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Welcome to Good Mythical More.

I’m the man in the box.
The man in the box.

Buried in my .

Alice in Chains.

Oh, that’s such a deep cut.

You got a little

Won’t you come and save me?

You know? Won’t you come and save me?

Stop reaching in my box.

You’re afraid to put your hand in my box?

No, it’s just you’ve got

We’re gonna, we’re gonna-
Did you get it?

Did you get it?

We’re gonna answer your
questions that you submitted,

and as we have demonstrated many times-

It’s kind of cool.

We know a lot of things
about a lot of things,

and we will say those things confidently.


Questions about people.
Questions about people.

What’s up with people?

Questions that Mythical
Beasts have asked, right?

What’s up up with people?

Well, speaking of Alice in
Chains, elkhoundsnugglebaby.


We’re gonna list them all starting with,

well, not starting with-

Including with music genres.


we’re gonna list them all.

We’re gonna list them all.
List what?

Music genres.


Dub step.

Heavy metal.

Glam rock.


Classic Rock.







Just the sound of ping pong balls.

Swede stomp.

Wow. You know what? Just you keep going.

You win. I just wanna see
how many things you can name.


Are these all real?

There’s like three major ones

that you did not say that are just like


Soul. Funk.

Yeah. I know that are many but hold on

Jimmy Catcher.

Top 10 is usually.

Easy Listening.

Soft Rock.

And then also

Top 10 Also usually includes.

Christian Rock. Christian Rap.

Christian R&B. Christian


Christian Swede Stomp.

Christian Bump and Grind.
Very disappointing.

Is Swede Stomp really a thing?

Oh, I was excited.

Thanks for giving me that credit.

Isn’t this cool, man?
This could be my thing.

Yeah, I would love your head in a box.

Where’s the lid?

Christian Hip hop.

I could be Elkhoundboxbaby with this.

Well, you know what?

It would be easier to
manage than those antlers.

I know, I know.

And then when the show’s
over, you just put the lid on.

You’re gonna have to
change your name though.

Ask us a question.

First question comes from @PanicAtTheTato.

Why do tastes differ
from person to person?

How is it that I can think, for example,

vinegar is delicious, but my
husband absolutely hates it

to the point of gagging?

It isn’t that tastes are
different for different people.

It’s that some people are just wrong.

Do you see-
No. No.

Everything tastes a certain way

and there is a certain
proper interpretation

of those things.

For instance, black licorice,

a lot of people get this one wrong

is actually very good, but
most people get that wrong.

Just like most people can’t, you know,

like tell you how far the sun is

from the earth or something.

You know, it’s not
something everybody knows.

There’s a few people that
know that kind of thing.

And so we should all
aspire to get to a place

where our taste align
with the proper tastes.


Taste is highly subjective
and it resides in the tongue.

And when tongues are given out to babies,

then it’s just whether, it’s
whether the taste angels

want someone to be special in one way

or special in another way.

Our tastes are all special,
unique, and all correct.

And how picky you are is based on

how many sins you committed
in your previous life.

So the more sins you
committed, the pickier you are.

How discerning you are is how determinant

whether you go to taste heaven.

That’s right.
In the next life.

Uh-huh. Yep.

And the more things that you like,

the closer you are to taste heaven.

No. No. It’s actually the-
‘Cause there’s

no frontiers-
more things you don’t like

that you haven’t passed yet.
with good reason

that sends you to taste heaven.

As you can see, we agree on this

and I think we’ve solved this problem.

You’re welcome PanicAtTheTato.

Link is giving like, what is it?

It’s almost like Mr. Roger.

It’s like a form of Mr. Rogers.

Like a, like a, yeah, like a kid’s

PeeWee’s playhouse.

But not that cool, you know?

Well, yeah. Not that cool, of course.

I thought it was pretty
cool. It’s minimalist cool.

You know what you remind me of,

there was a head in a
box on PeeWee’s Playhouse

that was the genie.

That’s why you’re coming,

that’s what you’re giving
now, to use the terminology.

I’m the man in the box.
But there’s

the collared shirt and the glasses.

Buried in my

Won’t you come and save me?

Taste is a product of
both nature and nurture.

Our food preferences are
determined by multiple factors

including genes, experience, and age.

Our genes determine the
number of taste receptors

we have for each taste bud type.

Sweet, sour, bitter, salty or umami.

Genes, huh?

While experience such
as our mother’s diets

while we were in the womb

tells us what foods are safe to eat.

Genes determine the
distribution of taste receptors?

Yeah, and when the style of jeans change.

So like, they were skinny for a while

and I was really liking,
you know, a real umami

when the tight jeans
and as my jeans loosened

to where they’re at kind of right now.

