If you were sent to a remote island to enjoy a 10 course dining experience turned deadly what would you do?

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If you were sent to a remote island to

enjoy a 10 course dining experience

turned deadly what would you do this

head chef is an absolute psycho and he’s

going to brutalize these diners to truly

understand his culinary Vision I’m going

to break down the mistakes made what you

should do and how to beat the head chef

in the menu

this group of Foodies are about to

realize that they’ve bitten off a lot

more than they can chew waiting at the

stock for their expensive trip to a

remote island Tyler and his girlfriend

Margot get ready to enjoy a twelve

hundred and fifty dollar per head

multi-course dinner he insists of the

girl stops smoking so she can fully

enjoy the amazing food they’re about to

eat and actually knows the other

restauranteers arrive including this

group of business partners and older

couple and this famous food crate Tyler

and Margo walk into the ship watching as

this actor George and his assistant

Felicity pass by them to sit down

shocked Margot mentions that she’s seen

all of his movies this waiter passes by

and hands them as serving of raw local

oyster with lemon caviar and an oyster

roof the appetizer looks amazing but

they’re soon going to realize the taste

of these meals are going to be much

harder to acquire lining up to check

their names the waiter Elsa names off

Tyler and another woman flustered he

informs that there was a change of plans

interrupted by Margot who introduced

herself the waiter gathers all of her

guests and introduces them to Hawthorne

Island a 12-acre paradise fit for only

the most high-class Foodies they are

introduced to this Nordic Smokehouse

where they’re keeping 152 day aged cow

meat inside next the waiter chosen the

workers living quarters a prison-like

single room where everyone but the head

chef sleeps she explains the work days

begin at 6am and it takes 5 hours to

finish their food prep the dinner will

last 4 hours and 25 minutes usually

ending around two in the morning walking

to the restaurant either questions who

lives in this giant mansion on the side

Elsa informs her that it’s the head

Chef’s residence if no one including the

workers are allowed inside the guests

are taken inside to the luxury

restaurant watching as the cooks work

tirelessly on their upcoming dinner

everyone sits down to prepare for the

appetizers while Elsie here informs them

not to photograph their dishes Tyler

walks up to a staff member and comments

on the dish continuing to question the

man on where the chef is he’s ordered to

take a seat and the cook mentions that

dinner is going to be served soon that’s

when the main man Julian slovic walks in

and declares at Tyler for a split second

this man is about to ruin everyone’s

lives and they have no idea okay this

Chef here is about to make these

people’s evenings a living nightmare

they’ve all signed up for a luxury

dining experience though what they’re

about to realize is that chaos is on the

menu Marco is a fish out of water she’s

been invited by Tyler to go to a dinner

after his other day dropped out and

isn’t even supposed to be here everyone

going on this trip either has money or

is in the food world and are totally

used to and even snobby about this whole

over-the-top experience the luxury food

world may be extreme and cultish but

there are other sites can help Margot

realize her life is in danger now going

to a private island sounds really nice

and you might think that getting invited

to go is hitting the jackpot but if

Michael looks at the people around her

she would realize that being in their

company is a very bad sign of the pier

she can tell that between the finance

Bros and the jaded Mary couple she’s not

exactly going to be lifelong friends

with her fellow patrons this evening she

recognizes the man in the jaded married

couple and isn’t happy to see him and

the finance Bros are already prepared to

get wasted before they even hit the deck

once she’s on board she can also tell

the actor is more concerned with being

recognized in the food and his assistant

totally hates him and doesn’t want to be

there where they reach the island the

food critics are also caught up in

critiquing the experience and they

haven’t even been seated for their meal

yet which means that nobody here is

actually here for the food at all and

that would make me question why I’m even

here to begin with Tyler who’s a foodie

and worships a chef isn’t the greatest

guy to be around either he invites Margo

after someone else has dropped out and

scold her about her approach to eating

if it were me I would have to ask myself

who’s the chef that has assembled this

Ensemble of Misfits and why these

terrible people are so drawn to him and

his food and researching him I would

then find out his backstory of being a

small time burger cook with a wife and

child to being a prolific isolated Chef

that now lives on this island with only

