A list of 10 games where you can destroy almost everything

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Hey, do you like games where you can destroy stuff?

Today we got a list of 10 games where you can destroy almost everything.

We got a variety of different games across all genres and generations, so let’s get started off with number 10.

The Earth Defense Force series, or EDF, isn’t always necessarily known for its destruction ’cause technically, you’re the good guys most of the time.

But you can cause a lot
of damage in these games

thanks to just how large scale
these battles really are.

If you’ve never played one of these games,

essentially you are a earth force

fighting against an alien invader

that is essentially giant bugs.

Yeah, it’s that simple.

And that’s really the charm of this game.

And these creatures

can cause massive amounts of destruction,

but sometimes, so can you.

Depending on what type of
explosive weaponry you have,

you can finish a mission or finish a level

with just a bunch of leveled
buildings all around you.

(explosions rumbling)
(characters conversing)

And even though you look at these games

and you might think

they don’t look graphically
that impressive,

still, toppling a building
always just looks pretty cool.

I don’t know what that says about us,

but this is also just a
good side note to point out

that if you’ve never
played any of these games

and you like what you see here,

good, simple, fun, arcade-y blasting,

definitely check one out.

We don’t talk about them
enough here on this channel.

Next over at number nine,
(rock music)

sticking to the similar
topic of alien invaders,

let’s talk, Destroy All Humans,

specifically the newer remake ones

like Destroy All Humans Reprobed
that released last year.

This kind of remake,
reimagining of the original game

definitely still gives you all
that satisfying destruction,

and it’s just more impressive
now with beefed up graphics.

This is another game where
like the main objective

isn’t always necessarily
to destroy everything,

but there’s always gonna
be collateral damage

with whatever you’re doing,
so you’re gonna finish a level

with a surprising amount of
the buildings and structures

completely blown apart.

(explosion rumbling)

(explosion rumbling)

Now you can’t destroy
completely everything,

but it’s pretty damn close.

And the game flexes it
right from the beginning.

You remember that first
memorable level on the farm

where you just raise absolute hell

and destroy barns, cows, farm houses,

and everything from your spaceship?

It’s really, really
satisfying still to this day.

These games were loved
for just kind of being

the evil alien simulator,

and they totally succeed

because when you hop in your UFO

and you’re blasting
buildings and hurling tanks

and exploding everything,

it’s just awesome.

Next over at number eight,

we have a game called Megaton Rainfall.

You’ve probably never heard of it,

but it is an incredible
game worth playing in VR.

Essentially, you’re Superman.

You’re this superpowered being

that can shoot energy
blasts from their hands,

fly super fast, cause
all sorts of destruction.

And while the game does have
some clever presentation stuff,

today, we’re just talking about the fact

that you could blow everything up.

It’s awesome.

It’s an open world.

Actually, like open universe simulation.

So while you’re on the ground,

you can destroy some buildings,

fly through some buildings
Superman style if you want.

But you can also just instantly
fly up into outter space.

And when you’re up high,

you have the power to
shoot massive energy blasts

and cause craters.

Leave absolute massive craters
on the planet’s surface.

You really can lay waste to
everything you want here,

whether you’re just kind of
free roaming and messing around

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or actually engaging in the game

and fighting off against enemies.

It’s all procedurally
generated areas of the planet,

cities, building
structures, stuff like that.

(explosion rumbling)
(civilians screaming)

And while it certainly isn’t
the best game by any means,

just the ability to
destroy stuff like this

super fast in VR is incredibly impressive.

The game’s a bit older.

It looks a bit older, but the
destruction is still, Mmm.

Chef’s kiss.

Next over at number seven,

we have the Katamari series,

which yes, is not exactly what
will come to mind immediately

if you think about destruction.

But, I mean seriously, think about it.

You are a little person
rolling a ball around,

and everything that ball
rolls over gets stuck to it.