I started realizing

I was getting a little
bit of a sweet tooth.

I don’t know what it is.

It’s ’cause you have
more room in your pants.

Got more room in the pants. Exactly.

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Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Why do we get deja vu?

Why do we get deja vu?


Nathan, you stinker.

I had an answer about
this and then I forgot it.

Let’s give you a second.

Isn’t that ironic?

The reason you get deja vu.
I had an answer.

Yeah, but you forgot it.

But I know that I had it before.

I feel like we’ve done this before.

Yeah, I think we have.
We’ve talked about deja vu.

The reason you get deja vu

is you don’t actually get deja vu.

When you think you are getting deja vu

and you think to yourself,

“Man, I feel like I’ve experienced

this exact same thing before.”

It’s because you have, I mean, you have,

I mean, you’re like,

“I seem to remember this moment

in which I like turned the
wrong direction on a street

and it was going the wrong
way and then got embarrassed

and then had to start going backwards

and accidentally backed over a Frisbee

that these little kids
had thrown and I cracked.”

Seems like you could never
do that before, but you did.

Right, but as as crazy as it sounds,

you have done that exact thing before.

That’s the way the brain works.

But the, it’s not the longer you live

the more deja vu you have

because that’s the secondary way.

The main way you have deja vu
is it’s a slight dissociation.

You know, when you like have,

if you’ve ever had an
out-of-body experience,

like you feel like you’re
watching yourself do something

maybe because you were, you know,

on some medication or maybe
just because you’re mystical.

I don’t know what your reasons are,

but it’s a sensation that
a lot of humans can have.

And deja vu is just like a hint of that.

You’re having an experience but you’re,

part of your brain is aware
of it from a distance.

I think it’s when you’re tapping into-

And it makes you feel like
you’ve done it before.

I think you’re tapping
into another version of you

that is connected through
another dimension.

So like-
And that’s the third reason.

There’s so many of you out there.

And every once in a while

there’s like things,
little things that happen

where you get a little experience.

I think when Science Mike was on the show

and he stuck around for
“Good Mythical More”

and he answered a bunch of
questions from the crew.

I think Deja vu may have been one of them

and he gave an answer
that I don’t remember.

But it wasn’t any of the
three things that we said.

Deja vu is caused

by dysfunctional connections

between the parts of your brain

that play a role in memory
recollection and familiarity.

It’s thought that
occasionally your hippocampus

and surrounding brain
tissue can be activated

causing you to have memory
experiences like deja vu.

For some reason, you’re
more susceptible to deja vu

if you have a high level of education,

travel a lot, remember your dreams,

and or hold liberal beliefs.

Wow. Okay.
Hold liberal beliefs?

Check, check, check.
Oh, did you see that?

I was like, what’s hidden behind my

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That was hiding there. That
just prompted me to do that.


What makes a person
right-handed or left-handed?

From birth, or shortly
after, it’s apparent

that we’re naturally drawn
to use one hand over another.

A seemingly complete 50/50 chance outcome,

yet more people end up right-handed.

And then that emoji with
the the thinky, thinky face.

You might think that this is,

the answer’s within the brain,

like the left brain,
right brain of it all.

But that has nothing to do
with right or left-handedness.

You are right

that it is something that’s
determined very early,

before we can, before we
ever play baseball or write.

It’s because your one hand,

it’s whichever hand scares the other hand-

Mm. Right.
Into submission first.

If you arm wrestle yourself,

you can figure this out.

And if you get your
newborns to arm wrestle,

like if you kind of
pantomime the arm wrestling,

you can get one hand
to scare the other hand

into submission. And
so that’s what happens.

It’s like two twins wrestling in the womb

to be the first born.

See, that’s what happens.
That’s what happens. So as-

I was really trying.
As a parent

you need to make the moral decision

if you want to interfere or not

because you can totally control it.

You can.

You know, it’s kind of like,

well, foot binding or
like head lengthening.

Right. So you don’t want to do it.

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You really don’t wanna do that.

These are all things that-
Those are all things

you don’t want to do.

Just because it’s
possible doesn’t mean you,

maybe you should do it, but.
I do like your theory.

I have a slightly different
theory and it involves,

like you talked about the taste angels.

Right, yeah.
There’s also hand angels.

Well, they call them touch angels.

And they’re the ones who
are putting the hands

on every baby, right?

Touched by a touched angel?

And they’re putting the hands on.

But the thing is, is that
touch angels get bored

because it’s literally
just like hand, baby,

hand, baby, all day long.

And eventually they start
talking about their weekend.

You know, they get distracted.

And sometimes you grab the wrong hand.

