How to beat The TOXIC MIST in a breath away

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If you were trapped in a city where a

cloud of toxic Mist flooded the streets

that will kill you if it hailed what

would you do Harris has turned into a

death trap so I’m going to break down

the mistakes made what you should do and

how to beat the toxic Mist in a breath

away this man is going to regret being

French arriving in Paris on a plane Matt

here travels back home to reunite with

his family after a long trip to Canada

he leaves all of his belongings at home

and goes downstairs to help his elderly

man here it’s his sickly neighbor and

neither them realize that soon more than

a million people in Paris are going to

die when he comes back up Matt’s greeted

by his wife Anna who tells him that

she’s currently busy working online and

can’t talk right now he walks into his

daughter’s room to say hello and finds

her inside this oxygenated enclosure

Sarah has a severe autoimmune disease

that forces her to live her life in this

small bubble she’s never seen the

outside world and likely never will he

hands her a present through a small

hatch and when the grill opens it she

finds several scent files inside taking

one of them out she discovers an SD card

hidden underneath and inserts it into VR

headset giving her an amazing view of

the Canadian Countryside and ultra

realistic detail it’s the only time she

gets to experience the outside world but

that’s going to change very soon after

her dad leaves she chats with her

friends online who suffer from the same

condition that she does her female

friend hangs up on the group

conversation to talk to her crush the

boy Noah complains saying that she does

this all the time but he doesn’t realize

that Sarah here has a crush on him as

well meanwhile Matt approaches his wife

after she finishes her work to discuss

some important matters he tells her that

he was in Canada and found something

that might help their daughter’s

condition however it would mean

interrupting their life here and moving

to Canada his wife insists they wait for

more information but he tells her it’s

now been 12 years since her daughter has

been trapped in her sterile tube he

doesn’t want her to wait any longer and

miss out on her life with no idea that

he’ll never get a chance to see it later

while Matt’s taking a shower a news

report announces that an earthquake

hitting Denmark and Sweden measured 6.7

on the Richter Scale that’s when he

feels a shaking sensation like never

before an earthquake hits the city

causing the furniture to shake and the

power to turn off Matt gives Sarah a

call on a walkie-talkie to make sure

that her tank is safe and checks outside

to see what’s going on he sees people

running around as Sirens glare the

distance and soon something terrible is

about to happen which will change their

lives forever everyone starts panicking

as massive clouds of toxic Mist begin to

spread throughout the streets of Paris

the man Sprints back into his house and

grabs his wife who’s currently with

Sarah however they’re forced to leave

their daughter in the home until they

figure out what’s going on they run

upstairs and into their elderly

neighbor’s apartment who have no idea

what’s happening worried Anna calls

their daughter who tells them that she’s

completely fine they check outside to

see the extent of the damage and find

that the Mist has risen nearly all the

way to the top balcony it’s absolutely

terrifying and they’re lucky to even be

alive the couple tried to figure out

what caused it but can’t come up with

any logical conclusions seeing

helicopters flying overhead they decide

to go back inside since the Mist is

nearly reaching the floor of the balcony

Anna calls the daughter to find out how

long until the enclosure runs out of

power and Sarah tells her she has four

bars left this means that if the Mist

doesn’t dissipate within 10 hours she

will suffocate and die Matt decides to

climb up to the roof to get a better

view of the city but it’s a horrifying

sight he finds that his surroundings are

shrouded the toxic Mist with barely any

signs of human life still around and the

city streets impossible to see using his

binoculars he spots a pair of survivors

climbing on the roof just like him and

realized the situation is looking worse

by the second okay so in this version of

the world the oxygen levels have gone so

bad that certain children aren’t able to

live and breathe Outdoors earthquakes

are happening in locations that don’t