his team around him to keep him company

not only is his career trajectory

extreme but living on an island with

only the people that work at your

restaurant isn’t just cultish it

actually sounds like a cult judging from

the devoted behavior of his servers too

that conclusion is not far off now that

doesn’t mean that everyone that takes to

work in their profession seriously is a

cult leader but if I were Marco’s

position I would have to think about all

this information together and realize

I’m not in the safe stuff situations

Margo has just taken a boat to an

isolated island with no way of leaving

surrounded by terrible people who are

there to eat food they don’t even seem

interested in if she’s now at the mercy

of a head chef who hasn’t left this

island for God knows how long it’s not

exactly a recipe for Success so rather

than get off the boat after eating the

oyster I would ask them to turn it

around because I just realized I have a

shellfish allergy and a need to get out

of there the first dish served is a

compressed and pickled cucumber melon

with milk snow and charred lace this

food critic cared comments that she

tasted a scent of goat meanwhile the

various guests Converse amongst

themselves Margot mentions to Tyler that

she’s not into this fine dining question

why people care so much about the food

and Tyler here Compares it to a work of

art with raw materials that makes one

course down with nine more to go the

next course is ready to be served with

the chef taking his final taste test

they put the finishing touches on each

dish and this head chef slowik

introduces himself to the guests

informing them of what to expect through

the four hour meal he insists they don’t

eat the food but taste it as much as

possible now the course is served slowik

names it the island containing plants

picked from around the island sitting on

a rock from the shore he announces that

each ditch has been completely Untouched

by anything but nature and ends the

speech on a somber note Margot looks at

Tyler’s surprised he cried during the

depressing speech the guests take their

first bite of the multi-course dinner

with mixed reactions the food critic

here complements how rich The Taste is

but the others are So Satisfied many of

the people here don’t really care about

the food or the experience but they’re

going to soon be forced to love it

that’s two courses down with eight more

to go now the next course has been

prepared slowik loudly claps and

explains the history of bread mentioning

that it’s been around for 1200 years and

reveals that 65 of Agriculture is

comprised of grain he explains that

bread is the food of a common man but

these Patriots aren’t common met

introducing the next meal as a breadless

bread plate confused the diners laugh at

sloark’s next course believe me it to be

a joke Felicity here reads out the bread

they’re not eating was crafted and held

with the Tehachapi grain project calling

it outrageous to have this be their next

meal the food critic Lillian

overanalyzed it and comments the

condiments have a slight split inside

them which shows slowex attention to

food detail Kaiser tries to explain the

point of this exotic meal to Margot

explaining that the full course dinner

has an overarching theme that is told

through each dish Margo scoffs of this

empty meal and insists there should be

some kind of edible food in the plate he

continues to taste the condiments and

asks Margo if she’s going to try Margot

refuses and the man leans over to grab

her plate dropping her glass of wine

onto the floor Slovak walks over

questioning why the girl hasn’t tried

her meal she tells him there’s no food

and she saved herself for the next

courses but slow a conforms her that the

portion sizes have been adjusted to fit

their appetites perfectly that’s when he

slowly walks over to this older lady

planting his forehead against her while

the other patrons look confused that’s

three courses downed with seven more to

go slowik introduces the next course as

memory a dish made to recall memories

explaining that he grew up in Waterloo

Iowa every Tuesday was taco night he

walks over to the older lady and reveals

that she’s his mother slowed continues

to explain that one Tuesday his father

came home drunk and wrapped a telephone

Court around the lady’s neck slow a cure

was forced to stab from the thigh with a

pair of kitchen scissors to make him

stop he adds that stabbing him the

throat would have been better but always

keeps a strong memory of that Tuesday

night this man is completely crazy and

the patrons are soon going to find out

that these meals are about to get a lot

more Interactive okay slow a cure is

completely over sharing he probably

needs a therapist or a priest to listen

to his problems but right now he either

really believes the customers of his

restaurant pay to over twelve hundred

dollars to hear his life story while

they basically eat nothing or he’s

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completely unhinged it’s probably both

