Biggest Social Media Fails

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Hey, welcome to “Good Mythical More”.

Let’s just hang out. Let’s be friends.

Let’s just shoot the breeze.

Let’s just kill some time together.

Cringey social media campaigns.

You got it. You remembered it.

I remembered. I remembered.

Now let’s do that.
But first-

Let’s talk about cringey
music, social media campaigns.

Let boogie down now.

I didn’t think I was
gonna go into industrial

but then I just let the music

take me where my body wanted to go.

What was that song? What was that?

That sucked.
That sucked.

“Born Legendary”.

“Born Legendary”?

Sounded like-
The mix on it-

Corn Legendary.
was really weak.

It’s like, I mean, they
need to remaster that.

Yeah. Yeah. Link’s got
some notes on the mix.

No, the mix is off, you know?

Notes on the mix.

Okay, you might be asking yourselves,

“Why are we playing this game?”

“What does this have to do
with the main episode today?”

Are you asking yourselves that?

Well, you know what?
I never knew they ever did.

Here’s what, here’s my theory, Stevie.

‘Cause I realize there is usually

a tie between the two, or a link.

There’s a tie between the two?

I bet you Lunchables had a
cringey social media campaign.



Yeah. Actually, they currently do.

That’s what she’s talking about.

See, see, just because
I’m not wearing a sling,

you think you can just, you
can just touch my shoulder?

But I’m not, it’s not hard.

It’s not, it’s not fully healed.

I’m letting up, I’m making it seem like,

I’m making it seem like
it’s hard but it’s just,

it’s not really boom.

The cumulative nature of that

is the reason why I’m
a collar brone broke.

Your collar brone.

My collar brone broke.

Isn’t it great when you have
a friend who doesn’t listen,

only listens to you to see

how you’re mispronouncing something,

but not the point of what you’re saying?

Yeah. That’s the best
kind of friend to have.

Speaking of friends that listen to you.


You’re right, Rhett.

Lunchables does have a campaign

going on right now that’s a fail.

It’s, they’ve asked kids to create

and submit their own Lunchables art

under the hashtag Art of Lunchables.

And they have fun blueprints
that the kids can follow,

which sounds like a great idea
in theory, but as of today,

there’s not a-
A fire hydrant?

single submission on the
hashtag on Instagram.

And the call to action was posted

all the way back in December.

And so then we went to their website

and dug a little bit deeper,

and they have a gallery of art

allegedly submitted by kids and parents

from handles that are fake.

And here’s one piece of art they posted

that was supposedly built by
someone with the handle @Karen.

And on the right, that’s their-

Of all the names.

That’s their blueprint on the right.

And then that’s the-
A fire hydrant.

Submission on the left.

Hold on.

They’re trying to make it seem

like Karen made that blueprint?

No, no. Karen submitted
the thing on the left.

Oh, got it.

But of course, this is, like just the tip

of the bad campaign iceberg.

So you’re gonna be playing a game

where I’m gonna present
you with a failed campaign

and then you’re gonna have
to guess if I’m lying or not.

All right.

UK Burger King tweeted,

“Women belong in the kitchen” in a 2017,

in 2017 as part of an
International Women’s Day campaign.

Burger King?
UK Burger King.

Why would they say women
belong in the kitchen?

You think this is real?

Well, it definitely would
get people’s attention.

I’m listening.
How would it not backfire?

Say, women belong in the kitchen,

but everyone else belongs at Burger King?

I don’t, I don’t, I can’t.

Yes, women cannot come to Burger King.

But why would a fast food place,

maybe it’s a twist.

Like, women belong in the kitchen.


Are you saying yes or no?
I’m saying there’s no way.

I can’t make sense of it.

If you’re locked in.

I know about this one. Now I don’t,

I’m not 100% sure it was Burger King,

but I do remember this
happening and backfiring.

And I think the point that
they were trying to make

and I don’t know how this got
past committee, so to speak,

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was that women should be,
like chefs too or something.

But there was like, but it
was completely construed

as women should just be at
home and in the kitchen,

which is obviously what you think when you

So what are you saying? Women
should work at Burger King?

As a chef?
I don’t know why Burger King

would make that point, but.
Maybe Stevie knows.

You’re absolutely correct.

That’s exactly what it was.

It was meant to be a tease for a campaign

that brought awareness to
gender disparity amongst chefs.

And it was followed up

with the second tweet
clarifying, but that got buried.

Yeah, ’cause it says if
they want to, of course.

Yet only 20% of chefs are women.

So there was 288,000 likes
on the first tweet. Likes.

Well, so-
And the second one

has 62,000 likes.
So I think this, I mean,

the person who did this,
who came up with this idea,

knew that that statement
would be controversial

and thought that they
could take that controversy

and spin it into this point.

But that’s probably not a great strategy.

What do you think the,

if you two were to reenact
that marketing meeting?

Yeah, like what went down?

Oh, all right, guys.

Wait, wait. Hold on,
sorry. It’s in the UK.

