Where Did These Bones Come From?

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Ha! You know what we want to do? Yes.

We want to look at animal bones.


And figure out what the animal is.


[Man Behind Camera] Yes! That’s right.

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I think we should talk more about it though In honor of the Mythical Society.


Can we get someone from business out? Yeah, I mean, do you wanna open the QuickBooks file? Because I hadn’t done that in many years.

Ooh! No, man, that thing gonna stink! and I don’t want it.

I don’t want to open it back up.

All right.

Do you like bones? Oh yeah.

Let’s see some bones.


I’m not gonna give you any choices here.

I’m expecting you to be very good at bones.



Yeah, I told you’d be good at bone.

What made you think owl over any other bird.

Go back.

See, I look at bones all the time.

Look at the eye socket on that skull.

That is cra cra.

The size of the eye and the distance of the eye from the nose.

And also- The nose? The beak.

The beak goes down.

I thought that was a chick.

No, the proportion of the eye socket to the- I thought it was the eagle.

Eagles beaks go out.

If you wanna look up a eagle skull and see how different it is, be my guest.

Well that might spoil another round.

But the thing around the eye socket, that doesn’t move, I guess it just holds a huge eyeball in there.




That’s amazing.

Eagle beaks go down.


I’m not saying they don’t go down I’m just saying that’s not a eagle beak.

An eagle beaks eye, the proportion of the eye to the beak is gonna be different in an eagle.

Well, yeah, smaller.

No eyes are bigger than an owl’s eyes.

But also- In bird land.

It’s kind of hard to tell from this angle but those eye sockets are facing more forward on the skull.

And you can kind of see it in the little side part there.

So an owl is set like this, two eyes and a beak all facing the same direction.

An eagle- A what? Two owls.

Two eyes.

You didn’t say the “L” in “Owl”.

And then in an eagle, its eyes are gonna be more- Dude.

A little bit more on the outside.

You got it right.

Stop knowing so much.

No, I’m just telling you.

Go look at eagle’s skulls.

No, let’s just do in dot com.

This is fun.

Give me a chance.

It’s probably already a website.


This next one.

Oh, that is a whale.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Hold on.

That is a whale.

Let me guess.

And it is a, it’s a blue whale.

Well it’s not a gator.

Well this is a- Yeah, that’s a whale.

This is awkward.

I knew it was a whale.

It’s awkward? Because I guess this is the point where I revealed that my next tattoo was going to be a whale skeleton all the way down my arm.

And I’m not joking.

Right there.

Oh, really? Yes, right here.

Why is this awkward? Yeah? ‘Cause this isn’t how I wanted it to come out.

Well, you didn’t have to say.

You know, I just wanted to show it to you.

What kind of whale? I want to get a blue whale ’cause I love blue whales so much.

No, what about.



Do you though? I don’t think that this is a blue whale.

I think you should get a sperm whale on your arm.

So interestingly- Sperm arm.

One of the cool things that I like about whale skeletons is that there’s a vestigial pelvis that hangs, and if you go to the museum and you look at a blue whale skeleton- Yeah.

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They’ll have little things hanging down ’cause this is where, you know, they were at one point on the land and then, you know, they left the water to the land and they came back and they have these residual pelvises, but not every whale has them as prominently.

And this looks like one of the species that doesn’t have ’em.

Not every blue whale skeleton will have the the vestigial pelvis if you look it up.

This is not a blue whale.


So this might- But he knows so much Stevie, just let him keep talking.

But this might be a humpback whale.

I think it could be a dolphin.

It’s a whale.

I know it’s a whale.

It’s a sperm whale.

It’s a sperm whale.

Yes! Okay.


So it’s a classic sperm whale.

So, mm.

Maybe I’ll get a sperm whale on my arm.

That’ll be fun.

Yeah, just get the sperm whale going all, just running all down your arm.

But it really is the vestigial pelvis that I’m really excited about.

That’s what you’re really excited about? Well just get that.

Yeah, if you just get just a vestigial pelvis then you just got a little thing right here.

You gotta get the whole thing.

Then say, well, that’s the vestigial pelvis of a whale.

Okay, well there we go.

I didn’t wanna break the news to you like that.

I can’t stand the awkwardness anymore.

Can we move off? Yeah it is awkward.

How about this bone? That’s a horsey.


Correct? Wouldn’t that be too obvious? That’s a giraffe.

A donkey.

That’s a mule.

That’s a happy, happy mule.



Is that a zebra? So go back to this thing.

I don’t think we could tell the difference between a zebra and a horse skeleton.

I’m sure somebody could.

Well, it’s black Dot com.

That was my bad .

Yeah, yeah.

You just made another website! Well I didn’t hear it.

I’m having a trouble hearing.

We can bleep ’em all out.

I’d rather you guys just Oh, that’s a hot commodity Girl in an alley.

Bleep the websites out than have to make ’em every time.

That horse is smiling.

Well, there’s no stripes on the skeleton which is, you know, you learn something new every day.

I would’ve thought the stripes went deep.

I would’ve thought the stripes went to the bone.

