Weird Japanese rhythm karate game

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Hey, I’m Grump! I’m not so Grump!

And we’re the Game Grumps!

Oh, man, oh, man.

Hello, welcome to Marshall Beat!

And welcome to Game Grumps!

Arin, what…

…IS this?

It’s Takuya Shirato.

I see that.


That’s about all I know.

We’ve got…

Kazumi Matsumoto.


No, it’s just them.

Is this, like, a dance, like, exercise video?

It is.

Where they’re in amazing settings and amazing costumes?

It’s like DDR, but for martial arts.

That’s incredible.

And they’re incredible. I mean, look at these talents.


I wanna do the exercise with fire exposed off my feet.

She seems so pleased with all the electricity.

Why would she not be?

I know.

I’m thrilled with this.

Is it really just the two of them?

They look like such different people in every setting.

They really do, huh?

It’s bizarre.


Hey, come on, man, you can do it.

Push yourself.

Okay, um…

Let’s do it, Arin.

Oh, it’s getting…

This is the best part.

Oh, okay, sorry.

This is where the breakdown happens.


Marshall Beat.

Marshall Beat.

Underneath in Japanese, it said Marshall Beat.

I speak Japanese, a lot of people don’t know that.

2002, okay.

So this is…

We’re now, like, 21 years later.

Those two are probably, like, young grandparents at this point.


Oh, yeah.

Looking back and, uh, enjoying…


Oh, that’s my name.

Okay, I love it.

Uh, accept.

Enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Yup, all right, we’re good.

Yup, that’s when I was born.

Bim bim bim bim bim.

And that is how I want to play the game.



All right, whoa.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

I’m just following the blue one.

I’m just following the blue one.

Oh, oh, oh!


Is this how fast they expect me to go?

All right.

Let’s do a little practice first.


Let’s get into it.





Damn, Dari Ram!

Damn, Dari Ram!

All right.

We’ll try, uh…

Rhythm and Police or Boom Boom Dollar?

Or Stomp to My Beat?

These are all…

DDR songs.

Oh, are they really?


We got Tom Stomping!

Oh, man.

I think we might get copyright striked for that.

Oh, you’re probably right.


I don’t know what that, like, means.

What is the symbol?

I don’t know.


Seventeen bros in a row, ready to get sucked.

Yeah, you made a lot of leaps in logic about that.

All right, Dom Dari Ram.

So do I have to, like, press buttons or…

We’re focusing our key right now.

I see.

Oh, God.

Oh, stop yelling at me!


All right.

She’s doing great.


You’ve got almost no points.




Oh, man.

My score is going up and I’m not doing anything.


Wait, if I don’t do anything, does my score go up?

I don’t think so.

I think you have to do stuff.

Oh, dude, I did something!

Yeah, I think you’re supposed to do things on the beat.

On the green beat of the…


Dom Dari Dom Dari Dom.

Oh, shit.

Oh, she’s probably saying, like, what direction to go in.


I blocked it.

Can you understand what she’s saying?


Why are we playing so many games that we can’t understand?

We just played the Blue Elephant game.

Dude, I’m kicking ass right now.

Are you?


I don’t think you are.

Dude, look at my score!

I think they give you a lot of points for everything in this game.

No, but I’m fucking destroying right now.


I started out, I had, like, 1,000.

I burned one calorie.

You did burn one calorie.

Good work.

Nice, dude.

Yeah, you know what?

That was pretty good.


Thanks, man.

I feel like I’m ready for normal mode.

Yeah, probably.

All right, here we go.

Martial beat time.

Duran Duran’s Ordinary World?

Yeah, but it’s not performed by them.

Ooh, burnout beat.

Upper body beat.

Rush beat.


It’s your favorite band.

Yeah, I’m sure they probably supplied the music for this.

Let’s do a bottom body beat.


It’s got a fun little rhythm to it.

No, we can’t do this song!