It’s the UK.

All right, guys. Not much different.

Since it’s just a bunch
of us blimey blokes

here in this conference room.

You got any ideas?
My idea is

women belong in the kitchen.
Oh, as a tweet.

As a tweet.
As a tweet.

And then there’s other
tweets underneath it.

I love it.


All right. Anyone object?
Any men in here object?

No, not me.

Tweet it.
That’s pretty much

how it went down.
What’s the two factor?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The guy in the room
actually was Australian

who came up with the idea.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Right.

that’s how it works.

The German arm of Heinz
ketchup put a QR code.

Hold on. Hold on. Can you
stop? Can you stop there?

The German arm of, Heinz
ketchup doesn’t have any arms.

It’s like, what?

I am picturing-
And it’s German?

a German ketchup arm right now.

There’s a German ketchup
arm coming out of a Heinz.

The German arm

of Heinz ketchup.
Yes. I believe

the Heinz that is in Germany

put a QR code on the back of their bottles

that was supposed to link
to their reward site,

but they let the domain expire

and someone else purchased the domain

and linked it to a porn site.

Of course, that happened.

Of course that happened.
If that didn’t happen

with the German arm of Heinz,

it has happened with
somebody. So I’m saying yes.

And let me tell you,

if you’ve never looked at German arm porn.

Yeah. Well, specifically ketchup arm porn.


Yeah, it’s real.
You’re missing out.

I did like that as a
URL. German arm of Heinz.

And it’s a porn site.
It’s fake?

No, it’s real.
No, it’s real.

Not that URL.
Let’s see it.

I don’t know what the URL is.

Click on the URL.
Let’s see the site.

Gotta prove it.
Emmy, you need to go home.

Pull it up.
No, she’s not sitting up.

You can’t say that she’s still here.

Okay. Cash app was accused
of being exploitative.

Yep. I never know how to say that either.

After they-
I never know how to do it.

Isn’t there a cooler way of saying it?


Exploitative, exploitative.
That’s not cooler.

That’s cooler.

Emphasis on the Tate.

After they launched a
social media giveaway

promising a $100 to 100 different users.

In order to win the cash
prize, Cash app users

had to share their saddest
financial hardship story

with the hashtag I hate being poor.

I hate being poor?

I just, I don’t think
anyone would be dumb enough

to go all, now the first part,

the like financial hardship thing,

because that is sort of a,

that’s kind of a trend on Twitter now

is to like, for somebody to tweet,

I’m going through this thing
and then people start giving

to like their GoFundMe or whatever.

Oh, really?

So I think that maybe Cash app is like,

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“Oh, let’s tap into that essence.”

But the poor thing, I just can’t.

I just don’t think they
would’ve done that.

The poor thing?

The poor thing.
The poor thing.

That poor thing.

Okay, Link, You’re locked in too?

I’m locked in.

It’s fake, but it kind of seems real,

but it’s fake.
Well, no,

we both thought it was fake.

You both thought it was fake.

I mean, there’s parts
of it that seem real.

It was well written.

IHOP faced backlash after tweeting a joke-

They’ll do anything, yes.

Yeah, IHOP will do anything.
About pancakes

intended to draw a cheeky
comparison to women.

Oh, here we go again.

Reading, “Flat, but has
a great personality”

with a picture of some pancakes.

Wow. Is this UK?

This the UK IHOP? UK arm?
Same board room.

UK arm, yeah.

It’s a German arm and a UK arm of Heinz.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, ’cause ketchup

tastes different in every country.

It’s like Coke because
everybody’s tongues are different.

Yeah, for reals?
Yeah, for reals, man.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, you can’t give
American ketchup to Germans.

They’ll be like, “What is this?”

Bleh, “I spit it out.”

How do they spit something out?




This almost sounds like a French person

spitting things out.

It’s one of the things that you

wouldn’t know about Germans. Yeah.

They spit things out in French.

They spit things out
like the French. Bleh.




Yeah. Yeah. That’s more French.

Okay, so Link, you agree?

No, he agrees with me.

Okay. Okay. It’s real.

Let’s see it.

That was a mistake.

Flat, but has a great personality.

Yeah. Have you, I mean, IHOP,

have you seen the pitch on their roofs?

I mean, they are on the
edge anyway. It’s like.

Well, they don’t always do that.

It’s not always that slanted.

You know what?

One time I found a $20
bill outside of an IHOP.

I just wanted to add that.
This is not an ad for IHOP.

I don’t know if this happens
to other people frequently

but it was a good day.
Did you take it in?

Did I what?
Did you take it in?

Did I take it in?
To the IHOP.

Did you take it into the
IHOP and give it to the

You know, I cannot recall if I was

on my way out or my way in.

Did you keep it?

Of course.

Excuse me, did anyone drop this $20 bill?

What did you spend it on?

Did you spend it on something

that you wouldn’t have bought otherwise?

I can’t remember if I was

coming in or out of the IHOP

but I do remember what I spent it on.