Are the stripes, the white or the black? I’m trying to remember that from my zebra era ‘Cause it’s.



I don’t know if there’s a correct answer but I think- Isn’t there a correct answer? If you look at the legs I would say those are white legs with black stripes.

I think it’s black stripes.

Some of them are black with white stripes though.

Depends on what part of the world they’re from.


They’re tough to tame by the way.

Not that I’ve tried, but.



Tough to tame? Can’t ride a zebra.

You ever seen anybody riding a zebra? Like rarely.

Yeah, zebras are.



And it’s interesting, I can’t remember what book I read about this.

‘Cause I always wonder that.

I was like, you got these zebras, which is just like a horse.

And it’s just like, why don’t people ride zebras? Because zebra’s evolved.

I’m not trying to seem like a know-it-all, it’s just I just know a lot of things.

I’m not trying to make you upset.

Zebra’s- It doesn’t make me upset.

Zebra’s evolved- I think it’s awkward, honestly.

Zebras- It’s a little awkward.

Zebra’s evolved alongside- Can’t help it.

Super predators like lions, et cetera.

Some of the craziest most lethal predators in the entire world.

And so they’re much more skittish than the average horse.

So if you try to break a zebra it’s just not even worth the investment.

That’s why you don’t see people riding zebras.


See? And it is funny.

How about this? That is a bat.

Yeah, I was gonna say bat.

‘Cause I knew that the bats it’s the fingers that make the wings.

It’s crazy.

Have you seen a bat’s face? I don’t know why- Yeah.

This popped into my FYP, but this one person’s making videos of bats but super close up on just their faces.


No, they’re really freaking cute.

They are cute.

Really? Bats are cute.


Not the ones that have like the pig nose Not that variety, though.

So the cutest ones.

Look at that.

That one’s pretty cute.

They look almost like little dogs or something when you’re really close.

And look at how their ear.



They have an ear on front of their ears.

Yeah, it’s called the front ear.

They have two ears.

It’s kind of like you have a satellite dish and you got that thing in front of it.

I recently overcame, not completely, probably but a big part of my bat phobia It was exposure therapy in Mexico.

You exposed yourself to a bat.


Well actually many hundreds of bats exposed themself to me.

And it made me not as scared of them anymore.

It’s just amazing.

Go back to the skeleton.

’cause Link’s making a really good point here.

And this is something that- Thank you.

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A lot of people don’t understand.

The wings are fingers.

You know, evolution is amazing because of the way these things are morphologically related to one another that you would just think that was just like, I don’t know, like somebody just going like this.

But really the arm and the wing, like my arm and that wing basically have all the same pieces, right? Like even the, you’ve got one bone up here and you’ve got two bones here.


And you’ve got the five fingers and you have the three joints in each finger.

It’s all just modifications of the same form.

Which is why you should like bats as much as you like whales.

You know, it’s like mammals that went into the ocean and mammals that went into the air, man.

But whales didn’t bite Heather Dinklage on the neck.

You know what you should get? You should get one of those tattoos where it’s on the knee.

I’m not doing leg tattoos.

One of these where it’s like- Forget about it.

Where you put your leg together and it’s something and then when you open your leg, it turns into something else.

Why don’t you do that? See this like amazing beetle.

A huge freaking beetle.

And then, you know, when it’s wings open behind it there’s a splayed out wings of a beetle.

It’s so great.

If you love it so much, why don’t you get it? Because I’d like looking at it on you.

[Man Behind Camera] Are you getting Mad magazine on your leg? What? [Man Behind Camera] That’s what they did with Mad magazine basically.

Anyone? Do they do that with Beatles? [Man Behind Camera] They would do that on the back cover.

It would fold.

That’s cool.

[Man Behind Camera] Yeah, it’s cool.

You could do that with a bat.

I’m getting the constitution on my right leg.

So I’ve gotta save room for that.

I’m just gonna keep getting my pets on my body.

Next one.

Okay, so that’s a cat.

This could be a cat.

It could be a dog.


Let’s look at the proportions of the legs.

It’s, oh! Look at those teeth.

That’s a dog.

And specifically a wolf.

Yeah, it’s gotta be a dog Specifically, no.

A coyote.


It’s not slight enough to be a coyote.

You’re in the wrong group.

Oh, it’s a leopard.

It’s a lion.

That is also the wrong group.

It’s a aardvark.

No, this thing doesn’t have a snout.


I’m trying to envision where the- It’s got fangs.

Hmm, it’s got fangs.

I happen to think this animal’s very cute, but- Oh, is it a panda? We do have them in Los Angeles.

Is it a panda? Is it a.



It’s not a mountain lion.


I don’t really think mountain lions are cute.

They’re scary.

Oh, it’s a raccoon.


Okay, so go back.

It’s hard to tell because raccoons have such a.



There’s so much fur.

There’s so much that we’re usually not seeing.


That’s wild.

It’s to cover it up.

I recently saw footage of a raccoon that has scaled the side of a building and it was like 14 stories in the air.

And everybody was talking about how it was a cat.

And it fell, landed on all four and then scurried away.