historically have fault lines and Matt

and the old man with an oxygen tank even

discuss how bad the environment is

getting before the earthquake strikes

preparing for something like this to

happen by purchasing survival resources

and a natural disaster stockpile of food

and water earlier probably would have

been a good idea especially since Matt

has a daughter that can’t live outside

of her tank it’s hard to know what

exactly is wrong with Sarah because her

condition is described as being allergic

to the outdoors and doesn’t exist in

reality but what we do know is that she

has to be in a hermetically sealed tank

which keeps out any and all airflowing

and gases not only can Sarah not breathe

the air outside but her skin may not be

able to touch unfiltered air however

preparing for Sarah to be able to handle

the situation or survive her take

malfunctioning isn’t harder expense in

reality all of the supplies that Sarah

would need for her parents to keep her

safe for the environment can be found

online and for less than one thousand

dollars total professional grade hazmat

suits complete the self-contained

breathing apparatuses can be found

online for 150 to 300 depending on the

type you decide to purchase therefore

not only could they have disaster

proofed their apartment for their own

needs but they could have prepared

themselves for Sarah’s needs as well

sure Matt and Anna need to go up to

their neighbor’s apartment initially but

by having their own tanks easily on hand

one trip down holding their breath to

their own apartment could have saved

them all a major headache mad and Anna

were smart to have gone as high as

possible quickly and they knew to get

away from the air without any other

warnings so it’s safe to assume

something bad happening wasn’t totally

unexpected and could have been better

prepared for the other thing that Matt

and Anna are forgetting is that this is

a natural disaster of huge scale and

it’s happening all over the world in

other countries like all natural

disasters Aid and resources are usually

sent once it’s safer relief teams to do

so although they don’t know how far the

gas stretches across the city or the

country the gas has to end somewhere

unless the whole world has been covered

in it which means that the French

government or other Allied countries

will be able to deploy Rescue

helicopters to save people in reality

this happens all the time with

situations like hurricanes and

earthquakes the safest bet at Matt and

Anna’s best chance of survival is

alerting these Services of their

whereabouts by starting some sort of

contained fire on the roof a flare could

be the best case scenario but it’s

unlikely that they have this since

they’re so unprepared mad climbs down

and the elderly man tells him that his

son lives two blocks away but with no

phone signal he can’t call him the

neighbors worried about him when his

wife interrupts to ask about when

they’ll be meeting up with their son

it’s strange and he explains that his

wife has memory issues Matt walks back

into tell Anna what he saw revealing

there will be no signs of rescue and it

doesn’t seem like there will be any for

a long time the elderly man finds a

radio and tries to fix it up however he

can’t seem to get it to work Matt

decides to take a look outside the front

door touching the Mist in the stairwell

and finding it has no effect on his skin

he walks back in and talks to his wife

about Sarah they would have to hold

their breaths for four minutes in the

Mist just to reach their daughter’s room

and recharging the enclosure’s battery

already takes one minute it would be

completely impossible to do it without

dying that’s when Matt realizes that his

sickly neighbor has an oxygen supply and

he lives on the floor below them he

opens the window and climbs on a pipe

ending up at his friend’s apartment

looking around he sees that his neighbor

has died from the Mist but continues

searching the man is about to take a

breath at his second now but just in the

nick of time he finds an oxygen tank at

ventilator using it he quickly puts the

ventilator on his mouth to save himself

from suffocating that’s what he hears

his wife calling his name and walks the

window telling her that he found oxygen

and is going to replace Sarah’s battery

suddenly he hears a strange noise in the

other room and as soon as he opens the

door a puppy comes running out but

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something is wrong there’s an adult dog