however there’s something about the way

he creates his masterpieces that can

give Marco insight into the fact that

she and the rest of the patrons in this

restaurant are in serious danger as the

chef here explains every meal he links

each one of them to a personal

connection to his life or a concept he’s

trying to articulate the second dish

represents the island they are on and

the vastness of nature compared to the

small place that man has in it in his

third course he gives them a breadless

bread plate since bread was usually

fruit of the common people and everyone

here is incredibly wealthy the memory

dish then provides information on the

chef’s troubled past and how he came to

be who he is today however all this is

lost on most of his patrons and the food

critics are too concerned with their own

criticisms to latch on to the fact

there’s blade hostility towards the

customers in these courses the chef’s

specialty is Brett and everyone knows

purposefully refraining from giving them

bread after they have spent a huge sum

of money to be there is a big thank you

to everyone in this room but they are

all too consumed by their egos and are

too self-involved to see this they think

that all this could be part of a joke

but if you look at the second and the

fourth course both of these courses have

been created with the sincerity and not

a Fleck of humor the only reason that

these people see this third course as a

joke is because their opinion of

themselves is so high that they don’t

realize the point of the dish is to tell

them to go themselves the fourth

course is also important because it

shows the customers the chef’s moral

compass isn’t exactly pointing North

he’s had a troubled and violence past

and to this day still wishes that he

killed his father rather than just

stabbing him in the lake this combined

with the fact that the chef doesn’t

exactly seem to like all the people in

this room which starts setting off alarm

Bells about the fact that we are all on

This Island alone completely at his

Mercy rather than staying here I would

privately excuse myself it’s not draw

attention to myself while I look for the

best Escape Routes off this island I

would also start collecting Cutlery and

stowing them away in case someone

catches on to me while they try to find

a way off the island he introduces the

course as a house smoked breast chicken

thigh al pastor with tortillas made with

hair lumasa confused Tyler notices that

each Taco has an engraved photo of him

taking photos throughout the first few

courses these business partners take a

look at their tortillas and are shocked

to see their tax records printed out in

perfect accuracy showing how they’ve

created invoices with fake charges

that’s in the wealthy life and notice a

photographic-like drawing of her husband

with another woman with the husband

denying any proof of the image Marco

insistly send to the food back but Tyler

snaps his fingers at her demanding that

she continue eating Margo storms off

before the waiter stops her she asks for

directions to the bathroom but questions

what’s behind this silver door Elsa

mentions that it’s something special and

Margo walks into the bathroom opening

the small window to see a man holding

large feathers outside it’s strange but

then the head chef interrupts her smoke

break to question why she isn’t eating

his food taking it personally he insists

the girl reveal where she’s from and

blocks the door to demand an answer

that’s when Marco curses at the man

forcing herself outside making that four

courses down with six more to go slow

nobody collapse his hands to indicate

the next course with the business

partner here interrupts to question

what’s going on slowik orders demand a

six before introducing his sous chef

Jeremy a culinary student from Hyde Park

the head chef explains her while he’s a

good Chef he will never achieve

greatness he explains the Sous Chef’s

Life is under extreme pressure ask if

you watch the head Chef’s Life instead

Jeremy tells him no with the chef

strangely kissing him on both cheeks

before introducing the next course named

the mess suddenly the man is shot and

everyone freaks out slow it consists

that it’s all a part of the show while

demanding that everyone sit down as the

staff members take Jeremy’s dead body

away the mess has served with pressure

cooked vegetables roasted filet potato

confit beef Jew and bone marrow Marco

questions what the hell is going on

other wealthy couple decides they’re

going to leave Richard here demandsely

be let out but Elsa stops them with

security and asks what hand the wealthy

man will handle the situation with it’s

strange but then Elsa orders him to use

the ring thinker on his left hand

Richard tries to run out being

restrained and having his hand forced on

the tape the guards brutally slice his

finger off while everyone else freaked

except this dinner has just been taken

