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Funny role-playing video games

Many of us out there love a good role playing game. And every once in a while something happens that, mm, it’s just the right thing. It’s Falcon,and today on “gameranx”,10 things that make RPG gamers go, “Ah, yeah.” Starting off at number 10, it’s loot explosions. When it comes to RPGs, few things are…

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The most difficult game task in video games

Many missions in video games are straightforward and normal. We’re not talking about those today. It’s Falcon, and today on Gameranx,10 missions that messed with your brain. Starting off with number 10,the Leyndell Catacombs in Elden Ring. It’s a game that normally plays it pretty straight with you. Sure, it can be obscure and mysterious…

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The most difficult game choice

video games are always presenting us with choices some are easy and some are hi folks its Falcon and today on game ranks that 10 hardest choices we’ve had to make in video games just a quick disclaimer keep in mind there are a ton of other games that have very hard decisions in them…

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