also inside the room but it’s lying dead

on the floor for some reason the puppy

is immune to the effects of the Mist

it’ll soon find this out the hard way

with time of the essence mad makes his

way back to his daughter’s room he

passes her a care package and tells her

that he has to leave immediately because

he’s running out of oxygen the man plugs

a spare battery to the enclosure and

reassures the grill he’ll be back when

he leaves the apartment he takes a quick

look on the city streets dead bodies are

scattered in the pavement and there are

no signs of human life anywhere he

checks inside the cars for supplies and

that’s when he hears a loudspeaker in

the distance okay Matt here is not

thinking clear it makes absolutely no

sense that he thinks rescue won’t be

coming only a couple minutes after the

disaster has struck if anything seeing

other people in the rooftops waiting to

be saved should be even more of an

indication that rescue teams will

eventually come unless everyone in the

French government and Military as well

as the UN are dead Matt is being

completely stupid here not only that but

when the man is in the room with his

daughter where the batteries are he

should have been thinking ahead to move

the spare batteries closer to the tank

so they could be easily accessible when

they need to be changed he knows that he

will eventually have to do this

regardless of if he still has an oxygen

tank but instead he wastes this

opportunity to make them easier to

access and he doesn’t know that this is

a serious mistake he will soon regret

later for context he makes time to go

outside and take in all the dead bodies

and disaster but won’t spend more than

half a minute to cut back on the time he

might need later in order to save his

daughter Sarah still has at least eight

hours on her battery so it makes sense

that he doesn’t want to waste the rest

of it and change it now but he’s not

thinking in terms of their long-term

survival goals the other thing is that

now that Matt has the oxygen tank he has

the entire building he can explore to

forge for food and other survival

objects finding anything from backup

power resources or weapons in case of

evasions could protect him and his

family for a much longer period of time

Matt and Anna also live in the

neighborhood so they know exactly where

the local grocery and appliance stores

are since the fog has almost killed

everyone on the ground nobody will be

Manning the registers and mad can easily

take whatever his family is going to

need if it were me although it might not

be a long-term solution mad should

locate his local appliance stores and

take air purifiers vacuum cleaners and

Window and Door sealant and caulk the

gas in the earthquake might rise and who

knows how long it can take before the

apartment that they’re in is completely

unlivable the father needs to repair

himself to make a safe space or room in

the apartment that he and the rest of

the family can stay in without oxygen

tanks this is risky because Matt isn’t

an expert when it comes to building

airtight spaces but because of Sears and

closure we know that it’s possible to

keep the gas out Matt is also able to

move through the gas with only an oxygen

tank which is not sealed to his face by

much so it’s possible he can create a

room that keeps the gas out regardless

of how high it rises I would do this by

locating around the apartment with the

least amount of Windows and Doors I

would then seal off all the doors of

and sealant to make sure there

aren’t any gaps that the gas can leak

through then to get out from time to

time instead of putting on one of

the doors I would hang floor-to-ceiling

plastic outside to be able to exit I

would Place remote controlled air

purifiers and Vacuums in between the

outside of the door and the plastic

Shield to suck up any toxic gas that has

crept near the door as I pass through

and enter mad rushes over to find a

soldier directing dozens of people to a

nearby District situated above the fog

asking the leader from more information

the man tells him that he has no idea

where the Mist came from and hands him a

proper gas mask with a new supply of

oxygen better suited for the current

conditions the soldier tells Matt to

come along since everyone’s evacuating

the city and have no idea if they’ll

