We are going to be tasting some snacks and their new fan dangled updated version,including this, which I’m very excited about. Nutty Buddy Cereal!

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Welcome to Good Mythical More.

Ha! What are the chances?

What are the chances?

Ready Pet Go.

We are going to be tasting some snacks and their new fan dangled updated version,including this, which I’m very excited about.

Nutty Buddy Cereal!

That looks pretty enticing.

Well, let’s play Ready Pet Go.

We’re gonna look at a picture of one of your pets and try to decide what its name is.


This submission is from Bekah.

Oh, another cat.

What an angelic, creepy cat.


Francis. Sh-sh. Shnowden.

Hey, that would be an incredible name for a dog or a cat!

Edgewood Shnowden.

I hope it’s Shnowden.



Chicken Alfredo.

Chicken Alfredo. They probably
call him Alfredo or Fred.

Or Chicken
Or Alf.

All right, Gwynedd, come on in here.

Guide us through the
world of updated snackies.

I’d love to.

Push that out. Now I’m holding Jasper,

but Jade is perfectly happy
with Jenna over there.

So I’m gonna try to be, just holding Sean.

He’s much better at
being held than Barbara,

but he’s still a McLaughlin
dog. So we’ll see.

What are you doing buddy?

We’ll see how he does.

He’s got a, his sister
has not taught him well.

I am excited about now.

Yeah, we can’t, we can both pet my dog,

but we can’t pet my dog in the same place.

That was, a little awkward.

Okay, sorry about that.

It’s like my hand was there.

‘Cause then it becomes scritches
between the two of you.

All these scritches that are gonna happen,

if they happen, are between me and Link.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Oh my God, I am a dog
person and a cat person.

Is that allowed to say?

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think I’m almost that.


You have both at home?

I have a cat at home.

Okay. Well we see where
your allegiance is.

I know.


This is like too sad. But my
dog passed away last year.

I know, but she was like–

I’ll give you a scritch.

Thanks. She was like really good

and like had a nice life and stuff.

She was gargantuan and her name was Pearl.

Pearl. And the cat’s name is?

Yeah. Magnus.


Yeah. I feel like I
added an extra syllable.


Mag-a-nus. All right, let’s eat a snack.

He’s cute. Okay–

Where do you wanna start?
I think we should start with

the game day chili Lays.

How about that?

So what’s the…

You’re comparing these to
barbecue. The original barbecue.

Okay, this is the chili.

Oh then we don’t have to open these.

Yeah. Okay. So this is regular barbecue.

So this isn’t like a
one-to-one match here.

Like these aren’t like an
update on a barbecue Lay,

but I figured it was like kind
of the closest to this is–

This is barbecue?

That’s regular barbecue, yeah.

That’s a classic chip right there.

I know.

It’s hard to go wrong.

Hard to go wrong with that.

Real good. Now–

I’m underwhelmed.

I never choose barbecue chips.

I kinda wanna look at the bag,

and see what…

So, okay, so it’s game day chili

and I feel like chili has
a lot of ingredients in it.

So it promises, a lot, right?

It tastes like chili.
It’s got the chili powder.

Yeah, just right.

Just the first taste, first impression.

Immediately positive.

It’s got, there’s a little
bit of a darkness to it.

Like it could be a little naughty.

Yeah, no, it’s like,

but it’s like got a little
bit of cheesiness in it too,

I think. I think they’re going with that.

Yeah. they’re showing the cheese here.

That is–

It’s a good chip.

A special chip.

Now if you don’t like chili
though, you won’t like it.

No, it’s a lot of chili powder.

But this is also like a
limited edition flavor, so.

So you can overdo it
for just a little bit.

Yeah. I like them a lot though.

I think these are good,

but I think I ultimately
like barbecue better. Maybe.

I don’t.

Okay. I think they’re saltier.

I’m gonna go back to the barbecue.

I think.

I’m over it.

I think more people would prefer barbecue

because this is a popular chip.

I mean like in the grab
bag, in the variety pack,

barbecue does get gone by a lot of people.

I do agree with you
Link that barbecue is–

It’s too sweet for me.

Barbecue’s not, definitely not

in one of my top chips,

but it’s in a lot of people’s top chips.

And when you, compare it like this,

you realize how freaking sugary it is,

and that I finally figured out,
that’s why I don’t like it.

Well, I think that they should,

Lays is constantly releasing
limited edition chips

that should like not be limited edition.

And I want to, I don’t know
officially lodge a complaint.

This is me doing that right now.

Yeah keep the good stuff coming, Lays.

Yes. It was like a few months ago,

they came out with like Funyuns,

onion flavored Lays potato chips.

Oh, that feels…

And they were so good. It was insane.

