Arin Hanson, the smartest man in the world

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hello there and welcome to Patrick’s

para box that’s true what is this Aaron

game called Patrick’s bear box all right

listen yes

the idea behind this game is you you

ever played box Boxy Boy you ever played

is that a game Lolo

Adventures of Lolo did we play it on the

show sounds familiar which one

Adventures below we’ve played Lolo on

the show yeah I think so I’m pretty sure

it’s just like a sort of like puzzle a

push box yeah yeah okay this game’s like

that you push boxes to solve puzzles but

okay a box could be its own level inside

of itself wow isn’t that nuts yeah I

like that yo it’s very existential

booster oh God universe and a teacup

kind of stuff yep see how you just keep


oh [ __ ] oh

well that’s adorable


what are you supposed to do oh yeah

you gotta push it onto the

spot that has has box and then me on it

oh I go where the me is okay

so do I get anything for completing it

oh I can push both at the same time yeah

yo that’s [ __ ] dope let’s [ __ ] go


yeah dude

I’m a goddamn Paradox Master great work

so should I complete all these yeah sure

what do I get

nothing another day older and deeper in

debt oh I get it says three out of nine

oh okay I have to defeat nine puzzles

all right oh

oh oh


okay so reset puzzle okay oh that can

only how in the world [ __ ] dog

look at this [ __ ]

that’s gracious that’s very cool

all right I love that dude right dude

yup push it over the Box

and then slide through yeah yeah

neat right so clever

Patrick trainer should have never

doubted you I know whoops

oh I [ __ ] up yeah you did [ __ ] yeah

shut up okay sorry

there you go you’re like a [ __ ]

Cocker Spaniel


and then

comes to shove

[ __ ]

oh yeah oh yeah

oh [ __ ] mm-hmm

oh bro let’s go dude

oh dude watch this


oh man this is great dude my favorite

now okay I gotta say my favorite now is

when when you you watch the clips of

like kids playing Call of Duty or

whatever and then they say let’s [ __ ]

go that now I’m on board to the let’s

[ __ ] go train

wait you weren’t before no oh

where did you

think you were going

I just thought you know it was like oh

it’s just but when kids say it it’s

funny because they’re like oh

it’s just hyped I mean Sports people say

it all the time too do they yeah yeah

see I didn’t like it because it was like

just Express Yourself

they were doing exactly that well you

got to say let’s [ __ ] go

it’s like what does that mean it just

means hell yeah I think yeah well that’s

say that instead because that’s what I’m

used to

but like seriously though yeah I get it

all right

all right

all right

did things just get kicked up a notch a

little bit can you push the blue box

into the Yellow Sea and transport it

that way

yeah yeah yeah

and then I use this space

to [ __ ] get over there let’s Boogie

good all right all right all right

oh [ __ ] I [ __ ] up

all right

whoops I [ __ ] win

I had a viral tweet because of it really

yeah what happened it was um

the Tweet was

uh Gamers will say let’s [ __ ] go and

then sit in the same chair for 16 hours

I mean that is factually accurate people

do like factually accurate stuff like

that which went pretty viral

it went pretty viral

but there you go

uh somebody stole it from me and that

one went a little less viral

pissed me off because they stole my joke

it didn’t piss me off but it was funny

though because oh my God

oh my God what’s happening as as the

plebs would say it’s boxception


you know what I’m saying like

like Chad vehicular manslaughter victim

big shout out to Ike for showing us that


okay yeah



let’s [ __ ]