out to the next level and the next

courses are going to drive his patrons

to the break of insanity that’s when

this man invites Marco to have a private

chat with the head chef she’s brought

over by Elsa and Sloan here tells the

girl that she’s wrong asking for her

true identity he insists the girl isn’t

who she says she is and has a problem

with her identity they’ve designed this

course for a specific group of

individuals and she isn’t a part of them

he decides to ask her where she should

be seated now with Margo joking that

she’ll sit wherever the staff will keep

her alive slowik tells him that everyone

here is going to die or Rousey would

ruin the menu okay things just got real

these people are in serious danger and

Margo hears on a date with the bozo who

keeps eating despite someone being dead

Slovak has done personal research on

everyone at this restaurant and exposed

them as part of the experience they’ve

all just realized they aren’t here only

to eat but their being here is

intentional a man is dead and Richard

has lost a finger because he tried to

leave the restaurant and things are only

bound to get worse this Chef is unhinged

and they’ve all just unintentionally

signed up for his next Masterpiece now

getting out of this situation should be

difficult there are a ton more servers

than chefs than customers and several of

them are much more physically built than

the Patriots the finance Pros might be

able to take one or two of them out but

with their kitchen knives the chef and

restaurant staff have the upper hand

however what everyone in this restaurant

seems to be forgetting is that they all

still have their cell phones Tyler has

been taking photos all night and the

actor’s assistant has even tried to

return her work phone to the actor after

trying to quit even though Elsa says

they don’t have phone service nobody

tries to call for help to see if she’s

bluffing and they have no idea whether

they have service or not Margo has

already excused herself to go to the

restroom without anyone checking their

pockets and it should be no problem at

all getting a way to make a phone call

if she calls 9-1-1 and her provider

doesn’t have service her phone will

automatically connect to the strongest

Network they can find not having service

isn’t necessarily the end of the road

and at least trying to place a call in

an emergency situation is better than

continuing to eat in the case that

Margot isn’t able to connect with any

kind of network the restaurant guests

have to band together even though

everyone in this restaurant is sort of

an idiot having allies is their best

means of Escape I would is tried to

conspire with the finance Bros because

even though they wouldn’t give us a huge

physical advantage over the staff they

are the most likely to not want to go

down without a fight based on the fact

they immediately panicked and looked for

solution when they received their

tortillas I would first try to create a

distraction although the chef doesn’t

care whether we live or die he does care

about his menu and the way the evening

unfolds by having someone fake a medical

emergency this will distract the chef

and the restaurant until I’m able to get

into the kitchen and threaten to blow

the whole place up by creating a gas

stove fire there is also grease

available in an open flame if we play

our cards right we may be able to grab a

pan and throw hot oil in the faces of

slowik and the staff taking out slow

could be the best option because

although some of the staff will be loyal

to him even after he passes convincing

others to abandon his mission will be

easier once he’s dead in most cult

situations once the leader dies the

infrastructure crumbles finding out how

slick wants to kill us too would be

useful because if I destroy the supplies

he has to use he’ll have to deviate for

the plan which will buy us more time the

chef is a perfectionist and throwing him

off course might cause him to break down

or they can change the menu altogether

slow it gives her 50 minutes in between

courses to make a decision inviting her

to sit down for the next course she

walks over to Tyler and slapson while he

questions what happened over there now

realizing what terrifying things slow

had just told her that’s five courses

down with five more to go the palette

cleanser served with wild Bergamot and

red clover tea is sent out as the next

course meanwhile actor day walks over to

the business partners and insists they

need to act now mentioning that they

could take their calorie and storm the

kitchen suddenly Bryce here decides to

smash the window grabbing his chair and

smashing against the glass with no

success he’s ordered back to the table

and slow it claps and his staff boards

Cups of Tea to calm the Patriots he

gives the dieters a chance to ask

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questions and Tyler here asks what