And the caption said it was a cat, and then everyone underneath said it was a trash bear, raccoon.

That’s an interesting thing to get mixed up, I guess from a distance.

Well, when it fell it was kind of like.



Bless you.

Let me ask you a question.

This is a serious question.


Excuse me.

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All they’re doing is telling you.

And they’re not charging you a dime.




Want more bones.

More bones.

More bones.

That’s a bear.

Yeah? It looks like a.



Is it? It is a bear.

Oh! It’s a grizzly bear.

It’s a brown bear.

Well a brown bear is a grizzly bear.

I mean.

A brown bear is a grizzly bear, but a grizzly bear- A brown bear and a grizzly bear, as far as I know, hey, listen, I don’t know everything, but I know a few things- And he’ll tell you all that.

Is the same species.

And the brown bear was the original bear of California.

They’re extinct.

They were hunted to extinction.

So if you see a bear in California, it’s gonna be a black bear.

But it might be black, brown, it might even be blonde, close to white- What about a Kodiak bear? But it’s still a black bear.

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I believe a Kodiak bear is just another offshoot of the grizzly bear.

I don’t know though.

But a brown bear and grizzly bear, same thing.

I don’t know, the skull is so elongated.

Right or wrong? It really doesn’t seem like a bear.

Somebody look at that.

A grizzly bear is a brown bear but not all brown bears are grizzly bears.

Well if you’re talking about just a bear that’s brown No, grizzly’s part of brown.


[Man Behind Camera] No, brown’s part of grizzly.

Brown is part of grizzly.

Yeah, it’s a certain subset of grizzly.

Imagine finding this in the forest.

That would be cool.

I want one of those.

Not a pet bear, but it’s the bear skull.

That would be cool.

You’d come over and look at it? I’d come over and look at it.

I mean, we have a saber tooth skull in our office.

Yeah, but it’s not real.

It’s fakes all get out.

But I mean, it’s cool.


It’d be really cool if it was real.

How about this? Okay.

This is that place where you’re going down into the subway in New York City.

Remember that? You go underneath this and there’s like escalators.

That’s a human.

By the way that is a whale.

It’s like around where Freedom Tower is.

You know what I’m talking? Yeah.

Oh yeah.

Is that a human? Close? Oh, a chimpanzee? Not that close.

A gorilla? Yeah.

Well look at that.


There’s a gorilla.

Gorillas used to be my favorite animal.

What happened? I had a bad dream about one.


Top or bottom? Well, a gorilla’s penis is much smaller than you would think, actually.

I actually don’t think at all about that.

No, no.

Pound for pound, a gorilla’s got a little all wiener.

So if that had to happen in a dream.



Who said that had to happen in a dream? I said I had a- No, I didn’t say anything.

A bad dream and then you said top or bottom.

Sometimes you say things and it’s just like it only works if you just let it go.


Oh is that how it works? Yeah, just let it go, man.

So I like gorillas but they’re not my favorite animal anymore.

That’s correct .

So that was a gorilla- Hey, listen.

You know what? rib cage.

Gorillas used to be my favorite animal because gorillas used to be my favorite animal.

Right, right.

Okay, one last one.


Holy shwhat! Finally a direct.



That’s not real.

That is made up.

It’s not an animal that exists.

It might be a dinosaur, but I think it’s a dragon.

Well, that ridge.

I think it’s a dragon.

The ridge.

The ridge in the middle is.



What has a ridge like that? It’s like a faux hawk.

This is not made up.

It’s real.

It’s a real animal.

Ooh, is it a monitor lizard.

What did you say? A monitor lizard? The teeth are very straight.

Yeah, it’s not a reptile.

The teeth are too canine.

But it’s really throwing me off how the eye socket is just kind of like.



Oh, is it a.



Well I was gonna say a gecko.

If you look at the eye socket’s- No, because it- I think it is reptilian.

No, but reptiles, at least the ones that live today their teeth are really, really small.

Really small.

I don’t think there’s any reptiles out there with big canine looking teeth- And look at that ribcage sitting behind it.

It’s hard to tell what we’re seeing from there.

The thing that’s really throwing me off is the faux hawk.

It’s like that’s not a canine.

Yeah, same.

And I know what it is.

Well it’s probably had a lot of muscle at the top.

What? I said same.

And I know what it is.

This is, as a kid, I think a lot of us were scared of this particular animal because they were the villains or some of the villains in the Lion King.

That’s a hyena.

Yeah Hyenas have Oh really strong jaws.


Oh, you know what? I think there’s a lot of muscle that get through that.

So their jaws are so strong that they all attach to that thing at the top.

And that’s what makes them so crazy strong jawed, is those head muscles.

They’re like a regular dog.

They can bring down a elephant in packs.

People keep ’em as pets.

Have you seen those? That one’s kinda cute.

I don’t endorse that, but sometimes it comes up with my “For you” page.

They are cute.

People who have hyenas as pets.

That’s what a bat kind of looks like.

That head without the mohawk.

They’re cute at that age but then they get a little bit older and they get a little too .

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