Should Water Be Spicy?

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Welcome to Good Mythical More, thanks for joining us hanging out.

We’re gonna be tasting some spiced ice to see what is the best spiced ice.

Oh, you like my sweater vest? I didn’t even notice that until right now.

This makes me the spice principle of– I’m jealous, man Of Good Mythical Morning.

I’m jealous.


But first, let’s do a Freeze Frame and I’ll look jealous.

Was that enough? In the moment, I kind of realized I didn’t know how to make.



I don’t know why I went.

I just was like, what’s a.



jealous is a kind of a disposition, not necessarily a face that you can make.


If you were to like, asking people to make expressions, you know like Chappy does for our thumbnails.

Chappy’s never said, What is jealous? Make a jealous face.

For a reason.

It’s impossible.

It cannot be made.

That’s what I would do.

Also, after we taste a few of these I wanna give you an update on my continued investigation into the true DNA results of my dogs.

Is Jade actually miniature dachshund? Well, I went to an independent DNA analysis firm.

Of course you did.

To get the results, which I will be sharing with you after we taste a few of these ice spices.

Wait, what do you mean by, like when you say independent? Just another one.

The indication.

When we get to it, I’ll tell you about it.

After we’ve tasted a few of these ice things.

It’s a teaser see? You’re thoroughly teased, Stevie.

Look at that.

You can’t even wait.

Something I don’t like about that.

Go ahead.

So I guess, is this a thing? I know like going to a place and they’ve got like cucumbers in the water at the spa.

That’s a thing.

This is not.

But spicing the ice.

Is it a thing? Or maybe it’ll be a thing.

It could be a bloody Mary situation.

So how did, what is this first? Is this cayenne? Yeah.

So how was it made? They probably put cayenne in water.

And they freeze it.



And then as it melts, I bet you it taste a little bit like cayenne.

Did you ask for a straw? No I was given one.

It’s pretty.

You jealous? Make you jealous face.

It’s pretty.

I see you, you have a straw right over there as well.


You gotta ask for straws these days.

That’s a good thing.

Cayenne doesn’t have a lot of flavor but it has a lot of spice.

And that is what’s translating into this water is that it just tastes like, maybe it’s spicy but it just tastes like water.

How long has it been sitting in the.




[Offscreen Crew Member] A few minutes.

A few minutes.

I would just say, always ask me first.

Just tastes like, just tastes like water.

Did you say that? So far most of the things you’ve asked I answered and then someone else did.

I mean, how was this made? I answered that.

I like the way this looks, and I like the way it tastes like water.

I think I’m gonna like this next one.

I mean, we can come back to it.

I got my jealous eye on it.

But let’s go on to the next one.

Yeah, this is cool.

And this is where I’m really thinking about you know, that bloody Mary idea you got back there Stevie.

So a frozen jalapeno.

Can I have a spoon? It’s hard to not get ’em just to settle to the bottom.

Or as you can see they’ve kind of just settled to one side of it.

I mean, this is a nice, fun little thing to do.

They either float or sink.

Does it impact the taste? Not really.

I just wanted to– What? Yes.

This one impacts the taste dramatically.

Cayenne doesn’t have any taste.

Isn’t that cool looking? But I love jalapeno.

And I think this really, this is really good.

That’s super, super cool.

And there’s some seeds down on the bottom that’s super cool.

Thanks for bringing that spoon over.

Highly recommend.

Let me go to the top.

Not the bottom.

Highly recommend.

I’m not kidding.

I love jalapeno taste.


Go to the top.

Not the bottom.

It’s gonna be even stronger at the top.

I started at the top.


That’s the key.

Started at the top.

Now I’m here.

It’s even stronger.

It is kind of like a spa-y type thing.

It has like a cucumber, a spicy cucumber feel.


I like that.

You know when I do this? I like that spa water.

When I do this it starts to burn in my throat area.

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When are you gonna tell us about the results, man? I’m really anxious.

So Stevie, I went to an independent DNA analysis firm.

What, you got a question about that? Yeah.

What’s the implication about the place that we used on the show? It’s not like owned by like some corporation for chihuahuas.


No, it’s big chihuahua.

I don’t know, but I’m just I was convinced that they were wrong.

So I wanted to go somewhere totally different.

I paid someone else.

So not independent, you just like a different.

Second opinion you might call it.

A second opinion.

They were totally independent.

They’re not related to the other one, unless they send it to the same DNA analysis place.

Which I don’t think they did.

Okay, so what, how do you have this? Do you have this one at a time or split screen? Let’s see it one at a time.

Let’s, by way of review Jade is 40% Chihuahua, 17% poodle, 10 % almost 11% rat terrier.

No dachshund.

Now let’s go with the split.

Well he’s 16% super mutt but we didn’t see that.

There’s no dachshund in the super mutt.

In the super mutt.

Right, okay.

So, all right, let’s split screen this if we can.

So if you look over there, she went up in Chihuahua.

Okay, I think that’s all we need to know.

She went down in poodle to 13% and then dachshund now shows up at 3%.

So she is dachshund.

Ha! Well, so but basically you’re saying is you have two results and you’re choosing believe one.

