Try to guess what bad fan art was trying to depict.

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We’re going to try to guess what bad fan art was trying to depict.

But first, let’s play What’s The Word? Today’s word is Meldrop.


Not maildrop? M-E-L drop.



Meldrop sounds like a town in Wales.

Just over the hills of Meldrop.

Taking my scooter to Meldrop.

Meldrop is what happens in puberty for men.

It drops.

Ah, yes.

Male drop.


I think it’s drippiness.

It’s the stuff that’s left when something drips.

The stuff that’s left when something drips.

Like, it’s the pattern that’s left.

CSI agents use the term a lot.

I think it’s when you like go the bed naked.

Uh huh.

Uh huh, you go to bed naked- And you wake up fully clothed? It’s so weird! No, and then halfway through the night, you’re legs are touching each other and it’s a little bit clammy, and you’re kind of like, I should’ve put clothes on.

I always sleep in clothes for that reason.

It’s a noun.

The meldrop.

I’ve got myself in another meldrop.

I don’t wear pants when I sleep.

I don’t either.

I’m just making things up.

It’s usually higher up or under the armpits, like the place where I used to have a shirt and I don’t- Used to have a shirt? I’m used to having a shirt.

You sleep with a shirt on though, right? Yeah, the place where I’m used to having a shirt, if I go to sleep without clothes on.

I can’t tell you the last time I slept naked, but I can tell you the next time, tonight.

With your paper wife.

Hey, that paper wife.

I mean, should we look into monetizing that? Everyone over there is just looking down.

It’s just paper people in general.

I mean, you can get a paper wife if you want.

Here’s what it is.

A drop of mucus at the nose.

Whether produced by cold or otherwise.

This is meldrop.

We’ve got some meldrop today.

Meldrop, that’s why I have this.

I wouldn’t say it’s mucus though, that’s kind of grody.

I’d just say it’s a little drainage.

All right, let’s see the first.

They’re all Mythical Crew drawn celebrities? Yeah, so the idea was, you know, not everyone can draw, and you see a lot of that on the internet.

And here at Mythical as well.


Why not see how great the Mythical Crew is at drawing celebrities? So you’ll see a drawing and then you have to guess the celebrity.

I would appreciate you not doing that.

Well, I was gonna say you are competing against each other, but do you wanna help each other? I don’t wanna help this man do anything.

Okay, well, you’re competing against each other.

Hey, Stevie.

Can you see my mouth? No, we can’t, it’s a black hole.

No, I can not.


Okay, you ready to see the first one? Yes.


That’s supposed to be- Oprah.

I was gonna say Oprah.

But her left hand is a ball of yarn.

It is supposed to be Oprah.

Double breasted, okay.

Is it ’cause she’s like- It’s ’cause it’s like, she’s in a, “You get a car, “and you get a car.

” Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, this Silaine’s interpretation of Oprah, which was apparently good.

Oh, Silaine.

There’s some.

The negative space in the mouth is a little scary.

I think her tongue is totally.

It’s hard to make your mouth do that.

You should’ve darkened that mouth.

It’s hard to make your teeth curve up on the bottom and down on the top.

That doesn’t really happen in people’s mouths.

She also needs to work out her right arm.

Mm-hmm, she got a little atrophy.


She got a little right arm atrophy since she’s not doing her show anymore.

It could just be the tailor.

The tailor didn’t really do a good job of that, you know? Sometimes tailors mismeasure things.

It’s pretty good though that she chose to not have the eyes open, you know? It’s easier that way, right? I give this a B plus.

Yep, if she would’ve shaded in the mouth, that would’ve been an A minus.


All right, let’s see the next.

Okay, here we go.


Seth Rogan.

That’s a good Seth Rogan.

Wow, look at these talented artists on the Mythical Crew.

Who drew this though? This was Meghan.

Meghan with an H.

Apparently she’s met Seth before, you know? It’s like a scholarly Seth.

If you draw Seth Rogan that photo realistically, you have only been in his presence, you know what I’m saying? Like, you can’t look at a magazine and draw something that good.