And that ball grows bigger
the more is stuck to it,

and it just kind of snowballs

into an absolutely massive ball

that can scale up to an
absolute insane degree.

I’m talking like you’re
rolling over structures,

cars, people, everything.

It actually gets kind of horrific

if you want to think about it.

But it’s presented in this really cool,

charming Japanese art style

and just overall gameplay design.

That just makes it absolutely
satisfying to play.

(upbeat music)
(objects clattering)

(characters laughing and screaming)

(objects clattering)

You really feel

like you are kind of
like this goofy monster

sucking up everything in your path.

But the best part is

is that you see everything
you’re destroying,

everything you’re grabbing

because it sticks to you in real time.

It’s a really interesting
and unique concept.

No other game has really
nailed it quite like them

in this series.

And it just is oddly, oddly satisfying.

So while it’s not destruction,

like you’re not taking a flame thrower

to a bunch of trees or something like that

like a lot of other games on this list,

we thought this was
absolutely worth mentioning

because Katamari’s destruction
is a very unique spin.

You see what I did there?

I’m sorry.

Anyway, moving on.

Next over at number six,

we have a game that you might
not immediately think of.

It’s Minecraft.

Yeah, I mean Minecraft,
when you break it down,

is like the ultimate
completely destructible game.

You start off just breaking
everything with your hands.

You build tools.

You break everything

because everything in the
game is made out of blocks.

All or most of those blocks

have certain ways that they
can be absolutely destroyed.

Not only that, there are also
tons of enemies in this world

that will also destroy
everything around you.

Remember getting your house
blown up by a creeper?

Yeah, that stuff still sucks.

(explosion rumbles)

Plus the game just has so
much room for experimentation

where you can build explosives

and really get crafty with
how you blow things up.

Or do a sandbox mode.

Build a convoluted explosion
with tons of TNT crates,

and explode half your game world,

and watch your computer melt down.

But really, all in all,

there’s a lot to the
destruction in this game,

and it’s a bit smarter than you’d realize.

Next over at number five,
we have a game called Black.

This is an old school now, at this point,

first person shooter from 2006.

This is back when EA was focused

on making some pretty inventive
single player experiences.

And this was developed by Criterion Games,

the folks behind the Burnout games.

And they specifically wanted to do here

like with what Burnout
did for destruction.

They wanted to apply that
to first person shooting.

You’re just shooting stuff,

riddling everything with bullets,

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tearing apart wood, structures,

shooting explosive barrels and
just causing tons of chaos.

It’s absolutely ridiculous and zany.

There’s barely a story.

It’s really just about these
crazy action set pieces

and all of the destruction.

Like that was a hundred
percent their focus.

You’re playing as Jack Keller,

who’s kind of a gruff shooter every man.

None of it really matters.

What matters is the fun and the chaos

and just pulling it all off.

It had multiple difficulties.

It had a high production value.

It even had a score
from Michael Giacchino,

now famous for doing all the MCU music,

and graphically and and just effects wise,

it did a really good job

of making it satisfying to
just blow everything apart.

It certainly wasn’t the best game,

and it was actually really,
really short for the time.

It wasn’t really quite worth the price,

but the experience was a hell of a thing.

(gun firing)

(explosions rumbling)

Next over at number four, we
have the Battlefield games.

Of course we had to mention these

because the destruction
can be so much fun,

and there is a lot of it.

And there’s been varying levels of it.

Where bad company games, it
felt like you could destroy

absolutely every single
inch of a structure,

to some of the more
scripted evolution stuff.

That was still pretty awesome

to topple a skyscraper in real time

in the middle of a map
during a multiplayer mission.

To newer stuff like

some really impressive
weather effects destruction,

to the way snow on rooftops
would react to explosions.

There is a lot of destruction

in the Battlefield games overall.

And while it’s not one
where you can lay waste

to every inch of a map, sure.

It still absolutely deserves a mention

in the gaming history textbooks,

specifically for developing
a lot of the technology

behind this destruction.