‘Cause everyone is supposed
to be right-handed, right?

So we can all slap fives and do handshakes

and write at the desks
and things like that.

But every once in a while

it’s like, “What’d you do this weekend?”

“What’d you do this weekend?”

I’m taking hands and
putting them on babies.

What are you doing?

Oh, I’m putting hands on babies.

So what’d you do this, be a touch angel.

“What’d you do this weekend, man?”

“Well, I just, I worked an extra shift.”

“Oh, you feeling a little tired, huh?”

“Yeah. I feel so tired.

I’m not thinking about
what I’m doing at all.”

“You wanna take a smoke break?

I think I got some.”
“What are we gonna smoke?”

“Angel dust?”
“Oh crap.

Oh, don’t tell God.”

It happens about that often.

Yeah. Yeah.

I was totally following you.

Could you see it in my eyes?


Did you also notice that?

I don’t know what you
were doing when we started

this scenario.
It’s this freaking box, man.

You were just going like this.

I can’t.
There was just sort of

a gentle wave that was happening.

I’m not completely here
’cause I’m in this box.

Yeah, I kind like it.

And the irony of it was
I was using my left hand.

Touched by a Touch Angel”
starring Michael Landon.

I’m a left-handed touch angel.

There’s something so creepy

about the phrase touch angel.


It was initially thought

that a single gene controlled handedness,

which I just like is a word, handedness.

I don’t know if I’ve heard that.

Yeah, that’s wrong.

recent studies suggest that up to 40 genes

contribute to the trait.

But it’s also thought that
the prenatal environment,

while developing the left
and right side of your body,

as well as cultural
influences may play a role.

85 to 90% of people are right-handed

while 10 to 15 are left-handed.

I wonder if you’d, what
percentage of actors

‘Cause we have a friend who’s told us

that watch closely in commercials and TV

and you’ll see-
Or movies, entertainment.

A very high, like a
disproportionately high percentage

of people with left hand.
Left hand.

I always, my experience is
that like super creative people

are always lefthanded.

Or like people who have
like some kind of art

or design, you know, thing
going on are left-handed.

I definitely think there’s,

I mean, there’s gotta be something.

There’s gotta be something
into that, right?

Gotta be something to that.

Who do we think is really creative?

And let’s Google if they’re left-handed.

Like who do you think of,

like Daniel Day Lewis.

Great actor.
He’s a great actor.

Is he, let’s see if he’s left-handed.

The rapper Eve. Let’s go into music.

She’s creative.

Daniel Day Lewis is right-handed.

Okay. Forget it. Forget it.

Don’t even Google Eve.

I think though.
No, Google Eve.

Does the internet know if the
rapper Eve is left-handed?


All right. Is Kendrick left-handed?

Kendrick handedness.

LeBron is. Anna Kendrick.

LeBron’s not left-handed.

Oh, tell that to CBSnews.com.

Cardi B is lefthanded.

Hold on.
Anna Kendrick

is left-handed.
Is LeBron left-handed?

LeBron might be lefthanded.

He shoots with his right hand, doesn’t he?

And someone’s looking for Kendrick Lamar.

How did I not know he was lefthanded?

He’s not left-handed, is he?

It says he’s left-handed?

That’s how you spell Kendrick, but Lamar-

Do not know about Kendrick.

has two Rs at the end.

I feels so deceived.

The internet doesn’t have a lot of,

Why are you using a
search site called Brave?

It’s my browser, sorry.

What do you mean that’s your,

Your browser is Brave?


So you don’t Google, you Brave?

Apparently, yeah.

Chase, what is Brave?

That’s the mandated thing
that we all do here.

Everybody’s on Brave. You’re not on Brave?

I’m not on, I’ve never even heard of it.

Oh, according to Mikayla,

Kendrick Lamar might be

because of a lyric in one of his songs.

He says “I’m left handed”.

Well, LeBron shoots with his right hand.

I just needed to confirm that.

I think every girl

I’ve ever dated has been left-handed.


Chase, I just gotta tell you,
if you want to Google stuff,

you can’t do that on Brave.

It’s like Binging something.

It’s not gonna do the right thing for you.

I’m on Google now.

LeBron is left-handed

but he shoots with his right hand.

But he does all other
things with his left hand.


That’s why, that’s one of
the reasons he’s so good.

That’s like me, man.
‘Cause he’s shooting

with his off hand.


What do you mean that’s like you?

You play basketball like that?

No, I-

I use different hands
for different things.

Sure, sure.

I spread out the skills
across both my hands.

LeBron said he converted
into a right-handed player

because of Michael Jordan
and Penny Hardaway.

So it was more like, “Oh,
I gotta do what they do.”

