Those video game plots make you feel bad?

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we all have our beloved game characters

that keep us coming back over and over

but what about the jerks hi folks it’s

Falcon and today on game ranks the top

10 douchebags in video games starting

off with number 10 it’s Handsome Jack

from Borderlands 2. oh let’s just start

right off with a character who’s the

personification of douchebag handsome

Jack’s the primary antagonist of

Borderlands 2 and just look at him like

look at him that is clearly a douchebag

he is an insufferably smug and cruel

villain who is constantly calling just

to insult you where is this gaudy

tailored suit has a handsome face

stapled onto his head and he sounds like

the most self-satisfied tech Bro you’ve

ever heard also he’s sociopathically

evil but he’s a villain you would

generally expect that part the thing

about Jack is he’s such an over-the-top

douchebag it’s hard not to be at least a

little entertained by him I will pay you

to kill yourself I’ve got a perfect spot

all picked out for you but if you want a

huge reward you jump off that cliff and

become like you can pull out some pretty

creative insults you got to give him

that a funny thing about him is that

he’s so amusing the game has to kind of

go out of his way to make you hate him

he basically does every possible thing a

bad guy could and would do in such a

story he kills Roland the character from

the first game mutates bloodwing tries

to blow up your settlement hell the game

starts with him trying to kill your

characters by blowing up the train that

you’re on the man stays on his grind

folks not even death can keep this guy’s

douchebag Antics down he comes back and

tales of the Borderlands he’s just as

bad we’d actually put him lower down on

the list but he’s too entertaining he’s

too fun to hate and a lot of the guys on

this list are just plain despicable

and number nine is General Serrano from

Bullet Storm do you remember this clown

he’s the main bad guy of Bullet Storm

which is a ridiculous game if there ever

was one and he’s a perfect enemy for

such an over-the-top game just from

looking at him you think he’d be your

standard corrupt military bad guy like

half of the Call of Duty games in terms

of his villainy yes yeah that’s

basically what he is

um but the thing that makes him such a

douchebag is the way he acts he’s like a

foul-mouthed Racist Prick who loves to

talk mad [ __ ] at pretty much every

opportunity you told us the targets were

Gun Runners slave Traders Mass murderers

I lied so what normally you just kill

him but because you’re stranded on a

planet filled with crazy mutants you’re

kind of forced to work together with him

I mean that goes on until he obviously

betrays you in the dumbest most blunt

way possible that’s the thing about this

guy he’s also kind of entertaining

because he’s such an obvious sociopath I

mean really how is he a general but

overall he’s a lot easier to hate the

Handsome Jack

and number eight is Harry Flynn from

Uncharted 2. I know what you’re thinking

top 10 douchebags how about Nathan Drake

then yeah very funny but if you want a

classic No Frills douchebag character

from a game look no further than Harry

Flynn just look at him you can tell he

is a douche from minute one a designer

print t-shirt the necklace the pear you

could just tell this guy reads the

secret religiously and years later

released a line of Premium nfts the

biggest douchebags and games are the

guys who are your allies just as much as

your enemies and this guy he fits that

description to a t because in the first

mission he’s on your side he does betray

Drake and leave him rotting in a Turkish

prison for months so that Alliance

doesn’t last very long but you do meet

him again and no surprise he’s just as

much of a douche like first up you know

he’s gonna betray you and you hate him

long before he does this guy is such an

asset even though you’ve gone out of

your way not to kill him when the main

bad guy betrays Harry pulls the old

backstab in one two leaves him for dead

Harry still tries to blow you up with a

damn grenade just because he doesn’t

like Drake’s face or something yeah I

get it the bad guy pulled the pin and

Flynn was probably gonna die no matter

what but you know what I blame him for

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it because seriously douchebag and