all right you [ __ ] went too far

I’m already losing my mind yeah it seems

that way

oh dip this one’s trickier

uh boys go to Jupiter to get more



how do I do

I gotta keep that one over there yar

okay okay got it got it push it up

and then go in here and push it out yes

right oh

stop trying to do stuff so fast just

relax I just want to get it done I know

I just want to [ __ ] go you didn’t put

you didn’t push it up High Enough

push the yellow C up there you go

and take a breath

no it’s okay I could do it again it got

antsy if you just relax please

okay I’m so [ __ ] relax

let’s [ __ ] go

it’s just Patrick’s Paradox man it’s

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gonna be okay

oh man oh God okay okay



what is how

does it even mean


I just go down and then that’s it

oh but there’s one in there


there you go but how do I push it back


oh my [ __ ] God my brain okay

okay what if you just push the blue box

first oh but how do you

and then you push it back so you can go



that’s what I call


[ __ ] yeah all right so I think the

yellow one has to go in that green one

right I mean that seems fairly obvious

well the green one doesn’t have any

oh oh oh I see what you’re saying yeah

yeah like eventually right

so it goes in here yeah and then you

work your way around and then

go in here push it and then

queen queen slay I’m slaying right now

my mom called me up and she was like

Aaron you’re a slang

thanks Mom

uh okay so I gotta make a little

L-shaped tube here and then the same

problem applies


that’s right okay

all right

this is a tricky one


what the fudge yeah I don’t



I’m thinking of a number

see it’s like this isn’t even this is



what difference would it make oh


oh there we go

I gotta use this like a [ __ ] delivery


it’s just like Kiki get what she also

had a delivery service she


in the world famous movie

delivery service


oh boy okay yep uh yep yep you [ __ ]

you ready for this [ __ ]

I’m ready you [ __ ] ready



let’s [ __ ] go

um yeah


okay all right all right all right all


all right

that’s gotta be this one

which means you gotta have three blocks

here buffering it and here

and this goes there this goes there this

goes there and this [ __ ] goes

together we go in a [ __ ] manner oh no

I don’t wanna I went out of here what

are the buttons

return to HUB okay did I do this one I

didn’t know


oh this is a very clever and interesting


look at that you got to go inside the

inside going too far


oh it’s gonna get [ __ ] heady soon

yeah it’s gonna get real real sneaky


oh boy oh boy

oh yeah

um all right let’s see what the it’s


it’s infinite we’ll just go into the box

and see if our feeble Minds can process


all right

yo that’s so cool it is it is great


dude I love it yeah I love it too this

one gave me the most smile

oh yeah this game this is bordering this

is starting a border on brilliant

I think it was already there yeah I

guess so

oh my God I’m I’m losing my [ __ ] don’t

you better not oh


the down makes me come out from there

okay I gotta redo this

all right all right all right that goes


I don’t wanna

comes out that way

but I can’t oh yeah boy

yes oh [ __ ] yeah dude I mean my brain

hurt a little yeah but it’s you’re doing


so that makes it go in that way

all right Aaron it just goes forever I

know that’s so cool

uh okay okay

yeah right there and then I deposit the

egg yeah Goodness Me come out of there


one of these fun what a concept

you just throw that in there

and then

oh [ __ ] dog

yeah dude

I’m losing my [ __ ] mind yeah this is

great show me your logic dick I want to

suck it

do you remember that yeah it was you

show your math show me your math tech

that’s right

you just said it so aggressively it’s

one of my favorite things you’ve ever



man oh man you push the board around you

did it

oh I can I can access this next one but

I don’t want to oh going for the extra

credit yeah dude you got well you got I

mean it’s if if you’re having fun in a

game then it’s gonna be fun


you sounded like will Fortes like quilt

making character if you’re having fun in

a game and it’s fun then I definitely

wet my pants

or or a lot of people do it I am told



Forte he’s great I don’t know what he’s

been up to in a while eh maybe it’s just

relaxing dude maybe he’s just relaxing

he’s earned it you know what you’re

right maybe he is just relaxing


how do I get this goodness in me I guess

that has to come up through the bottom

but I can’t move this guy he’s trapped


so I gotta I gotta push this bad boy in


yep and then push it down and out

how do I push it out

within the little puzzle

just try pushing the yellow brick

through the ball


yes see

so I can come in through the bottom

and then

I want oh okay I bring in the this one

through the bottom yes

but how would you get there how would I

get there

you’re so right

well let’s stop



okay okay okay okay in through this way


I can come out this way and push that up

so this is in a spot that it wouldn’t be

in normally

so if I


the bad boy

down into the whole down and oh you

can’t push the orange one out down and

then up through the bottom no because I

can’t get under here

right no I mean in the larger puzzle

okay like push down one yeah and then to

the left push the orange one out

that’s where I came in from right

oh fiddle DD yeah right

oh man this one’s tough this one’s very

tough I guess this one’s well I guess

this is why it’s extra credit

because if I put if I put if I put this

if I put this one down here I’m toast

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this brick is going to fly off while I