Did you Spork that?

Good. Good.

Yep. They won a Spork award.

That’s right.

Go back to your geometry
days for a moment.

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What do you think the degree of separation

between the two places
that Sean is looking is?

He’s definitely–

If you had to draw the angle

of the two places that he was looking,

I think it’s seven degrees.

I think he’s got a seven degrees spread.

Sean, Sean, Sean.

I like how you can talk about dogs

and they don’t know
you’re talking about them.

I kind of feel like it’s at least 14.

You think he’s got a 14%
spread, 14 degrees spread?

I mean, break out the protractor.

I mean, he’s looking at me right now.

I’m just telling you, with the left eye.

He does kind of look like if you

put those like craft googly
eyes on a dog, you know?


I’m impressed that they

don’t care about the food all that much.

Yeah. He’s not as food
motivated as Barbara.

I’ll tell you. I realize
just how crazy she is

when I got a different dog

and now you see how crazy he is.

They’re both, they’re out
trying out crazy each other.

Let’s bring this one in.

Yeah, those are the Zaps.

Okay so, Zaps is a potato chip brand

and they recently came out with pretzels.

And so these are like, they’re,

I feel like they’re voodoo flavor is like

one of their more popular ones

like you see them at bars and stuff a lot.

I know it. It’s a sport favorite.

Yeah. Yes.

Is this like a north, a
northeast kind of thing?

They’re so good.

Like the people in a northeast like this,

’cause us southern folk

never even heard of this back growing up.

I think that they’re like,

supposed to be like a New Orleans thing.

Hence the voodoo of it all.

Not just the, yeah.

Not just this flavor. I think
that’s like what they were…

I gotta tell you. Guys–

Well they’re made in Pennsylvania.

Now that I have–

Yeah. They’re owned by Utz,

which is based in Pennsylvania.

Now that I’ve gone out on this limb

of not liking sweet
chips. I gotta tell you,

I can’t like these either
’cause they’re too sugary.

So much dadgum sugar in ’em.

No, there’s only one gram added sugar.

Isn’t it, it’s like a spice.
It’s like a Cajun spice.

I think, you might be
misinterpreting that spice.

It’s just not my preference.

Did you? Okay. Did you
try the pretzels yet?

I like that chip.

Okay. Mm.

Maybe I’ll like it better on a pretzel.

Whoa. It really compliments
a pretzel taste.

Right? Look how much like seasoning–

In a real good way.

Lives on these like,
they’re like pretzel twists.

Like, do you know that
brand Dot’s, Dot’s Pretzels?

Mm, I don’t think so.

They’re real good. Another
seasoned pretzel brand,

but they’re a lot like this,

but they like, so much
seasoning clings to them.

Oh, they’re so, listen.

This works. This is an improvement for me.

I can’t have this stuff around,

because I just want to take the whole bag

and just open it up and just lean back.

That’s how I feel about these.

Lean back.

They’re like vinegar-y They’re
spicy. I love these things.

You getting a little restless?

Yeah. And then, the pretzel of it all.

Jasper doesn’t do that.

Balances it out.


Balances out that sweetness

that I’m reacting negatively to.

Just calm down a little
bit. Lower your heart rate.

Breathe, breathe through one
nostril and out the other.

Love, love and love. Okay.

In one nostril and out the other.

Now, we have,

how about we go with these
Cinnamon Toast Crunch,

stuffed marshmallows versus these

milk chocolate Stuffed Puffs,

which we also gave a
Spork award to in 2022.

Okay so we’ve had those.
We love these things.

Yeah, so let’s have these again.

I was very impressed.

Take one.

Thank you.

Pass it down.

I’m gonna bite this in half.

Look at that. Look at how much
chocolate is in that thing.

It almost feels wrong.

This is the superior s’more maker.

Yeah, I know. It’s like the

less mess s’mores marshmallow.

So we’re doing a bit of a

different comparison here because–

These are both fancy marshmallows
or wild marshmallows.

Well I guess what you’re saying is

this is the original Stuffed
Puff, with chocolate.

And now the new Stuffed Puff
is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Yeah. So I don’t know if
you guys have noticed this,

but Cinnamon Toast Crunch

always be releasing new
things like constantly.

Yeah we did a Gut Check. Right?

Smell that.

And then… You mean smell of that.


They nailed the smell.


But then they have like–

What is in the middle?

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

I think I missed it.

Oh, I did too.

Actually on my first bite, I
didn’t get any of the filling.

It says with cinnamon flavored cream

and then covered in crumbles.

It’s not as big as the chocolate.

It’s a smaller, it’s only in half of it.

And you miss it.

It’s pretty dang tasty
once you get it though.

And I only got it.

I didn’t like it the first time.

