Forspoken is one of the open world games I have finished

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It’s not often that we get a brand new

AAA IP set in an appealing fantasy world

for spoken sometimes gave me flashbacks

to playing Horizon and figuring that

world out for the first time only then

with the powers of the Infamous games

that I wish they would still make I’m

still exploring this massive open world

even after finishing the story like it’s

really really big I’m fighting large

optional bosses finding brand new cloaks

and ways to improve my character so I’m

really happy that Square Enix reached

out with an early PS5 code and was also

kind enough to sponsor the video which

will help me maintain the director team

of course and improve the channel so

dolly checkouts for spoken find a

special link in the video description

there is a free demo on PS5 as well a

like on the video would be awesome and

let’s go I wrote credits in 15 hours

which is not that long for a game like

this although it will take you three to

four times as much so like 50 to 60

hours to do everything and get the

Platinum again for spoken is huge but I

appreciate the fact that it’s possible

to only focus on the main story without

having to do any small errands or open

world activities apart from some tiny

tutorials at the start we play Frey

Holland an ordinary girl who lives in

New York alone with her cat Homer not

without trouble though as she has been

stealing in order to make a living for

herself which also means that she has

been crossing paths with some scary

people like things aren’t great in a big

city until she finds a shiny bracelet in

an abandoned building that transforms

her to a world called Avia this a

medieval fancy land filled with dragons

and other creatures and with a ball at

the center the Lost place where the

humans can live fear was namely once

protected by the tantas so for powerful

women basically Gods who suddenly turned

evil and caused the break the

destruction of their own land which

turned the animals more aggressive and

humans into weird zombie-like creatures

and only we as Frey are able to explore

this world without being altered so are

quickly tasked to take out sent us in

the hope that the break stops and that

the people can live in peace there’s way

more going on of course as Frey wants to

find a way home there are some big plot

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twists that I did not see coming it’s

overall muffin you maybe haven’t seen

before but I still really enjoyed the

journey and fighting atanta is pretty

awesome too but you’ll have to get there

first as early on you will see a marker

on your map for Tanta Sila which as you

can see is pretty far away so then it’s

up to you to explore the world and

eventually reach the destination

traversal is one of the best parts about

forespoke and you immediately have your

flow which by simply holding Circle lets

you very quickly move to the environment

you can later even jump against walls to

get higher up at one point you learn to

Glide over water which is quite

satisfying and very handy and also let

you more easily battle sea monsters it

can also unlock a spidey style sling to

grab onto things in the environment this

will then launch yourself in the air or

you can pull yourself towards a platform

if you otherwise don’t make the jump or

you can also use it in combat to close

the distance which is nice for the Fire

magic like start with some long range

earth bolts with my favorite variants

being the burst shots that easily

launches enemies in the air or there’s a

shield that you can blow up in the face

of enemies like a shotgun blast later on

you unlock fire abilities and exchange

the basic earth ball to shoot for a

flaming sword so suddenly have to be

close to enemies to deal a ton of damage

which completely changes the gameplay

and the best part is that you can switch

between all the magic at any time again

similar to how Infamous powers used to

work and it’s not often that you’re

really pushed to use all your abilities

usually you find one combo that works

and can then use it throughout the whole

game but in for spoken it’s way smarter

to switch up your playstyle often as

enemies are resistant against certain

elements so it’s better to switch the

water when fighting a flying creature

for example but the most important key

here is to support magic every element

namely has the support abilities that

you can cast with L2 think of things

like a turret that shoots at nearby

enemies a ring of fire that creates a

small Arena around the targets your own

fire companions that will help you out

you can create a decoy so the enemies

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will attack that instead of you

etc etc there are eight support

abilities per element and because

there’s no Mana bar in the game you can

just Spam them when they’re not on

cooldown so actually switching between

all the magic and continuously like

casting and dropping down traps

protections for yourself it’s possible

makes you kind of feel like a badass and

really helps you out there’s not a

single useless ability that you can

unlock almost everything is an active

skill that you can immediately use in

combat which makes finding magic in the

open world that is needed to unlock

these abilities and leveling up extra

exciting and there are also challenges

for each spell that push you to use them

in sometimes new ways to even further

improve their power I think it’s a

pretty clever sister now don’t get me

wrong though for spoken is not perfect

like I personally wish there were more

varied open world activities I overall

really like the combat focus of the game

there are no Puzzles or things that

would slow down the fast-paced gameplay

but this also means that almost every

point of interest on the map has an

objective where you have to take out a

group of enemies there are some twists

though sometimes it’s part of a Time

challenge where your score determines

the rewards at the end and there are

also these dungeons with mini bosses

that protect some powerful loot I

especially like these surprises that are

hidden in the open world like large and

Powerful optional bosses or ones I

encountered a portal which took me to

kind of a treasure room which was kind

of nice the world at one point became

really dark and its huge ball spawns

things like this are awesome and pressed

in the game but I wish there was more of

that I’m still enjoying my end game Run

now though where I’m trying to get all

the spells that I’m missing like I just

unlocked a fireball used for my flows I

can go even faster if I hit circle at

the right time and I’m chasing after

some powerful cloaks and necklaces like

that is the equipment you can use in

four spoke and they all come with

special perks that you can then

immediately unlock as well so you can

put them on any other item at the

crafting table it’s similar to the

engraving system from Assassin’s Creed

Odyssey For example and it makes finding

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gear with bad stats still worth it as

they can have good perks for your

preferred cloak you can upgrade the

stats as well to really boost the power

of certain types of magic so you can

totally focus on a particular playstyle

although I still need to try out some

different builds myself another thing

that I wish for spoken did better and

maybe they can still patch this but as

you might know you speak to your

bracelet again you find this so-called

fan brace in New York and when

transported to fear the bracelet gives

you the power so that you can use to

defend yourself but it will also talk to

you like I did not mind that part myself

as it may the game feel less lonely when

traversing the large open worlds but you

often hear the same lines which kind of

took me out of the experience now there

is luckily an option to change the

frequency of these conversations which

you can also completely turn off but I

wish they would make it so that you

don’t hear the same lines twice or at

least not as often as right now we don’t

see big new IPS often the games will let

you explore a completely new world in a

unique way and while for spoken is

totally not without its flaws I’m still

happy that I experienced it and I’m

still enjoying my time unlocking the

final items and trying some cool play

styles again there is a demo for PS5 if

you want to try the game for yourself

although you will miss a lot of context

like you’re kind of thrown into the

world and the context made me like the

game more just if you are curious a

check for spoken out find a link in the

video description help support the

channel as well subscribe for way more

content on big open world games I might

do more unforespoken too a like of

course would be awesome and check out my

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I will speak to you soon goodbye