It is definitely a horror game – Scorn has a lot of gore in it, but it is actually a puzzle game with a huge amount of point-and-click elements

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Hi, my name is ColdBeer and let’s start with Scorn

The game was just recently released and now look at it – a discount already.

You probably heard that Scorn is not as good as it was expected to be, but that is mostly because they advertised it as a horror first person shooter.

It is not.

Well, it is definitely a horror game – Scorn
has a lot of gore in it, but it is actually

a puzzle game with a huge amount of point-and-click

Because basically works like that – you have
to find things you have no idea even exist.

So you have to, you know, “click” around.

I can assure you that at one point you will
be wandering inside the huge building carrying

a severed hand with you, without any idea
where to go next and what to do with it.

And some puzzles you’ll encounter are really

It will take a lot of your brainpower to solve

And most of the time you will get no clues.

So sometimes the biggest puzzle will be to
understand if this object you are seeing is

a part of the puzzle or it is just an object
without any purpose.

Yeah, things are that bad here.

Scorn is a niche project, meant for people
who like horror puzzle games.

Yeah the window is that narrow.

Despite that I can honestly say that Scorn
has the best graphics I have ever seen anywhere.

The whole game is a work of art.

Art-wise it is absolutely 11 cold beers out
of 10, but as a whole game I would say it

is worth only 6 or 7 warm beers.

So maybe you want to wait for a bigger discount.

Risk of Rain 2

Everyone who played Risk of Rain two can agree
on one thing – it plays way better than it

looks, meaning that everything you are seeing
now to you looks like a graphic gibberish

of some sort, but if you take control of the
hero – everything changes immediately.

The game has 96% of positive reviews left
by hundreds of thousands of players who bought

the game.

You can’t argue with that.

So here you will fight your way to the final
boss and escape or continue your run indefinitely

to see just how long you can survive.

A unique scaling system means that both you
and your foes limitlessly increase in power

over the course of the game.

People on Steam are talking that Risk of Rain
2 is a bit unfriendly for new players – it

will take time for you to adapt, so be prepared
for that, it won’t guide you by your hand

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or penis.

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition

Title includes improved graphics, new achievements
and all the DLCs from the original game.

Here you can experience the campaign or compete
in online multiplayer battles.

It is a surprisingly solid traditional base-building

Game has 91% of positive review score on Steam.

It’s hard to ignore this number – it may
not be a masterpiece, but it’s definitely

one of the best RTS games out there.

The downside is that almost nobody is playing
online anymore – you have to have a friend

to test your might in PVP matches.

Or, you know, a mother-in-law.

Also I have to stress out that the game is
oriented for those who know what Halo is,

but the knowledge is not necessary to play.

Killer Instinct

This fighter game has very positive reviews
on Steam, so maybe that will keep your attention

even if you don’t like games like these.

Some people even rank Killer Instinct above
Street Fighter V, because it offers almost

lagless multiplayer mode, smooth gameplay
and diverse roster of different fighters.

Game is easy to learn, but hard to master,
meaning that you will feel comfortable from

the beginning, but if you encounter a mighty
sensei of this game – you’ll be crushed.

Along with your dignity.

Nevertheless, the game will give you the feeling
that you’re the ultimate combat god and

not some puny peasant.

So, as always – if you have friends – beat
them without any regret, they deserve your

mercyful fists of fury and then after that
you can beat them in this game as well.

Rise of Nations: Extended Edition

Here you can choose from 18 different civilizations
and guide them through 8 different stages

of world’s history.

People in the Steam comments are saying that
this is a masterpiece, best game ever, greatest

RTS in the world, blah blah and so on.

But all of those people are about 40 years
old and they have nostalgia, because they

played the original release some 20 years

Well, I’m among those people, so my opinion
is biased as well.

Although back then I hated that automatic
spawning of workers who automatically looked

for a task to perform.

I think this is a terrible idea, because it
is neglecting the micro management part of

the game.

What’s next?

Maybe warriors can spawn too and buildings
can be built by themselves.

Why do you even need a player when you can
just sit and watch the game playing itself,

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It’s almost the same if you watch some guy
eating your own potato salad instead of eating

it yourself.

Anyway, Rise of Nations is a great title,
I do recommend it without a doubt.

Because I’m old.

Hero’s Hour

Exploring the world and developing your town
and army are both turn-based, giving you time

to think and plan out your next moves, but
in battles your units will do the best and

fight for themselves in real time – all hundreds
of them.

And you can cast spells and give attack orders
to swing the tide of battle – or just sit

back and watch as your might unfolds.

That is a really cool concept, something fresh
in the world of games similar to Heroes of

Might and Magic.

Although I’m not saying that this concept
is perfect.

You know some things are good as they are,
you don’t need to mess with them.

For example potato salad.

If you add pineapples or, you know, even vodka
to it it may look cool, but please don’t

do that.

People on Steam are saying that procedural
generation in this game is great and last

patches greatly improved the performance,
but the game can be really difficult and prove

to be a challenge for a casual player.

Gears Tactics

The game easily stands in one line with X-COM
titles in a sense of quality and provided


Great graphics, cinematics and really interesting
encounters had me pinned on my chair for hours

and hours.

Usually when I install turn-based games I
get bored really quickly either because the

game seems too simple, too boring or it’s
just too hard.

But for me Gears Tactics is in the perfect
Goldilocks zone in terms of difficulty and

fun, and it kept my interest alive for hours.

I can assure you that the quality of this
game is as high as possible but I have to

stress out that I’m a casual player, I don’t
like very difficult games, so if you are a

true professional of turn-based titles, it
may not be for you.

But on the other hand, I could even recommend
this game for people who have never played

any turn-based games.

Gears Tactics may become a gateway drug for

You know, like potato salad can become a gateway
to the world of other salads.

Oh yeah, I know a lot of recipes.

Will definitely share them on my adventures
channel one day.

Anyway, for me this game rocks and rolls and
is great in general like the best doctor’s

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sausage in the juiciest potato salad.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

This iconic release includes six games, built
for PC and collected in a single integrated


Whether you’re a long-time fan or meeting
Spartans for the first time, The Master Chief

Collection is the place for you to start or
to continue your Halo gaming experience.

People on Steam are affirming that this is
the best way to play Halo nowadays.

If you want the best quality Halo experience
play this version over Halo Infinite.

The latter is free but as for now it has a
bit too many problems.

Although updates are constant and it may become
a serious game after all in the future.

Like you can still become an outstanding penis
doctor if you try your best.

Well, probably not, but don’t lose your

So The Master Chief collection will give you
the best experience possible.

The games are action-infused but the franchise
also has a large storyline and are among the

best story-heavy FPS games ever released.

Control Ultimate Edition

A corruptive presence has invaded the Federal
Bureau of Control…(and) Only you have the

power to stop it.

The world around you is now your weapon in
an epic fight to annihilate an ominous enemy

across the deep and unpredictable environments.

Containment has failed, humanity is at stake,
so it’s time to kick some paranormal ass.

SCP vibes are really strong here.

To be fair, this game feels like you are in
a dream all the time.

Well, nightmare to be exact, because everything
is changing all the time and not for good.

The game is not scary, but it’s ominous,
that’s for sure.

People on Steam are saying that the story
here is very good, the game itself is out

of the ordinary and it has some really cool
puzzles to solve.

So a bit of everything for everyone.

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