It’s Falcon,on Gameranx,seven mind-blowing moments in “Grant Theft Auto” games

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“Grant Theft Auto” has been a series that has yielded a ton of times you just go, “What?

“Wow! Did that just happen?”

And I think we’re gonna talk about a few of those.

It’s Falcon,and today on Gameranx,seven mind-blowing moments in “Grant Theft Auto” games.

Starting off at number seven,

it’s the fly to Liberty City

in “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.”

Sometimes all it takes
is four little words

to blow people’s minds.

This moment comes from the
mission Saint Mark’s Bistro.

In it, Salvatore Leone asked
Carl to take out his rival,

Marco Forelli.

Looking back to playing
the game back in the day,

I’m not sure what I expected,

but I know that I didn’t
expect what actually happened.

You literally drive to the
airport, get on a plane,

and that’s when your
next objective pops up,

“Fly to Liberty City.”

♪ They held each other tight ♪

♪ As they drove on through the night ♪

It is a crazy message to
get in an open world game

because you never go to
another place in these things.

You got a map, and that’s it.

That’s how an open-world
game works, right?

But now the game gets you into
a jet and gets you flying.

So you just start flying and flying

and flying until you are off the map.

And then the game transitions

to an entirely new environment.

It’s outside Saint Mark’s Bistro

from “Grand Theft Auto III,”
but it’s all covered in snow.

From here, you get into a
shootout inside the restaurant

and eventually take out Forelli.

And when it’s all over,
you’re back in the plane

and you manually fly back to Las Venturas.

Open-world games just didn’t
do stuff like this back then.

In fact, not a lot of them do it now.

“Assassin’s Creed Valhalla”
kind of comes to mind,

but it’s not even kind of the same thing

because while it transports
you to different environments,

it doesn’t transport you
to a different environment

in the game’s world that
you’ve already been to

and have a certain nostalgia for.

And wow, it was mind-blowing.

At number six is Michelle
is a government agent,

from “Grant Theft Auto IV.”

The first girlfriend you
get in “GTA IV” is Michelle,

who comes off pretty normal.

She comes on a little
strong when you first meet

but I’ve had that happen.

Seriously, I think most people have had

somebody come on a little
strong in their lives.

For most people, it’s not something

you really think about too much.

Like, yeah, some of her
behavior’s a little suspicious

but I wasn’t really paying attention.

So if you’re like me,

her revelation during
the mission The Snowstorm

hit you like a slap in the face.

She’s actually watching you for Bernard,

the government agent that works

for the United Liberty Paper office.

That’s why she seems so
curious about what you’re doing

and who you’re talking to.

It wasn’t just nosy girlfriend behavior,

it was that she was a
spy who was spying on you

and keeping track of what you were doing.

For whatever reason, it’s
never made explicitly clear

but that’s kind of what makes
the whole thing so surprising.

Once she reveals she’s
been sent to watch you,

she’s pretty much never seen again,

leaving players to kinda wonder
what the hell just happened.

My thinking is mission
accomplished, she disappeared,

but there’s other implications
that could be taken from it.

Like, for instance, she
could feel guilty. Who knows?

It does feel like a bit of a thread

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they could have tied up later,

but to be fair, a lot does
happen in “Grand Theft Auto IV,”

so I don’t blame them for
just kind of being like,

“Yeah, it’s a government
agent who tricks you.

“That’s that.”

It’s fine. It works.

– Uh, whoop-de-doo. (laughs)

– And number five is Lance’s betrayal

from “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”

“GTA” games’ always full
of betrayals, of course,

but some are a little
more shocking than others.

This one’s definitely surprising.

Lance seems like your best
pal for most of the game

but in the last mission,
called, Keep Your Friends Close,

he betrays Tommy outta nowhere

and you’re forced to kill him.

Going back through the game,
Rockstar does plant the seeds

warning you about Lance’s
possible betrayal,

but it’s easy to forget how
bitter he slowly becomes

over the course of the game

after his introduction at the start.