No, no, we can’t!


Do a mini version of it.

Oh, all right.

I get knocked out!

I’d like to try it.

I’d like to try to just yell over it.

Come on.


Arin, this is not worth getting demonetized for.

Some things are.

This isn’t it.

All right, I can skip the tub something one.




Oh, yes.

Charge up.


Do the kung fu.

Do the kung fu.

Do the kung fu.

Try the kung fu.

To do.

Is it just the buttons or is it just the arrows or is it both?

I don’t know.

In the middle of the night.

Is this aqua?

I think it might be aqua.

It does sound like every aqua song.

Dude, I’m kicking ass.

I’m doing amazing.

Look at him go.

Yeah, you know what?

These people kind of rule.

Dude, they’re kicking ass.


Dude, if I got in a fight with them, I’m gonna learn to box.

If someone just like walked into the path of that, they’d be like, ah, my shin, my face,

my shin and face.

Yo, if I just mash the buttons, I get mad score.

And then the guy comes in from the other side.

He’s like, ah, my face, my shin.

My face, my shin, my face, my shin, my face, my shin, my face.

Shin, shin, shin, face, face, face.


Well, that was a cool move.

He did like a little, like a.

It looks like the tiny him is punching him in the nuts.

That is not fair.

Hey, get away from me.

Damn, dude, 53,000.

Well done.

Beat that, dude.

I mean, probably anyone could.

You’re watching.

You just pound the entire controller with the palm of your hand.

Look at all these calories I’m burning right now.

Holy crap.

Holy crap.

Oh, oh, oh.

I’ll drop a cut.

I can do that.

I do that usually when I box.

Kick the weather.

Kick the weather.

Kick the weather.

I don’t think that’s what he was saying, but it does sound like.

Yeah, so you don’t want the sunshine.

Just kick the clouds.

It’ll rain.

Why isn’t he in Street Fighter?

He has so many powers.

Ryu just has fireballs, but this guy has electricity, fire, wind, water.

Earth, heart, magnets, blankets.

How do they work?

I feel like I’m burning 10 calories just from mashing all these buttons all the time.

Oh, my God.

I’m doing so well right now.

Come on, dude.

Come on, dude.

Let’s take it higher.

Jump through the rhythm.

Jump through the rhythm.

Jump to the rhythm.

Dance, dance.

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Kiss him.

Kiss him.

Kiss him in the nuts.

Kiss him right in the nuts.

Look at him.

He’s kissing in the nuts.

That’s that is pretty good.

This is the same angle, too.

It’s like the exact same camera.

This is the guy in the little corner.

It’s the same footage.

Oh, yeah.

It’s amazing.

I don’t know if amazing is the word I would use.

They just had a second camera.

I think it’s pretty amazing that they did this back in the PS1 days.

Is this PS1?


This does look pretty good for PS1, right?

All this full motion video.

All these people working out.

I bet I bet people love this game.

I bet there was somebody that lost like 60 pounds playing this game.


No question.

He was like, when do I get the fire?

And then he like went to a fight gym and he was like, I’m ready.

They just got the shit kicked out of him.

I can harness the power of electricity.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

He’s really going hard.

What is the black belt?

He’s dressed up as Ken from Street Fighter.

Do you think this is who Ken was based on?

I do.

I like the idea that he’s just this wall.

He just creates this like bubble around him of kicks and punches.

And anyone who like tries to run into him will be immediately repelled 20 feet into the air.

Oh dude.

Oh, shmeg attack.

Shmeg attack?


You don’t want that.

He looks like he’s kind of getting tired in this one.

Shmeg attack.

He’s like, I’ve been doing this all day.

Oh, this is like our fifth sequence that I just recorded.

I think they wanted an effect to happen there, but it just didn’t.

He’s like, shh.

Yeah, we’ll fix it in post.

You know what?

Like, I got to say without all the magic and the fire and the whatnot and the music,

this was probably a pretty lonely, quiet film session against the green screen.