number seven and this one is going to

instantly frustrate people who are fans

of this series ambassador udina from

Mass Effect the instant we brought this

guy up I was like

I was just grumbling saying stuff that

wasn’t even words uh here in his name or

seeing him just pisses me off udina is

the human representative on the Citadel

and his objective is advancing

Humanity’s interests at all costs unless

that human is you then you basically I

don’t know I guess you’re an idiot in

his eyes and also very Expendable he’s

second guessing you at every single

moment uh he assumes you’re lying a lot

too for frankly by the end what seems

like bizarre reason because you’re very

obviously not lying and he’s still

saying that you’re lying I have the

mission reports I assume they’re

accurate they are

he’s also just super dismissive of

everything you say and because he’s the

Ambassador you’re basically forced to

put up with his nonsense no matter what

you do this guy just complains about how

you do things if you work for Humanity’s

interests you went too far if you do

things that are more helpful at alien

races or the council you didn’t go far

enough nothing is good enough for this

guy and also look at his face see his

face oh I hate that face when things

start to get serious instead of

supporting you this idiot locks you out

of your ship and then when you manage to

save the Galaxy which includes Earth the

thing that he supposedly cares about for

some reason he expects you to pick him

as Humanity’s new chair on the council

he’s just a condescending prick the

entire game and he wants you to defer to

him at all times without having a single

clue and being a demonstrable idiot

that’s the first game too he does not

get better in the sequels I mean he has

less of a role in the sequels because

you’re out doing way more stuff but this

guy is is just like classic douche and

number six is Rico from Kill Zone 2. Now

obnoxious buddy characters are a dime a

dozen in military FPS games but really

one of the most hated ones Sergeant Rico

Velasquez from Killzone specifically

Kill Zone two there’s a lot about this

guy that rubs people the wrong way he

shouts a lot he’s got a real tough guy

persona he’s all shoot first ask

questions later in approach to every

single situation and that’s just not how

the world works but all that stuff

wouldn’t be so bad in some other

character it’s just he’s the most blunt

and stupid version of all of those

traits put together and in Killzone 2

he’s just one of the most hateable

characters of all time his whole

motivation is supposed to be that he

hates the hell gassed for killing his

Squad but his anger is so

all-encompassing that it just starts to

be annoying after a while his default

response to everything is just be a jerk

and do whatever he says a bunch of

stupid crap and yells at you even like

when you get shot and when he gets shot

he berates you for it like somehow it’s

your fault that his stupid ass got

blasted he’s just standing out in the

open like an idiot and he’s a jerk about

everything I’m not gonna say hey

Velasquez Sarge you’re right out in the

open like a huge [ __ ] cause he’s gonna

be a dick about that too at the end you

go through all this trouble trying to

catch the bad guy get the really

annoying boss fight that he doesn’t help

you with and then he shows up after you

did everything and shoots the guy you

were supposed to capture like the weird

thing about him is that if it was your

character doing all the crap he did it

probably wouldn’t be all that bad but

he’s an NPC and it just makes him come

off awful

and number five is Seymour guado from

Final Fantasy 10. look at him just look

at him in a world filled with peacocking

idiots with big stupid hair this guy

trumps all of them this is one of those

guys we just like I hate you immediately

the ridiculous hair the giant flouncy

kimono opened up down to his navel the

chest tattoos everything just screams

the kind of douchebag that makes surfing

annoying like surfing is cool but this

kind of guy he gets involved and all of

a sudden nobody wants to surf at all not

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that I can surf I’m not I don’t even