and I gotta just push the thing in there

but I can’t do that

because I’m not [ __ ] cool enough or

smart enough oh you’re cool

I appreciate the the [ __ ] patronizing

I’m not

I do think you’re cool thank you

I can’t figure this one out

oh man

just when I thought you were cool oh

[ __ ] man

you can’t do this to me

don’t you dare do that [ __ ] to me I can

stick that [ __ ] William Osborne or is

that his name Spider-Man you can’t do

this to me Harry Osborne

Osborne Osborne

I have to get the yellow one up

you’re saying I do


have to get the yellow one up

can you push that

Corner puzzle out of the way no that’s

the problem is like I can’t that doesn’t


you get it I do

have you figured it out Ike

you no no thank you Mike uh

uh The Echoes goes down and then you go

up and you can push it up

and if you come out this what


I’ve got it yes you leave do you leave

the orange cheese in the lowest spot


orange cheese

I can push it down yes Queen yes exactly

and then push it up

good job oh my God yeah

right in the horse’s Gooch clever Bean

triumphs are short-lived in this game

[ __ ] [ __ ]

okay okay

move that get that in there

get that little boy in there you to get

the winner

okay yeah that’s where I want it

and then that’s not where I want it

that’s real bad no that’s real bad oh

I’ve made a fool of myself

okay let’s went

all right this is what I want to do come

on this way

so that I can move it back to where it





I’m a [ __ ] genius the smartest man

alive Aaron Hanson 2023.


full completion dude

let’s exit

let’s [ __ ] enter okay empty okay




can you just move through that like a

jellyfish yeah but it has to be pressed

against the wall I say


got it reasonable easy I I get that I

get that

Okay so

oh my God

okay so that’s not the answer but I’m

gonna try it


um all right let’s let’s reset that

okay so if I push this [ __ ] in there

then I get a little space to move it

around yeah and then come back out yeah

and then [ __ ] go okay well done all

right whoa whoa


oh dear where’s the block though

what block do I push into it

like huh scoob

wait what that’s bizarre

can you can you move

oh wow oh that’s Madness

it hurts

turning a different color

s this game’s brilliant



I have to get in there

so I have to push that there and then

push this there and then go inside oh

that’s not at all what I thought would

happen you excited

oh no

start over

but how do I get in there if it pushes

the thing oh but I can push that out yes

but you have to do it earlier

because now the green one is stuck okay

but I can’t put I think you push the

brown one into a corner just move the

green to where it needs to be yeah yeah

oh [ __ ]

nope no no oh

no that was right I think it was right

because I gotta go in with it

and then push it out ah yes here boom


oh God

I don’t think I’ve ever had my heart go

so fast in front of squares it’s going

Doki Doki dude this is a literature Club

in and of itself

I don’t think I’ve ever had my heart

race like this in front of squares I

thought you guys were a bunch of [ __ ]