Well, he had to do it on beat.

Oh, I guess you’re right.

So he probably had like a headphone in or something.


26 calories and counting.

The cameraman’s just like looking at his phone.

Oh, now he’s like a military guy.

Love it.

This guy’s got a lot of things going on in his life.

He does.

Oh, cause this is rhythm and police.

He’s going to take out the bad guys with these punches.

Do you think if somebody like this really existed, right?

Somebody who could-

He does really exist.

No, right.

Yeah, that’s a man.

It’s a living man.

I mean like a man that could shoot fire from his fists.

Oh, you mean if he actually had these powers.


Yeah, okay.

Like, do you think that he would get into like crime fighting or whatever, or do you

think they would just like kidnap him and then like turn him into a science experiment?

Ask me that question again.

To start over, it got so weird, so fast that like my brain froze.

Okay, if there was a guy like this in real life who could shoot fire out of his hands

and stuff, do you think that he would get into like vigilante crime fighting, or do

you think that he would just get kidnapped and researched on by the government?

Why can’t both be true?

Well, cause then he wouldn’t be able to-

Well, cause then he wouldn’t be able to fight crime if they were cutting him open.

I would assume he’d start by fighting crime and then like, if he was successful, the government

would probably be like, hey, this guy’s pretty good at fighting crime.

We should get in on that.

We should go cut him open and see if he’s got all kinds of genes or something.

Hardest power fire in flight.

Then he just explodes and they’re like, oops, well now we have one less crime fighter.


And then she shows up and they’re like, oh my God, you had a laser girlfriend.

I don’t know if I want to experiment or not.

I think I want to date her.

Do you think she’d like me if I talk to her?

Is that costume a character’s costume?


It looks, it looks vaguely like Lara Croft-ish, doesn’t it?

Yeah, I guess.

Or am I imagining that?


Kind of like the tank toppy thing.


That’s not low cut.

And then pants?

Does Lara Croft wear pants?

I don’t know.

She wears like the short shorts.

Oh yeah, of course.

That’s right.

That’s like primarily what people know her for.


And also being a hero.


Well, she’s a hero.

Why wouldn’t she be?

What do you think?

She works in accounting with those kinds of powers?

What, this woman?


Oh yeah.

No, she’s a hero for sure.

Talking to Agate?

Got a good front kick too.

Yeah, that’s the one that always immediately like tore my hamstrings apart.

That’s a snap.

Ooh, sidekick.

She kind of got like a cat stance too going on.

She makes it look very effortless.

Oh yeah, dude.

I mean, this is like beneath her.


They were fucking like, is there a girl that could do fighting?

And she’s like, yeah.

She does all these flips and shit and they’re like, no, can you just like kick?


Yeah, sure.

I can kick.

It’s fine.

Meanwhile, sometimes I try to get like a spice from the spice rack up on the top of my kitchen

and I’m like, my whole back explodes.

Could you do a little kick to get that spice down?

Oh, we got, okay.

So what’s like the hardest one?

Bottom body beat.

That’s why I picked it, but it had fucking tub thumping in it.

What other modes are there?

Combination beat, combination beat.

Oh, let’s check out our diary.

Uh, like you’re writing, but the pages keep catching on fire because your hands are like

curse these powers.

Are you checking up on your fitness calendar?

This is for today.

Wait, I can fight people?


Wait, is this two player?

Don’t say words to me.

All right.

This is all business here.

Why that is ordinary world.

Just with a dance beat behind it.

Whoa, you are fighting.

Wait, so am I fighting this guy?

Got him.

Holy crap.

Why would they put me against this guy?

He’s frail.

He looks like the machinist.

He’s not well.

This is like when Christian Bale lost all that weight right before Batman Beyond.

Yeah, beyond begins.

Beyond the beginning.

Oh my God.

I’m destroying these fuckers.