ever return however Matt tells him he

has to go back to his family he asks him

for another oxygen path before leaving

so the soldier obliges and sets off into

the fog the father goes back to the

rooftop apartment with a bunch of

equipment and tells the survivors about

the soldiers he met he says they still

have no idea what’s going on but insists

the group should stay here for the time

being that night he checks the level of

the Mist outside using a marker to

measure the depth he realizes something

terrifying he walks back inside the

apartment and tells wife that the Miss

is rising at a few centimeters per hour

and it’s not going down anytime soon

based on how far the gas has reached

throughout the city streets he estimates

that two-thirds of Paris is already dead

and calling Public Services like the

police and ambulance is no longer an

option the next day Anna fixes up the

radio which broadcasts the government

announcement warning everyone to stay in

their houses suddenly they hear

something from outside and I’m up to the

roof to check their surroundings in the

distance they spot a ride happening at

the Sacramento Basilica Edge realized

that every high altitude area is crowded

with the survivors Ana suggests they

head to Charlotte’s house a friend of

their daughters that way they can link

up with their family and their two

daughters can share a bubble together

but there’s a problem they can’t

transport Sarah without a special suit

that allows her to leave the bubble now

they have another task at hand go to

Central Parish where they can find the

special suit in a lab that is 90 minutes

away from their current location match

says he’ll travel to Central Paris alone

to find a lab but anaheer tells them

that it’s extremely easy to get lost and

unable to find your way back she

volunteers to come along and they grab

their oxygen tanks ready to leave on a

journey that could easily end in both of

their deaths before they leave their

parents visit Sarah and tell her what’s

going on explaining that the Mist is

showing no signs of dissipating she asks

them for a favor telling them to go

check up on her friend Noah his parents

weren’t home when the Mist arrives and

now he’s all alone they hesitate but she

convinces them to take a quick look on

the way to the lab okay Matt and Anna

are taking action here that is not

necessarily help puts their long-term

survival it’s a good idea to table with

other families had faced the same issues

as we do that way we can pull together

our resources for all of our children’s

survival with that said if they had

created an airtight room safe from the

gas then they could have saved a lot

more oxygen to be used for several days

Matt and Anna also have no way of

knowing that the friends they want to go

stay with are even still alive after the

earthquake it’s also not totally clear

what’s keeping Matt and Anna from

entering Sarah’s tank themselves if

worse comes to worse Sarah had to get in

there without allowing any outside air

and at a certain point and there has to

be a way in in case of emergency it

might get a little cramped in there but

cramped is better than debt if Matt and

Anna have no other Alternatives and

aren’t able to create a safe from of

their own from the gas it would make

sense for only one of them to go instead

of two that way they can conserve as

much oxygen as possible sure it might be

dangerous for Anna to go alone but it’s

more dangerous to use that much oxygen

when there’s a deadly gas Rising all

around them at every moment it’s also

not totally clear why Anna and Matt’s

phones aren’t working the power in the

house is off which would affect

landmines but unless the earthquake has

taken down all the power lines of the

city or the gas has some sort of

electrical current running through it

there’s no reason that if they change

their location to a different part of

the city that they might be able to

contact someone if they were me instead

of going to collect the suit for Sarah I

would break into houses and cars to try

to find phones or laptops that are able

to connect to the Internet or a cell

tower this might mean going a further

distance out of Matt’s neighborhood but

it can’t be any further than an hour and

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a half on foot but finding a place where

