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If celebrity is a dog

Welcome to “Good Mythical More.” I’m gonna be doing some dog butt sniffing. I never knew you after all these years. I’m still processing the bombshell of Jade not being anything I thought she was,but I think the love is still intact. Today, we’re gonna be looking at photoshopped images of celebrities made into dogs.…

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Destiny 2 is already one of the most heavily monetized games in the industry despite being a free-to-play game which we all know really means free to try. 

Destiny 2 is already a subscription game, and if you have a pair of eyeballs you know that to be true. Last month during December, it was “leaked” by dataminers that they had discovered plans for a subscription service in Destiny 2, primarily starting with Lightfall. This idea angered a lot of Destiny players rightfully so, although there were still some people…

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