The prequel, “Vice City Stories,”

also elaborates his character
a lot more to show you

that while he seems like a
smooth criminal in “Vice City,”

he’s actually kind of a screw-up.

One of the better examples
of Lance’s potential betrayal

is in the mission Bar Brawl,

where he tells Tommy there’s a place

that refuses to pay them protection money

and Tommy yells at him for
not doing anything about it.

It’s subtle, but the cut scene shows

how Lance is getting
lazier and more entitled,

after having Tommy take out Diaz.

It also shows that Tommy
reacts with frustration,

and people don’t love that,

especially if they’re
starting to feel entitled,

somebody chides them for something.

They’re like, “Who are you?

“Who are you to tell me that?”

For a lot of players,

the moment kind of seems
like it comes out nowhere,

but it’s one of a few hints
that Lance betrays you,

it’s just hard to notice
the first time through.

– No. I sold you out, Tommy.

– At number four is the jet pack

from “Grant Theft Auto: San Andreas.”

Back when we were all
first playing “San Andreas”

I don’t think that anybody expected

that we’d be infiltrating
on an analog for Area 51.

The game starts as a
relatively grounded crime drama

and ramps up slowly over
the course of its runtime,

and it’s the desert missions

where this game just
goes off the deep end.

Honestly, the mission called Black Project

probably wouldn’t be enough
to list all by itself,

if not for the mind-blowing conclusion.

The point of the mission is
that you’re sneaking in Area 51

to steal a secret government project.

You just don’t know what it is,

you just know The Truth wants it.

So I, like a lot of people,

assumed it was gonna be some random object

or like a weapon or, you
know, like a material,

just something you had to
walk out of and get away with.

Was not expecting a full-blown jet pack.

Was not expecting to
escape through a silo.

Playing the game the first time,

the whole thing is just insane.

(alarm wails)

(guns blasting)

– Intruder is stealing the jet pack!

All military personnel
outside and fire at will!

– Because at this point you
really think you’ve seen it all.

I mean, the game is
absolutely stuffed with cars,

boats, planes, and everything in between,

and you’re kind of thinking,

“Well, you know, ‘Saints Row’ carved out

“a certain amount of territory for itself,

“and they’re not gonna take
beyond their normal stuff.

“Oh, but jet pack!”

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You get a jet pack, on top
of everything, and it’s nuts.

If you already know to expect the jet pack

the impact of it is maybe a little less,

but for those of us who played the game

when it first came out, it was
just a crazy, amazing moment

in a game that was literally filled

with crazy amazing moments.

And number three is Museum Piece
from “Grand Theft Auto IV,”

one of those missions that’s
more mind-blowing in hindsight,

because while it’s good in “GTA IV,”

its significance doesn’t come
into focus until much later.

It’s an important mission
in the story of “GTA IV”

because this is the one where Niko

and Johnny attempt to sell some diamonds,

but the whole thing goes sideways

after a third character blows the deal

At the time, seems like just another thing

that happens in the game.

The only clue that
there’s something unique

is that you get the
Impossible Trinity achievement

for beating it.

For a lot of players, the
achievement’s their first clue

that the world of “GTA IV”

is actually a lot bigger than we think

At the time, Rockstar hadn’t announced

the stories from Liberty City stuff,

so it seemed like the third
guy who attacked the meet

was just a weird non sequitur
that wouldn’t pay off.

Rockstar was playing the long game though.

The guy who attacked the meeting was Luis,

the player character from
“The Ballad of Gay Tony,”

while Johnny was the main guy

you play as “The Lost and Damned” in.

Before you even knew who they were,

Rockstar had already
hidden both protagonists

from the DLC in the game.

And sure enough, when you play the DLC

you see the same events play out

from that character’s perspective.