ingredient they put inside his drink

that’s when George gets up and demands

answers to what this long dinner is all

about the chef tells his guests to think

of themselves as ingredients in a

tasting concept and they’re shocked he

questions why this is a surprise to them

confronting the food critic Lilian on

the damage she’s done to so many with

her line of work he walks over to her

partner and insults them for being a

suck-up while a large bowl of broken

Emulsion is served to her the wealthy’s

man’s wife insists that her husband

needs to be taken to a hospital slog

reminds him that he’s eaten here 11

times and should consider himself

blessed to even be here asking for one

dish she ate the last time his wife

mentions that it was Cod but slowik

angrily corrects her telling them they

was halibut that’s when this guy argues

this isn’t his restaurant but an

investor by the name of Doug Varick who

has funded the entire experience he

reveals the ownership has changed

turning the lights on outside to show

his investor hanging midair with a set

of feathers attached to his body the

patrons are shocked to see what happened

with Doug and beg that the dinner be put

to a stop slowik refuses to let them go

but one of the business partners decides

to make a run for it and trips over on

the way out they then hear Doug Becky to

be released round side as he slowly

lowered into the water and drowns to

death that makes six courses down with

four more to go okay this man has just

killed someone right in front of the

restaurant patrons eyes this time the

person that is the investor who funded

his restaurant all these years and even

kept him open during the pandemic if

there’s truly a sign that he’s totally

serious about carrying out his menu it

doesn’t care what happens anymore this

is it there’s absolutely no reasoning

with this man and trying to derail him

is useless however we know nothing about

his staff we do know that one of them

was envious of him and was willing to be

a part of the courts the others might

share similar Ambitions and even though

they are all devoted to him some of them

may be willing to break Rank and help us

in order to carry out their own career

aspirations now most of these people

seem extremely devoted to him but even

in the most extreme cold situations

there are those that question the system

rather than speak to all the staff to

get their side of the story and draw

attention to myself I would again have

one of the other guests create a

diversion like taking photos of the

kitchen so I can slip out of the

restaurant while everyone is distracted

I would go into the staff’s living

quarters and look for any personal items

that have been stowed away like family

portraits or a dire the staff here look

like they are supposed to live fairly

minimalist Lifestyles so they might not

be able to keep much but anyone that has

any small trinket from the outside world

hidden away in their bed could be an

ally to us I would then return to the

dining room and I would tell Lillian to

try to bribe that into the cuts

underneath the shaft are also living

this lifestyle out of passion for their

craft lovian wouldn’t just be able to

approach her about muddier riches but

she would have to appeal to their shared

love of food she would have to abandon

her whole know-it-all act and go back to

basics and talk about why she loves food

and align herself with a staff member

that she too has gotten caught up in the

extremes of The Culinary World once she

has aligned herself with this person

then she can use them to place a call to

someone on land by doing this Margo and

the rest of the customers are able to

quietly call for help without alerting

the chef that we are trying to get off

the island Margo’s 50 minutes is over

and the waiter informs that slowik will

now speak with him in his office she

walks in telling the man that he was

right she’s not meant to be here at this

remote Island dining experience sloke

refuses to acknowledge her answer and

says if she fits right in with the other

staff mentioning that she knows the girl

works a low-class service industry job

that’s when he questions why Margo was

looking at the wealthy old man

throughout the evening Margot reveals

that she’s a high-class escort the woman

had been hired by the rich man to

pretend to be his daughter telling him

she loved them in a session together and

since then she’s hated her job the chef

understands admitting that he used to

enjoy cooking for people but now he

hates it slowik takes her out of his

office and informs the patrons that he

has something to show them outside

everyone is terrified and slogan

presents the next course from another

female sous chef Catherine she greets

everyone and explains a story where the

head chef tries to make love with her