No, that has to be from visceral first hand memory.

Right, that’s somebody who got really close to him, was able to see him from all angles, like took a mental 3D picture of him, which is really what seeing is.

You know? But it’s still very middle school, you know? I believe that was a choice.

Meghan is maximizing middle school abilities in this exercise here.

I think the hair is, I will say.

I mean, the hair is not as.

It’s pretty good.

Look at the hairline, you know? If I had to focus on any one thing, nothing is right.


But somehow it all immediately looked like Seth Rogan.

That’s how it works.

His eyes aren’t that far apart, his hair is not really like that, his hair’s curlier than that.


His beard is bushier than that.

Hey, hey, hey, man.

He doesn’t wear ties.

Don’t throw her under the bus.

It’s just like, it’s not Seth Rogan, yet we knew it was Seth Rogan.

Yeah, ’cause it’s the essence.

He is a killer! It’s the essence of people.

Can I open the prize? Well, wait.

She needs a grade.

I think this is an A minus.

Okay, great.

Well, the longer I look at it, the worse it gets.

Okay, let’s check this out.

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Oh my goodness.

Wow, that’s almost like you were there.

Wow! “The Illusionist.

” Is that.

Who is that originally? Is it Christian Bale? No.

No, ’cause he’s in “The Prestige.

” Edward Norton.

“The Magicianist.

” Ed Norton.

It’s Ed Norton.

I’ve not seen this movie.

But I really like everybody in it.

Jessica Biel and- Giamatti.

Giamatti’s doing commercials now as Einstein, you see that? Oh, really? You know, it really felt like, I felt, ah, I didn’t think Giamatti would ever do that.

You know what I’m saying? Let’s see what Rhett could’ve won.

Is he doing.

Just that one commercial.

I know, but all it takes is one to ruin your career.

I know, but you said like, “He’s doing commercials as Einstein” as if he’s doing multiple commercials as Einstein.

Can I reveal it? I’m letting you see it, but I wanna reveal it.

I believe he probably shot multiple ones and we’ve only seen that one.

That’s fair, that’s fair.

Thank you.

But do you agree with me when you saw it, you were kind of like, come on, Paul? I know the money’s good.

No, get it, Paul! Get your bag, Paul, is that what you were thinking? Yeah, you know how I talk.


Get your bag.

Is that what the kids say, get your bag? Yeah.

Oh, it’s the same thing.

Nope, nope, nope, there’s a difference.

Nope, no difference.


I think Giamatti is looking at me with a little more disdain than he was looking at you.

Because he heard me talk about his Einstein.

He was like, “Come on, man, “is there really any shame in it? “Is there any shame in it? “Is there shame in commercial work, “Mr.

Internet Guy that does “all these ridiculous sponsorships? “Really, you’re gonna talk crap about me? “Accomplished, Academy award-winning.

” Has he won an Academy award? Sure he has, right? Actor.

Just because he plays a little Einstein, and by the way, it was good, and it was funny, and I watched it.

And I think it’s.

Is it T-Mobile, what is it? I don’t even remember what it’s for.



Can I direct your attention to front.

Look at how.

I mean, us being the star of this movie makes an entirely different movie.

Like, we are not the same person.

Like, look at you, you’re like cooky and upset.

I’m the cooky one? I’m intriguing and happy.

Intriguing and happy, cooky and upset.

Which movie would you see? The one with Ed Norton is the one that I would see.

Yeah, that’s true.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, man.

He has had one Oscar nomination.

All right, KG, get your bag.


Oh, only one.

What kind of drawing is this? Is this a minimalist? Who drew this? That’s Tom Cruise.

You can.

I’ll let you guess.

This is not Tom Cruise.

I’ll let you guess who drew it as well.

This is the freaking guy from “No Country For Old Men.

” It’s Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise with like triangular glasses and a mullet? This apparently, in fact, is Tom Cruise.


It’s Tom Cruise.

What is that mullet? But who drew it? It’s not a mullet, it’s the collar from his flight suit.