We gotta get another test, my friend.

We gotta get a third test to see what three tests show.

You calling Jade a dachshund is like me calling Jade shitzu because it’s the 3%.

So can I call her a shitzu? No.

She’s actually– I’m her parent.

Listen, the thing you were most upset about is the fact that she was mostly chihuahua.

Now she’s over half chihuahua.

She only became more chihuahua.

She became more chihuahua.

But I got some dachshund in there.

And I feel good about that.

I want to acknowledge the– No rat terrier.

The elephant in the room.

I’m glad that that’s gone.

And apparently we say, Stevie how do you say the name of the breed of dog that Link wanted Jade to be? Doc-sund.

That’s how you say it? Doc-sund.


Dachshund with a “ck”? Well that’s how, yeah, that’s technically correct.

But growing up in the south, everyone said “dotschund” with a T.

But not a D on the.



Datsun, like the car.

I know it’s crazy, but– It’s colloquial.

That’s, so many people have called us.

I know that’s incorrect.

Wait, so we’re just, we’re throwing out the old test and we’re accepting the new test? I just wanna be clear.

This is a sidebar.

Well here, I’d like to acknowledge the other elephant in the room, which is, what is this DNA test changing, you know? Am I the father with one paternity test and not a father with another one? You know? Well what’s the deal here? Are you a dachshund? They present this like as if it’s the facts, and then you go to another place and it’s different.

It’s different.

I would be– There was no shihtzu in the other one.

Everything is based on– Maybe on the super mutt.

Everything is based on sample size right? It’s just like 23 and Me.

What you see in 23 and Me changes over time because the data gets better.

So they’re not dealing with it from the same database.

So each place is, whatever they have determined is chihuahua at one place is also pretty much what they have determined to be Chihuahua at a different place.

But their sample size gives you this inconsistency of 53 and 40.

But still, she’s mostly, she’s still a chi-poodle or whatever we call it.

Yeah, she is that.

She is that.

But there, because there is some dachshund showing up, I feel like, you know, there’s miniature pinscher that’s higher now.

And that does explain, I think it explains her markings.

The miniature pinscher.


Which was in both of ’em.


8 to 11%.

But it makes me feel better about having her on my arm.

You know, it’s like, I mean this is floating around the internet, but I put my– Chihuahua.

My chi-poodle on my arm.

Look at her.

Look at her.

I can pet her anytime I want ’cause I love her.

Now if you, if we hadn’t gotten these results before you decided to get the tattoo would you have still gotten it? I make her smile by flexing.

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Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

I love Jade no matter what.


Just making sure.

And when I tell people, oh what’s, you know, is that that was your dog? Or say tell me about your tattoo.

I’m like, this is my living dog Jade.

That’s what I have to say.

‘Cause people assume that she’s dead.

It won’t be true forever though.

No, but as long as she’s alive.

The way that I’m gonna say if anybody wants to talk about this tattoo is, this is my living dog Jade.

‘Cause I don’t want people to feel sorry for me.

Are you gonna get the date of birth and death when she passes? No, but I think I, it’s so, such a focal point that I think I’m– Get the whole body? I’m gonna get the whole body standing up.

When she’s going like this.

Right here.

No, I think I might, I gotta go.

I gotta go up or down.

I think I’m gonna go up, ’cause like I just need to, I need more.

I just can’t get enough man.

But it’s, ’cause it’s just kind of like such a look at this dog that I gotta add some more tattoos around there.

But you know what? I just felt like she’s my heart dog.

I love her.

But you gonna get Jasper tattooed on? I might.

I’m feeling guilty.

What about Saka? Feeling, eh not that guilty.

If Jasper keeps it up.

I’m gonna have to get him too.

Keeps what up? Being such a good friend.

There’s something sweet about, I just felt like there’s just something about a gesture of love that object of that affection will never know about it.

Oh, so you, when you show it to her, right? She doesn’t bat an eye.

She doesn’t acknowledge it.

She doesn’t bat an eye.

It’s like, this is an expression of my love for Jade and what she means to me with zero of like, there’s not even an ounce of manipulation in it, you know.

And that’s always a problem with gestures of love.

It’s like, what do you want out of this? Right.


Nothing from Jade.

It’s a transactional, it’s not a transactional relationship.

Nothing from Jade.

So Link.

I don’t wanna formalize this, but I have ordered a Wisdom Dog DNA test as well because– You better order an independent firm.

We have just added a new member to our family, Cassie and I.

So that worked out.

Oh no you didn’t.

And I wanted to kind of have a dachshund off.

Ringo and Stinko? Ringo is single.

Ringo and Stinko.

No, no.

She does have a funny, funny name though.

I’ll show you a picture and then we can put a better one up in post.

But her name is Tete.

Tete! Tete.

Because that’s what I used to call tortillas as a toddler.

And she’s from Mexico and she’s tortilla colored.

So I thought that it all.

You think she’s a what? What did they tell you she was.

I think she’s, oh my gosh.

A Dutch smoushond, which you point a Dutch smoushond out on the streets of Ensenada to me And I’ll give you money.

I think she’s, I’m about to come show you this photo.