Yeah, you really are impressive.

Taking out an army of deeply malnourished, weakened people.

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Maybe once the song keeps going, it’ll, they’ll start getting stronger.


It does seem a little unfair.

A little.

He keeps trying to throw a punch, but I keep getting him.

Come on.

Come on.

Oh, I always thought this was just DDR song.

I like that.

I like this version, but this is like a boy George song Duran Duran Duran.

Late period Duran Duran like nineties, early nineties.

I can’t believe only burn three calories to fight it.

All those toothpicks, those toothpicks with arms and faces.


We did good.


Do you want to try?


Are you sure?


Don’t try to do the techniques.

Oh no.


No, you can’t do this.

There’s no way to cancel out of this mode now.

I get, oh, you are in.

You better bring it.

I’m obliterating.

I love that you can only fight the same guy over and over in different outfits.

He just like changes his outfit real quick.

He’s like, oh no, like the red guy.

That was a different dude.

He was wearing red.

Didn’t you see him?

They could draw anybody, but they drew a low budget version of this scenario.

I know it’s pretty funny.

That’s coral.

We just wanted to make sure that you had the same body type for this one.

Oh, maybe, maybe that’s level two.

Maybe the fighters get bigger and tougher.

Oh dude, we’re going to fight Sagat in the next one.

As you, as you exercise more.

It’s a lot of sharks in this level.

Why did they let you in here?

Yeah, why are they letting you fight people at the aquarium?

Scaring the fish.

Super dangerous.

You’re going to, someone’s going to get thrown into the tank and it’s going to explode.

All the fish are going to come flying.

All the fish are going to come flopping out.

You know, they’re dangerous outside of the water too.


They’re very, they’re very rivy.

They don’t move around, but they’ll whap you.

The whappy one good.

Get you with their teeth.

They don’t even want to do fish teeth.

That’s how Steve Irwin died.

Let’s see.

That’s not how Steve Irwin died.


You got stigged by a stingray.

He did that.

Yes, that’s correct.

Oh, now you’re fighting the gray alien.

I’m sorry.

I wasn’t even sure they existed, but now I am.


You’re kicking the crap out of them.

Dude, they don’t even know human language.

Oh, you come in peace.

Big mistake.

Now you’re going to leave in pieces.

Oh man.

He doesn’t even have a chance to shoot me with his ray gun.

You really, it is so funny.

I’m just watching you mash every button.

And I can’t, I can’t believe you were like, do you want to try this?

I want to give you the true Marshall Beat experience.

It’s just pressing every button.

I don’t know what it feels like.

You can only imagine.

Your little brain ears.

You really get the hang of it.

Sexy little brain.

Oh, thank you.

He did get one through, so it wasn’t perfect.

Get them.

You have murdered like 30 of these things.

Do you think when they’re directing this guy, they put the headphones on and everything.

They were like, all right, imagine you’re fighting.

10,000 gray aliens with Ray guns.

And he’s just like, you got it.

I know just the dance move.

He’s just super anti alien.

All right.

Who do we got to fight next?

Oh, this guy.

All right.

We’re back to the, that’s not fair.

Boy, you are just slapping the shit out of these guys.

Oh, you want some, you want some.

He just gave a look like a little nod, like look to the side.

Like, Oh, is that right?

You son of a bitch.

He totally did.

This is like, he’s using this to like audition for a Van Damme movie or something.

I didn’t rise.

You wanted some too.

Oh, you can eat buffet, baby.

I do like how he’s getting into it.

Yeah, he’s feeling it for sure.

Oh, you chase solo.

Something, something, something.

We drink Vaseline.

That’s what he’s saying.

Is that right?


It’s very catchy.

We drink Ritalin.

Oh, I thought we chase rail meat is what I heard, but that’s fine.

Come on, come on, come on.

Get him.

He’s almost got me down to half health.

I can’t believe this little pimp squeak is taking me out.

