Video game console Anbernic RG35XX hands-on experience

27.02.2023 0 By admin

My favorite handheld of last year was the MIYOO Mini.

It was the perfect little portable device that’s cheap and emulates everything that I want to play, beautifully.

And with very little tinkering, literally just dragging and dropping one file, you can hit the ground running with one of the best emulation experiences on the market today.

Now I have this, it’s the Anbernic RG35XX and it’s literally the exact same thing.

It’s just obviously a little bit bigger.

And that kind of removes one of my favorite parts of the MIYOO Mini, how portable it was.

But it’s not like the RG35XX isn’t portable, it’s still very, very portable.

It’s just, I mean, look with your eyes, it’s clearly significantly bigger which could be a good thing because the MIYOO Mini is a little bit uncomfortable to hold for long play sessions.

But that was something I was willing to look past in favor of its portability.

The best game console is the one that you have with you.

So if you have limited space, this is a godsend but if you have just a little bit more space, you could consider this too.

And there’s one more thing that makes the Anbernic more appealing and that it’s actually available.

You can like buy one right now.

You can’t say the same thing about the MIYOO Mini.

You gotta jump through a lot of hoops if you want to get one and in some cases, pay a huge premium, and having a console that’s available is a huge win in this market.

So this might be the one to get you into emulation, finally.

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? – So what’s in this again? It’s like beans and like a, like a, like a farro thing? It’s been really hard to recommend the MIYOO Mini because of just how hard it is to get.

I’ve seen it on Amazon before, marked up to over 250% more than the MSRP, but you can’t even find that anymore.

Your only chance at getting one of these things was just to stare at their Ali Express page with the fastest trigger finger possible, waiting for a drop.

And they just had a drop, last, what was it? Tuesday, at midnight and they only dropped 200 units, they were gone in less than 25 seconds and that, I think, was the last drop that they’re ever gonna do on the MIYOO Mini.

So that’s it, kiss it goodbye.

You’ll never get one of these things.

Granted they’re replacing it with the MIYOO Mini+ which is pretty much the same thing, just a little bigger.

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And it’s also pretty much the same thing as the Anbernic RRG35XX that we’re talking about today.

The only difference is that this is out and the MIYOO Mini+ is not.

Also, you’re likely to see the same sort of stock issues with the MIYOO Mini Plus.

So my point is that there’s a lot of similarities between all three of these different types of devices, but the best thing about the Anbernic that I have right here is that you can just go buy it.

I just bought this straight up from their website.

I didn’t wait for a drop or anything.

I just went there and purchased it and it was $50 and then I paid $12 shipping, so it came out to $62 for me to get this thing right in my hands.

I make a lot of these types of videos and I know that it could be very exciting for newcomers to get into the wonderful world of emulation.

“Oh, what do you mean? I can play my whole retro games library on just this one little tiny device? That’s incredible!” But it could also be very daunting.

There’s a billion of these different types of devices and you usually have to tinker with it and set it up in order to play the games in the best way possible.

A couple of days ago, I posted a YouTube short on why I think that this guy is the best portable emulator that you can get, and just start using right out of the box if you want to.

By the way, I’ve been posting YouTube shorts here like once a week and also over on TikTok.

Over there, it’s slightly more extended like uncut versions.

All right, this is, (console bleeps) this is sick.

This thing is great right out of the box.

It also comes with a bunch of ROMs on it which is like super illegal but that makes it all the more easy to recommend to someone new to emulation.

You can just buy this for the low, low price of $50 and play everything, from NES all the way up to PlayStation One, and you don’t even have to put ROMs on there, it just comes right on there.

Yes, it could also play Game Boy and Game Boy Advance and all of the stuff you think it can, and you’d probably be pretty happy with just that.

But I’m not, not after reviewing like a billion of these things, I’m not happy with that.

The first thing I did was open this thing up and try to play “Sonic Advance” on the train and I did.

Then once I was done, I put this thing into sleep mode and I realized there is no sleep mode.

So all my progress was lost.

I’m not happy with that.

And it’s probably fine for most people to not have a sleep mode.

I mean the original Game Boy Advance didn’t have a sleep mode, so it’s like an additional luxury but I know it exists and it’s out there and we could very easily give this thing a sleep mode, so we’ll do a little extra work.

All you have to do to get a sleep mode is flash the whole firmware.

It’s a lot easier than it sounds though.

Just like the MIYOO Mini, Black Seraph has made a custom firmware for this, called GarlicOS, and you’ll be happy to know it’s just as easy to put on.

All you have to do is unzip the 7-Zip file, drop the folders right onto the micro SD card and turn it on.



That was easy.

Oh my god, are you serious? (laughs) Are you kidding me? Obviously, if you’re gonna actually do this yourself, I would follow Retro Game Corps’ written guide on how to install GarlicOS, but honestly it’s so easy, I just followed the README file that came with the package and there was like four steps and it was incredibly easy.

But I did get a little weird and messed up my whole file structure.

So just make sure you do everything that the README or Retro Game Corp says.

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You have to redo the file structure which basically means delete all the ROMs.

Those ROMs are (coin bleep) anyway.

A lot of them just straight up don’t work and there are way too many of them.

