of Jade which already

looked a bit like Odyssey but said in

China although the League’s gameplay

that is out there basically confirms

this with the game even having the same

assassination and finishing animations

while it’s running on the Unreal Engine

it looks like Odyssey 2 but on iOS and

Androids and maybe we see it in 2023

already as the beta looks pretty far

along and I also don’t think that you

want to launch it after rat in 2024 as

then it will look very dated now let’s

hope that they launched on PC as well

like Diablo Immortal just search a

sesquite jade gameplay on YouTube but

don’t tell anyone I sent you and before

you do that of course subscribe if you

haven’t already for coverage on the big

Ubisoft games I think it will be an

interesting year for the company with at

least a few big titles to look forward

to even though it will be the first time

in three years that we will not have any

ongoing support for an Assassin’s Creed

RPG which I think is kind of sad it will

feel empty after two years of Valhalla a

like on the video would of course really

help me out and check out my previous

video on 2023 in general and why we are

not ready for the insane amount of

titles that are coming check it out by

the link on the screen and I will speak

to you soon goodbye