Who drew this? Let’s see.

I hope this isn’t someone from the graphics department.

I think that this might be.

Stevie, did you draw this? Why would I ask you to guess.

You’re not.

Who drew it? The interesting thing, it looks like it’s been drawn and erased and then drawn again.

Yeah, well, that’s the technique.


You’re back there murmuring.

Did you do this? No, I didn’t do this.


There we go.

I can see Davin.

Well, yeah, he moved up here, ’cause I think.

Do you have something to say? I’m very proud of my drawing.

That’s what I’m gonna say.

What do you call it? What do I call it? It’s Tom Cruise in “Top Gun: Maverick.

” Yeah.

What do you call the style? A portrait? Yeah, it’s a portrait, yes.

I didn’t go to art school.

What do you call it? Who said that, Chappie? Davin style.

So Davin, did you see the original “Top Gun” growing up in Indonesia? Oop, Davin style.

No, I watched it on Netflix before the new one came out.

So this is your recent interpretation of Tom Cruise? Yes.


He looks like what? We didn’t like source these from when the crew was younger.

No, I’m just wondering if like.

I know sometimes they make different versions of movies, and sometimes they’ll change the language.

Oh my god.

Sometimes they’ll change what Tom Cruise looks like.

But sometimes they’ll change the way the guy looks.


Just completely.

And I’m just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt that this is maybe like, this is a different Tom Cruise.

What are you saying? I don’t know, I’m trying to help him.

You think I drew Indonesian Tom Cruise? This is Indonesian Tom Cruise.

Just come out and say it, Rhett, Indonesian Tom Cruise.

Okay, this is Indonesian Tom Cruise.

He has triangular glasses like Doritos for sunglasses.

Why would you make the glasses that shape, my friend? I tried to draw an aviator glasses and that’s what came out.

Upside-down As.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, okay.

This just goes to.

Oh my gosh, Snoop Dogg.

That’s Snoop.

That’s nice, yet again, third grade.

It’s good.

Third grade good.

Hold on, don’t be so quick to judge this.

You think that’s Nipsey Hussle? No.

Well, I think it’s Snoop.

But I think it’s somebody like- Rest in peace.

There’s actually some artistic intention and perspective in this, that this makes me think that this person is like a little bit artsy.

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This person’s a creative mind.

A creative mind drew that picture of Snoop Dogg.

Okay, so they were like.

They thought it would be an interesting exercise to embody a third grade artist? I think, first of all, like if you saw that painted on like a wall downtown- Yeah? You know, you’d be like, oh, that’s a cool stylistic thing.

The teeth are obviously like.

I think, the teeth are classic just grid teeth, which is something that you do Spiderweb teeth.

you do as a kid.

Classic grid teeth.

But I think that that’s okay.

I think that if the teeth weren’t grid teeth, you’d be saying different things about this.

I like the grid teeth.

I stand by my interpretation of this.

I like it.

As it being an artsy person.

This is Devante’s interpretation of Snoop Dogg.

See? Creative person.


That was nice.

Now this- Keith from Try Guys.

Pete Davidson? What does that say? “These are tattoos.

“But he’s got a lot, and I don’t have the skills.

” Right, Pete Davidson.


It’s gotta be.


I didn’t know Pete was blonde.

I guess he has been blonde.

Now that shot from “The King of Staten Island,” which I haven’t seen that movie, are those real tattoos or is that for the movie, like all of those? All real.

They’re all real? Okay.

Who drew this? And this man, just so you understand, Link, this man can date any woman on Earth.

Like, any woman he decides to date on Earth immediately falls under a spell and wants to date him.

Just so you understand how this works.

It’s that skinny charm, you know? It’s that smile.

And I’m talking specifically about this illustration.

Yeah, yeah, it’s that non-grid teeth smile.

Corn teeth.

Corn teeth.

This is like when you get to fourth grade you’ve moved to corn teeth.

I think that the handwriting here looks like.

I know this isn’t Emily, because Emily has established herself as quite a drawer.