we can make contact with the outside

world will be invaluable to helping

someone find us and transport us out of

there another thing that Anna and Matt

should consider when doing this is to

get their hands on a motorcycle or moped

to drive around the city Vespas are more

common in a city like Paris and would

help with oxygen at conservation while

they search the problem with the cars

that the streets are blocked by other

cars but a moped would help them zip

around with no problem in the worst case

scenario if they aren’t able to find a

working phone or laptop iPhones have

something called SOS mode that cause

local emergency services even when they

don’t have cell service outside the

parents wander the streets while looking

around the city center everything is in

ruin and it’s clear anyone without an

auction Supply would die in an instant

they find the bicycle store where their

daughter’s friend lives nearby and goes

to check on it suddenly they see an

Unchained dog in the distance and it’s

Out For Blood the animal chases them

through the streets forces them to run

for their lives they run around multiple

corners while the dog continues getting

closer in the Mist Matt loses sight of

his wife and ends up falling into the

river Anna manages to hide from the dog

but bumps it to a car door making the

animal realize where she is the woman

runs into a nearby bus and the dog

follows chasing her inside luckily its

leash gets stuck in a suitcase saving

her from a gruesome dog bite scared for

her life she uses a hammer to break the

bus window and Escape before checking to

see if Matt’s still in the water but

he’s nowhere to be seen meanwhile the

husband manages to climb back up to the

surface and is completely exhausted from

having to carry the weight of the oxygen

tank he makes his way back to where he

fell and takes a dead man’s coat to keep

him warm noticing a dead body in a

hazmat suit inside an ambulance Anna

keeps walking around the city streets to

find nothing but dead parisians

scattered throughout that’s when Matt

comes out of the Mist and with a couple

reunited they continue their way to the


okay Anna and Matt decide to run for the

dog because it’s out for blood but this

is actually a huge mistake not only are

they wasting precious Oxygen by running

but there’s no way that they’ll be able

to outrun the animal on average dogs can

run at 15 to 20 miles per hour versus

the average human that can only run

about nine miles per hour that means

that dogs are typically about eight to

nine miles per hour faster than humans

outweigh the dog is never going to work

and they’re only wasting their breath in

the meantime however they’re both

wearing oxygen tanks connected by wiring

that could break at any moment if the

dog takes a bite at just the right place

and the right time that would lead them

both the mercy of the gas outside

that’ll suffocate and kill them within

seconds the two also have no idea if the

dog is rabid and has been affected by

the gas in any way abide in this

situation could be fatal so the two of

them need to act fast in order to

prevent any damage to their tanks or

injury to themselves if they were me I

would use the hammer to hit the dog in

the ice would an aggressive dog attacks

it’s recommended to try to hit it and

its eyes groin or ribs to injure it and

throw it off of you like any creature

animals typically react to pain and to

blow to the head with a hammer could

stop it dead in its tracks now nobody

wants to harm man’s best friend but this

dog doesn’t exactly see Matt and Anna as

a friend and they’re in an already

terrible life or death situation the

other thing they should remember when

trying to survive dog attack is to

protect their face chest and throat as

well as their thighs an injury to the

thigh could be fatal and it’s best to be

bitten the shin or forearm to minimize

the amount of blood loss and overall

damage taken Ivana and Matt are able to

calm the aggressive dog down and back

away from it they shouldn’t look it in

its eyes and they should turn to their

side as they try to step away slowly

from it looking a dog in the eyes can

prompted to attack again and ignoring it

is the best strategy to get it to leave