but she refuses slow to capture as a

cook but refused to look or speak to the

girl for eight months that’s when she

introduces the next Dish as man’s Folly

slowik walks over to the girl being

stabbed in the thigh with a tiny pair of

scissors the patrons cringe watching as

she wipes his own blood on the man and

walks off suddenly sloak announces that

the male diners are offered a chance to

escape with a 45 second Head Start okay

this is exactly the kind of distraction

that could be an advantage for the

guests the men are all on the run and

the restaurant staff are in charge of

chasing after them although not all the

staff is distracted the guests are

already outside so they don’t have to

break any windows or take down any staff

to reach the outdoors if it were me and

I was Margot I would try to start a fire

on the island to signal to any passing

planes that there is a distress here

someone might try to stop me before I

run into the forest myself since none of

the women are supposed to participate so

I would also plan to give the finance

Pros my lighter to start a fire now

Marco is a smoker so this makes finding

a lighter or book of matches super easy

and as soon as she hears the men are

allowed to go free she should slip into

one of these guys there’s a forest

surrounding the restaurant where the men

are supposed to run to once I’m able to

find a tree I would climb up into its

branches and then set it Ablaze this

would hopefully grow and catch the

attention from any passing by planes or

boats where the patrons get on the boat

to come to the island they are informed

that it’s only a quick trip over here so

if the fire grows big enough it’s even

possible the peep on the mainland will

be able to see it smoke signals are a

very common practice with people that

are stranded alone but they take a

little more effort to make rather than

just a normal fight if I had the time I

would make a fire on the ground and

smother it with twigs and branches some

people use wet blankets to smother the

flame and create white smoke so I would

also take off my shirt and throw it in a

body of water to dampen and use it once

the fire has been set one of the

problems with the smoke signal is to be

on the ground for longer which will make

it easier for the restaurant staff to

fight me and put it out if the fire’s in

the trees then they’ll have to climb up

into the trees and danger themselves to

help myself Escape after setting the

fire I would jump for the branches and

run as far as I can without being caught

I would then find another tree somewhere

far off separated by the beach so that

it won’t catch on fire and hide there

while the staff tries to contain

talcones in the water or small case

where I can hide myself with you too but

the important thing here is to create a

large enough flame and hide long enough

that they grow frustrated and have to

abandon looking for him it’s important

to start the fire to get off the island

and help the other customers but even if

it’s not lit long enough it provides a

great distraction to at least save

myself while the others become a part of

the next course I couldn’t mention any

of his playing to Tyler either because

he’s such a suck up he would probably

tell the chef what I have planned before

I’m able to do it the business partner

runs first with everyone else but Tyler

following he’s the last to leave and

Catherine invites the women inside for

their female only part of the course

following after her they’re served man’s

Folly made with duncany’s crab fermented

yogurt Wing dried sea lettuce umiboshi

and kelp Lillian compliments the sous

chef on the detailed taste but Catherine

refused to take her compliment and begin

sobbing the wealthy wife Anne confronts

Margo hear about knowing her husband

while the others questioned why they

have to die after the final courts the

sous chef explains the multi-course meal

needs a proper ending revealing that it

was her idea to kill them meanwhile the

male patrons are chased through the

forest but the staff members catch the

men quickly with no one managing to

escape Ted here hides in the chicken pen

but then he’s discovered and served a

bazard egg for being the last person

captured the girls continue talking with

Margot revealing that her name is

actually Aaron from Massachusetts that’s

when the men arrive back all bruised and

bloodied from the Frantic chase that

makes seven courses down with three more

to go slowk interrupts their

multi-course dinner to mention that they

need to deal the unresolved problem of

Tyler he walks over in questions why the

man is here asking what he was told

before coming he answers there was going

to be a chance to taste the greatest

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menu ever created and that everyone