Do you think you’re the type of person

that all of a sudden you’re like,

“You know what, I’m gonna buy

$20 worth of lottery tickets now.”

Or like, “You know what, I’m gonna buy

some flavored toothpicks.”

“I’m gonna do something-”
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

“That I wouldn’t otherwise do.”

That’s a good thought exercise.

Or “I’m gonna upgrade my
aluminum foil to be name brand.”

Yeah. If I found a $20
bill outside of an IHOP,

what I would do is I would go inside,

and I would hold it up, say nothing.

I would find the person whose eyes

connected with mine in
the most compelling way,

I would take it, I would walk
up to their stack of pancakes,

I would pick up the second
pancake from the bottom,

slide the $20 into the stack, lower it

and walk out backwards while
maintaining eye contact.

Oh wow.

That’s what I would do.

That’s what you would do?

Oh man, you ruined their pancake.

Those were all good ideas.

The flavored toothpicks.
But they got $20.

They got $20.

The brand name Aluminum.


The bill in the stack.

Peanut butter brand, Jif,

was accused of misunderstanding

the conversation around inclusivity

after trying to debut a modern version

of their “Choosy moms choose JIF” slogan

that instead read “Choosy
individuals choose Jif”.

Mm. Mm. Choosy individuals, huh?

They couldn’t just gone
with choosy parents?

Choosy individuals choose Jif.

And this is like getting
on the bandwagon of

Could have said choosy folks,
choosy people. Individuals.

It could have been
like, “They choose Jif.”

But then who’s they?

You kind of lose the choosy part.

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Oh. I mean, if you’re gonna
Yeah. Yeah.

I don’t think, you know,

I really appreciate what
you’re trying to do.

Do you know what I’m trying to do?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You’re trying to make it more inclusive.

But in doing so, you’ve included people

who aren’t the people saying it.

“They choose Jif, not us.”

No, that’s what I was trying to do.

You’ve included.
I was trying to make it

You’ve included everyone

except the people saying the thing.

Yeah. I was trying to
make it less inclusive.

Yeah, yeah.

Less inclusive.
Oh, well,

mission accomplished

Those people.

You used inclusive language
to say something exclusive.

Those people choose Jif.

I don’t think this was real

because I think they
would’ve said parents.

Yeah, I’m, well, you know
what? I think they did this.

Everybody was, everybody’s trying.

It sounds like they would’ve done that.

They didn’t do that though. It was fake.

But they changed their slogan, I guess,

from “Choosy moms choose Jif”

to “Every bite will make you smile.”

So they, I guess they recognized.

I think that they were like,

“Let’s just completely
move past this thing,

instead of trying to
make it more inclusive.”


Good call.

We wanna invite you to listen
to our podcast on Mondays

or we want to give you the option

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Or we want you to do both.

We want you to listen to it on Mondays

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And then two days later,
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on our YouTube channel, Ear Biscuits,

you can watch it to see
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when you look at us say the same things.

And one cool thing you
can do, I have done this,

is you can take the podcast
and bring it up on your phone

and put it on earbuds but
then watch the podcast

on your laptop with the sound off

and try to get them in sync.


That’s a cool thing to try too.

Right, right, right. It’s,

I just don’t believe in
what I was about to say.

You know, I don’t like

saying things I don’t believe.

I’m glad you backed out.

Okay, Stevie, hit us with another.

Susan Boyle’s album party

was advertised with the
hashtag Susan Album Party.

And you can picture that in your mind

’cause it kind of looks like
it says Sue’s Anal Bum Party.

Susan’s album party.
Susan’s album party. Yeah.

Susan. Yeah.

Anal bum.
Sue anal.

Anal bum?

Isn’t that kind of, isn’t
that repetitive? You know?

Anal bum party.
Anal bum.

Anal bum party.
Oh man,

I’ve got a pain in my anal bum.

As opposed to what? What other
bums are there, you know?

Another part of your body that’s a bum?

It sounds like an old English phrase.

And then he, you know.

Then he what?
I’ve been sitting

on my anal bum.

That’s why I stopped myself.

This whole time, I’ve been on my anal bum.

I think that this is real.

Yeah, this is real.

Yeah. This is real.

Let’s look at it. There it is.

Oh my gosh. And it was a hashtag.

Su’s anal bum. Su’s anal bum.

No, it’s sus anal bum.

Sus anal bum.

Sus anal bum party.

Sus anal bum.

This is bad.

Wow, and straight from the Susan Boyle HQ.

So you know it was approved.

I mean, I gotta say, I think

I would attend this sus anal bum party.

If I’m gonna go to an anal bum party,

I don’t want it to be on the up and up.

It’s gotta be a little sus.

I want it to be a little bit shady.

Nothing’s shadier than an anal bum.

It’s the shadiest part of the body.

Yeah. That’s why they
call it the anal bum.

Yeah, right.

It’s the shadiest part of the anal.

That’s right. It’s tough to
get sun on it too. I’ve tried.

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