you alone dogs often attack when they

feel they need to be on their guard so

by not looking at it they will provide

no threat to the dog making it inside

the parents by the scientists dead on

the ground and a fire starting in one of

the rooms they walk further in and find

the room with their protective suits are

stored taking one of the cases the

couple walks out of the lab and heads

down a hall but that was their biggest

mistake a fire explodes from one of the

doors knocking them back and and setting

mats closed on fire Anna quickly

extinguishes the Flames but notices

something terribly wrong the tubing on

her husband’s oxygen container has

broken apart and now he has no option

but to share oxygen with Anna they make

their way to the roof as fast as they

can while she shares her air with Matt

to keep him alive they make it to the

top of the lap and into a meeting room

to get some fresh air barely surviving

almost suffocating to death Anna checks

her husband’s wounds to find the gun

very bad she goes to look for supplies

while Matt notices the people who have

gathered a Notre Dame have set up an SOS

sign the woman comes back with a first

aid kit and patches him up allowing them

to take a short break before continuing

on suddenly Matt realizes that her

oxygen tank is nearly empty meaning they

won’t be able to make the rest of the

journey together he insists she go it

alone and come back later to help him

however the Mist is still rising and

it’s only a matter of time before it

fills this room he tells her to give the

suit to Sarah that way their daughter

can make it to the pharmacy where she’ll

hopefully find an oxygen tank from there

they continue their search for Charlotte

and wait until something is done about

the Mist with no other way to save their

daughter the woman who kisses her

husband goodbye and heads back to the

apartment Matt walks into the rooftop

and takes a look to see that the Mist is

reaching dangerously high levels he

makes his way across the buildings until

he finds a rope and climbs up pulling

himself into a parking lot but

something’s wrong there’s a trail of

blood leading to the interior of the

garage and it was left behind by this

dead body outside making sure Nobody’s

around he checks inside to find an

oxygen tank and a bunch of other

supplies Matt quickly puts on the gear

so he can make the journey back but when

he walks out a police officer arrives

telling him to put the tank down matt

realized that he’s about to be killed

like the man outside and comes up with a

clever plan he puts on his gas mask

before tackling him down several floors

they land on a car window and the cop

drops his gun the two tried wrestling

each other off and the man tries to pick

up his weapon but that was his biggest

mistake Matt takes the opportunity to

restrain him until he breathes in the

gas ensuring his death OK with no other

oxygen tank mad here is running out of

options and it’s a good thing he tells

Anna to go on without him if he was

thinking clearly he would have let her

go alone to begin with but now that he’s

here and they’re down to one tank it’s

better that she leaves without him

however they make another huge mistake

at the science lab that could have

helped both of them leave together and

keep them breathing a longer period of

time Sarah is a child that has a special

kind of allergy to the air outside so

the lab has devices that are meant to

help people with the disease breathe and

the suit itself help her breathe and

walk around freely without any issues

instead of just leaving Anna should have

done a very simple and easy thing get

two other suits for her and Max Anna and

Matt are literally in a laboratory full

of other devices that are meant to help

these children survive their disease

this is the golden opportunity for them

to get everything they need in order to

breathe freely for weeks if not months

even though Matt’s oxygen tank is broken

Anna still has enough remaining oxygen

to go back down into the lab and collect

these suits by herself if they take the

suits out of the cases they might even

be able to carry several more for their

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elderly neighbors but instead of taking

