What are some interesting new games in 2023?

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[Narrator] 2023 Is
looking absolutely stacked

for video game releases.

So let’s break it down to
the first half of 2023.

Here are 15 new games

we’re looking forward to checking out.

Please note, as of right now,

there are a bunch of
games coming out in 2023

that don’t have a release date,

and we’re not talking about those.

We’re sticking to the ones
that officially have a date.

And also just know, a small disclaimer,

all these are subject to change.

Game delays happen all the time.

But with that being said,

let’s get started off with number 15.

“Atomic Heart” is finally soon upon us.

This first person action adventure game

heavily inspired by the
likes of “BioShock”,

at least at a glance, just
seems really, really unique

with this alternate
history, Soviet sci-fi spin

with lots of melee weapons, guns,

and cool abilities in
a wild and wacky world

filled with weird robots.

Not to mention the game
just has some really big

and impressive looking environments.

And just overall some
pretty good graphics,

at least from the trailers.

“Atomic Heart” though, like we said,

wearing inspirations on its sleeves

could still end up
being incredibly unique.

We’ve been following this
game for years at this point,

back when it was just like a
little Kickstarter project.

And now after, again,
like I said, many delays,

it’s finally getting
a full fledged release

February 21st, 2023.

Next over at number 14,

the “Dead Space” remake is coming

right at the start of the new year

and we have pretty high
hopes for this one.

Yes, it is coming from EA

who has a tendency to screw things up,

but I think after “Callisto Protocol”,

we just got that taste for
gritty sci-fi survival horror

in space back in our mouths.

Say what you want about
“Callisto Protocol”,

loved it or hated. it definitely left us

wanting more of that style of game.

And thankfully the “Dead Space” remake

is essentially right around the corner,

although some might argue it’s a game

that didn’t even look
like it needed a remake.

Visually, so far it does seem

like it looks pretty awesome.

And “Dead Space” 1 and 2
are some incredible games

so we’re looking forward to
jumping back in January 27th.

Next, over at number 13,
we have “Hogwarts Legacy.”

This is the big open world
adventure Harry Potter game

that a lot of people have been
asking for for a long time.

It takes place many, many, many years

before “Harry Potter” or
even “Fantastic Beasts”

and focuses on you going to Hogwarts,

creating your own character,

going to classes, and
doing whatever you want.

And there’s a lot of potential
for this one to be a big deal

to a lot of Potter fans.

It could be pretty sweet.

And after a bunch of delays
as well with this one,

we’ll finally know February 10th, 2023.

Next over at number 12,
let’s talk “Forspoken”.

I think if any game on the list,

this is the one that
should have an asterisk.

This is the one where we’re
kind of cautiously optimistic

because there is a demo out right now

and although we weren’t
super head over heels for it,

we’ll admit that like we just haven’t seen

a lot of the game.

But “Forspoken” essentially is you

as a regular person thrust
into a fantasy world

and given mage powers.

The game focuses around a
magical parkour-like traversal

around open environments, questing,

and combat that seemingly predominantly

involves magic and casting.

This Square Enix collaboration

has been teased for a long time.

We knew about this game

before it even had the name “Forspoken”

and it’s finally releasing

after many delays January 24th, 2023.

Next over at number 11, we
have “Sons of the Forest”.

So this is another long awaited game,

the follow up to the
survival game, “The Forest”.

“Sons of the Forest”
seems like it’s taking

the success of the first “The Forest” game

and putting its money where its mouth is

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and making a bigger,
better “The Forest” game

with a little bit more
of a cinematic approach,

more depth, better
graphics, more mechanics.

And to be honest, this
one’s still been shrouded

in some secrecy and it’s had some delays,

but we’re gonna see it
February 23rd, 2023.

Next over at number 10, we
have “Street Fighter 6”.

Man, this one is looking pretty awesome.

Some fighting game fans have already

gotten their hands on it

and it seems like they’re
coming away impressed.

And although we certainly at Gameranx

do not specialize in
fighting games by any means,

“Street Fighter” is a lot of fun

and this one looks no different.

Visually it looks absolutely stunning,

but it also looks like
it’s got the gameplay chops

to back it up and some
interesting new characters,

new characters that don’t feel

kind of like half-assed or forced.

From what we’ve seen so
far, they seem pretty sweet.

And then also new creative spins

on classic beloved characters

that we’ve known for so
long also look pretty cool.