She’s got more detail than this.

I think that this could be Kalyn.

I think I know Kalyn’s handwriting.

I’m really focusing on the shirt and the pants.

Clearly, that’s where the artist wanted you to focus.

Because I really like what’s happening there.

Kind of looks like scrubs.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

This is drawn by Aubrey.

Aubrey? Aubrey in the house? Aubrey, I hate to say this, but you get a C minus.

Aubrey, the C is for corn teeth.

Aubrey, you’re also adding to your own personal tattoo collection, am I right? I am! How often are you getting a new one? Are you building towards- One moment, please.

Are you building towards something? Yes, I’m trying to do a patchwork sleeve on both arms.


So you’re doing both arms.

You decided to not just do one arm.

‘Cause the patchwork’s gonna take twice as long.

No, like a patchwork is when it’s not completely covered, it’s like here and there.

I know, but at a certain point you just have disparate tattoos and then it all comes together eventually.

Yeah, that’s the goal.

How many tattoos do you have? 11.

You have 11 tattoos? 11.

Already gone double digits.

I’m aspiring to add to my collection, but I’m gonna keep it all on one arm, so that it becomes something quicker.

I’m gonna beat you, is what I’m saying.

Yeah, and I think I’m doing Aubrey style.

I’m going left arm next time.


I need to have an arm that’s totally clean in case- For art model.

For job interviews.

You know, I got the job interview arm.

I’m not saying you’re gonna need to interview for jobs.

During the interview, the other arm goes behind your back? Yeah, other arm goes behind my back.

That’s tricky.

Aubrey, yeah, that was good for a C plus.

That was good.

I said C minus.

That was a generous C minus.

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“Dispatches From Myrtle Beach,” okay? I’ve been looking at this picture- “A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich,” they have a YouTube channel, it comes out every Friday.

“Ear Biscuits” also has video, but you already knew that.

The whole time Link was talking about that, I was looking at the following picture, this picture, and I still have not quite wrapped my mind around it.

It seems that someone’s foot has gone up some else’s blouse and come out the neck line.

Is that what’s happening? Is that a bare foot coming out of.

I think this is- I just saw the other hand.

You see the other one in the background.

Yeah, the other hand.

Oh, god.

Wait, but the front one- Hands are hard to draw.

Everybody knows that.

But directionally, the front one- That’s a foot.

‘Cause that.

Yeah, ’cause then there would be three arms.

‘Cause you see the right arm’s going down and then, I guess, the left arm is in the back? Yeah.

‘Cause it looks like somebody- I’m getting a live action modeling by the artist right now.

It looks like somebody’s doing a modeling like this, and then it’s gotta be somebody else’s hand.

I do agree with that.

But it’s clearly Jennifer Aniston.

Billie Eilish.

I think this is Billie Eilish.


Is this the first one you haven’t gotten? Yeah.


Is this Axl Rose? Axl Rose.

Have you seen him now? He kind of looks like this.

I’ll say, there’s something in the mouth.

There’s something in the mouth that- Cigarettes for teeth.

Yeah, it’s called fence teeth.

Picket mouth.

Yeah, yeah.

Because this woman, this actress has a big smile.

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Kate Winslet.

What? A big smile? She does have a big smile.

A big smile.


Is that Scarlett Johansson, red hair? No, this is like.

I would say not for now, but classically like the most famous actress.

Julia Roberts? Yeah.


Oh, I see it now! That’s not her breast.

It’s a new sleeve.

That’s her sleeve.

It’s a new sleeve.


Yep, yep, yep.

It’s funny where the spacing.

Somehow the teeth got turned upside-down and they’re all bottom teeth.

She’s known for her beautiful top teeth, not necessarily her bottom teeth.

Does she even have bottom teeth? I don’t know.

That’s right.

She’s just delightful, isn’t she? Do you wanna know who drew it? I recently watched “Ticket To Paradise.

” “Ticket To Paradise.

” I really enjoyed it.

George Clooney.

George Clooney drew it, yes.