There shouldn’t be nine “Sonic Advance” games and it’s impossible to sort through their ROMs when they arbitrarily put numbers in the beginning of the file names, which serves no purpose other than to completely (coin bleep) up the alphabetical order.

Anyway, the new firmware is definitely better looking and the emulation quality is slightly improved.

And he also added a bunch of obscure emulation cores.

So if you’ve ever wanted to emulate Amiga CD32, now you can.

And everything runs awesome.

Even the PS One games I’ve tried run awesome.

I’m not really impressed anymore when a device like this plays less than Game Boy Advanced games just fine.

There’s just so many devices that can do that these days.

I’ve been getting into arcade emulation these days because of my arcade cabinet.

Arcade emulation sucks, it’s a whole rabbit hole, but I like being able to test ROMs out on a device like this.

I’m a little impressed by its support for all of the different emulation cores like even CP System II.

Plus, I can check out the library that it came with and play all the different games on there and and just steal them off of it and put them on my arcade cabinet.

(sirens wail) – Hey, freeze! – I just wanna point out that a lot of these emulation cores are making the screen full screen.

So if you hold menu and hit X, you then hit the B button and then you go to Settings, go to Video and you can change the scaling, keep aspect ratio, and then it will look just as good as it does on an original DS, I guess.

And you know, like, the Switch now that it’s on there But it’s the small quality of light fixes that make the GarlicOS upgrade the most appealing.

These days, putting a portable system to sleep only to resume gameplay later is kind of a necessity.

It also has the ability to kind of multitask between different games, regardless of what system they’re originally from.

If you’ve seen Onion OS on the MIYOO Mini, this should all look very familiar to you.

It’s pretty much identical.

Even the MIYOO Mini now has all of those same emulation cores.

Neither of these are capable of N64 which is a little disappointing, but I mean, that’s not the fault of the new firmware.

That’s just how it is.

It’s just kind of weak hardware but we’re only paying 50 bucks, so.

Actually playing games on here is obviously fantastic.

The screen is gorgeous.

Anbernic always has big, beautiful, clear IPS LCD screens.

The buttons feel great, almost clicky and they’re in great spots, even for such a small console.

The shoulder buttons are okay.

I don’t love when they’re horizontally laid out like that, but with the limited space, I understand why it’s designed that way.

The shoulder buttons on the MIYOO Mini were awful.

I can safely say these shoulder buttons are not awful.

Overall, it’s much more comfortable to hold for longer play sessions than the MIYOO Mini and with GarlicOS, you’re looking at pretty much the same experience.

The only big issue I had with the feel of this thing was the D-pad.

Now I love Anbernic’s D-pads.

They’re big and they’re kind of rigid.

They’re not clicky, they’re still membranes but they still feel like pretty stiff, and I actually kind of like that.

Unfortunately, the D-pad here registers horizontal inputs way too easily.

It messed up my spin dashes a lot In “Sonic Advance”.

I heard that Black Seraph might have tried to fix the sensitivity a little bit in the firmware but it didn’t really do enough.

The issue is still there.

There’s only so much he can do for a hardware issue like that.

I did find a video from.

Is that me? When the.

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When the (coin bleep) did I do a D-pad mod? No, that’s Shane Craig.

Well, he just opened it up and put some electrical tape on the contacts to remove some of the surface area that the buttons might hit.

I’ve seen people do this to their 8BitDo controllers too, if their D-pads seem to register wrong inputs a bit too much.

So if this is gonna be the only emulator you’re gonna get, and you’re willing to unscrew a couple of screws and throw some electrical tape in here, then it’s probably worth it to go through all of that.

But I’m trying to look at this thing from the perspective of somebody who doesn’t wanna do a lot of work, because I think that is the greatest appeal of this device.

And I feel like most people probably wouldn’t mind a slight D-pad issue.

They’d probably be more than happy to just have every 2D Pokemon game in their pocket at all times.

But if you were willing to put in any amount of work at all, I feel like I barely did anything to this thing, you could potentially have the best emulation console you can get right now, because it’s actually available right now.

Now, one thing that it has that the MIYOO Mini does not is a mini HDMI port at the top.

So you can plug this into a TV if you want, but I think it’s a little stupid because it doesn’t even have Bluetooth support.

It has 2.

4 gigahertz wireless game pad support and wired game pad support.

You’d have to plug it into the USB-C port.

Sounds like a huge mess.

If you happen to have a MIYOO Mini, I wouldn’t say this is worth the upgrade because you’re not really upgrading anything at all besides the size.

It’s pretty much exactly the same thing.

But if you’ve always wanted a MIYOO Mini and you haven’t been able to get your hands on one, I think this is definitely the way to go.

You could, of course, wait around for the MIYOO Mini+ but I’m willing to bet that that will be just as hard to get your hands on as the MIYOO Mini.

Also, it’s gonna be almost no different than this Anbernic right here that you could just buy right now.

What you guys think about the Anbernic RGG35XX.

What a beautiful name that just rolls right off the tongue.

What do you think about it actually being available compared to the MIYOOs? Is there a reason why you would want the MIYOOs over this? I can’t think of one.

Leave it in the comments below, @ me on Twitter, and you know, all this other social media garbage, of course, other than the size.

It’s just so cute.

Just look at how cute that thing is.

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