It’s the kind of
multi-character storytelling

they’d go on to expand
in “Gand Theft Auto V,”

but what was so mind-blowing
was just how unexpected

and deeply integrated the DLC characters

were into the story of the game,

well before anybody had any
idea who these guys were,

especially Luis.

And number two is the diamonds
in the opening cut scene

in “Grand Theft Auto IV.”

One of the more mind-blowing elements

of “Grand Theft Auto IV”

is how the diamond plot weaves
through the entire story.

Niko doesn’t actually do
anything related to the diamonds

until the mission Taking in the Trash,

where Niko collects diamonds
hidden in the trash cans.

That’s where it technically
starts in “GTA IV.”

But there was actually a whole
story involving these things

going on in Liberty City stories DLC.

The diamonds were put in the trash cans

in the mission Diamonds in the
Rough in “Lost and Damned,”

and the diamonds were originally bought

during “The Ballad of Gay Tony.”

The diamond storyline basically ends up

being a big shaggy dog story.

Everyone who tries to
get them ends up dead.

And eventually, they’re found by a hobo

on the street at the very end of the game.

But there was one little
mind-blowing detail

I never actually noticed until recently.

During the opening cut scene
of the game, for a second,

you can see the cook on the
ship where the game starts

is hiding a diamond in a cake batter.

So it goes full circle

and was totally planned
out to be the central story

of “Grand Theft Auto
IV” from the beginning.

The diamonds appear at the chronologically

last mission in the game in “Gay Tony,”

and they appear at the very start

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in the opening cut scene
of “Grand Theft Auto IV.”

It’s a crazy piece of attention to detail

that crosses over between

what is technically multiple games.

It’s a little detail,
it’s easy to overlook,

but it ties all the events of
the “GTA IV” stories together.

And finally, at number one,

Smoke and Ryder’s betrayal
from “San Andreas.”

There’s no bigger betrayal
in “Grand Theft Auto,”

the entire series, than this one.

Basically, the entire Green Sabre mission,

it’s pretty mind-blowing,

but it starts where it
seems like everything’s

working up pretty well for you.

The Grove Street families
are working together again.

Sweet is good with you,

he’s planning on taking
on the Ballas gang.

At this point, it kind of seems

like if this were a shorter
game with less content,

you would be nearing the
end of the narrative.

Stuff is going well. You’re taking over.

Thankfully, Rockstar wanted
to tell a more intricate story

because this was masterful storytelling

with just huge impact.

On your way to meeting under
the Mulholland Intersection,

the mission just changes completely.

You get this call from Caesar,

who reveals that Big Smoke and Ryder

have been meeting with Tenpenny in secret.

The mission name comes from

the Green Sabre that Pulaski drives,

the same car that was driven by the people

that killed Carl’s mom.

Sweet’s meeting is an ambush

and both brothers are taken into custody,

leaving Smoke and Ryder as
the new kings of Los Santos.

It’s a pretty shocking reveal,
especially with Big Smoke,

who seems like your buddy the entire time.

But unlike Vance,

I kind of think his
betrayal’s pretty well set up.

It’s pretty well established

that he’s not happy with his
lot life and he wants more.

And another tipoff is the fact

that he’s the only member of the main four

who doesn’t actually live on Grove Street.

Maybe the most mind-blowing
thing about Smoke’s betrayal

is its relation to his
famous fast food order.

– I’ll have two number
nines, a number nine large,

a number six with extra
dip, a number seven,

two number 45s, one with
cheese, and a large soda.

– There’s speculation the order
was intentionally drawn out

in order to give the Ballas
more time to ambush them.

It’s just a theory, but
it’s one of many moments

where if you go back to
the start of the game

after Smoke’s betrayal is revealed,

it kind of feels like
there’s foreshadowing here.

Obviously, now everybody knows
that Big Smoke betrays you.

But back when the game came
out, this was a huge surprise,

and really felt like, “Wow!
They’re going for it,”

in terms of the story here.

And that’s all for today.

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