Who drew this? KG, did you draw this? You’re squirming.

This is someone who really understands what makes someone beautiful.

It really feels like you captured her essence.

Just tell us.

I don’t know.

I’d just like to say I’m very proud of my portrait.

Okay, Chase! Chase.

And this is based on “Top Gun: Maverick.

” Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chase, you drew that.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

So Chase, give us some details on your approach.

I looked at this image, and then I immediately glommed on to the teeth, so I started with that.


Then I realized I kind of messed up the teeth, so I tried to hide it with the mouth, and then that kind of just got worse.

And then I realized her sweater was kind of confusing, so I tackled that next.


So you went teeth, sweater- Teeth, mouth.

Teeth, mouth, sweater.

Then I did the face shape, and then I was like, oh, dang, I gotta get the fingers in there so I stamped the face shape down.

Everything Chase did- Order of operations.

He was then trying to fix with the next thing he did.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Or cover up.

And then I noticed that little wisp of hair on the right side after her hand, so I did that.

Oh, I see now.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the little dongle there.

It really looks like a foot, dude.

And then I realized that it was all just kind of hard, so I outlined it in black.

Well, you gotta do that.

That’s the key to any great art.

This is hard, I’ma outline the black.

Just taking the black and going around it.

Also this was based on an Indonesian dub, so I think that’s probably why it looks so weird.

Oh, okay, all right, okay.

Okay, I wanna get through these other three beautiful masterpieces.

Oh gosh, okay, bonus time.

Oh, boy.

Good gosh.

Look at that nose, it’s a downward arrow.

Is that Hillary? I mean, in the right area.

But wow, I don’t know if you’re gonna get this one.

She’s a politician? Yeah.

Pelosi? No.

And yeah, that’s why.

She’s quite a bit younger than this portrays and I would say like cooler.


On the right track with young and cool, but a little older and cool and at the top.

At the top? Biden.

Oh, Kamala.


The hair color is not correct.

Who said that? Mikayla? You think she needs highlights? Mikayla’s coming.


All right.

Now that you’ve made it up to the mic, let’s go to the next one, ’cause I don’t wanna hear any defense.

No defense.

Oh! Oh my goodness! Dang! This is- That’s Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox.

Oh yeah, Megan Fox.

I think you should know who this is based on a comment you made earlier.

Emily, this is Emily.


Good gosh, that is- That’s good.

Emily is really talented.

Well, yeah.

Megan Fox, friend of the show.

I will say, this is the most- Let’s have her back on.

This is the most Kardashian version of Megan Fox I have seen in quite some time.


The hair detail, the fact that she gets the sheen of the hair, like she took a class at some point.

You know, you don’t get this good without a class.

A lot of fan feedback is that the Megan Fox interaction with us was not.

I would just like a do over there, ’cause I don’t think that was on her, necessarily.

I thought she was great.

All right, let’s round it out with the last one.

Okay, “Stranger Things” kids.


” Kids.

It’s “Stranger Things,” yeah.

But there is an E.T.

drawn- No, no, no, this is the Nutcracker version of “Stranger Things,” which is actually my favorite holiday tradition with my family.

All the little wooden boys and girls.

But why does the second from the right have an E.T.

on his shoulder? I think that’s supposed to be Eleven.

It’s supposed to be Eleven.

‘Cause at some point, she was on the back of a- Who did this? A bike.

Who will never be asked to draw anything again? No, I think we actually- David Hill.

No, we gotta try with this.

Yay! Oh, it’s David Hill? See, I’m looking at faces, and he looked so guilty back there.

Well, he did the old two circles.

Three circles and a triangle for the face, which is a technique, you know? Three circles in a bowling ball pattern and then put a triangle under it, and you’ve got the beginning of a face.

A plus.

You can’t argue with it, yeah.

I’m gonna say just a straight A.

“Dispatches From Myrtle Beach,” and “A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich,” both have their own YouTube channels now, subscribe at YouTube.

com/DispatchesFromMyrtleBeach and YouTube.