‘Cause I didn’t even give it to be shown.

I think that she might be partially– Dachshund.


Definitely partially chihuahua for sure.

But we’re gonna, we can have a little dachshund off.

And you haven’t analyzed Ringo either yet, right? No, I have.

You have? It said he was also chihuahua poodle.


That’s a perfect companion to Ringo.

They like each other? They love each other.

They do? So there was immediate connection? Yeah.

Oh, she looks likes she’s– Like cleaner Ringo.

She seems very sweet.

Doesn’t look like an ankle biter like I accidentally got.

She’s so sweet.

Throw up the split screen for Jasper.

Let’s just see the difference there.

They go chihuahua heavy around this place.


They got chihuahua heavy.

So we’re going up 34% chihuahua to 51% 27% poodle down to 24.


And then the second one on the right is Wisdom panel.

Wisdom panel got some dachshund.

There was a little bit in both.

But 5% he’s more dachshund than Jade.

Under super mutt.

So poodle, 24% went down.

Pekingese went down.

Eskimo dog came into this.

Cocker spaniel is new to this.

[Offscreen Crew Member] We made so many spicy drinks for you guys.

Now we’re gonna try ’em.

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We’ve got more spicy drinks.

Let’s go right through ’em.

Let’s just see what happens.

Let’s see if we can identify the spice.

Is that Tapatio? Well you see, we gave ’em time to melt more.

It’s a hot sauce, but not Tapatio.

Cholula? No.


Tabasco? No.

Oh no.

Now I’m getting a taste of it.




I just don’t like, Sriracha’s too garlic-y for me.

Yeah I don’t like sriracha.

I don’t like that one.

That’s not good.

Jalapeno is great.

This is pretty orange.


Tatti? Tetay.

Which also sounds like something else, which is a plus.


It’s a girl? This has a lot of sugar in it.

It, yeah, she’s a girl.

There’s a lot of sugar in that.

Not much to this.

A sugary, spicy.

It’s pretty good.

Oh yeah, I see what you mean.

Is that a mango habanero? I like to put this on biscuits.

Oh it’s hot honey.


Yeah, that’s good.

That could a good cocktail right there.

It’s like a tepid tea.

It’s like a sweet tea but it was just the sweet part.

Well Link one of the things that I’m learning right now as we’re seeing, you know, we have a command center here with all kinds of information that we’re constantly processing, like pilots pretty much.

You would not believe– Roger dodger.

The number of things that we are processing, including an image of ourselves.

But it is not necessarily uncommon for a celebrity, which– Which I am.

You might classify yourself as to get a dog tattooed on them.

I see that.

So maybe there’s a group, maybe there’s a support.

Demi Lovato A support group of people who’ve made the same decision.

Right on the back of her neck it looks like.

You got Ariana Grande on her hand.

Ariana Grande got a lot of hand tattoos.

Good gosh! That’s Tabasco.


Oh yeah.

That’s not good.

Howard Stern has the name of his dog.



But Joe Jonas got– Oh, he has like a, what is it? Is that a husky? It’s a husky-esk dog.

Miniature, I think.

Alaskan cleki.

It’s on his chest.

It has two different colored eyes.

And he accommodated that in his tattoo.

He also looks like he did some of his own artwork next to the tattoo.

And what about, what did Chris Evans get? Dave Batista, Chris Evans has the dog’s name underneath his– On his chest, on his under, under his nip Under his nipple.

That dog.

That’s a nice dog.

That’s a nice dog.

Miley’s got her Lassie dog on her ribcage.

You know what we’re doing? I’m definitely getting, I’m definitely getting Jasper.

Well, yo, you gotta do what Dave Batista did and do like every, every animal you ever owned.

While you’re coughing, I’ll do a little promo here.

Oh gosh and then we have a nightmare.

We’re celebrating four years of Mythical Society.

Can you believe it? Four years.



It launched way back in 2019.

And we’re celebrating all month.

So during the entire month of February, any purchase of a 3rd degree annual plan, will receive their choice of one of the past 2022 quarterly items while supplies last.

If you wanted that record, if you wanted that comic book.

If you wanted that Youtooz collectible.

You get a chance at those things.

3rd degree annual, right? Is that what we said? It’s just annual? Or do we say.



Yeah, yeah, yeah.


So 3rd degree annual plan.

So mythicalsociety.

com for details.

Look at that.

It looks like it’s dog turds or meatballs floating in a dadgum.

Is this dog turds or meatballs? Let’s taste it to find out.

It can only be one of those.

Oh, that’s just Worcestershire sauce.

It’s jerk sauce.

That’s scary.

It’s jerk sauce? So the only thing that, this right here is a fun thing to do.

I recommend doing that.

You know, maybe when the pool side time rolls around, you know.

I kind of feel like jerk sauce is a cool thing to call somebody you’re mad at, but not like, kind of in a playful way.

You know what I mean? Like you get mad at somebody.

Cut it out jerk sauce! Let’s end this More jerk sauce! That’s too mean though.

It’s gotta be a little playful.

We’re celebrating the Mythical Society anniversary all month long.

Grab a collectible from last year.

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