I didn’t like my first bite,

but when I got to the cinnamon cream,

I sort of started perking up a little bit.

What would you do with this?

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That’s, I mean, I think they’re like,

just for snacking and it
feels like wild to me.

It, yeah. It’s a little too out there.

Your dog’s gonna get one.

I don’t think, don’t think he actually–

Someone’s interested!

He’s so timid.

Look at it. Look at him.

There’s another, there’s another dog.

He will get up on the table

and just hoover that thing
after we’re done eating.

Oh no.

There ain’t no way Jade can get up there.

Jade makes you carry her up stairs.

So I personally think that the original

like milk chocolate

Stuffed Puffs are better.
So much better.

There’s something too, like unidentifiable

about like the cream inside

of the Cinnamon Toast Crunch ones.

It is a little weird.

It requires an adjustment period.

You have to eat the whole bag.

And this is just, it’s for s’mores

and then you can just eat ’em.

But this, I don’t know what it’s for.

I mean I guess you could
make s’mores with them,

but then you’d be like,

I don’t know why am I eating this.

Do you wanna try to hold Jasper?



Yeah, I do!

I don’t know how he’s gonna do.

You might have to hold Jade.

You want, do you want to bite Gwynedd?

Okay. Hi!

Now Link, Sean bit you two
times in quick succession.

See he’s not that comfortable.

I know. He looks so uncomfortable.

Last year.

Oh my God. Are you okay?

Yeah. He’s, come back here.

Oh my God.

Yeah, he’s just, he’s–

I was gonna try to give you the notes.

Dogs hate her.

You can try. Try Jade.

Try to hold Jade.

[Jenna] Jade will be very happy.

Come here.

Hey Jade.

Here we go.

Oh, someone’s going for the pretzels.

How are we doing? This dog smells good.

Yeah, she sleeps with me.

She wearing the perfume?

She smells so good.

She smells like my right
side. I’m just being honest.

Oh my God.

Have you made up with Sean?

Because he bit you two times
in quick succession earlier

or last year.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s
good. I’m good. We’re good.


Let’s eat another.

So, next we are going to try these.

Okay, so we have regular
pretzel M&Ms, we know and love.

And then we have these new,

these are released for wintertime.

These white chocolate
pretzel ones called snowballs

and they’re cute and they
come in wintry colors.

But do they, are they different flavors?

Yeah. So you’ve got
your like milk chocolate

versus white chocolate.

Now Jade, you can’t have any
of these, it’s chocolate.

Dogs can probably eat white chocolate.

But you can have one. Oh yeah.

‘Cause it’s not.

If she’s hungry.

They have to eat a lot of
regular chocolate usually.

I mean, these small dogs though.

Yeah. That’s–

What’s like the craziest things
your dogs have ever eaten?

Cat dookie.

Oh yeah. Dogs absolutely
can’t get enough of it. Huh?

It’s horrible.

My dogs have never cat dookie.

It’s horrible.

It’s really gross.

I don’t love this. At all.

As a kid, I love white
chocolate right now,

I just like, I’m just not into it.

Well it’s not chocolate.

It’s posing.

It’s a poser. Yeah.

See, I don’t know. I love them.

I think you get more of
like the pretzel flavor.

And I get a little more of the
saltiness from the pretzel.

Oh really? I forgot about the,

that there was the pretzel in the middle.

What do you think that crunch was?

I thought it was a peanut.

I think that it tastes good.

I just like regular
chocolate a little bit more.

I think that’s fair.

But I could listen. I would
just for both of these bags,

I would do the lean
back with both of them.

They call ’em snowballs.

I do like the fact that it’s got a name.

Yeah. I know.

No, it’s not just like
white chocolate pretzel.

Can we get to the thing I’ve
been waiting for though?

I know we have such a
fun one coming. Okay.

So we’re split on the snowballs.


Yeah. I like them.

If you like white
chocolate covered pretzels,

I think you’ll like those.

And I love white chocolate
covered pretzels.

Boy, I had a Nutty Buddy.

Nutty Buddies are so nice.

Nutty Buddies And then we have,

Nutty Buddy Cereal.

Which isn’t the first
Little Debbie cereal.

We tried, I think it was the oatmeal–

Oatmeal cream pie cereal.

At least, maybe multiple
Little Debbie cereals.

Oh, so you’ve already done the pouring KG?

That’s up to you man.

No, no she hasn’t.

Because that was kind of my–

Jade! Jade!

So we got one bowl. We’re
gonna, so we gotta make our,

we gotta make our dips count.

See that right there?

So we like, we like Nutty
Buddies though right?

Is that your thing? Oh yeah.

Oh yeah. Who doesn’t?

Okay. The society of .

