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10 most controversial game launches of all time

Hey, so believe it or not, in recent years, we’ve had some of the most controversial game launches of all time. Not a controversial lead up, or some edgy problem with the game’s content, but just games that launch, and immediately after release, totally flare up into a massive ball of disappointment, negative headlines, and…

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YouTubers that Quit the game

Destiny 2 YouTubers that Quit the game. Part 2. Up first, Rifle Gaming. Rifle gaming is a YouTuber who has been  around for a long time on the platform,   starting out posting a variety of games from  Halo Reach, to Skyrim and earned over 100   thousand Subscribers before Destiny 1 even  released. But when it…

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What is the scariest type of science fiction?

If I were to ask you ‘what is the scariest type of science fiction?’ you probably wouldn’t say ‘Evolutionary Horror. ’ …Mainly because it’s a name I came up with for this video, but also because it doesn’t sound particularly frightening. Evolution isn’t scary… or is it? Twisting through the history of sci-fi is a…

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