(guns firing)
(explosions rumbling)

– Now down to number three,

if we are talking games

where you can destroy
absolutely everything,

let’s talk about the Rampage games.

Yeah, we’re going way back.

Remember Rampage on arcades
and the earlier consoles

where you’d play as a big creature,

maybe a giant lizard, a giant
monkey, whatever you want.

And you just absolutely
lay waste to buildings.

Granted the actual objective is to like

survive and get through
levels and you know,

kill all the enemies and stuff like that.

But it was really satisfying

just to take down a lot of these buildings

and destroy these areas

because the destruction was so tangible.

Stuff took multiple hits.

Things would slowly break apart.

The more you kick a
building, you see it shake.

You see cracks develop.

You punch out the windows

until that building takes enough damage,

and it starts to go down,

and your character hops off of it

all while you’re fighting
off enemy soldiers

and just eating people for health.

This was truly a game

where you could leave behind a level

where absolutely everything
was leveled in your path.

Completely destroyed down to the ground,

whether you were playing
alone or with a friend.

Man, these games really need
to make a comeback, don’t they?

Maybe that’s just me.

Let me know in the comments.

But anyway, let’s move on to number two.

The Red Faction series is another one

that deserves its place in
the history books of gaming

for just really amping up the destruction

and the technology behind it.

From the original Red Faction,

where if you had infinite
ammo and a rocket launcher,

you could blast a hole seemingly
endlessly through a level.

Like you point at like a
rock wall or something,

and you were able to just
completely degrade it

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in real time with explosives,
and it was so satisfying.

Moving on over to Red Faction Geurilla

where the main name of
the game was destruction.

You were toppling all types of structures

in an act of rebellion

to take down the occupying force
that you were unhappy with.

And you did it with all
manner of explosions

and weapons, bombs.

But also, they just gave
your character a big hammer,

and you could really wack
stuff with that hammer.

Knock down support beams with it

and totally topple something
or steal a big tank or a truck

and ram it through a building.

All of it collapsed and
broke apart in real time

with some impressive physics.

But the other part was
that it wasn’t a gimmick.

The game knew that this was
one of the best aspects to it.

So it really emphasized
in a lot of the missions

absolute destruction, and it worked.

It was an absolutely great game.

Totally underrated, and you
should still check it out.

They remastered it not too long ago.

(explosion rumbling)

Next over at number one, of course,

you know we were gonna mention it,

Tear Down, where the
whole name of the game

is destroying everything.

It’s like a Voxel Sandbox world

where everything is
completely destructible

in a variety of different ways.

With vehicles, with tools,
with flaming trucks,

explosives, hammers,
tools, anything you want.

There’s an actual like really
impressive campaign mode

that just kind of revolves
around destroying stuff

and really creating the perfect heist

and utilizing shortcuts and stuff.

But then of course, like I
said, there’s the Sandbox mode,

which is basically the stuff
of legend at this point.

Just total destruction.

This thing has mods, challenges,

all types of user generated content.

And as long as you got the PC

that can really handle all
these physics demonstrations,

it is something else.

It is a site to behold.

The game has been out for a long time now

in some way shape or form

through early access and stuff like that.

But as of 2022, it’s a
fully featured release.

There’s tons to keep busy with,

and it is absolutely worth the price

if you love destroying everything.

So consider Tear Down.

Check it out.

Those are some games

where you can destroy
absolutely everything.

There are plenty more out there

including one we couldn’t
fit, as a bonus, Mercenaries.

The Mercenaries games one and two

had absolutely awesome destruction.

Laying waste to enemy
territory was really cool.

It was really fun to
topple massive buildings

as just a weird quirky mercenary guy.

Those games bring us back.

But anyway, there are plenty
of other games out there

that feature awesome destruction.

So we wanna hear from
you guys in the comments,

what are some of your favorites?

Everybody’s got one.

It’s super satisfying.

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