a second to think what’s the best action

to take here Matt and Anna Overlook the

easiest possible thing they could have

done to help them survive the only thing

that may excuses brutal error in

judgment is that the disease is a fairly

new one so the labbingly be focused on

younger people but that doesn’t mean the

suits don’t come in different sizes that

they could have fit into the other thing

here that Matt didn’t do when he had the

chance was take the gun he saw leaning

against the wall when he took the oxygen

tank in the parking lot this is a near

apocalyptic situation so he doesn’t know

when it would come in handy and for no

reason at all he just decides to leave

it that here has to be assuming that the

oxygen tank belonged to the dead men he

saw on the roof when he walked in

because someone alive would never just

leave an oxygen mask when there’s a

deadly gas around them anyone that’s

alive would be pretty pissed off if

someone took one of their most important

tools for survival and there were bound

to be repercussions for taking it Taking

the gun may have actually kept the

situation from escalating to violence

because when the man outside comes in to

see Matt with his mask he has a gun

himself and thinks he has the upper hand

if Matt had had the weapon to protect

himself the man outside may not have

bothered fighting him and let him go

since he would be harder to take down

Anna rushes to make her way back home

but there’s a problem she’s losing all

of her oxygen supply and barely makes it

back to the apartment complex suddenly

she realizes that the suit container is

burnt and checks inside to see that the

suit is wrecked meaning their trip was

an entire waste of time later on on a

talks with Sarah about the mist and the

daughter asks her if this was God’s

doing but Anna here doesn’t think so she

tells her that she’s a physicist meaning

that all actions have counter reactions

this Mist was not a result of divine

intervention and there must be a way of

logically explaining how this myth

disappeared out of nowhere suddenly she

realizes that Sarah’s battery is at five

percent meaning she has very little time

before her enclosure runs out of pure

oxygen and she suffocates to make

matters worse she has no oxygen supply

to walk downstairs and replace it

meanwhile in the streets Matt begins to

make his way back home catching a

glimpse of another Survivor rushing to a

different part of the city and it’s

clear there’s barely anyone left at the

apartment the survivors discuss whether

or not the elderly man could go down to

replace the batter Anna thanks for

offering but knows that if he goes down

he won’t come back up that’s when she

gets another call from Sarah who asks

her what it feels like to be in love the

Mama’s glad to hear it and asks if she’s

interested in the boy who she’s always

talking to suddenly Anna real realizes

that her battery has reached two percent

and the situation is critical she tells

her that she’s going to hang up and be

there soon the woman leaves the

apartment taking a big breath and

running downstairs inside Sarah’s room

the battery turns off and the toxic Mist

begins seeping into the tank that’s when

Anna arrives with no mask replacing the

battery while trying not to breathe in

the toxic Mist Matt finds the apartment

and rushes inside to Sarah’s room who

tells him that ADA is in trouble

terrified he goes looking for her

fighting his wife lying on the stairwell

as real lies that she’s dead later that

day he notices another earthquake hit

the city and goes outside to check the

gas levels suddenly the toxic Mist

begins to rise rapidly and it’s cleared

the entire apartment recovered in the

poison substance in a matter of minutes

Mack tells the elderly man that he’s

going to grab the protective uniform he

saw the ambulance for Sarah and while

he’s at it grab masks for the out of the

couple to get them out of here the old

man tells him that there’s no need his

son is already dead and he knows he’ll

never make it out alive he wishes Matt

good luck intends to his wife the couple

lined the bed together and watch the

Mist slowly sleep inside mad leaves the

apartment to talk to Sarah who knows

that Anna has died he tells her he’ll be

going out to find a suit but the

daughter objects she doesn’t want him to

die as well and he left all alone but he

promises to return riding outside he

finds the suit in a nearby car and opens

the door to take it out the dead driver

he rushes towards the apartment but

spots a working motorbike and drives his

way back to save time and oxygen

suddenly a kid steps to the road to make

him crash and he flies out the vehicle

before falling unconscious he wakes up

bloody and bruised but his oxygen tank

is still intact worried he goes to the

apartment and calls Sarah but doesn’t

get any response at this point that is

incredibly injured and takes a moment to

rest suddenly he sees two children the

distance and that’s when Sarah rushes

out of the Mist reassuring him that

she’s immune to the Mist somehow okay

Anna here has an impossible decision to

make she could run down and help her

daughter and risk her life or leave her

daughter to die she only has moments to

decide what to do and the damage on the

suit that she’s brought back is

extensive it looks like she has no other

options but there’s actually something

she could have done to have increased

her chances of survival Anna has said

before or that it takes four minutes

door to door to change up Sarah’s

battery and if she did it she would be

very close to making it but the average

person can only hold their breath for

one to two minutes so this means that

she actually has really good lung

capacity so since she only really needs

a minute or two Max of oxygen Anna

should try to find a way to trap extra

oxygen in a glass jar like a mason jar

in order to breathe it halfway through

her trip down to Sarah’s tank this might

sound silly but she only really needs

another breath of fresh air to have made

it back up to the stairs in time and

strapping air isn’t impossible if a jar

is sealed tight enough think about

putting a perfectly sealed glass jar in

water it floats on the top of the water

because it has enough oxygen in it so

that it’s less dense in the water around

it if the jar is still tight enough no

water will seep into the jar leaving the

oxygen perfectly uncontaminated the lids

of mason jars are also often made of

very thin metal and easy to pierce Anna

could use a metal object appears a small

hole in the metal and suckle the oxygen

that she needs before it’s too late but

instead if she wastes her time saying

her goodbyes to her daughter and goes

down unprepared after waking up from

passing out Matt is actually in an ideal

situation here he has a mask of the full

tank as well as a suit in case the tank

runs out his daughter no longer needs a

suit to survive Outdoors either and Matt

has a motorcycle that can drive him out

of the city as quickly as possible if it

were me since Sarah no longer needs her

tank to survive and can’t leave the Mist

I would hop on my bike and head out of

the city towards the nearest ocean and

leave her with Noah the ocean acts as a

natural air filter and absorbs toxins at

night time making the beach the best

place for him to go to be able to

breathe the closest beach to Paris is

the surfer long dude hopefully before

Matt reaches the beach he’ll find the

natural stopping place where the Mist

ends or a government official to get him

out of there if worse comes to worst

though the ocean isn’t a bad place for

him to live out his days some time later

he has a dream of his daughter running

around the field spying me free from the

confines of her disease that’s when he

wakes up in a comfortable looking bed

and gets up to call Sarah he asks her to

recharge the battle reading’s enclosure

unable to leave the outside because of

the toxic Mist but what do you think how

would you beat a breath away let me know

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