Capcom’s big old “Street Fighter 6”

is dropping June 2nd, 2023.

Now next over at number
nine, we have “Diablo IV”.

This one has been long, long in the works

and it’s finally almost here.

This “Diablo” is visually
pretty incredible

from what we’ve seen.

From those cool cinematic movies

that Blizzard is always known for

to the actual gameplay itself.

And it seems like they’re going

bigger and crazier with this.

Bigger worlds, more instances,
more loot, more connectivity,

more playing with friends.

And we’re really curious
to see how this one goes

’cause even a decent “Diablo”
game is still pretty good.

Will it top “Diablo II”?

A lot of us think nothing ever will,

but we like to see people try.

And we’ll know this summer apparently

when “Diablo IV” drops June 6th.

Next over at number eight,

we have “Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.”

Now in a sea of Souls-like
games and Souls Born copycats,

team Ninja and Koei Tecmo
know what they’re doing.

I mean, they made the Neo games.

So “Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty”
seems to be continuing

that trend with just a bigger adventure,

more compelling and challenging combat,

but also this time around seemingly

a really compelling and cinematic story.

It’s in like a fantasy spin
on the three kingdoms period

and embracing Chinese
history so it’s unique,

you know, it’s a little different.

Knowing their gameplay pedigree,

I think this one, if
you’re into this genre,

might be a safe bet

and you’ll get your hands
on it March 3rd, 2023.

Next, over at number seven,
we have “Company of Heroes 3”.

Now, although this is apparently
getting a console release,

“Company of Heroes” is
definitely a PC gamers game.

And essentially with this one,

and I’m using the
developer’s words themselves,

they’re just going bigger and better.

This time around, it’s in
the Mediterranean theater

and you have way more
options with your units,

the flexibility of what they can do

and the destruction vehicles can cause.

There’s gonna be a co-op skirmish mode,

competitive multiplayer,

and seemingly some pretty
large scale battles.

If you like action, tactics,
and World War II history,

the company of hero games
are pretty engaging.

The average normie might see these things

and think they’re boring, but
I can assure you they are not.

They’re pretty intense.
You’ll get pretty sweaty.

I mean, it’s from the developers Relic.

They know what they’re doing,

and this releases February 23rd.

Next over at number six,

we have the “Resident Evil 4” remake.

This is one that some
of us here at Gameranx

is our most anticipated game

because it’s just a remake
of “Resident Evil 4”.

That’s crazy.

It’s something actually we
never would’ve imagined we’d see

and here it is.

So far from what we’ve been
able to see from Capcom,

it seems like they are willing

to change things up a little bit.

They’re going a little bit darker,

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they’re embracing more
horror, more scary elements.

A lot of the game looks
like it’s taking place

at night this time around,

but also you can still do all the wacky,

crazy “Resident Evil 4” stuff
like roundhouse kick dudes,

and now apparently, parry the
chainsaw guy with your knife.

That for me, is it, just
those little things.

As someone who’s replayed “Resident Evil”

for a million times,
I’m just excited to see

what little different things
they might squeeze in.

Where can they really flesh
out “Resident Evil 4”,

where can they surprise us,

and where can they remain really faithful

and just celebrate the original game?

There’s a lot they can do here
and they’ve already done it

before with “Resident Evil 2” remakes,

so we’re just really itching
to get our hands on this one.

And thankfully we will March 24th, 2023.

Now next over at number five,

speaking of the return of
weird old horror games,

we have “Dead Island 2.”

Yeah, this game was
announced back in like 2015

and hopped around between
a bunch of developers,

but now we’re finally getting it.

It’s a real game once
again with a new developer

and it’s still set in like an open world

California, Los Angeles type thing.

So you’re killing zombies
in a tropical setting

with melee weapons.

And just from what we’ve seen,

like the brief glimpses
in the gameplay trailer,

it looks like “Dead Island”,
but it does look like fun.

And honestly at this point
we’re just, pun intended,

morbidly curious to just see if this game

was worth the weight and all the delays

and changed developers
because at this point,

I mean the “Dead Island”
hype has really died down,

but there could be a good game here.

So we’ll know for sure April 28th, 2023.

Next over at number four,

we have “Suicide Squad:
Kill The Justice League”.

Man oh man, this is
Rocksteady’s next game,

the people behind the mainline
“Batman: Arkham” games.

And this does take place in
the “Batman: Arkham” universe

after “Arkham Knight” where you seemingly

play as the Suicide Squad

tasked with taking down the Justice League

because they’ve become corrupted,
they’ve been turned evil.