would die slowed points out that Aaron

was supposed to be the girl across from

his table Tyler admits that his

girlfriend broke up with them and he

brought Aaron along knowing that she

would die hearing this she freaks out

and hits him before being stopped by a

worker slow confusedly been in contact

for eight months and swore him to

secrecy knowing how much he loved food

telling Tyler that he knows so much that

he belongs in the kitchen suddenly he

invites the patron to enter his kitchen

giving him a chef’s jacket and writing

Tyler’s name on it he rushes him into

the kitchen and explains that Tyler will

now serve the next dish questioning what

he needs tither asks for leaks and

shallowed sauteed and butter with lamb

he rushes to cook the dish while

everyone carefully watches tasting it

slow it disappointedly berates his

creation and Whispers into his ears

something that shocks him Tyler bows the

chef and walks off that makes eight

courses down with two more to go slowing

apologizes for the sloppy dish and calls

over Margot and informs that the final

course is coming which means they must

prepare desserts for after he scolds

Elsa for forgetting to bring a barrel

needed for the dessert and informs

Margot that she’ll be assigned to bring

it he tells the waiter to give Marco The

Smokehouse keys and the woman walks away

noticing her date’s dead body hanging in

a Cellar okay so Margo is free to go and

can execute multiple different plants

she can try to start a fire to Signal

signs of distress or she can go looking

for a phone to place a call outside of

the island however there’s one other

thing she can do to ensure her and the

other Patron safety rather than try to

escape at this moment I would choose to

fight back against the chef and kill him

and the restaurant’s death rather than

let them kill us the staff all live and

work here which means they have to have

tons of supplies stockpiled to use

whenever necessary which means that

they’ll have more than enough cleaning

supplies hidden somewhere nearby I would

look through the stock room while on my

way to The Smokehouse and find household

supplies that are not meant to be

consumed and bring them back and mix

them with the contents of the barrel

that’s going to be used for dessert the

staff all have to taste and eat the

dessert while they make it which means

that using the contents of the barrels

to cook will then poison them ideally

this would kill them but the amount that

they consume may not be enough to do

that but it will be enough to at least

make them sick which will give us the

opportunity to fight back against them

the problem with physically fighting the

staff before is that there are only 12

customers had many more staff members on

the island by making them sick it makes

them easier to take down and control

once the staff begins to grow ill the

restaurant Patron should collect Cutlery

like steak knives to defend themselves

the staff may be better with knights but

once they are weakened they won’t be

able to fight back properly the patron

should gain control over the kitchen as

soon as possible because the kitchen has

the most potential for Weaponry

appealing to the staff that we think

could stray from the pack would have

been a much cleaner approach but because

there are so many of them around all the

time and most of them are loyal to the

chef there’s never an opportunity to

make them break ranks the restaurant

patrons will have to get physical and

once they start taking control over the

kitchen and the island they should try

to convince the staff they’re on the

fence about dying to join their side

once the chef’s control has been

challenged this makes it more vulnerable

to lose disciples the other positive

thing about putting cleaning supplies in

the chef’s food is that it spoils his

meal by doing this and throws off the

menu at his perfect plan this whole

night is about creating the perfect

experience and will anchor him and force

him to make mistakes that we can take

advantage of George here gets up to

kindly ask the head chef why they’re

being punished slow informs them that he

watched the the devil calling Dr

sunshine and didn’t like it the memory

of his face in the film discussed the

chef mentioning that the man has lost

his shine and sees him as a failing

artist that’s what he moves his

attention to his assistant using her

full paid ride through college as a

reason for her to die as well meanwhile

The Smokehouse Aaron searched for the

barrel and discovers a large knife

inside the building walking outside she

finds the head Chef’s house and looks

for her way in now realizing that

someone is watching her she heads

upstairs into this dark room turning the