I mean, there was 40 of them.

Oh, nice.

I wish you would come over to my whole house.

I swear that’s what I heard.

I really liked that song though.

It was insane.

Yeah, it’s rhythm and police.

It’s just so relentless.

No, that wasn’t with the police.

That was a different song.

Oh, this is the one where the guy’s just like pushing the button, like rhythmically.

Like the mute button on the girl just singing a long note.

I’m a producer.

How far does this go?

Do I just keep going until I die?

I think so.

Or until you’re super jacked.

This poor guy, I feel worse for this guy, actually.

Cause the way that he, when he falls, he’s like, no, please.

I didn’t want to do this to begin with.


Take it.

Take it.

If someone yelled that to me right before they punched me in the face, I’d be like,

that’s just insult to injury.

Take it.

I don’t want to.

No, please.

Please, I’m begging you.

You’re good.

Thank you again.






How do you think it worked on the lyrics for this song?

Uh, for Dom Dari Rom, where the lyrics are Dom Dari Rom, Dari Rom, Dari Dari, Dari Rom,

Dari Rom, Dari Rom, Dari Rom.

So like what, four days, five days?

Couple years.


It’s been in my diary for a while.

It’s in my, it’s been in my Dom Diarrhea.

My Dom Diarrhea Diarrhea Diarrhea Rom Rom.

So fucking stupid.

Hey man, do you want to play some Dom Domino’s Domino’s Domi Domi Domi

Domi, Domi, Domi, Domi, Domi, Domino’s?

Oh my god.

Oh gosh.

All right.

Is there another guy or is it an alien?

It’s gotta be an alien.

Here he goes.

That’s who wants a piece.


Oh no, it’s this skinny dude who just can’t get enough of ass weapons.

Dude this guy.

Dude, you are like, it’s two punch kills now.

He’s like ripping.

Look at how fucking- he’s just ripping those kicks!


This poor fucking guy!


To the chest!

To the gut!

To the face!

Battle machine!

Osho mas?

Is that Spanish?

Osho mas.

Yeah, come on, rusho!


Get those guys mushy!

Hahahaha! I’d rather not if it’s all the same.

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Messed up!

N-fail the month!

Oh, clay!

Oh my god.

You’re just dominating.

I’m dom-dominate-dominate-dominate-y-nate-y-nate-dominate-nate-nate.


That’s my brother’s name.

This guy goes too hard.

I know, I know, these poor people.

Like, there was one song he did-

I’m starting to root for them.

Just cause this is such an ass beating.

There was one song where it looked like he was getting tired,

and this one, it looked like this was his first one.


Where he was just like, I’m ready to go, let’s fucking go.

Let’s go, gamers.


Fucking LFG, dawg.

Is this just gonna go on forever?

I can’t even, like, exit out of this mode.

I know, we can’t, we can’t, like, it’s just forever.

It’s just fore-

Oh, we had so many other games to play.

We’re gonna play- what was the other one?

We’re gonna play that weird detective game.

Yeah, well, we’re gonna.

Woah, there’s a new guy!

Oh, yeah, awesome!

Dude, he looks capable.

He’s, like, fantastic.

Nope, killed him.

He’s dead.

Oh, we’re gonna play 102 Dalmatians?

Yeah, that’s right.

Dal Dalmatians Dalmatians Dalmatians Dalmatians Dalmatians Dalmatians Dalmatians Dalmatians.

102 Dalmatians.


That’s a, that’s a country.



It’s, like, an island country in Asia, I think.


I would love to go there.

Wait, she just, she is, like, just such gentle punches, and she’s, like, just annihilating people with them.

She’s got a solid hook, man.

I guess so.

She’s got that elbow up and everything.

What is this cat’s-

Look at the size of those gloves!

I know.

They’re, like, cat claws.

Like, bam!

Like, what is this style that she’s got going on here?

She’s got kind of, like, hands, like, meow.