Comic book fans can really
infer a lot from that.

And we’re just really excited
to see Rocksteady’s take

on the Justice League, Superman,
the Flash, Wonder Woman,

and of course Batman has been teased

as making a Return with
Kevin Conroy once again

voicing the character one last time.

But we’re just really curious
to see how this game plays.

They’ve been working on it for so long.

We’ve gotten glimpses of gameplay,

but I still have a lot of
questions as to the flow

and what you’re generally doing.

Still, we love Rocksteady’s
take on DC Universe stuff,

so we’re really in for that.

Hopefully we learn more
soon, but as of right now,

we know the game is
slated for May 26th, 2023.

Hey now, next down to number three,

we have “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor”.

Respawn really killed it

with “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order”.

In our humble opinion,
they did a really good job

with a “Metroidvania” style game

and just a cool “Star Wars”
game with satisfying combat

and some neat little additions to the lore

that didn’t like overdo
it or come off weird.

It fit just right.

It felt like a good old
fashioned “Star Wars” game.

And they’re doing it again here,

seemingly with more enemy
types, way bigger worlds,

more options for traversal,
actual creature mounts to use

and multiple fighting stances,

which the potential for that
is absolutely incredible.

Honestly, we’re really curious to see

where Cal Kestis’s story can go now,

especially considering in the first game

there was a decent amount of
resolution to his character,

although he was pretty simple.

I think there’s a lot they
can do now here going forward.

I mean, he has a blaster now,

which has really cool
implications for combat.

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Coruscant makes an appearance,

which will be pretty cool

I could imagine for gameplay purposes

if we get to jump around there.

And hopefully there’s
just a lot of good stuff

for “Star Wars” nerds.

Like I said, Respawn did a really good job

with the last game and
hopefully after that risk,

now they’re able to just go even crazier.

As of right now, March
17th, 2023 is the date.

Now down to number two,
“Final Fantasy XVI”.

Man, this one looks big.

This is a big old, crazy,

cinematic action packed
“Final Fantasy” JRPG

with more action focused combat

and seemingly a bit of a mature edge.

I mean, like in the
story trailers and stuff,

we saw blood and just mature story themes,

but thankfully along with that we get

the traditional “Final Fantasy” stuff,

awesome monster summons, tons of drama,

a deep story and some incredible,

I’d say downright god tier music.

At this point with mainline
“Final Fantasy” games,

I just play ’em.

I don’t really need to
know too much about them,

I just love to jump into
’em and see what’s up.

And this looks like a nice
refreshing spin from XV

and I just really, really hope
they nail the combat here.

“Final Fantasy XVI” is
releasing June 22nd.

And now finally at number one,

“The Legend of Zelda:
Tears of the Kingdom.”

It’s been a long time since
they announced the follow up

to “Breadth of the Wild” and
now we’re finally getting it.

And I still have so many
questions about this game

storywise, mechanics wise,

but it seems like a
very different high rule

and gameplay with a lot more possibilities

and creativity and physics based stuff

than we had in “Breadth of the Wild”,

which people really embraced,

so for them to double
down on that is awesome.

And honestly, I’ve been loving
how mysterious this one is.

Nintendo’s been pretty tightlipped.

They haven’t just shown off
tons and tons of the game

and at this point I don’t mind,

I already bought my ticket, I’m signed up.

I liked “Breadth of the Wild”,

so to get some more of that

but with a different
flavor sounds interesting.

It’s not often when
Nintendo just straight up

does a follow up to a
previous “Zelda” game.

So they gotta have some
cool ideas up their sleeves.

“Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”

is releasing May 12th, 2023.

Those are 15 new games in 2023

we’re really looking
forward to checking out,

but of course we got some bonus games

we couldn’t squeeze in.

The first is Ubisoft “Skull & Bones”.

This is releasing March 9th and
it’s that kind of open world

multi-player pirate game simulator thing.

It could be good, it could
be terrible, who knows?

But I want to check it out

because I like pirate video games.

And also “Like a Dragon: Ishin!”

The whole feudal style Yakuza game

is finally coming to the West

and I’ve always wanted to
check out this type of thing

and thankfully now we can February 21st.

But those are a bunch of games.

We make lists here

so we want to hear yours
down in the comments.

If you got some games in
2023 for the first half

that you’re looking
forward to jumping into,

it definitely helps us
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