lights on to find a kitchen identical to

one of the restaurants and with this

mysterious silver door at the end she

tries to open it but suddenly Elsa he

reminds her that no one’s allowed inside

the chef’s house the waiter takes

Aaron’s knife and reveals that she’s

been a problem ever since arriving

scared Margo walks closer asking why she

would die for the man and Elsa admits

that she doesn’t want to be replaced the

patron is confused but that’s an Elsa

attack sir Aaron runs off being chased

around the kitchen before Elsa drops her

weapon the women get into a brutal fight

with each other before Aaron grabs his

Paco Jet and throws at home suddenly

Aaron brutally pushes the knife into

Elsa’s neck and kills her She searches

her dead body for the key to the silver

door and slowly walks towards it finding

a room full of memorabilia about slowing

Aaron spots this old picture of the chef

from his Burger flipping days and then

realized that there’s a working radio in

the room using it to call for help

meanwhile in the restaurant this

business partner is being served a

birthday cake when Aaron returns with

the barrel slogan sits the girl take a

seat and sits down with him he explains

that he used to be a monster but this

dinner is made to be a pure evening

taping this candle with his fingers

suddenly the patron spot a boat in the

distance and slowik realized that she

found the radio slow demands the dining

room be cleared the head chef explains

that they’ll be tempted to ask the coast

guard for help threatening that they’ll

kill the boat’s wife the boat officer

walks into question slow like about a

disturbance on the island the shepherd

says that nothing is wrong and they’re

currently in the middle of service while

the officer asks if anyone called in a

distressed signal recently that’s when

the officer notices George and mentions

that he’s a big fan asking for an

autograph he gladly signs it while

telling the actor that you love calling

Dr Sunshine the same movie that sloak

here despises the apologizes for the

trouble and walks out to look at his

autograph discovering that it reads help

us suddenly he pulls out a gun ordering

everyone to keep their hands up that’s

when the Patriots loudly confessed that

slowk is trying to kill them point you

towards the head chef and demanding he

sit down with his hands up insisting

that no one moves the officer uses his

gun to relight a candle and everyone

realizes that this is part of the dinner

sloak here walks over to Aaron and

scolds her for being so careless making

it clear she’s going to be executed now

the staff prepare for their final course

but then the woman gets a clever idea

that’s when Aaron slaps her hands and

confesses that she doesn’t like their

food asking to send it back slowuck

walks over to question what exactly is

wrong with him she tells the head chef

that he’s taking the joy out of eating

wanting a simple meal that she can relax

and enjoy slow insists that they cook

every meal with buff but the girl

refuses to believe his statement

confronting the man she tells him that

he’s been cooking with an obsessive

amount of detail killing the fun of a

relaxing dinner mentioning that she’s

still hungry for a good meal surprised

Slovak questions what she wants with the

girl responding that she wants a plain

simple cheeseburger without the had a

pretensionist of this entire evening

cooking up a delicious cheeseburger and

fries he hands over the dish to Aaron

she takes a bite and compliments him but

asks to have it to go he hands the dish

over with a gift bag and Aaron pays ten

dollars for her meal they came for all

the trouble that makes nine courses down

with one more to go walking out she

takes a look at the other silent patrons

and leaves them behind at the restaurant

they watch as an artistic blend of food

ingredients are placed onto the floor

with silk announcing their dessert is a

Twist on a modern food classic the

s’more a disgusting makes up an

ethically sourced chocolate and gelatin

ties sugar water that are wrapped around

each Patron which will be transformed

with fire suddenly he grabs a flaming

coal walking into the middle of the

dining hall and announcing that he loved

them all dropping it and setting off a

massive fire meanwhile Margot here

manages to drive this boat back towards

the mainland when the engine stalls and

she gets out of the cabin to see the

restaurant burning that makes 10 courses

down in the kitchen as closed with

nothing else to do she eats her

cheeseburger and reflects on the lesson

she just learned gourmet meals suck but

what do you how would you beat the menu

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