think that that’s what I’m saying here

we’re talking about Vibe speaking of

vibe oh when he talks wow that’s the

most condescending voice I can imagine

the code of the Guardian how admirable


if you’re offering your lives

I will have to take them like in the

pantheon of Final Fantasy villains

nobody comes close when it comes to

douchiness even his bad guy plan is

douchey he mostly just wants to steal

your girlfriend the only reason he moves

on to the whole world destruction thing

is because you beat him so thoroughly

and he throws a fit and decides to try

to kill everyone instead of fighting you

he’s not just a douche because of his

appearance and voice his boss tactics

are douchey like when he hits you with a

zombie plus healing combo that’s it’s

rude that is insulting really all I

needed to do for this entry was just put

up a picture of this guy and everybody’s

douche radar would just go absolutely

batshit crazy

and number four is Young doll from God

of War Ragnarok take a god from pretty

much any game in the God of War series

and you’ll probably find a guy who’s

pretty unlikable right probably the

worst though that little twerp him doll

from God of War Ragnarok it takes a long

time before you even meet him but just

immediately this guy leaves an

impression I hate this guy in just the

first scene he threatens atreus then he

condescends like crazy and acts like

he’s totally Superior to you and I guess

like in some ways he does have the power

of Prophecy so he knows what you’re

gonna do before you do it but that’s

just what makes him such a douche if you

try to fight him he just laughs off your

every move the entire time atreyus

spends in Asgard him doll’s just

scheming against him insulting him

generally being an unpleasant ass and

when you finally fight him his Kratos

his douchebaggery doesn’t improve but at

least you have a secret weapon to take

him down I can feel your frustration

it is immensely satisfying taking him

down by the way probably one of the most

satisfying moments in the whole game

because he’s just awful the whole time

wiping that smug look off his face just


and number three is schizo from days

gone I mean this guy’s name is schizo do

we need to go further okay we’ll go

further ah it’s another dude that you

just have to look at him and you know

he’s a total prick okay again done no I

I’ll talk about him a little

um this is a guy who’s trying to get

credit as some kind of gang banger after

the zombie apocalypse so like that’s a

douche thing to do and also his

appearance is a clear cry for help he’s

immediately antagonistic to you when you

first arrive at the Lost Lake Camp he’s

constantly looking for a reason to kick

you out even goes as far as to scheming

against you just to get rid of you it’s

like dude I’m just here to help what’s

your problem at this point in the game

Deacon’s basically nothing but helpful

but all this guy does is complain about

how you ran off the first time and say

you’re gonna disappear again his

one-sided hatred of you goes as far as

to sell you out to your Mutual enemies

and ends up getting a lot of innocent

people killed just cause he’s a

douchebag usually being a dick doesn’t

get people killed but here it does and

even after the Lost Lake leader went

easy on him he still joined up for the

militarist group and eventually shot and

killed the leader he does a lot of bad

stuff but

I don’t even need me show you this guy

who he is a douche his name again is

schizo after the zombie apocalypse this

guy decided to go by schizo

and number two is Michael Bell from Red

Dead Redemption 2 Rockstar Games have

tons of Pricks in him you almost could

even say they’re kind of prick

simulators but the worst of them at

least in my opinion is Mike about at

first he just seems like another member

of the Dutch vanderland gang but as the

story progresses he he clearly is the

standout douche the man is an ugly

little suck up who always tells Dutch

exactly what he wants to hear well more

reasonable and likable members of the

gang like posia and Arthur try to tell

him the hard truth he constantly bickers

and argues with Arthur over really

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pointless crap while being a screw-up

and an idiot who kills innocent people

and blunders into problems that you

eventually have to save him from and

instead of being a little grateful or

maybe learning a lesson from The

Experience he just doubles down and

becomes a more paranoid and resentful

dick in a way that I guess is realistic

but wow it just makes this guy so much

more hateable as things go along he’s

just a Despicable pathetic character and

not in a way that you can sympathize

with him because he’s such a douchebag

when you finally get to put a bullet

into him oof it is satisfying

at number one everybody but especially

as survivors In Dying Light too you know

for a society that’s meant to be built

on freedom and mutual cooperation you’d

think that the faction of people hold up

in the bizarre and Dying Light too would

be a little more friendly but they’re

not almost every single person here is

either distrustful rude or just outright

hateful all you can do is put up with it

for literally hours doesn’t matter what

you do to advance the survivors it

doesn’t matter if you help their

Community Thrive they just hate you or

at very least they’re dismiss it they’re

all pretty annoying but the douchiest is

Barney who spends the entire time

complaining posturing and making dumb

choices but the ultimate douchebag move

is after you take out entire abandoned

camp for these guys and when you get

back they Ambush you and accuse you of

working with their enemies the

peacekeepers even though you literally

just killed like a dozen guys for them

and have been building their settlements

all over the place for them Barney sends

his little goon to attack you they get

the gall to say that things are

dangerous we just had to be careful like

really things are dangerous like your

justification for trying to kill me is

basically what that old man in the cave

said to link at the start of the first

Legend of Zelda game come on for being

an entire Society of douchebags the

survivors from Dying Light too they take

the tough spot I’m just skimming the

surface here too if you’ve played the

game you know exactly what I’m talking

about they’re just unlikable just a

gaggle of ungrateful Pricks that do

eventually start to soften but it’s too

little too late couple of bonuses for

you the dog from Duck Hunt yeah we had

to mention this guy laughs it up

whenever you miss there’s no way we

cannot mention him he’s a classic and

also screw this stupid dog and then Eric

Sparrow from Tony Hawk Underground like

do you think we’d forget him we’ve

mentioned him plenty on other lists

though so we gotta put him in the bonus

section he’s just a terrible friend that

constantly get you into trouble resents

your success and keeps on hating it all

the way throughout story mode mode and

Tony Hawk Underground uh there is a bit

of relatableness to him though we’ve all

had a bad friend at some point who

treated us like crap or made fun of us

behind our backs particularly because we

did something well and Eric Sparrow is

basically that he’s constantly

complaining getting into trouble and

even tries to pass off this incredible

stunt tape you made as his own he’s

maybe one of the ultimate video game

douchebags but we’ve kind of just talked

about him so much and even some of the

stuff he does sounds like small potatoes

compared to some other villains out

there but yeah we had to bring him up

look up a compilation of Eric’s

atrocities on YouTube somewhere you’ll

hate him too don’t worry about it you’ll

hate him we know and that’s all for

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