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Of course, you could have still done.

You didn’t have to do that.
That’s interesting.

But it worked out, it worked out okay.

Now when it comes to guitarists

like, of course, Jimi Hendrix left-handed.

Who else is? There’s not a lot of,

but that’s because you have
to learn to play guitar

and like you pick one up,

it’s gonna be a
right-handed guitar usually.

Or you just turn the
guitar over like he did.

Yeah, but then you gotta,

that’s a big hurdle to overcome,

to turn it over to
restring it and all that.

No, no.

He just, didn’t Hendrix
just turned the guitar over?

I don’t know. Let’s Brave it.

Like I need to know what Brave is,

like can you articulate why

you’re using a thing called Brave?

Yeah, it’s, you know,

like Duck Duck Go, the search.

It’s basically the whole
browser protects your data

and doesn’t give anything to-


or other sites.
That’s very brave of you.

What are you hiding?

Back when there were

a lot fewer of us at Mythical Crew,

and I used to search things,

like how to start fire in unusual ways.

I started getting nervous-

that I’d end up on some-

Some lists.

So I started looking for
ways to hide the data

that I give to the world wide web.

That’s not very Brave of you.

No, it’s very cowardly.

I’m a cowardly Chase.
It’s not cowardly.

That’s wise.

So Jimi Hendrix always

played his right-handed
guitar upside down.

And then another question is

did Jimi Hendrix reverse the strings?

Click on that.

Yes, Jimi often played
right-handed guitars

but he took the strings
off and reversed them

to effectively make it
a left-handed guitar.

So he did reverse it.
Yeah, that’s what,

that’s what left-handed guitarists do.

‘Cause that way the chord
configurations are the same.

I mean, you of all people,
should know this at this table.

What? Hold on.

How you gonna play a
bar chord upside down?

Well, he’s Jimi Hendrix.

I just was thinking, maybe he figured

out a way to do all that
stuff in a different way.

I mean, I’m just not putting
anything past that guy.

Yep, yep.

Kurt Cobain was left-handed.

I don’t.


But he played a left-handed guitar.

Okay. Can you answer one more question?


This is very pressing
from at @matthewcarney.

He says, what is the evolutionary
reason for fingerprints

and why are everyone’s unique?

Oh, he says I’ll take
my answer off the air.

So we don’t have to, I
mean, but you’re here

so you might as well.

Take it off the air.
Yeah, no, no.

Hold on. Let’s put it on the air-

Did you just tweet this?

And then maybe we’ll take it off the air.

I doubt he just tweeted it

because they’ve made it
into this nice graphic.

I mean, Twinkie’s fast, but.
That’s a cool,

that’s a cool question

Man. Wow.

What is the evolutionary reason for,

now, interestingly, koala
bears have fingerprints

that are indecipherable
from human fingerprints

from the average person, as
you are pointing out now.

This was something that went
a little bit viral recently.

I guess it’s just how
your fingers are made.

It’s just a byproduct of
like your fingers being

like the way that the
skin goes at the end.

I think that the touch angels knew

that you were gonna do some bad things

and they wanted a way
to be able to keep up

with who was doing the bad things.

I think it would be a lot more surprising

if any of them were the same.

I think is really the point.

I think you’re asking the wrong question.

Well, I think that the
real reason that there’s,

I think it’s, the better
question is why are there ridges

in the palm skin? And I think for grip.

So I think that fingerprints is basically

just an evidence of ridges.

‘Cause if you don’t have the ridges,

you lose a little of your grip ability.

And so I just think
that, yeah, they develop,

you know, they develop on their own.

It’s not like, they’re gonna
be different on every person.

Just like everything on your
body’s a little bit different.

Do you have an answer, Stevie?

Yeah. So you’re partially correct.

Though the reason for
fingerprints is still a mystery,

scientists have conjectured

that we kept our fingerprints
from our primate ancestors

for help gripping rough
surfaces like trees or rocks.

It also seems like it helps
drain water from our fingertips

to maintain a dry grip during rain.

As for uniqueness,

our fingerprints are made
during fetal development

and are influence by
what our mothers consume

as well as the environment
inside the womb.

That’s why even identical twins
have different fingerprints.

And the finger angels.

Yep. You don’t want to be

Touched by a finger angel.

It was touch angels,
but you made it worse.

I thought, in my world, the touch angels

take care of the finger parts too.

You don’t wanna be
fingered by a finger angel

if you’re a criminal.

Hey guys, just by the way,

that was my handle in case you ever want

to start following me
’cause neither of you do.

Okay. Yeah.

I don’t think you want that, do you?

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks for that.

Do you really want that?

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