I don’t, I mean there’s,
I don’t wanna be critical,

but that’s a lot of cereal in that bowl.

I mean, it’s gonna be
hard to eat without–

You gotta do a pat down.

Do you wanna be reminded

what a Nutty Buddy tastes like?


I mean, should you want
me to slough off the?

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You can build something with that.

My God.

I’m really tempting Jade. I
don’t want her to eat that.

So Gwynedd.

I don’t like it.

Oh man.

Some of these–

Get a Nutty Buddy first though.

Don’t forget about those.

This dog I promise.
Good God that’s good.

I want to eat this cereal first

’cause there’s no way it’s
as good as the Nutty Buddy

and I want to enjoy the cereal.

Okay. I think that’s
actually the right idea.

You’re a smart man.

And you know, when it comes to cereal,

there’s like spoon size.

Like I’m discovering like
in a normal spoon size,

I can get two of these in there.

Well, look at me.

Yeah, I think your proportions
are off a little bit.

It’s a really funny shape for a cereal

and it’s like kind of large,

like the individual
pieces of it are large.

Well you’re right that it’s
not as good as a Nutty Buddy,

but it’s pretty strikingly…

It’s really hard to get to a
Nutty Buddy taste with cereal.

But they actually replicated
the wafer consistency

if you bite into this thing.

Yeah, I think they got
the wafer consistency.

And I think it has the wafer flavor too.

It could just use more
peanut butter flavor.

More peanut butter. Exactly.

But I really like it.

Where is the peanut butter flavor?

It’s not, they didn’t put enough.

They like, they kind of.

Remind yourself of how good they can be.



Come on Little Debbie.

Oh, now he’s upset.

I ruined his morning.

I mean, man, Nutty Buddies.

Nutty Buddies are so good.

How do they make something so good?

And I think they’re dippable.
I’ve never dipped them in.

Oh, don’t do that.

You could be able to Tim-Tam
Slam these things. I think.

That’s a good idea. That’s a fun idea.

Gwynedd, could you put a piece of cereal

on top of my Nutty buddy?


And can I just, I’m gonna slam this.

Well, let me get a piece of cereal first.

Oh, get a piece. What?

Put a piece of cereal on
top of my Nutty Buddy.

Oh yeah, sure, sure.

Do you want a wet one or a dry one?

Yeah a wet one.

Good. And wet.

I’m gonna try to slam it.

I’m gonna try to suck the milk

through the shaft of the Nutty Buddy.

Which is the definition of a slam.

Is it coming through?

Not yet.

You gotta keep sucking.

We all waiting.

Do you feel that it’s coming?

I think it’s, I think it is moving. Yeah.

I sense some movement.

It’s coming?

It looks like it’s getting–

It’s not making it all the way.

Oh, boy. It got really soggy.

Oh God.

In my mouth.

You gotta turn it over and suck that in.

That’s nice though.

Yeah. Okay. So we learned,

if you don’t wanna buy Nutty Butty cereal,

you can just put a
Nutty Buddy in some milk

and then slam it.

Slam it.

Yeah, slam it.

Well listen, we have a lot
of eating these things,

but the team over at
Sporked, Gwynedd knows this.

They’re trying new stuff all the time

and you know, when you
decide that you’re going

to make this specific culinary decision

to what I might call a
little bit of a splurge,

you wanna get it right.

You don’t wanna get one of these snacks

that’s got all these
calories packed in there

and make the wrong decision and be like,

this isn’t good for me and
I’m not having a good time.

At least have a good time

while you’re killing
yourself slowly. Okay?


And the people over at sporked.com
can help you with that.

That’s what we do.

♪ Killing me slowly at Sporked. ♪

All right.

Part of really assessing
cereal is letting it

sit in the milk, see
if it softens too much.

Also. Yeah.

And if the milk takes
on Nutty Buddy flavor.

And if it chokes you a little
bit, that’s a good sign.

A little choked up. You
start crying a little bit.

The sog factor’s not too bad.

It does get a little soggy,

But the death nail is that

there’s just no freaking
peanut butter flavor.

I mean, you can’t do what you did

without doing what I’m saying
you needed to have done.


I’m so disappointed

Everyone understands that.

I think in the realm of

just like chocolate cereal
though, it’s a good one.

Like I would be happy if I bought that.

But I would be sad if I wanted it

to taste like a Nutty Buddy.

Yep, yep, yep.

I’m definitely sad. We’re
ending it on a sad note.

You did such a good job, Sean.

So much better than your sister.

Like they’re so contingent. I know.

Now look at the people. All of them.

Look at the people.

Look at the people over here

and over there at the same time.

For reviews of new products,
taste test rankings, and more.

Head over to sporked.com.