Yeah, yeah, like, I keep expecting her to, like, paw over from, like, the forehead down like a cat.


You know, like, when they clean their faces.

Very respectful.

What do you mean?

She did, like, the thing where-

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

I honor you, many men that have fallen.

Many similar-looking men with jackets.

Wait, is this, is this my opportunity to get out?

Oh my god, it just keeps going.

Oh, boy.

Have we seen this one?

Speed tick.


Stop it, do my beat, beat, beat, stop it, do my beat, beat, stop it, do my beat!

You know, if we were actually exercising along with this instead of just pushing buttons and sitting around,

we could definitely get healthier.

Oh, yeah.


It’s, these techniques are a little too tough, though, you know what I mean?

Do you think so?

I don’t know, man, like, are you supposed to memorize these?

I don’t know.

Like, they’re going real hard.

He’s not just, like, punch.

I would not do another punch.

Hey, look at that, he just did some kind of fucking, like, fuck you, and then he, like,

twisted his arms and did some power punch.


Look at that, what is this?

This is the ancient art of karate.

What is, it’s huge.

Look, he’s doing high blocks.

He’s doing mid blocks.

Dude, he does not stop.

The guys filming are like, calm down, bro.

We didn’t ask you to go this hard.

It’s, like, just flatlining.

This is, this is his heartbeat.

He’s dead.

You killed him.

I’m so sorry.

I’m gonna use these techniques when I go out in the, the, the, the boxing ring next time.

This is the same one.

He’s just in a different place.

Oh, yeah.

That is exactly right.

They do get a lot of mileage out of the, uh, the 25 minutes they had these two actors.

I’m just gonna let him kill me.

Ooh, big kick. Ooh, big kick.

Ooh, big kick.

Do you think, do you think the, the guy, the actor will, like, collapse to the ground if he loses?

He’s like, ooh!

He just, like, starts coughing up blood.

Game over, try again.

Yeah, that was more along the lines of what I thought it might be.

The game just tells you it’s over.


Just don’t worry about it.


I mean, I feel like I’m advanced at this point, but I, oh, what the fuck?


Oh, this is how you practice all the moves.


Let him go.

Which is the one?

Wow, look at that.

Let’s do high kick.

Two kicks.

First, this kick.

Oh, and it’s like a push kick.

Oh, dancing.


Ooh, right in the tummy.

You have to use the sound effects.

What’s he saying?

He’s just telling you how to do a kick.


I suppose I could have figured that out from context clues.



We didn’t do anything.

I think you mean watch again.

Retry this advanced technique that you’ve just done?

All right, how about hands up?

Let’s see how he teaches how to do hands up.


Show men.

You don’t want to show a lot of men this technique.

You want to be a Dommy Mommy.

Dom Dommy Mom Dommy Mom Dommy Mommy Mommy Dommy Mom Mom Mom.

Wait, that was it?

Yeah, that was it.

God, this is like, do you remember when we were kids and they used to have like those

phone sex lines where like, I mean I never called one, I was too young, but like the,

they’d be like, I don’t know, they always used to make fun of them in comedy shows where

like someone calls them and the woman’s like, hi there big boy, insert five more dollars,

you are out of time.

You know, like that kind of shit.


Yeah, it has that kind of feeling.

All right, here’s what you want to do.

You just want to raise your hands.

Do you want to retry?

This one’s just a stance I guess.

Punch you sue.

Here’s how you stand, feet apart, on ground, make sure they’re down, and then your body

is held up by the feet.


You can kick and shit, you can punch, there you go.


Congratulations, you’re a Kung Fu master.

Arin, I really, this was so weird, but I really enjoyed it.

I kind of loved it.

All right, everyone have a wonderful day in the neighborhood, and we’ll see you next time

on Game Grumps.

Goodbye, Game Grumps.


Yeah, computer.


Dan, you’re going to love my nuts.

Oh, God.

Oh, my God.