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10 gameplay moments that blew us away

Today, we’re gonna talk about 10 gameplay moments that blew us away. Now, keep in mind,this isn’t a definitive list, by any means. We just wanted to highlight some stuff in gameplay moments,both big and small, more than we can even fit in this video. So let’s get started off with number 10. Do you…

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Some unfair game tasks in video games

[Falcon] Something you would think would be very important about video games is that they’re fair, beatable, winnable, something you can actually complete. However this is not always the case. Hi folks, it’s Falcon. And today on Game Ranks 10, extremely unfair quests in video games. Starting off with number 10, Hell on Wheels from…

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Video game Elden Ring players do crazy things

So Elden Ring has been around a little while and that’s given some people some time to establish themselves as accomplishers of insane feats. Hi folks, it’s Falcon at today on gameranx 10 crazy things that Elden Ring players have done. Starting off at number 10. This fan imagined DLC. This is pretty amazing. Artist…

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