losers but turns out you’re pretty cool

that was wrong yes you’re way too okay

but like seriously though like seriously

though okay okay yeah okay

blue one on the bottom

right and then push the green ones up

into it

yeah but how do I get through

then how do I get here

you know what I’m saying

get what I’m putting down bro I do



so the blue one would have to be in the



but it would I would just push it

against the wall

you see what I’m saying

it has to be against the wall for me to

enter it oh Schmidt I know right man I

know it’s like it’s like blizzowing my


oh let’s [ __ ] stop and think

we’ve been going way too much

how long must we go for

um okay

okay I think I’ve got it okay

if I push that one down

and then I push that one down yes and

push them up in into the that’s what I

was trying to say

oh [ __ ] no you had it

put push them both down into the blue

wait this is what I have to do and get

up underneath yeah

yeah well I couldn’t because they were

stacked on top of each other oh I see

this yeah

there we go yeah I had to displace them

I guess I just didn’t do a good enough

job explaining

well you you you wanted me to do this


right but I can’t push up anymore

you can’t get underneath them and push

up if there’s two yeah I see okay so I

had to move this one got it



[ __ ] clever clever [ __ ] it really is

it’s making me come

to terms with existence



all right


is a quandary


yeah boy oh [ __ ] I can’t push it up


looks like I’m just a [ __ ] idiot



if I think hard enough

good things will happen

when has that ever been the case


if I push to the left it’ll be against

the wall if push to the right it’ll be

against the left

to put up can you move the blue

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with the green inside of it

[ __ ] yeah yeah dog [ __ ] yeah I can’t dog

oh you’re so [ __ ] smart I finally

helped lfg

all right

oh dude what’s going on here man this is

madness no this is Sparta

oh boy at least I try

okay so yeah and then brick goes in

there game prep at least we try

oh lfg wow okay so that’s a blockade on

the left side I’m guessing

here’s what I do

yes yes

oh no no no no no no no

that’s no I gotta put both Greens in

yeah I’m gonna put the both greens


one green

push the green inside my son

push the green inside

no one will ever know

[ __ ] no

no uh I gotta get out first yeah yeah

damn yo move the whole thing as a unit

like yourself

you being an absolute unit

you being of the absolute kind


there you go oh [ __ ] lfg dog


what kind of freak do you have to be to

think of this [ __ ] game I don’t know

if that whoever

whoever created it has a very like

a very impressive brain you know because

the sides are functioning quite capably

because this game is beautiful as art

and also as logic

I [ __ ] up

you did but that’s fine gamer I [ __ ]


oh [ __ ] can you just push them

individually each way they need to go

yep sure can yeah this is like a

training one

[ __ ]

[ __ ]

[ __ ]

oh oh


let’s go

I was like when’s it when’s it coming I

know it’s happening uh okay okay okay

okay if I go outside of here if I go

outside of one of them

I got a yeah you gotta go outside the

the way that there aren’t any I what

really I think so

I’ll try I don’t know

see what happens

yeah because I can’t right you are


lfg can you push them a certain way

while also leaving yeah

one knot



I think that’s the right idea just don’t

push them to all the way to the to a


so you can get behind them

I have to push them all the way to a

side though really

oh well I can’t


so you’re saying the setup right here is


can’t you just no no I’m I’m saying like

don’t push the green all the way to the

edges of the blue I have to though can’t

you push the one up top up and then just

push the blue now all the way down now

and then just push the blue down oh my

god oh Ike is so so much smarter than

the rest of us

we’re [ __ ] idiots

sorry guys no it’s okay like you stare

at this game too long and it melts your

brain can you just do the obvious one

yeah no

speaking of someone who’s watching you

play this and losing their mind uh can I

tell you the incredibly obvious answer


I feel like this is a good time to start

like we need lunch

okay okay okay

inside the ball

goes the ball

oh [ __ ]

I think I got a triple go

bro I think I got a triple go

I gotta get that [ __ ] in there

and then I gotta get this [ __ ] in

there mm-hmm


yeah yeah yeah yeah

[ __ ] yeah I get that [ __ ] in there and

then [ __ ] get around and get that

[ __ ] in there and then [ __ ] Goods


yeah dude we are so smart together

thank you Aaron we’re like the genius

apart we are a ass but together we as a


I love that’s an old saying I love it

is it really yeah I’ve definitely heard

it before


this one’s good

yo this one’s [ __ ] good though

all right

if I bring this up and then I can go

around and I can push the thing

if I push it into the air and then I

push it into there and then I push it

into there

I think I can just



I can just do this uh-huh

whoops that’s fine

uh-oh I gotta put the yellow inside the

blue you do

hey [ __ ]

I’ve got it damn it

anytime I see this color combination I

always think of natural selection that

game with the orange blue and green

claymation monsters that we were like

creating to like form an island of them

and having them fight and oh my god do

you remember all about that yeah damn

that was a big game for my my childhood

I think I got a no



oh baby baby you know baby no baby

do you want to do another episode of

this really I don’t I mean you’re very

excited about it I want you to be happy

I gotta figure this one out dog on this

episode okay I gotta get the yellow

inside the blue and then inside the

green yo


how do I get the yellow inside the blue

while still being able to navigate it to

get it to the green

while the green can be navigatable to

get up are you trying to push the green

you push the

move down push the yellow over one to

the left and then push the yellow Into

the Blue

right yeah but the blue then goes up


maybe maybe maybe maybe

push the blue down push the blue down I

can use the green to do this


and do everything within the green oh

you can still get

uh naked

all right there we go

and then push that there you go

and then and now you have

your perfect little unit yes

let’s go


and then do a little pushy they do a

little bushy

oh God next time our game grubs holy

[ __ ] let’s go uh Aaron congratulations

thank you goodbye bye

he’s all about that box about that box

no Paris